MARCH 1998

VOL. 9, NO. 4




Today the wires and airwaves are filled with the drama of sex, lies and audio tapes, and everyone watches . . . waiting for this real-life drama to reveal its next surprise. Of course, thatís the way real life is, unpredictable! And all, including governments of other countries, wonder, "What will it mean for me/us?" And everyone continues to watch.


Indeed, it is shocking. The nature of the issue and the attack on the President are both volatile. The pros and cons of the situation are complex and not easily resolved through reason. Whether the investigation of the President lacks integrity is as unclear as whether the President acted without it. But one thing is clear! Attack is happening . . . and justice is its justification.


Emotions are not dispassionate at times like these. And as in times past, the call arises from the mutual voice of the crowd, "Stone her!" "Stone him!" It is a cry for relief from the distress of not knowing how to heal the situation while not knowing how to tolerate it, either. "Give us a judgment, so we may know what to do to be through with this and get on with our lives!" As well, there are those who, out of the boredom of their lives, seek the excitement of that which violates the boredom . . . and they thoughtlessly add their voices to the cry.


Communication, of course, not only feeds information to the crowd about what is happening, informing it of how much more uncertainty it has to endure, it also influences (dictates) "crowd morale" and "crowd behavior" toward the one whose "sin" has been exposed. And this may not be because the communicators of information have a vested interest in the "sinner," but a vested interest in broadcasting information, no matter who the "sinner" is. There is nothing new about any of this!


A lot of learning can and does result from such real-life situations, even though a lot is forgotten when life "returns to normal." But the potential is for a lot of transformation to result, which cannot be lost because it constitutes real change on the spot!


So, letís go back to the question, "What will it mean for us?" And letís restate the question: "What will I mean for it?"


No one . . . and I mean no one, truly has the "luxury" of being an observer separate from the observed. No one can sit and watch to see what happens to the President as though he (the observer) has nothing to do with it! Who has been seduced? Monica Lewinsky, President Clinton, Kenneth Starr, or you? Who has been encouraged to lie . . . cover up the truth? And who has taken the bait?


Well, if youíre watching, watching, watching, to see what happens to "him" or "them," the answer is you. And you are not only part of the problem, you are more significantly not being the point of transformation! Of healing.


Remain conscious as you observe through "the window on the world" called the media. The glass is always colored by the vested interests of the media, the local or national cultural perspective where the window is, and, most importantly, your mindsets.


If the viewer is looking to get, rather than give, (s)he indulges in arrogant independence, which necessarily seeks information for self preservation. If (s)he is looking to give, rather than get, (s)he observes for the purpose of blessing (healing) what (s)he sees by acknowledging, on the spot, what is Real right there. If one is conscious, one is actively engaged in loving partnership with what is seen, constantly translating apparent or obvious attack into a call for love, and then being that love . . . desiring to know Godís truth . . . until healing occurs.


If one is not being seduced by the discolorations in the window (s)he is looking through, relief from the pain of independence is not sought, and (s)he insists on remaining joined. (S)he doesnít cry, "Stone him" to get relief from the dilemma. (S)he bears the discomfort until enlightenment comes. And when it comes, the apparently obvious evidence of attack is replaced with the obvious evidence of love. Healing occurs.


You might say that itís easier not to sit down and look through "the window on the world," than to do what Iím saying, but you are constantly being confronted by the demand to be conscious, to be Sane. The demand is whatever is in your face. The demand is called life! And it forever says, "See what I really am!"


On the Home Page [of our website on the Internet] it says, "Let every encounter with your brother be a reminder that it is your function to be seeing the glory of God there." Why? Because that is the only way the two of you can wake up! And, it is your fulfillment of Purpose.


Consider this: If a loved one falls ill and is confined to bed, it never occurs to you to let him lie there without challenging the illness. You do not watch transfixed, curious in an uninvolved way to see what the latest developments are and what gruesome end they might be leading to. You do not poll his friends, business associates, competitors or neighbors to see whether their opinions of him have changed since they heard about his illness, or whether his illness is having a negative impact on them. Nor do you try to find consensus for euthanizing or healing him! No. Steps are immediately taken to restore health. In fact, healing of illness is always deemed appropriate, even if it is believed to be impossible.


When it is a loved one, you do not say, "Well, he hasnít taken care of himself. What can he expect?" When it is a loved one, such judgment does not stand in the way. Instead, a spontaneous, unpremeditated objection to the illness arises, no matter what seemed to have occasioned it, together with a conviction that healing must be possible. Without a thought, you hold him to be innocent of anything that might deny the healing, and you surround him with support!


That is your first, pristine response. It is free of judgment and would be sufficient to heal anything instantaneously if it werenít immediately colored by what you believe . . . your conditioned thinking. Your first response is Love, arising out of Your hidden but not-forgotten divinity . . . Love which is already perfectly joined in acknowledgment of his. As your beliefs replace the Love, It doesnít disappear. It remains, transformed into the feeling of injustice, indignation, which fuels your defense against the illness in the absence of a miracle.


You are all familiar with the steps from this point on, and neither Guidance nor enlightenment will help improve the means of your defense against what would have instantaneously vanished if belief had not replaced your Love. That is not its function, since what appears to call for your defense has no existence separate from your preference for belief instead of Truth.


What has seduced you to prefer belief to Truth and thereby cover up the Truth, perjure your Self, and justify the lie? That is what happens when you see a Brother ill, give preference to your sense of Him, and battle windmills with all seriousness. He may agree with your assessment of His plight, but solving it solves nothing if youíre both left standing on the field, triumphant as the windmills groan and die.


That which seduces you is your imagination that you can imagine things which God has never thought. That you can independently position you as author of your thoughts and that they can be true. If you believe them, then you cover up the Truth of You, become the lie, and whether anyone is secretly recording you or not, you donít exist that way!


Yet only One Who holds you as a loved one can cut through your fantasy, by not believing your belief and holding you as "innocent of anything that might deny your healing," while those believing your belief attempt to take you down, together with the windmills, and leave you there to die a death you cannot die. You see?


This is my function here, and it is yours! It matters not what he or she or they have done, if healing is your goal. And if itís not, youíll lie on fields of windmill wars, not dying a death you cannot die, until one comes along who reaches you with Love and heals you.


The question is: Do you, your brotherís savior, see him as a loved one or, denying him your Vision, separate him from yourself, define him otherwise, and thereby lose his savior-hood for you?


Your capacity to recognize the Truth in each and every thing abides with you, and yet if you deny the things, defining them as "of this world," you will not realize fulfillment of your destiny. To cut through what is false, uncover what is True, establish It as real in a manner all can see, is miracle enough, and "destiny" is not a word ill-used when this has been your choice!


The ego whispers, "This is not your destiny. Youíre contribution is to introduce whateverís newóoriginality! What is already True is simply waiting for the touch of one who will improve on Itóand that is you." Thus it seduces you into denying It the Vision given you by God to recognize the Truth in It. And it seduces you with the insinuation that you have an even greater purpose than the one God Wills you have. It further says, "Define your brother as a strangerókith, no longer kinóand then evaluate him in this disconnected way. Observe him without Love and see anew, without the limits of a Brotherhood which certainly was meant to be improved upon."


And if you are successfully seduced, you find that what your "teacher" taught was highly understated and his lesson more profound than anything you could have preconceived. For now you see your Brother as a bastard, Birthright-free, deserving nothing but a true assessment of his worthlessness. And Heaven? That is new, too! It is "the world," and not your Home, awaiting your creative hand to mold and shape into a destiny God gave It not. And you? You are unchanged, you say. You are divine, except that now your eyes are "opened" to the emptiness of that which is awaiting you, together with the gift you are to bring to itóoriginality.


And so, you give new names to every thing, to give it meaning and replace the "emptiness" which called for creativity: King and Queen and President, or Emperor and Chief. United States, Iraq, and Parliament and Congress, too. Friend and Enemy, together with the laws which will ensure the rights of each. Psychology and Science to subdue the "bastards" and create a destiny they do not have. And most of all, the meanings to replace the emptiness in you which had not registered with you until seduction was complete, your eyes were "opened," and you saw the truth: Authority and Righteousness, and Pride and Judgment, Guilt and Shame, to name a few.


A Master Teacher must this "ego" be, who showed to you the "emptiness" of Heaven and the gift you have to bring of creativity, thereby transforming every aspect of your mind in monumental ways.


Who would not serve this Master of the Mystery of Life which God had never shared?


Indeed, that is the question each must face, since Heaven, unaffected by such nonsense, is the Fabric and the Pattern upon which the Mystery of Life has been applied, like camouflage, and each one has a Birthright not to see "the world" where Heaven is, and not construe his kin as kith and act at odds with Truth. Because of this, one suffers from the camouflage until he makes a different choice.


Until your kith are re-embraced as kin and loved as such, until the definition "Enemy" or any other name is placed no more upon them, you will not Know you are Godís presence now! Until anotherís guilt is recognized by you as violation of the Truth of Him, you will not claim His innocence and stand by Him until your clarity and Love prevail! You will not un-seduce yourself until you see the Truth with Love. Nor will you challenge what you see on nightly news, which knows no better than to share the Mystery of Life because seduction still prevails. It knows not where the story is which is worth sharing. It does not scramble in a frenzy for the Pattern and the Fabric underneath the camouflage, uncovering what would be truly worthy of the definition, "News."


Awakening results from your inspired and relentless willingness to leave no stone unturned until your brotherís innocence is evident. And this may mean that you will have to lovingly, persistently reeducate your brother, too, before you can present the evidence of Truth to all the world. Such is the act of Love which pierces the confusion, un-seducing the seduced, revealing Heaven where "the world" had been, and "God expressed," where bastards seemed to be. Footnote


There is a fundamental element essential to every successful correction of misperception! One might think it lies in the realization that "there is another way to look at this," but it is not that simple. There is always a different way to look at something, but there is only one other way that makes the correction.


Illness is an illusion, a misperception, and its correction, like the correction of any other problem, lies in insightóa different way of looking at it. And in order to truly see in the way that makes the correction (unmakes the illusion), something must be accomplished:


The problem must be dissociated from the one lying in the bed suffering!


What does this mean? It means that someone must acknowledge that the holy Son of God, apparently ill and suffering in that bed, really exists on a Basis in which illness is not only incongruent, but impossible . . . that He cannot be deserving of it or susceptible to it because of his unalterable divine BirthrightóWho He is.


Radical insistence upon evidence of the holy Son of God (which is really Love unwilling to acknowledge anything less), together with the realization that He and the problem are wholly incongruent, sets the stage for insight, revelation . . . the different way of looking at it . . . the uncovering of what is Real right there in that bed!


If just one of you, anywhere, relative to any problem, dissociates the problem from the one experiencing the problem, together with all of its justifications, and your mind is infilled with the realization of Truth which inevitably follows, you see it for your brother and you both are healed!


The transfer value of this illustration is absolute, even when behavior, rather than illness, appears to have debilitating effects on nations, leaders of government, and individuals! Whether itís Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr, or you, the victim and the victimizer must be dissociated from the motive, which led to the victimization, so that healing occurs, with no remaining evidence of guilt calling for judgment and penalty.


This is what I did when I healed the Roman soldierís ear after my disciple cut it off. And this is what I did in the Resurrection. I provided evidence of everyoneís innocence! I provided evidence that nothing happened. And I did it by not associating what had nothing to do with a Son of God with a Son of God.


This is another way of saying, you canít correct the problem from the level of the problem . . . even though you can be seduced into trying!



February 6, 1998

Kingston, Washington





RAJ: Iím going to tell you a story, an illustration of Guidance and a proper attitude toward itóa true story, not a parable.


As I said yesterday, when Paul and I had our first conversation, I told him my name was Rajpur. Approximately nine months later somebody brought him a copy of the Text of A Course In Miracles, having become aware that Paul was speaking with me and that many of the ideas that Paul had shared about our conversations seemed relevant to the Course.


Paul spent the next couple of days perusing the book and finding places where it said in the first person that, "I told my disciples . . ." or references that made it obvious that Jesus was obviously the speaker. And Paul asked me "Who wrote this book?" His question meant, "Should I believe that the Course was actually dictated by Jesus." And my response to him was, "I did." That didnít mean that Raj had written the Course, it meant that Jesus had written the Course and I was Jesus. And Paul understood that, from those two wordsó"I did."


Because we had been intimately involved for nine months prior to that, Paul was not particularly impressed with the fact that he was talking to Jesus, because he had come to know me without having any conceptions associated with who I was. And so, we proceeded on for the next two or three years, and because he was not in awe of me, he was very real with me, and everything was fine. In other words, we were able to communicate without my having to cut through false responses, and so on.


Then we did a Gathering in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and sitting about six feet over was a young priest in seminary, and he asked me a question. And what followed was what felt to Paul like a very intimate conversationómore intimate than most of the exchanges that had taken place. And in the course of this conversation something happened in Paul, and he said to himself, "My God, this really is Jesus!" He shifted, not knowing it. And from that moment on, he became obedient to me. That was not a response to me but a response to his conditionings about who Jesus isóhis training, and so on.


As a result, unbeknownst to him, he stopped being real and honest with me. He had reverence and took whatever I said as "gospel," if you will. And so I said to him, "Weíre going to form a nonprofit corporation," which he did, with my guidance, very obediently. And as the next year passed I kept giving him further directions as to the operation of the Foundation that were increasingly impossible to accomplish. But he, because it was coming from me, obediently did what I said. For him life began to be really tough, because he wasnít paying attention to himself, he wasnít paying attention to his feelings. He was just being obedient to me.


After approximately a year passed, in utter frustration he sat down and said to me, "If I refuse to have anything further to do with this Foundation, this nonprofit corporation, will you still talk with me?" And he was not testing me. He was, in so many words, saying that he really did refuse. And I said, "Of course I will still talk with you." And he said, "Good, because Iím through with it." And I told him, "Thank God," that I had been waiting for him to arrive at this point. And he said, "What do you mean?" I explained to him that this shift had occurred in this Gathering in Virginia Beach. And he said, "Why didnít you tell me? I would have stopped." And I said, "Because you would have stopped obediently, not because you felt it."


He had to arrive at a point where his integrity became more important than being obedient, because when he was in his integrity, even if it was constituted of some ego concepts, he was honest with me, and because of the honesty of our relationship transformation could occur. But when he was just being obedient, there was no real communication. You see? I explained to him that he had to arrive at the point of saying "No" for his reasons, not for mine. And it was a great turning point for him because I had also conveyed by the whole experience that in the process of listening to Guidance it was imperative that he never abandon whatever degree of integrity he felt about himself.


There are many times he has been pissed off with me because I pushed for things that he felt unready for. But he was very polite during this period of obedience. And because he wasnít bringing himself, as he currently experienced himself to be, into our communion, we could not communicate. You see?


So, my point is that, as I said earlier, each one of you as you sit here is the total ultimate of What you Are. You havenít lost one iota of what God is expressing as Himself right there where each one of you is. And so, itís like your Sanity that you canít abandon, you can just ignore: Your integrity can be abandoned, but it canít be gotten rid of.


No matter how caught up in a dream or a biased perception of the Kingdom of Heaven, or of yourself, you are indulging in, there is always present, right where you are, the integrity of God. And so, in giving up the ego, in abandoning the ego, you will not be abandoning that of your integrity, which has always been present right where you are. You will not find that you will suddenly be transformed into someone elseóa "spiritual" being. There will always be what Iím going to call either a gradual transition or a graceful transition, in which whatever integrity was consciously being experienced grows in your awareness, and where your awareness of yourself grows, rather than disappearing. What is Real about you will increase in your conscious awareness of yourself.


So, you are at every moment of your "insanity" worthy of Self-respect. And you practice Self-respect by not overriding whatever integrity youíre experiencing at the moment, because your integrity is always Real, no matter how colored it might be by false perceptions of it. Do you understand what I am saying?


In the process of listening to Guidanceówhich, at some point, will become obvious to you is coming from one who is divine, as Christed as I amóit does not mean that you are to abandon self-respect in order to give respect to this one who is divine and Awake and conscious of it. This is very important. You can do it. As I explained, Paul did it, but I found a way . . . I put the screws to him so that he arrived at a point where he could no longer override his integrity. You see? I pushed him to the point of having to act consistently with the integrity that he has, even in the middle of his dreaming.


You can stand in awe of Guidance and you can defer to Guidance, but Guidance wonít let you successfully abandon the integrity of yourself. I am telling you this so that you might know ahead of time, in listening for Guidance, that it is not a process of demeaning or diminishing you. Youíre already suffering from being diminished. You see?


So, when you experience Guidance, be real. If you donít understand something, ask for clarification. If you canít agree with something, disagree. If you get angry with something, express the anger. There have been times when Paul said, "Donít call me, Iíll call you," and didnít talk to me for three or four days. He was through! And then he came back, "Are you there?" And he felt me smile. And I said, "Yes." And we went on from there.


In honoring yourself by being real, no matter who you think you are, no matter what you think is real, being yourself is essential to a successful communion and process of Awakening, if I can put it that way. Donít . . . donít stand in awe of me. Donít stand in awe of any divine Guidance that you get, or the source of that Guidance.


I have heard it said that the English like to put people up on pedestals and then knock them off. Well, donít do that with me. And donít do that with your Guides. Donít elevate us. I told someone one time, who had a bust of me on her credenza, "If you do not see yourself in me, you have not seen me." And this is very important. And it was important for me to share this with all of you today.


You have integrity, even in the middle of your insanity. And you start where you are so that whatever integrity you are allowing yourself to feel may be enlarged, so that there is no discontinuity of the experience of identity between this point and your being totally Awakened. That is also why I have said start with everything where you are and be curious to see the Kingdom of Heaven in it. Because itís everything that you are experiencingóno matter how covered over it is with misperceptions and false beliefsówhich you will become enlightened about. You see?


Itís not somewhere else, the Kingdom of Heaven, Reality. Itís not someplace else. And the divine one you are is not someplace else. Itís sitting right in those chairs. And the integrity that each one of you feels is the divine integrity, no matter how minimally you might be experiencing it in its reality. You see?


Guidance will never allow you, any more than I allowed Paul, to further abandon the conscious experience of your integrity. So donít be willing to do it from the outset just because you find youíre talking to me, or to anyone who is, for lack of better words, fully Christed.


It was a period of time for Paul that having Guidance wasnít much fun and life wasnít much fun as long as he insisted on being obedient. If you defer to anyone else you will not be comfortable. But if you are deferring out of obedience because of a concept you have, you also canít be told to stop, because you will pretend to stop obediently. And the only way Paul could stop was by connecting once again with the genuineness of himself. Youíre the point! Each one of you is the focus of our attention. Weíre not the focus for your attention!





QUESTION: Iíve heard you talk about being responsible in a negative way thatís not wholesome. It implies false guiltóthat we take responsibility in situations that we really arenít responsible for. And then there are those situations that weíre supposed to be taking responsibility for. And Iíd just like you to speak to that, make it a little more clear.


RAJ: Generally speaking, the concept of responsibility is loveless. And literally what replaces responsibility is love. It boils down to the motive. Responsibility is generally a burden one takes on . . . yes, a burden one takes on relative to someone or something else. You could say that responsibility is what comes into play when love goes out of the picture.


Love is an extension. It is a gift. And when one is making the gift of love, fulfillment is the result. But when one loses connection with the love that is the substance of him, then one begins to be responsive not to the impulse of love that is felt from within but to the perceived demands coming from his worldówhether it is responsibility for watering the plants or theyíll die, or feeding your children or they wonít be healthy, or, conversely, yielding to the demands of otherís who are coming from a loveless place.


I said earlier that you have a responsibility to your fellow man to be the Christ that you are. And the only way to be the Christ that you are is to abandon your inclination toward being responsive to everything else, so that in the absence of that, in the quietness that is left, you can feel the impulse of love that comes from within. Then someone observing your actions, will say, "He handles himself in a very responsible way." And yet if he said that to you, youíd say, "What? This has nothing to do with responsibility, or being responsible. There is just nothing else to be doing than to stay with this impulse of love." You see?


Responsibility is always a responsiveness to something out there. And as long as you continue to try to be more and more responsible in a more effective way, you remain distracted from the inner connection where your ability to be appropriate as the expression of love emerges from. And again, love is the answer.


You were going to say?


QUESTION: I was going to say, I have a dear friend that I work with, and we were discussing coming to the Gathering that is planned at the end of the year at Asilomar. He really wants to come, but he feels guilty if he leaves his responsibilities at work. Heís in charge of a lot of things, and heís feeling responsible for holding the whole company up. His intentions are sincere, as far as that goes, but it gets into these fine lines of guilt and responsibility.


RAJ: There is another aspect to it also. If one is committed to going within and feeling for the impulse of love to use as the basis for oneís actions, one feels oneís integrity, one feels whole. But when one abandons that, then he also loses that experience of wholeness. And then responsibility and the exercise of responsibility becomes the means by which one establishes worth in order to overcome the lack of integrity which one is feeling because he is disconnected from his essential beingówhich is his love, the impulse of love. You see? So there is this element in this particular case that you were speaking of.


QUESTION: Which would be the lack of trust for the Holy Spirit to work everything out to make it possible for him to follow . . .


RAJ: No, which would be that if he abandons being responsible in favor of doing what he feels inside, in favor of paying attention to the impulse of love from within that says, "attend the gathering," that he will also be abandoning that which gives him worthiness.


QUESTION: Oh, validates his worth.


RAJ: And to whom? In the eyes of everyone else, and himself too.


QUESTION: So what youíre saying then is that if he follows that, then he must risk whatever the consequences or the benefits . . .


RAJ: He will have to risk the chance that there is a God.


QUESTION: Right! I see, thank you very much.


RAJ: Youíre welcome.


[New questioner]


QUESTION: Following on from that point, Iím very interested to know what your view of business altogether is. And whether the whole concept of running a business, managing a business, working, is just so much unnecessary activity from Heavenís point of view? And whether really all of those are a distraction from what weíre really here to do?


RAJ: Well, true business will always be that which makes another whole, that which confirms anotherís wholeness to him. That is what the manufacture and supply of goods is. It extends wholeness to the receiver. But if that is forgotten in favor of it being a way to "save your ass" by generating income for you so that you donít go under, then business has become harsh, cruel, manipulative, and has nothing to do with making another whole.


When confirming wholeness to another, and the gifting of that, is the foundation of business, then you find that in the process you are not only confirming wholeness to the receiver of the goods but you are confirming wholeness to those who are assembling the goods, and everyone is blessed. Selfishness, and the underhanded techniques that are used in the expression of selfishness, will be gone. Good business is that which does not forget that its function is to share, to share good in all of the various forms that good can appear.


So it is not business that is bad. Itís bad business thatís bad. There tends to be bad business because everyone has forgotten that extension and sharing and embrace is its purpose, and thus they have forgotten and lost the experience of the blessing that comes from extending. That is why everyone thinks they have to scramble to make a dime to survive.


QUESTION: Right, I grasp that. I understand that and try to practice it. But in the running of a business one is called upon to manage other people and oneís self.


RAJ: Thatís just a concept!


QUESTION: Thatís my question.


RAJ: It is a concept that is being replaced by a newer idea in which the employees become the management. Itís just a concept, and one that needs to be left behind. The more the employees are empowered with participation in their business, the more productive and the more fulfilled the process becomes.


Of course, then you donít get to have the brass label on your office! But itís also a lonely place to be . . . in that office.


QUESTION: I accept that too, and Iíve given up my office. When one is working with others and trying to empower them all, or doing oneís best to empower, Iím still conscious that thereís still a lot of doing. And my question really, at its root, is about responsibility. Is it responsible, in my understanding of that word, to just hand it over and let it happen? Because I get caught up in doubt both ways on that one.


RAJ: Well, if you think anything of value is happening here today, it is only because Paul has given it over and is allowing the Gathering to happen. He is not in charge of it, and he has no agenda. And I am not in charge of it, and I have no agenda. But we [including everyone in the room] do! We are being this Gathering. And so, something beautiful emerges.


QUESTION: Thank you, that answers the question.


RAJ: This does not mean that engaging in life in this way is not scary as one shifts from the old habits. But it is what each one must dare to explore, at least, so that one might have a moment of fulfillment, and then maybe another moment of fulfillment, and then another and another and another, so that oneís trust is increased by his experience until finally he says, "Hm-m-m. I think I could dare to do this all the time." You see?


Everyone seems to be emerging from a state of isolation and separation, feeling separate from each other, from his world. How many of you have felt that you were really not of this Earth and that you didnít really belong hereóor any of a number of other kinds of sensations like that? Yet thereís no place else to be than the Kingdom of Heaven which is the only thing going on here at this moment or anywhere. And so you are in your right place.


Because you are emerging from a sense of separateness, loneliness, and the fear that comes from feeling tiny, to abandon whatever management system youíve engaged in or whatever controls youíve been using feels risky, scary. Irresponsible, yes! But you must dare to explore the experience, as I said, so that you might find that the universe and the world and your life doesnít collapse in chaosóat least not permanently. It may feel like thatís whatís happening at moments, but as long as you persist, you find balance reemerging, and the scariness of it is replaced with a new confidence. But itís a confidence in the way things work as opposed to a confidence in your abilities to make things work.


The means of moving out of an isolated, separated, tiny, lonely, fearful experience of life always involves letting something else into that little tiny territory of your life. And the only thing that you can let in which is of transformational value is a brother or a sister who is Awake, or the Holy Spirit, or God. Many of you donít arrive at that point until you are in a state of utter desperation. We are all happy when you arrive at that point where, out of desperation, you say, "help." Weíre all happy when you say "help" before you get to that point and you really mean it.


What Iím driving at is that you have to let something else in which is more illuminated than you are at the moment, so that in the presence of that illumination you have the opportunity to have a new experience of being, in which the illumination of your being, which you havenít been experiencing, can begin to register with you.


In other words, in Paulís communion with me, he has an experience of my way of experiencing. It still isnít his, but it gives him a foundation upon which he can feel more secure while being less personally responsible for what happens. In that experience of my presence on an ongoing basis, he has the opportunity to remember that this is the way it was for him [before he began dreaming], and then it will click into place and he wonít need to borrow from my light to have his light illuminated any longer. You see?


The difficult part for Paul, and what will tend to be difficult for most everyone, is that he and the rest of you have been used to striving harder and harder to be successful independent managers of life . . . alone. Thatís the challenge, is to be successful on your own, isnít it? In fact, thatís what you were raised to doólearn what you needed to learn so you could go out in the world and be successful on your own and not depend upon your parents or your family or anyone else. This is how you became respectable.


Well, being Awake is not something you can do alone. Being in your right mind is not something you can do alone. Itís a "community project," if you wish, constituted of the community of the Brotherhood of Man or the Brotherhood of Mankind.


And so, Paul, at times, would like for me to illuminate how he can be a better independent manager of his life. And the idea that heís not going to have that as an opportunity, but rather that heís going to have to yield permanently into being joined in communion . . . well, there goes all of his opportunity to be respectable as a result of being an expert at being responsible. You see? It feels to him, when I say, "Stay with me all the time," as though Iím asking him to give up his identity, because he thinks his identity is constituted of whatever heís able to successfully do on his own. You see? And heís not the only one in this room whoís like that.


Itís like youíre all at a party, and the party is being held in the Kingdom of Heaven, and all of the Brotherhood is there. And there are some, like you, who have blindfolds on. And you think youíre there all alone. And you think that youíve developed some skill at being able to be there alone. And thereís a certain amount of pride in it. You see? But because you have the blindfolds on, you donít realize that thereís an infinity of Brothers and Sisters with whom itís your Birthright to be experiencing constant communion.


As long as you insist on keeping the blindfolds on, you will maintain this experience of separateness. And as long as being successful at having a blindfold on means something to you, taking it off is going to seem to be an irresponsible and detrimental thing to do when it comes to your integrity. It feels like youíre going to lose your integrity.


You are all constantly supported in taking your blindfolds off. And I want you to realize that the only difference between your experience of being alone and your experience of being infinitely united is the thickness of the piece of cloth. And it has nothing to do with refining your soul, or learning more to deserve to wake up. It really amounts to a simple matter of taking off the blindfolds, which is another way of saying itís just a simple matter of letting someone else in.


If you were to go to your mother or father and say, "Iíve given up on being responsible. Iím not going to be a responsible person any more," you probably would run into some flack. But if you gave up being responsible, and told no one, and your life was transformed, your parents would come to you and say, "What did you do?" And then if you said, "Well, I gave up being personally responsible," they probably would say, "Well, tell me more about it." Which is another way of leading into the idea that "talking the truth" is not very valuable. Being it is whatís valuable. And being it is something thatís absolutely private. Itís between you and the Holy Spirit. Itís between you and God. Itís between you and me. You see? And it really has nothing to do with words, even though Iím using words [today], and even though I use words with Paul or I would use words with you in the quiet of your mind.


More than anything, what I am conveying is Love, which allows you to relax, and, at least for the time that we are in communion with each other, to feel your peace and therefore no need to defend yourself. You see? And itís in that experience of freedom from needing to defend yourselves that you can discover that while youíre being truly irresponsible, harmony in your life has increased, and that what you thought would happen is not what happens.


As long as each of you says, "Iím doing fairly well on my own. Iím doing fairly well managing my business. Iím doing fairly well running my business with pretty good business practices, but not really what Raj was talking about" . . . as long as you are to some degree self-satisfied, there will be little motivation to engage in this inner connection. But Iím here to encourage you to try it without waiting until crisis has occurred, when you find you have no choice. And I encourage you to try it for no good reason at all. As Iíve said before, dare to be a little bit of an explorer, just to see what might happen. You see?


Does that answer your question?


QUESTION: Yes, thank you very much.


RAJ: You are welcome.


[New questioner.]


QUESTION: Iím an academic and I teach marketing. And I have this experience with students and managers: Theyíre acting in their integrity, being managers, giving goods to people the way you described business. But the whole system seems to be causing something wrong. Let me give you an example.


Managers in the food industry in this country honestly, with integrity, offer people what they want to buy. But the diet in this country is the major source of illness and death. Managers who are selling cigarettes do this with great integrity, giving people what they want, and yet it can cause injury.


The doctors and the health workers in this country act with integrity, but drugs have side effects, and they know that they have side effects sometimes, and they cause things that they donít want to happen. It seems to me that although they work with their integrity and stay within itósome donít but a lot doóthe system seems to be directing their integrity in a way thatís producing injury. I donít know how to help them through this.


RAJ: Well, you see, they cannot express an integrity that theyíre not yet feeling. As more and more individuals gain a clearer sense that they are divine beings, or even more accurately, divine being, they will begin to recognize new criteria of integrity within themselves, and their comfort zones will shift. As a result, they will not find it within their comfort zone to market cigarettes or items that are not conducive to anotherís wholeness. You see? This will not constitute judgment on those who would like those products. But it will constitute individual embodiments or actions in the world that will be different from what they were before. Thus the producers of cigarettes will find fewer people to distribute them.


I know that you will say, "Well, someone else will just come along and replace them." But those who are acting with greater integrity as a result of a shift within themselves, will really be the elements in the arena of life which will be transformational because of the fact that they are expressing integrity which stems from their greater clarity about the divine nature of being. Those who would come to replace them will not be expressing this integrity, and thus what theyíre doing will not be transformational, but it will also not constitute a force in the world which will continue to give support for business practices that are not wholizing.


So the key isnít that there will be those who will continue the bad practices. The key is that those who have discontinued the bad practices, because they have connected with a greater sense of their divinityóand therefore the divinity of everyone they would serveówill constitute the presence of transformational energy that will serve to leaven the whole lump.


Thereís much to be corrected. But where the correction takes place is with individuals. And you know what? There is a movement afoot. There is a movement of Awakening that is occurring. And itís not happening because I am speaking. Itís not happening because A Course In Miracles exists. It is happening because there are more Awake than there are those who are asleep. The scales are weighted more greatly, we will say, on the right side. As a result, there are fewer asleep who lend strength to the state of dreaming. And so dreaming is going to dwindle.


The pendulum has swung to the side of Awakening. And as a result, whether anyone picks up a holy book or a spiritual teaching that is truly helpful, theyíre going to find their perceptions changing without any coercion whatsoever, simply because at an "unconscious" level the support for false perceptions is dwindling.


All you can do in your capacity as a teacher is to help instill integrity in each of your students, no matter what walk of life they end up being in, by reminding them that they have integrity, and that itís important for them to pay attention to it, and value it, and nurture an awareness of it, because it will infuse whatever they are doing and willóyou do not need to say, "will bless the world"ówill contribute to a greater and more cohesive experience of all that is important to human life. You could put it in those terms because they would understand. But the point is for them to value their integrity.


They ought to be getting this in philosophy. They ought to be getting it in all of their classes. But you can provide it in your class, and it may be the one thing that sticks with them and really makes profound changes in the years to come.





How many of you have got the Christmas spirit? And how many of you has the Christmas spirit got?


You use Christmas to remember something that you have come to feel is significantly meaningfulóthe birth of the Christ in human experience; the dawning of the remembrance of the divinity of conscious being. And then, because I said I would come again, you have used that celebration of something which happened in the past as the justification for looking forward to my coming again . . . "to save you all."


But, that first Christmas, as you like to now think of it, could have been used during all of these centuries for another purpose. It could have been used as justification for your showing up, because my birth illustrated the truth of what happens when what you call "birth" occurs. The Christ that you so willingly acknowledge to have been born 2,000 years ago is no different from the Christ that was born 20 years ago, or 50 years ago, or however many years ago it was that each one of you "embodied here."


If that had been the basis upon which you used the first Christmas, then you would likely be further along in your Awakening process than you are at the moment, because you would have had the expectation of seeing more evidence of your divinity. You see? You would have recognized that your function, at the bottom line, was to remember who you Are, so that who you Are might show up in the world. That is still the point. That is still your function.


Some of you may have heard that an announcement was made that sometime before the end of this year [1997], Maitreya is going to appear as a guest on a talk show on television. If you have heard that, then there is undoubtedly some curiosity with which you check in to the talk shows. And now that you do know, if you didnít know before I mentioned it, you might find yourself a little more curious about the talk shows than you usually are.


Why would you want to see the incarnation or manifestation of the Christ if He were to appear on TV? Because you expect that it would be meaningful. You expect that it would be significant. And if you knew ahead of time which show He would be on, and what time, in all likelihood no one could keep you from being in front of your TV to see it.


What would be the nature of the attention you would bring to that television program and that individual? You would bring, at the least, an optimism that maybe this might just be the Christ. You would be willing to look with more innocent eyes than you usually watch guests on talk shows. There would be more willingness, more readiness to see the Christ there. You would bring a gift that would open up your eyes and make it possible for you to see the Christ there.


Now, the Christ reappearing is not going to save you from having to remember who you Are and let the Christ that you Are be embodied right where you are. And so, what I want to encourage you to do in this Christmas Season is: Let the first Christmas remind you of your showing-up time. And let there be more willingness to let "all of what the Christ is" have a place to find expression in you.


If you will do that, you will find that the Christmas spirit will not have hold of you, grinding you down in the pressure and tension of the commercialism. You will find yourself quite able to be the presence of Love, to be the presence of what is Meaningful with perfect equilibrium throughout the holiday season.


If all of you would love to be able to turn on the TV and actually have the Christ be there addressing you and everyone else, because that would be Meaningful, what makes you think that everyone isnít waiting for you to show up as that which is Meaningful? Ultimately, the Second Coming is your coming, your showing up, your showing up, your showing up. Every one of You showing up, is the Second Coming!


You could say I am here right now, and I am here talking to you. And the purpose of my Second Coming is to point you in the direction of your Second Coming!


Youíve all got to let this wonderful, holy, divine presence that you Are, out! Let it show up! Youíve got to let that become more important than all your petty and seemingly important reactions to things. Youíve got to let it be more important than all of your preconceptions about thingsó"Well, theyíre behaving this way. I must respond." "I must react." "I must stand up for principle." "I must continue to put into the world what my parents put in, and my grandparents put in, and what tradition has told me is important." You see? But you donít have to!


You can be in the moment without preconceptions, without premeditation, as Paul is doing right now. And when you dare to do that, you wonít be mute. You wonít be nonexistent. But what comes out of your mouth will be Meaningful. It will be inspiring. It will be that which puts into the air what needs to be heard, whatís important to be heard, what helps everyone else. You cannot fathom the impact that it has, or that it will have, for you to come from that unpremeditated place of genuineness in you in every aspect of your daily life.


"Well, it would be easier if this was the Kingdom of Heaven."


Well, Iíve been telling you, this is the Kingdom of Heaven! Your preconceptions blind you to what It really is. Your definite commitment to what you believe, blinds you to the Kingdom of Heaven. And if, indeed, Maitreya shows up, it isnít going to relieve anyone from having to loosen their hold on their very definite concepts about what this all is [gesturing to the room and the world outdoors]. It isnít going to relieve anyone of having to dare to embody all that is essentially good, all that is essentially lovingówhere you are the one who returns love for hate because thereís nothing more important to you than not losing the experience of your divinity, the experience of being Whole, yourself, and daring to show up, no matter what is going on.


If you would be willing to look at a TV on the chance that what you see might be the Christ, then be willing to look at your brother or your sister, your companion, your mother or your father or your children, expecting that possibly what you see there might be the Christ. And look at this world considering the possibility that what is here might be the Kingdom of Heaven, so that you can have justification for a little bit of curiosity.


Thatís the gift you can bring this Christmas: The willingness to see what is Real in each and every thing that you have been conditioned to believe is not the Kingdom of Heaven, and who you have been conditioned to believe is not the Christ. Bring that little willingness to see more than youíre convinced is there. Let that be your gift. And donít let any justification for anything less creep in.


My gift to you is telling you who you Are, and being with you as though you really are That! And I am saying, extend that same gift. You donít have to talk "spiritual talk." But if youíre with someone who might be the Christ, well, you might bite your tongue a little bit sooner than usual, and not say that hurtful or judgmental thing. And you just might find a way to say something thatís kinder.


Many years ago, just after Paul opened up to me, he was living in a part of town that was a lower class, relatively rough neighborhood. And at that point, he tended to be sort of private, anyway. He was walking the two or three blocks it took to get to the store, and somebody was approaching in the opposite direction, walking. Paul was inclined to keep his eyes to the right and not encounter this person, who was not beautifully dressed or well kept. But, he went against his inclination and said, "Good morning." And the other person looked up from the ground, and then looked around, and said, "It is a good morning, isnít it?" And walked on.


The extension of kindness, pleasantness, of willingness to be involved, created the opportunity for that person to notice something he hadnít noticedóthat it was a beautiful morning. You see?


As usual, Iím not saying anything new. But truth is truth, and you need to keep hearing that the truth that youíve known in one way or another, really is the truth, and really is the essential element that will transform the world. So, have fun celebrating my birthday, but, donít let it end there!


When you go to bed Christmas eve . . . please, I want you to consider that maybe itís your birth-night, the Christ of youóthat point at which there is a sudden willingness to let the very best in you be embodied with commitment on the very next day when, in many instances, it is a day of stress rather than the day of joy that everyone wants it to be.


And what is the gift that the Christ of you has to give? The acknowledgment of the Christ in everyone elseóthe willingness to recognize the Christ in everyone else, and the willingness to recognize the Kingdom of Heaven, in all Its glory, right here where you have been seeing something less.





QUESTION: Iím in a great amount of physical pain, because of my hip and because of my back. And itís very, very difficult for me to look at it philosophically, because I almost feel like the old adage, "When it gets down to the physical, everything else becomes secondary except the physical aspect." And Iím not sure how, honestly, to deal with that.


Itís a devastating feeling for me to have to live in pain when Iím so used to living in my mind and being able to do so many different things. Itís very, very difficult. So, Iím looking for an answer of how to deal with it in such a way that I can allow it to be, but yet be above it. Do you know what Iím saying?


RAJ: Well, this isnít what you are expecting me to say: Honor the pain. Donít try to rise above it. Honor your body.


Your body and your soul, are not two distinct and separate things. Your body is the visibility and tangibility of your Individuality. Your Individuality and that which identifies you are inseparable, indivisible.


Pain is humiliating because it separates theory from common sense. It separates theory from humaneness. And youíre called upon to find a way to be humane toward yourself. Youíre at a point where "being in your head" is recognizably impractical, which means that you have to say, "I have a body, and Iíve got to love it. I have to treat it well. I have to be humane right here."


For someone metaphysically oriented, or intellectually oriented, this feels as though youíve lost ground, when really it was when you were metaphysically oriented that you had lost ground, because you had lost touch. You had let your body sort of get on the outside of what was important. And thatís an ungrounded place to be.


Now, when I say "honor your pain," what Iím really meaning to say is, donít push it out of your mind. Donít push the need for relief from pain, right where the pain is . . . donít let that get outside of your mind. Let your mind be pre-sent with the need.


Now, is the need really physical? Or is the need for you, in your mind and in your heart, to re-embrace your body? Iíve said before that unexpressed God, or God unexpressed, is nonexistent God. God, without Godís infinite Self-expression, is a void, an absence of Everything. You, without that which identifies you, would be nonexistent you, because at the bottom line, God being is what constitutes your identity or Individuality. God, being right there, looks like you.


You are always going to be identified, just as God is always going to be identified. And so, if you get into your head and begin to exclude your body as unimportant, youíre beginning to divide what canít be divided. Youíre trying to ignore, to not be bothered by "the physical," not be bothered by [slapping his leg] this! You see? That is an attitude of . . . well, itís an attitude of ignoring yourself, pushing it out of mind, so to speak. It is really self-denial. And you canít experience self-denial and be comfortable!


So, youíre having the opportunity to get reacquainted with God. And it seems as though discomfort is what is pulling your attention to where God is so you can re-embrace God. You are being brought into a place where you are called upon to give attention to something thatís Real. To give your attention to It without resistance, is love. But, as I said, itís humiliating to your ego, to your proud sense of a "self" who has become metaphysically or intellectually efficient. You see?


Get in touch with the need. The need is experienced as pain that needs to be relieved. And itís not going to be relieved by getting further away from giving your attention to your body. The relief is not going to come from greater self-denial, from becoming even more intellectually precise!


In the act of not resisting giving attention to your body, with the element of humanity brought into your relationship with it, that will manifest as the evaporation of the pain. Not because youíve controlled your body, but because youíve come into a state of inner balance where you are honoring your body. Including it.


Thereís absolutely nothing "material" about your body. Iím going to put it this way: Thereís absolutely nothing non-intellectual about your body! Thereís absolutely nothing that isnít mental about your body. All your body is, is energy pattern, held in that pattern by an idea. An idea in the Mind of God causes energy to become recognizable as God right there, called you.


If you forget that itís God called you, you will think itís you called you, and then you called you will have this fantastic idea that, "Hey, thereís a difference between my mind and my body. And my mind is less dense and less material, so therefore it must be more spiritual. It must be more God-like. Therefore, it is what is to be honored and developed. And through the use of my mind, I will eventually become free of this physical impediment." You see? But, itís God appearing, called you.


When Iím talking to you, I am talking to the you that thinks you are you, but Iím also talking to God, confirming God right there. I am seeing the Christ right there, who is undeluded, who does not deny his body, who recognizes that it is the visibility and tangibility of his Individuality, and who does not find it as something needing to be given attention to specially, because heís not denying it in any way.


If you want to become free of your body, donít deny it and get rid of it. Embrace it. And then it will become less important. And the presence of Mind that you are, Which is God-Mind being the only conscious awareness there is right where you are, really, will find the bodyóalthough it is not gone, and although it is still importantóquite ready to respond to the will of that Mind which it is the visibility and tangibility of.


If that Mind wants to go to San Diego, that body will be there instantaneously, without a physical process, because there isnít anything physical about it. And, of course, thereís nothing physical about San Diego, either. It is energy gathered in a recognizable pattern that is capable of being enjoyed and experienced. Itís another part of the Kingdom of Heaven.


It is utterly appropriate for you to be called upon to give more of your attention than youíve ever given before to your bodyóto the pain and the call for relief from pain that it is manifestingóand loving it. Why? So that you stop denying it and stop giving yourself an uncomfortable experience by virtue of engaging in self-denial, which would split something apart that cannot be split. If you are trying to split something apart that cannot be divided, all it can create is tension. Correct? Discomfort.


Everybodyís got to stop trying to get away from something! Stop trying to get away from the world. Stop trying to get away from relationships. Stop trying to get away from your body.


No matter what you think all of this isóbodies, houses, trees, world, universeóno matter how youíre defining it, itís all the Only thing there is, which is the indivisible presence of God infinitely expressing Himself. And because Itís indivisible, Itís incapable of being polarized, which means that harmony has to be Its natural state, and Its unalterable state.


But, as I said, if you take Something thatís indivisible and conscientiously attempt to deny part of It, you are going to create for yourself an experience of discomfort, tension. And what that tension is, really, is your Sanity giving you a warning bell, saying, "Be alert! Youíre trying to do something impossible. Stop doing it. Stop doing it. Stop doing it. Stop doing it," until you stop doing it.


Everybody says, "Well, Iím having trouble because, you know, Iím stuck in this incarnation." Or, "Iím stuck in a physical body at the moment. Until I get free of this physical body, Iíve got to expect to have certain problems." And none of you realize that what youíre suffering from is that decision, that definition which youíve given in your mind, that youíre committed toóthat youíre stuck in this physical body, or that you are in an incarnation that youíll someday get out of.


All youíre in is a mindset thatís superimposed upon the only thing going onóGod being the only Thing there is, infinitely, and it looks like . . . it looks like, believe it or not, the Kingdom of Heaven. It looks like what youíre seeing, and more. And your body is intent upon identifying your presence perfectly. Its function is to love you by identifying you perfectlyóthe Christ that You are, the real One that You are. Itís Your ally, and Youíre never going to get away from it.


Iíll tell you something, though. Embrace your body fully, and youíll find [indicating things in the room] that that wreath and that lamp-shade and her hair is you! And youíre capable of experiencing its meaning, and what that aspect of you feels like, being what it is! And there will be more of your body, you might say, to experience fully.


When you look at all of these things and say, "This is me and thatís not me," youíre in a state of self-denial. And it works! Youíve fooled yourself, because you no longer can experience what she means, and what sheís experiencing. If you carry it further, the only thing left to say isnít you, is if you start at the tips of your toes.


The only thing left that you dare to say is you, is your body. And if youíre going to get intellectual and continue this denial, youíre going to try to get rid of this bodyó"This is not me. This is not the real me. When I finally awaken, I wonít have this, and I will be free of the imposition upon my freedom that it constitutes." Well, once you start denying the last thing there is to deny, it gets really uncomfortable.


So, youíve had the wonderfully humiliating experience of discovering that your intellect is not managing to let you rise above your body. And youíre faced with a real common-sense recognition that you had better take care of your body, at least with regard to this pain, until it goes away . . . and then youíll start ignoring it again.


But you donít learn the lesson! You donít recognize that a truth has been revealed to youóthat you must dare to be humane and embrace your body, care for it, and if it means you donít get any work done, "tough luck" relative to the work. Youíre worth taking care of.


Self acceptance instead of self denial is what this is about. If you will accept your body and embrace it as the visibility and tangibility of your Individuality, which is divine, youíre going to find it getting healthier. Even healthier than what you thought "healthy" was for you. And then youíre going to be able to let in the lamp-shade and something else in your world. Youíre going to be able to let this circumference get bigger, so that you can feel the Meaning God has expressed as any particular pattern of energy thatís available to you to see. And as you embrace it, youíre going to be able to begin to recognize yourself in it. Youíre going to be able to look out here and youíre going to say, "Itís just like me. What it really is, is just like me."


Thatís the beginning of Self-discovery. Thatís the beginning of remembering who you Are, and thatís the beginning of recognizing the Kingdom of Heaven right here, because in the omnipresence of God there hasnít been any place for you to go to get outside of It to have an experience of something else!


So youíre having an experience of the only thing there is, and youíre calling it something else. Youíre saying, "Itís not me. I have risen above it." Well, when you get to the last thing thatís available to you to deny, youíre going to hurt. Youíre going to find that thereís a brick wall that you cannot go through. You cannot deny this and not have your attention irrevocably brought to the place where love is required instead of self denial.


And I donít care what anyone would say was the cause of the pain, because an "enlightened" professor of social science would say that your suffering in this world is because of human nature, or a physician could say that itís the result of the fact that everything dies. They will give reasons, but the reasons will have been formulated after that social science professor or physician has managed to say about the world, "Itís not me!" You see?


Dare to be humble enough to honor the pain by bringing your love to the place where the pain isómeaning in that area of your bodyóand loving your body. Tell it, if need be, that you are sorry for having tried to rise above it. And forgive yourself for that, so that you might have the opportunity to relax into how good it feels not to be at odds with your body, how much at home you feel when youíre not denying it and itís no longer hurting you, and you arenít believing that it is inhibiting you from experiencing your divinity.


QUESTION: Thank you.


RAJ: You are welcome. And if the pain doesnít go away in 24 hours, say, "Thank you. Iím glad that I continue to have the opportunity to bring loving attention to myself. Iím grateful to have the opportunity to embrace all of me with respect and honor."


Do not assume that the pain hasnít gone away because there must be a God, and God knows that if the pain went away, youíd get back into your old habit right away. Donít do that, because thatís self-demeaning, you knowó"It must not be going away because I donít know enough yet. Iím not intelligent enough yet to stick with something thatís obviously intelligent. Iíd go back to my old habit."


I donít want you to reason at all about why the pain is there, any more than your social scientist or physicians would. The call is for embracing your body, embracing everything you see, with love. And the call is to do it forever. Not as an obligation, but because it feels so damn good not to behave as though youíre out of your mind, and not to behave as though youíre out of your body, and not to behave as though youíre out of the world. Thatís what coming Home means. Thatís what discovering the Kingdom of Heaven means. Thatís what enlightenment is, when youíre no longer rising above or getting beyond anything. You see?


In a way, youíre fortunate to have pain, because you canít ignore it. Itís your divinity saying, "You canít get rid of me. You must love me. You must embrace me. You must regain your Sanity." You see? You must bring love into play and go ahead and feel humiliated, intellectually speaking, because what is left after humiliation? A wonderful thing. Humility.


In the process of honoring and loving your body, do not assume that whatever needs to be done in the most practical and humane terms to relieve you of your pain, is going to be an intellectual thing. Do not assume that it might not be an awareness that you need to sleep in a different bed, or to engage in something physically different. Do not assume anything! Do not think that as long as you are changing your mind and consciously embracing your body, that the rest of the healing will come with no physical changes, or without any physical supports, so that you can still have a metaphysical healing. You see?


The pain is causing you to be very practical. Donít be afraid of practical things. If a brace is needed, say, "Thank you!" and wear it. You see what Iím saying? Donít say, "There ought to be a different way," or "This isnít the ultimate way." Weíre not talking about ultimate ways. Youíre down to the nitty gritty here. Youíre down to real simple humaneness. Let go of any vestiges of a preferential way for it to happen. If a heating pad does the trick, use the heating pad and say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you." You see?


Let go of all intellectual hoity-toitiness.





QUESTION: The last year and a half of my life has been pretty uncomfortable for me. And Iím finding myself now in an uncomfortable new career, and an uncomfortable living space. And Iíd like to know whatís really going on in my life, what I need to pay attention to. I must be really stubborn, because Iím not hearing any answers.


RAJ: Remember that I didnít bring "stubbornness" up. You are like someone standing on a hot-plate, attempting to the best of her ability not to be touching the hot-plate any more than necessaryósort of attempting to be on her tip toes. And the fact is that you are standing on solid ground which isnít hot at all.


The place where youíre standing is not where you think you ought to be. He [indicating the previous questioner] is not embracing his body, and you are not embracing the ground you are standing on. There needs to be some humility let in, where, whether it seems right to you or not, or reasonable to you or not, you are willing to stop straining to be on your tip toes and off the ground as much as possible, and let your heels down, and the full soles of your feet, and to stand there not thinking about something else, or where else might be better, but with your attention fully on the ground you are standing on.


In a way, you are experiencing what Paul and Susan experienced when they moved here from the islands. There was nothing wrong with what was here, but they said, "Itís not Hawaii!" And they didnít let down and relax and allow themselves to be present here, so that they might be able to notice, to let in and embrace, the wonderfulness of this place as well. And they were miserable in spite of the fact that everything was better.


If you were an arrow, and you had been launched, youíve hit the bullseye. You are where you are, faced with what youíre faced with, because it hits the mark. And this Christmas, the gift you need to bring to the mark that youíve hit is the willingness to see the good in it, the willingness to find ways to extend love to it.


Your living accommodations are not the ultimate. They donít hit the mark. But if you are in a state of denial of where you areóby that I mean, when you are in a state where you are not fully embracing itómost everything else is going to tend to be discolored by your dissatisfaction.


This is true of all of you: You will never ever be able to be brought to a point where there will be no place to extend your love. You will never arrive at a place where your Function canít be fulfilled, of expressing love and of being a transformational difference where you are.


Now, the argument comes, "Well, what am I going to get out of it? Iím not getting anything out of this. Maybe Iím in my right spot, and maybe Iím supposed to extend love, but what about me? What am I going to get out of it? Iím not getting this, and Iím not getting that." You know, Paul and Susan said, "Lovely spot. Lovely view. Cloudy a lot. Of course, it was cloudy in Hawaii, but they were billowing white clouds, and it was warm, and the tradewinds blew, and . . . are these trade-winds here? Freeze your nose off!"


If youíre fighting for what you donít think you have, if you think youíre not getting something personal out of it yourself, and you use that as justification for not relaxing into where you are and embracing it, extending love, then youíre not going to get anything out of it. Because the only thing you get something "out of" is your Function. This place is never going to give anything to Paul and Susan. And Hawaii never gave anything to Paul and Susan. Paul and Susan opened themselves up to Hawaii, and closed themselves off to here. And the difference lay with what they did.


Not one of you can sit through this afternoon, with the views out the window, and the lighting and everything, and not say, "What an exquisite kind of experience Paul and Sue have available to them," maybe more frequently than each of you do where you are. But you can refuse to embrace it.


Give up. Let your attention be, as I said to him [the previous questioner] right where the discomfort is, right in this place where the job seems not to be the most desirable. And bring love to it, because thatís what will give you something. Thatís what will constitute you coming back into your right mind. Thatís what will open the door for you to have a different living situation. And thatís what will allow you to advance in the work that youíre doing. But you are stubbornly resisting embracing the very thing that you have been preparing yourself to embrace.


Now, I could say, "Stop! Stop doing that." But willfully stopping isnít something you can do. Youíve got to do something instead! And the thing to do instead is to not try to figure out how to be somewhere else, and just say, "Uncle!"


Just say, "Uncle!" and find where the opportunities are for you to be the presence of love which is transformational, because thatís your Function. And the opportunities are right there, along with a great deal more good that you havenít let in yet.


Youíve got to start doing something new where you are. And youíve got to stop saying, like Paul and Susan, "but itís not Hawaii"óitís not whatever it is that would be more desirable. You see?


Youíre not going to win this one, thank God, any more than heís [the prior questioner] going to win at denying his body so completely that he becomes free of it. And so, when I say, "Say Uncle!" to either one of you, I say it with love, and I also say it knowing that you have a blessing awaiting you in your doing it.


QUESTION: Thank you very much.[Break taken.]


RAJ: Before we go on to the next question, I mentioned that there is no place where you can find yourself where your Function cannot fulfill Its purpose. If Maitreya or the Christ were to present himself here on earth, would you not rejoice, or at least be extremely curious with positive overtones?


Although this is not the case, you might imagine that in the Great Council Chambers of the Kingdom of Heaven, the enlightened Ones gather, and are being given Their roster of duties. The Council Chairman says, "Who wants the earth detail? Maitreya?" And Maitreya responds, "Oh, no. Not the earth detail!" (Group laughter)


You see what I mean? And yet youíre worthy. Youíre all worthy of the presence of one or more Who can inspire you beyond your present sense of existence. And no matter where you go, you will find those who are worthy of being inspired out of their sense of their existence, and who not only need you but want you.


Have you ever been around someone whoís doing something and gnashing his teeth all the time about having "that detail"? If Maitreya comes, or if I come, and Iím not happy about being here because of whatever judgments I might have about you, or of where I would have preferred to be, you would feel uncomfortable, because you would feel the absence of what was potentially here for you to have.


Where you are is where what you have to give needs to be given, and where it will bless, and where there are those who need and want what you have. Donít let judgments get in the way of your being open to it and letting it flow, because I promise you, you will see what you want to see. And if you want to see the worst, youíre going to get the worst. Not because itís there, but because your very attitude and behavior will elicit what equals it.


So, if youíre glad to see in your experience, here in the "earth detail," someone whoís willing to love you and inspire you beyond your pre-sent sense of things, then give that gift away right where you are, in whatever "detail" you find yourself.


I donít say that as a command, but as an invitation to a marvelous experience. You see? Youíre going to be where your fulfillment is, come hell or high water! And if you dig in your heels, all it will mean is calluses. And theyíll finally crack and bleed, and hurt, just because of resistance. Just because that is the part of you that youíre using to deny giving your gift.


So, give up as quickly as you can.





QUESTION: What Iíve been experiencing lately is a lot of anger, and a long history of looking for satisfaction outside of myself. And I guess I call that dependency. But, Iím wanting to be . . . I want to honor my feelings, my humanity, of anger and rage, or whatever it is . . . or frustration and longing, and express those things. And . . .


RAJ: But let me ask you this: Is there anything humane in them?


QUESTION: Well, Iím human. Iím experiencing it. So . . .


RAJ: Ah, but the things you listed are a list of things that are inhumane, and there are other things that you could make a list of which express humanity, humaneness.


QUESTION: I donít know how to shut off the anger, how to switch. It would be almost like denial, like pretending that itís not there. And then it just builds up even more.


RAJ: And what is the object of your anger? What are you angry at or about?


QUESTION: Having a want thatís not fulfilled. And I think itís having a want thatís outside of my control, that I donít directly have control of getting. There are a lot of other questions I could have asked. This is just whatís up for me right now.


Iím feeling stuck in my career, and feeling scared in my relationship, and, like, I know that thereís more good available, and itís like parts of me are shutting down and not being willing to accept more good in my life. And Iím frustrated with myself for being so resistant.


It seems like we had this conversation before. It was in September, and you were talking about letting go and just be . . . which I donít know how to let go. So, I guess Iím feeling a fear that, "Gee, how long am I going to be struggling before I just let go? And what does that look like?" And just relax.


RAJ: Well, you can take perhaps thirty more years trying to get satisfaction, trying to get what you feel you ought to be able to have. And you wonít be any closer to having it then, than you are now. No matter how much skill you think you acquire during that period of time, you will still be no closer to having it than you are right now.


The thrust is 180 degrees out of sync. The only way you are going to be able to feel your peace and joy is when you shift to finding ways to give, instead of get.


Now, the only thing is that when you are giving, "you donít get no satisfaction." And as long as satisfaction is important to you, shiftingóso that your attitude and your behavior and your goals revolve around givingówill seem to you to be meaningless because they wonít give you satisfaction. They wonít give you a sense of personal authority over your life, at least to some little "reasonable" extent.


Now, you can wait until you have thirty years of proof that "you canít get no satisfaction," and arrive at a point where youíre just completely exhausted by it, and any faith in it and any willingness to persevere in that direction will be crumbling, and then you will say, "Oh, God, what do I need to do?" And God will say, "Find a way to give!" And youíll say, "Ah-h-h. I think weíve had this conversation before. But, I get it! I donít know fully what it will mean for me, but Iím not going for the satisfaction any longer!"


What I want you to know is that when youíre in the getting mode, youíre not worth a hill of beans to anybody. One who is in a getting mode, is in a defensive mode, in the sense that his preoccupation with "getting" creates a shield around him that others canít penetrate, and what you have to give canít get past. Alcoholics drink to get something. And all that it amounts to is that they succeed at avoiding involvement. They succeed at avoiding giving, connecting, being meaningful.


Alcohol may not be your drug of choice, but "going for satisfaction" is. And it seems reasonable and justifiable to you. But sooner or later, everyone arrives at a pointóand it isnít always in this lifetimeówhere they finally realize that the answer lies in shifting gears and having the flow go that way [toward others] instead of this way [toward oneself]. Itís a humiliating experience. And when one arrives at that point where he gives up going for the satisfaction, thereís quite often a lot of tears, because thereís a feeling of failure.


You know something? The moment you cry, you connect with others. Youíre giving a gift. Youíre sharing. You think youíre sharing something awfulóhumiliation and failure. But the shield is gone! And youíre just willing to be youónot having improved yourself yet. Itís very easy to love someone when theyíre crying. And many times, for many of you, when they stop crying, youíre sorry they stopped crying, because they close up again, and you had a taste of something intimate and full and wonderful.


You want to know how it looks to let go? It looks like you, being incompetent and sharing your "incompetent self" with everybody, letting go of the pride that would say, "Well, I canít present myself until Iím presentable." If you will go on a diet of a gift attitude, of extending yourself, of being thoughtful, of sharing yourself just as you are . . . you know the "Come As You Are Party"? Well, leave here today and let life be a Come as You Are Party. And be willing to share yourself. Not so you can get something! But just because.


You are so lovable. You are softóI donít mean weak. Youíre soft, but there is substance to your softness. There is so much that is wonderful that you have to share, that youíre trying to get ready to share. And the "getting ready" to share it will dribble your life away.


Youíre giving a gift all the time, actually. If youíre feeling angry, you give the gift of anger. If youíre feeling like life isnít fair, youíre giving the gift of that feeling. And thatís not you. Itís what youíre thinking. Itís what unreasonable reasoning has caused you to believe is reasonable. But itís not you. And if you shift into a gifting mode, going on a diet of finding places and ways in which you can gift, share, that doesnít mean youíre not going to grow. It doesnít mean that your career is never going to change.


You have to have your hands open to give, donít you? With your hands open, youíre also in a position where you can receive. But when youíre in a getting mode, no matter how much you try to grab, you canít get past the shell around you, which doesnít let you out and doesnít let anything in.


I said earlier that practicing fear is a useless expenditure of energy. I know that when youíre angry, it seems totally justified and it doesnít feel at all like a waste of energy. It feels very useful. But it isnít. It is a total waste of energy because nothing gets accomplished by means of it. Not anything transformational occurs as a result of anger that has arisen out of a getting attitude.


How will it look? It will look like thoughtfulness. Thatís one way that it will look. In order to give, you have to notice something out thereósomething beside how you feel. People find it so much easier to be with you when you notice that they exist. People get bored seeing that youíre so caught up in yourself that they donít exist for you. They just get bored. It is boring. Itís useless and meaningless. You see?


Instead of gettingóand Iím not saying this as a play on wordsóinstead of getting, you need to start letting. Instead of getting, you need to let in, and you need to let out. But, you ainít gonna get no satisfaction! Youíre going to get fulfillment. Satisfaction means "getting even." Itís harsh, no matter how justifiable it is, and no matter high-minded you might get in your thinking about it.


The list of emotions that you referred to humanness is sort of like a bee buzzing around your head. I mean, before long itís driving you crazy, and youíre giving your 100% attention to it. But thereís a simple secret some people have discovered, and that is, if they stop caring about the bee, if they stop being frightened of it or mad at it, it will fly off. You put out a scent when youíre angry, and it attracts the bee. And the moment you relax, the scent is not there, and it does not find you attractive.


I have to say again, you are so lovable without improving yourself in any way. Without needing to change in any way, you are lovable.


QUESTION: Thank you. I know this will take practice. And just being aware that when Iím wanting to get satisfaction and not getting it, that itís like this flag goes up, and I could say, "Oh, yeah." I could just pause and be curious, and see that this is an old pattern thatís really not effective. And I could just shift my focus and then see what else is there that was there all the time, that I was just too busy not paying attention because I was too focused on trying to get what I wanted, rather than be in the moment and see whatís needed, and what value I already have, and already always have had, that I could contribute to the situation, rather than being self-absorbed.


I feel like I really have calmed down since you started talking. Thank you very much. Iím looking forward to sharing myself just as I am, rather than waiting forever to be good enough, or perfect enough, or whatever.


RAJ: You see, the fact is that youíll finally get worn out from trying to become good enough. And no matter how good you will have become at it, it still wonít be there for you. Youíll get worn out, and out of exhaustion youíll let go. And Iím just saying, donít wait until youíre exhausted.


Also, when the flag goes up, something that you can immediately do is just look around the roomówhatever room youíre in, wherever you areóand find something that you can do thatís thoughtful. If you can clean something up that relieves somebody else from having to clean it up, do it. If you can do something, anything, that relieves someone else of doing it, do it. Itís thoughtful, itís considerate, and it has caused you to not only shift your awareness, but to embody it in your behavior. And that will squelch the "satisfaction" that seems so justifiably really available to you if youíll go in the other direction.


QUESTION: My concern is of giving of myself when I am absolutely not wanting to at allójust wanting to be totally selfish.


RAJ: Do you want to know something? Yesterday Paul was saying to himself, "How do you make a gift when you donít feel like giving?" He was feeling like when people want to talk to Raj, he lets them talk to me, but whatís in it for him? Whatís he getting out of it? And he wasnít feeling like having the Gathering this afternoon, because everybody just talks to Raj, and then they go their way and chat about other things, as though it didnít mean a thing, what Raj had said. [Group laughter] And he wasnít experiencing any satisfaction.


How do you give when you donít feel like giving?


Well, thereís another way to look at it. You can ask yourself, "Is it worth it to be hurting? Is it worth it to be consumed with anger?" Paul had to ask himself, was it worth it to be caught in the frame of mind where nothing was looking good because he was not engaged in appreciation. He was not giving acknowledgment of any of the good thatís going on. He didnít give. Get, get, get! "Whatís in it for me?" You see? So, what do you have to do? You have to give, whether you feel like it or not.


He feels good right now. I mean that this afternoon, he has been experiencing meaningfulness, fulfillment, peace. He hasnít experienced satisfaction. He hasnít gotten an ego hit from it. His question now is, how does he stay in touch with this after all of you go and he seems no longer to have a good reason to make the giftóto share from this place that heís sharing from right now. And maybe next time heíll tell you what he found out. But, the answer is that youíre not going to feel like giving when youíre in the middle of anger. He groveled in feeling like "nothing was worth it" for the last three days. He sat and savoured the injustice of it all, and didnít get tired of it until late last night. Finally he said, "Raj, would you help lift this?"


So, you just ask, "Is it worth it to suffer with the hope of the hit of satisfaction, or do I want to shift gears and give, knowing there will be no satisfaction, but there will be meaning and there will be fulfillment and peace, and a capacity to extend love? And then just do it.


QUESTION: And Iíll ask for help.


RAJ: Amen.


QUESTION: And when I donít feel like it, I guess I just love myself, like Paul did, until he got tired. But I do want to do that more quickly.


RAJ: You must realize, as he had to realize, that those who are around you while youíre "making up your mind" are not having the happiest experience. Thatís not to make you feel guilty. That is perspective which true reasonableness can use to help you arrive at the decision to change your mind a little more quickly.


[To everyone] I have enjoyed being with all of you. And I hope this Christmas season means your birth, your letting who you divinely Are show up in the world, wherever you donít want to be, doing what isnít going to give you satisfaction, and honoring your body when youíd rather be in your head! I love you all.





QUESTION: My question is: If we werenít awake, and we werenít here, would we be resident on another planet? I mean, we have to cooperate with the way things work on this planet, and if we werenít here, we would be met with the same situation in another form, with another set of arrangements. Isnít this true?


RAJ: Because the space-time continuum is an interpretation of the Kingdom of Heaven, the continuum, the misperception, will always reflect That which is fundamentally characteristic of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is unityóunity of the Whole, experienced by every "part" of the Wholeóexcept that in the misperception such Unity is experienced as a threat, a loss of identity, a loss of autonomy.


In the face of that threat, oneís behavior toward the Whole becomes defensive and antagonistic, which elicits responses from It which are easily interpreted as defensive, thus seeming to substantiate the fundamental attitude of fear toward anything that smacks of unity. Thus, one makes commitment to not joining, not fitting in, unless it is under the strictest of codes of behavior which allow for relationships, while at the same time disallowing for real union.


So, let us say this: No matter where you are in the Kingdom of Heaven, if you are not Awake, you will be misinterpreting It as what is called the space-time continuum. The unity of what It really is will confront you, and you will be faced with the same need to lower your defenses and let It all in, embrace Itóforgive it for what you thought it wasóso that what It is can register with you.


Is there life on other planets? In the infinity of the Universe, which is another way of saying "in the Wholeness of the Kingdom of Heaven," yes, there is. Except that even your Universe is being interpreted through the lens of misperception, and your scientists are giving it more and more definition.


The definition, because it is given from a mindset of defense, sees that which calls for more defense, sees that which confirms an end because there was a beginningóan end in time because there was a beginning in timeówhen the fact is that all of it is current. All of it is now. All of it is God being, in the present tense. But the mindset being used to perceive it, disallows for discovery relative to the present-tenseness of It all.


Still, another characteristic of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is its awesome marvelousness, does not escape your scientists, your astronomers, your physicists, because the misperception necessarily embraces Reality, embraces all that is true of the Kingdom of Heaven.


So, the problem is that the apparent necessity for defense causes the characteristics of the Kingdom of Heaven, such as unity and awesomeness, to be treated as though they really are the justification for defense. Thatís the twistóthat the response must be the opposite of what Reality is calling for.


No matter where you might find yourself in the Universe, living the life that is God being, youíll be faced with the same misperceptions and the same need to wake up that youíre faced with here, and the discovery that waking up doesnít throw you into another "reality" in which all that youíre seeing truly disappears. In waking up to Reality, and the discovery that infinite unity is Bliss, the regard you give to the Universe will change. And it will not be the things in the Universe that are important, although they were when you were having to defend yourself against unity. The experience of Joy and Bliss and Awe will become the constant focal point of what you call the conscious awareness of being.


Awe will not be overwhelming, even though you stand in awe of that which is awesomeówhich is simply another way of saying, awe is what you experience when you stand in the unblocked presence of That which is truly Meaningful.


QUESTION: How can we wake up when we have so many needs, like eating, keeping warm from the cold, water, food, et cetera.


RAJ: Well, you could start by not seeing your needs as a handicap, by not seeing your needs as something that one ought to have an opinion about. Do you judge your lawn because it needs you to turn on the sprinkler? Why do you not extend to yourself the same compassion and willing caring that you extend to your pets? Would you withhold food and water from them?


Needs are the interpretation placed upon the fact that you cannot be separated from your fulfillment. What cannot be separated, That which is One, when interpreted to be two, is seen as an unavoidable need, one for the other. You see? And so, when That which is One, That which is all-inclusiveónamely youóinterprets the experience of Wholeness, which the conscious awareness of being is, as "me" and "not me," That which has been denied is unavoidably experienced as a need. You see? And that need is interpreted to be a flaw in you, a flaw in your spiritual growth, something to be avoided. You see?


It does not make sense. You are like someone who has crawled through the desert for days and days without water and, upon reaching civilization, someone runs out to you with clear, cool, refreshing water. And you are treating it as though it is inconceivable that you ought to really find this colorless, fat-free, calorie-empty liquid satisfying to the depths of your ability to experience, as though perhaps it is a shortcoming or a sin to have something be really meaningful. You must pay more attention to the inherent sanity and intelligence of your body than you do to your capacity to think!


Do you see the insanity, the twisted nature of a response that says, "There must be something wrong with me when I recognize something utterly meaningful in my life"?


[Said facetiously] Oh yes, youíd better watch out for anything enjoyableóthat is, if you really want to wake up. Youíd better watch out for anything that makes you laugh! You had better be on the alert for any experience of peace, because it will make you lazy, and you will be unprepared for emergencies, even though, without any education of any kind, you recognize that the experience of peace is one that youíre completely at home with. Therefore, anything that you can experience without having education about it must necessarily be avoided at all cost. You see?


Anything that you can experience without having had any prior education about it, must necessarily be of the devil. It must necessarily be evil. It must necessarily be rejected with whatever means will block it absolutely.


QUESTION: Iíve been wondering lately: Why is Godís nature Love? And why should He care about mankind, or those human beings that He created? Why should He care? What makes Him Love? I see all of the shows about space and the creation of galaxies and the Universe, but what makes Him care about creating specifics on a planet, or even creating a planet that has life? Why? Why should He? I donít know what else to ask. I have a lot of feeling about it, but . . . why should He care to give us toenails, so that if we bump into something it protects our toesóas I perceive it. Why? Why do this? Why create a planet teeming with life forms? What for?


RAJ: Why is God Love? It is not a question that can be answered. God is Love. That is the Alpha and Omega. You cannot ask why. It just is so! The only way that question could be answered would be if something created God, and then you could ask that one why God is Love. What went into the decision? You see? But there was no decision, there was no process by which God came into being. God is. Love is, because God is Love. One cannot get any more fundamental than that. And your question would look to something more fundamental than God. You see?


Now, as long as you have this perception of yourself as somehow separate from and different from God, you will, as I said before, experience That which is inseparable as though it is separated but in need, one for the other. As I said in the last Gathering, that experience of need, one for the other, is an experience of tension. And so, in this uncomfortable state of affairs, you will experience your need for . . . well, you donít know what the need is for . . . except, as you yield up your definite concepts, you find that you need God. And Godís need for you, as you perceive it from your separated position, is experienced as Godís love for you.


The truth of the matter, that God is Love, is not rendered invisible to you from your separated standpoint, or in the misperception called the space-time continuum. And so, you experience the fact that God loves you.


Because of your fear, which is inherent in your commitment to believing that you are separate, you can become afraid that God will stop loving you, and create a conception of God as hateful. But the fact is that the inseparability of you and God registers with you as "God loving you as you realize your need for God."


So, I can say God has withheld nothing from you in His creation of you. More accurately, I would say, God has withheld nothing of what He is from His Self-expression. And Godís Self-expression is God expressed, is the presence of God, not a separate thing called "you."


That which appears to you at this moment to be two, is One. But as long as you attempt to split It in two, which you cannot succeed at doing, you will seem to create a sense of division in which the two parts are forever bound to each other. You see? And that which binds it is Loveóa state of need, one for the other. Waking up is a matter of abandoning the attempt to see two-ness where only Oneness is. And then God, and man, and Universe will no longer be able to be experienced or spoken of as three things.


Why does God create galaxies and infinite details? Because consciousness, Mind, is infinite, and therefore infinitely conscious of Its Presence in the grandest overview, and the most specific examination of Itself. If you think that what you call infinity is infinite, "you ainít seen nothiní yet!"


God isnít creating things. God is being conscious infinitely! And itís an infinite conscious experience of being. You could say itís an infinite conscious experience of being something, not an infinite conscious experience of being nothing.


As the "human condition," is discovered to be the tension generated by the attempt to see That which is One as though it were twoówhich is the creation of an ongoing experience of absolute need, the one for the otheróand you begin . . .


to abandon your commitment to saying "this is me and that is not me,"

letting there be a real undenied experience of need, the one for the other,

and resistance to the experience of need is abandoned . . .

. . . then what you have experienced as a state of incomplete conscious awareness will open up. The human condition, the tension, will subside. And it is you who will begin to have the infinite conscious experience of being something infinitely. And thatís called waking up.


Godís infinite conscious experience of being God will be your conscious experience of being, with nothing disappearing, with nothing being denied, and finding that itís all You.


Now, will this happen to you all by yourself? Absolutely not. Because your brothers and sisters, the animals and the trees, the atoms of oxygen and every other element are One, their conscious experience of being will be yours as well. You will have an intimate conscious relationship with everything, and every thingís conscious experience of being itself as well.


Then you will laugh at the questions, "Why does God love me?" "Why is the part so loved by the Whole?" because the universal and the specific, universally speaking, will be your conscious experience of being. And that which had been experienced as a binding energy of love, when everything was held to be different from you, will be experienced as That which isnít in any way separated at all. And Its integrated Unity will reveal to you that Love is the inseparability, the integrity, of the All that Is.



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