VOL. 8, NO.7



The Gentle Awareness of the Divinity of Life


QUESTION: There is one subject that touches all of us, I think, because we all have different fears, and I see people all wanting the same thing, what is best for mankind, but they think they're on different sides of the fence—that is the subject of abortion.


I really do see that everyone wants what is best, but they're not agreeing on what action people should take. I see it as something that is different in every case, and that "will to choose" varies according to the circumstances. Could you talk about that?


RAJ: The problem regarding this subject is very simply the fact that so few people consider life to be divine, and therefore to be honored and revered as the presence of God in action.


I'm going to answer it this way: As the awareness of the omnipresence and omnipotence of God emerges once again in the heart of mankind, this issue will indeed begin to soften. I mean by that that the reactions and the strong feelings will begin to yield to the gentle awareness of the divinity of life, and the reverence for it that is appropriate. It is only in the face of the belief that bodies make bodies that a decision to terminate that body could seem to be justifiable. It reflects a certain starvation of the soul that has occurred as all of you have been "coerced" by the scientific establishment and the medical establishment to believe that this is just a mechanistic universe and that there is no active divine Presence to be known or experienced or felt.


Now, I am aware that I will sound like the Pope, but in all cases it is desirable to allow a pregnancy to come to full term unless it would threaten the life of the mother. And the simple fact is that in the divine order of things you, as women, are not required to sacrifice your life for the birth of a new child.


Now, very practically speaking—whether it pleases anyone's ego or not—if life were believed and understood and felt to be the direct expression of a current and living God, and if you felt the divinity of your Self as the direct expression of God, you would find yourselves inclined to honor yourselves more than you do. And you would find yourselves less inclined to cater to other people's expectations, or other people's concepts, and you would be more "on the ball." You would be a truer and more original representation or manifestation of God. You would not find it possible to blame anything for anything, or pass the buck, and you would handle yourselves more responsibly. Just as you would find a parking space in front of the destination that you need to accomplish something in, you would also find yourself not in the place where rape or abuse or lack could manifest itself.


In your self-respect based upon an inner feeling of your divinity, you would find yourself, without effort, exactly where you needed to be in order to experience fulfillment of purpose, and you would not be in the place where a "victimizer" was looking for a "victim." Thus you would not play into the dance by being the partner called the "victim." The simple fact is that if you knew you couldn't pass the buck, you would more consciously be where an unwanted pregnancy couldn't occur.


Now there is much discussion about when a fetus becomes a human being, when the Soul enters the body. This very concept arises out of an ignorance of what we have been discussing for the last couple of days. The simple fact is that you cannot exist and not be identified. There cannot just be God. There must be God and the infinite manifestation of God—or put another way, there must be God, the infinite divine Mind or intelligence, which Moves. That Movement is the movement of consciousness, as I said yesterday. And that movement of consciousness is experienced by Mind, and Mind/God recognizes Himself.


The recognition is a recognition of That which has substance, That which is recognizable—what I have referred to as visibility and tangibility. The ideas of Mind, or God, are perfectly tangible to that Mind. Therefore, just as there cannot be God without the conscious experience of Himself—called visibility and tangibility of the ideas embraced by Mind—there cannot be You without that which identifies your presence, which I touched on to a limited degree this morning when I suggested that your concept of "inside" and "outside" is just that, a concept. It is all a unity.


Therefore, it is impossible for you to be bodiless. For eternity it is impossible for you to be bodiless. Therefore, if at any moment there is anything visible about you, your identity—the Soul that you are, the Spirit that you are, the Life that you are, the Mind that you are, the Truth that you are, and so on—is what is embodied or rendered visible.


To a limited-dimensional creature, your coming through a doorway might cause you to appear to be very funny, because at first there might just be the tip of your nose that shows, and a hand that seems to have no relationship whatsoever to the other part of you that first appeared. But you know that your whole body is in the process of going through the door—not in bits and pieces and not strange and odd looking.


The fact that a fetus appears to be a growth of matter, going through stages which have been undignifiedly described as going from the lower life forms through fish and mammal and so on—the fact that it looks like that doesn't mean that's what is happening. Because the point of entry of another individuality into your frame of reference is an entry of a whole individual, with a visibility and tangibility that wholly identifies him or her, all of that individual is present if there is any perceptible part of that individual present.


The Soul cannot be separated from the body, and indeed when you pass on, you find that your body is intact and with you, while everyone else is burying the after-image that is left in their eyes, and they are thinking that this is your body.


Some of you at this moment are 34 years old in this room, and I think that this is as good a time as any to abort your life. (Laughter in the room.) I know you don't agree. And you are correct.


This whole-Souled individuality, who is complete in every respect, who is "scientifically" and "knowledgeably"—and I am being facetious here—defined as a "fetus" and not an individuality at all...yet...disagrees also with a judgment that it is appropriate to abort its life.


Part of the difficulty around this issue is that it is easier to abort this "life form" than it is to shoulder the guilt for the pregnancy having occurred, and I understand this. But, you would not have as much difficulty if you realized that there are no two persons on the face of this planet that can create a baby. You can put sperms and eggs together, but without the act of God there will be no conception.


Nothing happens that God isn't Being.


Again, the resolution of this difficulty will come naturally and with ease, with gentleness, as life is put back in the context of God. Then you will have to listen in a new way. If you have conceived and you are not able to take care of the child, if you have conceived and your family has grown and you simply are not able to conceive of the possibility of raising another family, let the pregnancy come to term and deliver. And put the child out for adoption.


There are other alternatives beside killing that child which are humane. And I will guarantee you of this: Very often a child who is conceived into an environment where it is unable to be cared for, is "finding access" to the individuals who are supposed to be his parents when those two individuals have not been listening and have not taken the steps necessary for conception to occur.


I tell you that there is no "chance" that occurs anywhere in infinity, and children who are with adoptive parents, are with the ones they are supposed to be with. Please dare to begin to grasp the all-inclusiveness, the omnipotence of God, and the fact that not one thing ever happens outside of the direction of God.


If you seem to be experiencing something other than that, it is because you have superimposed a belief structure upon it, which is not allowing you to be in the flow of the Movement of God.


Now, does this mean that if you have had an abortion, or if you have insisted upon a girlfriend having an abortion, that you have committed a sin that you are guilty of? No. Life is not a test, and it is not set up for you to lose or win.


Again, you are confronted by the only thing that is going on—the Kingdom of Heaven. Belief structures, belief systems, which have caused you to believe that it is not the Kingdom of Heaven, which have caused you to feel separate from it, separate from your brother, separate from your own integrity, have not changed what you divinely Are. And they have not changed what the world divinely is. And if, indeed, you have succumbed to a distorting mindset, Those Who are Awake understand that it is perfectly reasonable that you are feeling the way you are feeling, even though it is an illusion.


This means that no judgment is called for, no matter what erratic or unkind acts you engage in, because if you knew better you would do better. And always where you are, whether it is in jail, or whether it is in a drunken heap in the gutter, or whether it is in a state of misery in the middle of abundance, love is all that is called for. Compassion is what is given, because the only thing in front of you to do, really, is to desire to know beyond your present sense of knowing, so that you are no longer imposed upon by ignorance.


So, if there has been an abortion…or even after hearing what I have said and perhaps even recognizing the utter truth of it, you find yourself unable to be consistent with what I have just said, you may know that what follows does not condemn you. You still have the opportunity to be perfectly consistent with the reverence for life, and the acknowledgment of the presence of God in any pregnancy that occurs, and perhaps more trust which will allow you—if you become pregnant again and it is unwanted—to allow it to come to term, so that you may observe the manner in which fulfillment of purpose for this new individual can take place and you can rejoice in it, and with it.


Pro-choice is an ego concept. You have not heard me, relative to anything at all this weekend, promote pro-choice. I am promoting pro-Listening, if you will, so that you might find yourself so congruent, so in harmony with your Being, which is the presence of God, that your every act expresses God, and is therefore experienced by everyone in your world as humane, benign, and transformational.


Again, the one element that confuses this whole issue is the belief that you are just organisms, when you are not. The recognition that you are not places a benediction on the whole human race, and provides the circumstances and the environment in which your exaltation can occur, and this issue can disappear.





What is this spark called human life—

Material or divine?

And can we say from whence it comes

And when it first began?


A baby born at nine months is

Complete in all its being

Mind and Spirit, child of God

And heir to all His kingdom.


And birthing, though such great event

Cannot inheritance mark

For thinking, feeling, human, was

This babe in womb so dark.


If irrelevant was the birth

In terms, of human quality

Then when did come, or how was marked

The advent of divinity?


That question makes no sense at all

Divinity knows no timing

The human spirit from eternity is

The expression of Love in being.


And all of us God's, children are

His heirs and joint creators

Such awesome thought that we are One

From eternity, Love's inheritors.


A Love divine that encompasses all

Of the world in its wondrous Reality

And with creation we truly are One—

Separate perception illusory.


And part of creation each infant must be

Eternally begotten of God

Worthy of honour, respect is his due,

So fit to be cherished and loved.


But what if that child, though unborn, is destroyed

For reasons apart from survival?


Though seemingly destroyed, his spirit remains

Incapable of harm or of ending

And we in destruction harm only ourselves

By acts of deliberate unloving.


For denial of respect brings denial of love

And recognition of Divine in humanity

And unloving acts, arising from fear

Bring with them delays in Awakening.


Awakening to sight of that Heaven on earth

We are standing in, eyes tightly closed

Awakening to vision of that which we are

And of Love, universally expressing.


Yes, acts of unloving can hurt only us

For the spirit is always invincible

And denial of love weakens power of love

To attain the world's ultimate salvation.






The Holy Spirit


QUESTION: Please tell me all about the Holy Spirit. Lately in my life, I have a need for Him, and I'd like to know a lot more about Him. Thank you.


RAJ: I am sorry to disappoint you, but the Holy Spirit is a Her...and a Him. You're going to be glad you asked.


The Holy Spirit is your divinity held in trust while you dally with the ego. If you are The Daughter of God, or if you are the Son of God—if  you are, in other words, the direct expression of the Father-Mother God—then where on earth do you think the infinity of You goes, or has gone, while you have explored an experience of limitation? It can't go anywhere! It's infinite. And so, while you ignore It in favor of exploring a limited perception of the Kingdom of Heaven, It remains and It is called the Holy Spirit.


When you re-access your divinity and you are no longer holding yourself apart from the Father with your own private, personal vantage-point or perception of the Kingdom of Heaven, there will no longer be a thing referred to as the Holy Spirit. There will be the Father and the Son, or the Father and the Daughter. There will be the Father in action that constitutes the Son or Daughter, and there will not be a Trinity. And, in fact, the two-ness of the Father and Son will not be referred to, either, because in all cases the Son or the Daughter—as you currently perceive it—will be experienced to be identical [to the Father].


Why do you suppose that the Holy Spirit is able to turn your every experience to your advantage when you turn things over to It? Because in turning it over to the Holy Spirit, you are turning your present sense of yourself over to what you Are already, infinitely speaking. And it is a giving permission for congruence to occur. When congruence occurs, clarity occurs, and your misperception goes out the window, and you say, "I have an improved experience," or what the Course refers to as a "happy dream" instead of an unhappy dream.


What do you think Pentecost was? I will tell you, at the bottom line it was a day of great grief. A day of such grief on the part of my disciples that you could say they abandoned all hope. In other words, they were not exercising their own free will. They did not feel personally competent. And in giving up, you might say, on being competent, they became receptive to the Holy Spirit, which filled them. In other words, That which they divinely were filled who they seemed to be, humanly speaking, and everything that they did began to have Meaning.


I had said to them, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father," and they had the experience of being that. When you—or any of you—give permission, give the invitation to be filled with the Holy Spirit, you are inviting the conscious experience of connection with your Self in Its totality. And because your Self is the presence of the Movement of God, It is then the Father Who is there, and everything that you are being takes on Meaning, so that you are even heard by those in other languages than the one with which you speak. Or, you could also say that you are heard on different levels than just the intellectual level.


Waking up is indeed a matter of letting in the totality of You, letting in the Holy Spirit, which, once reestablished as the presence of You, discloses the presence of the Daughter of God or the Son of God—the Christ.


Do you know what? The presence of the Christ in the world is not going to stand out like a sore thumb. It is going to be like here, today. Simple, to-the-point, relevant, but transformational—and you may not realize how transformational until the middle of next week, or a month from now, when you realize that you are responding to something in an entirely different fashion than you used to. And you will say, "Oh, my goodness! Something happened. I've changed. I've grown."


You don't see the Christ because you are looking too other-worldly. You must remember, this is the Kingdom of Heaven, and all of you are the direct expression of God. And so, it is the here and the now, and all of you who are experiencing the here and the now, that will be uncovered in your divine reality—which means that everything about who and what you are, and what this world is, will be enhanced, not wiped out. Healed, you might say. But again, it's a matter of the scales falling from your eyes. It's true perception replacing misperception.


Now, there were women here who were glad to hear that the Holy Spirit is a Her. Men! Be grateful that the Holy Spirit is a Her. And women, be glad to know that the Holy Spirit is a Him, because Him and Her are embodied in each one of you.


Remember, the Holy Spirit is your divinity held in trust while you dally with the ego. Now you know even more firmly what the advantage is to going within and connecting with your real Self. Not only are you going to experience the presence of God as the constituting presence of your Being, but you are going to connect with the Holy Spirit, which is your true Identity. And so, the experience is going to be very relevant to you. It won't be a head trip. It's going to be a very grounded, real, and meaningful experience of You.


It has nothing to do with theology, nothing to do with theories. It has to do with the Reality of you and the Reality, of the world. And, as I have said, the Reality of it will begin to register with you when you are willing to say, "Nothing that I see means anything." "Nothing that I see means what I currently think it means." That constitutes the chink in the wall that lets the new perception in.


So, each one of you has the experience of Pentecost with you at every moment, ready to in-fill you the moment you give permission and express enough curiosity to move into the not-knowing place—not knowing, humanly speaking.


Now you can use the experience of the disciples to confirm for you your experience of Pentecost. And I want to say one other thing. The in-filling of the Holy Spirit may come through such an expression of joy that it will not come out in recognizable words, but is that what is happening today, here? Is what I am saying unintelligible? So "far out" as to be weird?


You can expect re-union of you with your Self—or the Holy Spirit—to cause you to be more recognizably intelligent and more real and more congruent with that which is meaningful in your world. I will tell you that we are not disembodied spirits floating around in the nebulousness of some spiritual kingdom of heaven speaking in tongues and just having an emotional hit.


I said that you will not understand your way into the Kingdom of Heaven, but I did say also that when you let revelation occur, you will understand! And understanding is not nebulous, and it's not unintelligible. So, as you invite the in-filling of the Holy Spirit, as you invite the experience of the Wholeness of You, you need not be afraid that they will put you away because you have become so weird and irrelevant that you frighten everybody to death. It is important to know that, because such illogical reasons as, "I will sound like a fool" are used as justification for not inviting in the experience of your divinity. And another illogical justification is, "Well, if I wake up, I will be translated into the Kingdom of Heaven and I will not be able to be with my family. Why would I want to wake up?"


Waking up will not separate you from that which is Real. And everyone in your family, and everyone in your community is as Real as you are. There are a lot of ignorant justifications, which everyone is using for not becoming clear, for not waking up!


There was a time when a member of Paul's family went through a stage of being afraid of flying. There was a point at which it was necessary to take a trip. This person asked me, "What will happen if I don't go?" And I said, "You will miss the opportunity to see the face of God." And she said, "That's exactly what I'm afraid will happen." This person went, and there was a marvelous healing in the process, and, indeed, this person was able to experience God in every aspect of the trip, and it was beautiful. And that one did not lose the ability to be with and enjoy the company of her family.





QUESTION: I seem to have a fear or reluctance to make commitment—total commitment—just as a general thing. Could you give me some guidance to help me make commitment?


RAJ: This is just exactly the situation in which it is absolutely wonderful that there is such a thing called the Holy Spirit, because when you need help with something that you seem unable to have the stamina or strength to accomplish, because of doubt, you have something you can ask for help from. And my answer to you is, desire of the Holy Spirit that you have the strength and the courage to make commitment. And I'm going to suggest something else: I'm going to suggest that you ask the Holy Spirit to make that which you want to be committed to seem so desirable that it won't be as difficult to make commitment.


This is something you need help on. In other words, it isn't something that you need to be able to do all by yourself. And I want you to know something else. No desire that you put forth to me or to the Holy Spirit, to the Father or to your Guide, will ever be taken as an imposition or a bother. I will tell you that any time we see an active curiosity or an active desire, we rejoice. And I will also say that whenever desire of this sort is present—the best way I can put it is, that the "glow" of you, the "light" of you, brightens. We can easily tell when one is stirring from his or her dreams, his or her ignorance. And there is always rejoicing. So, please ask the Holy Spirit for the strength and the stamina and the courage to make commitment.


I will tell you something else: Commitment will occur when you let go. In other words, as you sit there right now, if you were to completely relax, you would say that you were "committed" to your chair. You do not have to look at commitment as a struggle, as a hanging on, as a laying hold of something and never letting it go. Do you know what? You don't have to lay hold of your divinity. What you have to do is let go of the belief that it isn't already yours, that you are not already divine.


You could dare to become lazy in your willingness to be distracted easily. And I encourage you to find ways to express this process of becoming lazy, of letting go into a thing, whether it is a job or whether it is a relationship, or whether it is your divinity, so that you might discover that you can be committed through an absence of an inclination to be fidgety.



Stuck in Thinking


PAUL: There are all sorts of things needing to be known, but what do I need to hear?


RAJ: It is not so much what you need to hear, as it is what you need to pay attention to, Paul. And what you need to pay attention to is that when you are stuck in the ego, when you are stuck in thinking, movement stops! And I do not mean that movement external to you stops. I do not mean that orders stop coming in or that the sun doesn't rise. I mean that the experience of the flow or movement of what you Are, ceases to be your experience. And all that you end up being the experience of is, as you have found out, a rehash of memories, which is in fact pretty boring.


Now, this rehashing of memories is the level at which you operated, for the most part, prior to our first conversations. It is the level at which most everyone else on the face of your planet is carrying out his or her daily life. It is, therefore, the place where you will be presented a "sense of self" whenever you are dealing with others. Now, you can glean from this that although everyone else may feel they are experiencing something meaningful, they are not, because you have been experiencing the meaninglessness of it. And this is a point of understanding the meaninglessness of the ego.


You have found that the technique for getting you to shift back to the ego vantage point has been threat, which calls for defense. And the need for defense because of potential vulnerability is what has caused you to be fearful of becoming undefended again, even though your defenselessness is your experience of Peace, equilibrium, balance, in which the sense of threat is absent, as is the seeming experience of vulnerability.


You experienced attack and then you did not turn the other cheek, but returned attack for attack by making a judgment upon your "others"—judging their motives, calling them into question, assuming that the motives were not in your best interest and that therefore defense was required. What you did not discern was the fact that you became judgmental, that you engaged in attack, and that your attack caused you to see everyone as, at the least, potential attackers.


As long as you are caught in the ego frame of reference, your world will indeed appear to be hostile. There is no way for it to appear to be otherwise because it is all God! And from the ego's standpoint, the presence of God is a hostile Presence, because It constitutes the undoing of the ego. Therefore, its [the ego's] existence is, as I have indicated before, an ongoing experience of vulnerability.


Now, you are going to have to return to the standpoint of making the unguarded gift of your Self, and let the chips fall where they may. As you have found, there really aren't any chips that ever hit the ground. The gift of You is the gift of Me, which is the gift of God. The gift of You is the gift of the Christ, which is the movement of God. It is not wise for you to claim a presence other than the Presence of God, because such a presence will always be vulnerable because nonexistent. And its nonexistence will be uncovered by virtue of the unalterable Allness of God, and therefore the unalterable Allness/Wholeness or Completeness of You.


We are, indeed, still at the point of your making the choice for your Being. We are still at the point of graduating and getting the hell out of school—out of the "learning process." Indeed, what you have "thought" was you was nothing! And you are able to hear that with a little less shock than when you first realized it.


I will tell you that because of that realization, you will under no circumstances experience any sense of movement—not even any false sense of movement—relative to an "ego-Paul," relative to a human being or personality or person in the world. The end has come. The illusion is no longer available to you with any sense of life to it. This actually makes it easier to make the choice, because it is literally a choice between nothing and something. Or shall I say, nothing and All-That-Is—the Wholeness of You, the Allness of God.


Now, you are not going to be able to work your way slowly out of this sense of vulnerability. You are going to have to simply abandon it as a valid, reasonable activity or frame of reference.


Susan hit the nail on the head when she referred to your being "personable." Being personable is a crock of shit! It is meaningless, and it is useless, and it is an active participation in and substantiation of a special relationship. You can see it in so-and-so's "telephone persona," which she sometimes brings into play when she isn't even on the phone. But it is so obviously false and uninteresting that it helps you to understand that when you are being personable, you are also being meaningless.


Being personable is always a manipulation. Manipulation is the name of the game from the ego vantage point. It [being personable] therefore bears no relationship whatsoever to Awakening or being Awake. You must become very clear on this. No one calls to talk to either you or me in order to have a meaningless experience.


Indeed, you are "on the platform," walking up to the Dean who has your diploma in his hand held out for you to take. And it is because you are so close to receiving it that the ego seems to be wailing the loudest. And, of course, its means of hooking you or anyone else is the reestablishment of the sense of vulnerability, which is unavoidable when one is holding himself separate from his Self, or the Father. And so, I do encourage you to understand this, and also to understand that this is the time to abandon…abandon…the ego frame of reference by dishonoring it completely.


This means, then, coming always from your clarity, which means coming from your union with me. I cannot state it more clearly, more truly, or more effectively. I tell you this because it is your salvation.


I am going to tell you something else: You cannot separate the tares from the wheat from the level of duality, the level of polarities. You cannot separate the valuable from the valueless, because both are essential to the state of confusion called the ego frame of reference. Although the ego frame of reference is a denial of Reality, it requires the existence of Reality in order to have an opposite, and to define Reality as the negative and illusion to be the positive.


Therefore, if indeed, you wish to be able to distinguish between illusion and Reality, you must look at it with me from where we truly Are—which is God's point of view. And then you, as you know, will have the experience of finding no tares in the wheat, no negative in the positive. No distinction is going to be required, because the utter indivisible harmony of Being will be what you experience.


The ego says you must stay in the polarized level because there is danger, and if you ignore it in favor of your "spiritual growth," you will be cut down. But, if you make the choice for your Being, you find that the ego was lying and that there is no potential for attack, threat, vulnerability.


You must be alert and recognize the ego's ploy. Understand that it is being brought into play because you are at the point of abandoning it, and then abandon it! Make the concrete commitment to your Being. Make the commitment to Yourself/ Me/ the Father.


The ego's game cannot be won, except by abandoning it. If there is no game being engaged in, there is no opponent. And any opponent who seemed to be there because you were engaged in the game, will not remain as a presence to be frustrated and attack you in your innocence because you have chosen for your Being and abandoned the game.


Now, no matter how much the ego suggests to you that the threat is coming from "out-there" in your world, the threat is coming from your ego. And when you abandon your ego, its dream of an external world that will get you if you are not on guard, dissolves with the ego. That is the truth.



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