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The Meaning of the Death of Christ

QUESTION: Could you say a few words on the meaning of the death of Christ?

RAJ: To put it into perspective, it was, for me, an experience very much like what Paul is experiencing at this moment. It was a "suffer it to be so now" because it fulfills purpose, even though, for me, it fulfilled no purpose. I mean that in the sense that it did not "promote my growth or exalt me in any way." I was—and this is where the likeness is to Paul—I was allowing myself to be the place in which fulfillment of purpose was occurring. It was not meaningless, for me, but the Meaning came from the willingness to love enough to let that occur which fulfilled divine purpose in penetrating human ignorance.

I will be very frank with you. I was only on the cross for a very short time. Indeed, at the point that everyone else believed I went unconscious, I simply removed myself, and stood on a nearby hill, and watched—watched as everyone dealt with their perception of what was happening...and grew.

I remained "separate" from the body until about two hours before the stone was removed from the door of the sepulcher. When I "returned" to the body, there was what I will call an upgrading of the body, molecularly. In other words, the density with which I had held it—allowed it to be seen by everyone—was released so that the body of light was unhidden. In that surge of radiance, the imprint that everyone has questioned for so long on the Shroud of Turin, occurred on the fabric. It was not intentional. It is just what happens.

I remained there in this fully illuminated sepulcher—illuminated by the light that I was—for approximately two hours before I left. I want you to understand that for me the whole procedure was experienced in perfect peace. I also want all of you to understand that I never ever said, "My Father, why hast thou forsaken me?" I was not in the state of ignorance that would have conceived such a question. Just as Paul is experiencing perfect peace as he engages in movements and expressing the words that I am sharing, I was also in perfect peace. You must understand that if I really thought anyone could kill me, I would have died, and there would have been no Resurrection and no Ascension.

It is very important for you all to understand this: There is no one guilty of my death because I did not die! There was not a moment in which I was unconscious, nor unconscious of myself. And even when I was apparently separate from the body which was on the cross, there was still present, where I was, that which identified me—although you would have said it was rather intangible and spooky.

I did say something very important, which to this day has not been grasped, and to this day I have not shared. I said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." That was not a statement absolving them from guilt, because they couldn't do anything to me that they could be guilty of. When I said, "Forgive them for they know not what they do," it meant, They don't realize that they aren't doing anything. And I said, "Forgive them," so that they could hear that they were innocent!

I will tell you a very sad thing. For two thousand years now, everyone has been feeling guilty for something that never happened. And everyone, in one way or another, whether it is in 1992 or whether is was in 1392, has been told that they carry, jointly, the burden for the death of the Son of God—another one of those things you can't do anything about, except feel bad. And that is what is sad, because it is an imposition on your natural joy. It is an illegitimate imposition upon your natural joy. It is a burden of guilt that is absolutely false. And, it is time for everyone to put down this imagined burden of guilt that they have been convinced of, and dare to feel their joy.

Two thousand years ago, it is a fact that the majority of the people were ignorant of God—more ignorant than in this day and age. Confusion prevailed. God's many—gods of the trees, and the rivers, and the rocks... and anything! This ignorance needed to be penetrated with the more universal comprehension of God, and God's nature as Love. And so that is why I was here at that time.

Then, there was something that needed to be taught which could not be taught in words. What needed to be taught was that not only was everyone there, then, and everyone here, now, the Sons and Daughters of God, my Brothers and Sisters, my equals, but because we are the Sons and Daughters of God, we have only our inheritance from God, which is eternal life. But that cannot be taught.

So heavy was the belief of the physical nature of life—and the fact that there were less than a handful of individualities who had ascended prior to my coming—that a demonstration of the deathlessness of life was essential to penetrate the conviction with which everyone incarcerated themselves in a sense of physicality and of a short duration of life, with nothing before it and nothing after it. So the crucifixion that never killed me, occurred.

It was essential for everyone to know that that body, which they had looked at and seen, as it was alive, was as dead as any other person's body who had died. And then, the Resurrection needed to occur so that they could see that there was an Order of intelligence and life, which went beyond their limited physical perception of it—the tentativeness of life, the temporariness of it.

Then the Ascension served two purposes. It showed that it is quite possible to move from this place to another place without a vehicle—something that at the bottom line it is important for all of you to know, because if you are going to Wake up before you pass on, how in the world are you going to leave this place? I am not really being facetious there. I mean what I am saying.

The other thing that it showed was that there was an Order of Being that was presently invisible to everyone—that there truly is That which is beyond everyone's present perception. This occurred as a teaching process to teach something that could not be conveyed at an intellectual level. The penetration of the truer concept of God, if you will, occurred. When the penetration of God, when the penetration of Reality, breaks through the human condition and the human perception of things, it is a revelation, and it is never forgotten. And so, it set the tone for everyone to Wake up.

Then this sort of sad twist occurred, where everyone was made to feet guilty for this most marvelous illuminating penetration of Truth that had occurred in the human experience—it was defined as "the crucifixion of the Son of God."

I am going to take this moment to stress another point. The words are not appropriately used when they say that, "I am the only begotten Son of the Father." I am begotten only of the Father, just as you are begotten only of the Father. You have no other source, no other real source. There is nothing about you that characterizes anything other than the Father.

If, indeed, you believe that I am the only begotten Son of the Father, then indeed, you cannot possibly be That. And then, if those of you who are not That killed the only begotten Son of the Father, how much more sinful could you be? This burdensome sense of guilt for what your forefathers did, must be released, because they never did it! I never died. I almost laughed when you asked me to speak about the death of Jesus—not critically, but in an amused sense.

I will tell you that the deepest reason for relinquishing the sense of guilt, is not so that you won't hurt as much, but because, in letting go of it, you begin to feel and express what is natural to you, which brings you into alignment with me because you are embodying and energizing what is natural to both of us. You could imagine it as the equalizing of the pressure on the inside and the outside of an air-lock, or an equalizing of the water on the two sides of locks that ships go through.

So, as you begin to allow yourself to embody and embrace and feel the joy of your Being without the guilt, it is as though that which was artificially low is able to come up to its natural place, which is equal with me and equal with all of the rest of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood Who are Awake.

When that equilibrium has occurred, it is very easy for the last whisper of "difference" to dissolve, to be penetrated forever, so that you consciously join all of Us in our Brotherhood and Sisterhood. But as long as any of you continue to carry a sense of guilt, and as long as you feel that I am the only begotten Son of the Father—therefore special and unreachable in terms of your being like me—you give a word to yourselves that serves as a law to you, which absolutely inhibits you from coming into the full experience of who you divinely Are and never stopped being.

You must have the means to conceive of yourself as the Sons and Daughters of God, just like me. It does not constitute arrogance at all. It constitutes Sanity. It is an insane belief to believe that you are less, and that you are, by virtue of it, unworthy.

Please understand that the experience of Awakening, of enlightenment, is truly going to mean change of the most marvelous nature. I'm not talking about egotistically excitingly satisfying, but rather, an experience of coming home into your right Mind, which you will recognize—and you will feel grounded. Absolutely grounded.

When I use the word "grounded," I do not mean, "brought down." I mean anchored in an eternal innocence and invulnerability in which fear will forever be an irrational nonsensical idea, rather than a potential experience—where Love will be the unavoidable experience, because when fear is absent, the Love that is the very substance of your Being is inescapably present and alive. And it's You.

When Paul learned from me that I was the author of the Course, and therefore the one known as Jesus, he was disappointed, because he felt that that identification of me would somehow narrow down those who would find of value what I was saying—as though now, only Christians would want to talk to me, where before, anyone would talk to me.

I told him that it was absolutely essential that this be known because the present concept of me in the world is such that it absolutely inhibits the penetration of Truth that will transform each of you by virtue of uncovering your Christ-hood. The great sense of difference, coupled with the feeling of guilt that has been laid on you, makes it impossible for you to even hear the idea, much less embrace it as a fact, that we are Brothers/equal, and Sisters/equal. And until that is corrected, the reunion of the Brotherhood or the Family cannot occur. And so, I let him know that he had better be willing to let me do what needed to be done, and not shrink from it for whatever reason.

Now, I cannot control Paul, and it is not appropriate for me to do it. And so, you may know that his sitting here, relaying to you what I am saying, is even harder than yesterday when all I asked him to do was say the word, "prick." It is more difficult for him, because indeed he feels that what I am speaking about is of more value than the word that was used yesterday, and more potentially transformational. He is not resisting it, as you can tell—because of the gentleness, and the smoothness of his voice. He does express it with love.

What I am saying is that it is time for all of us, together, to come into the fuller conscious experience of our equality. I told my disciples, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." And you can say to your fellow man, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." In other words, that statement applies to you, too. Not just to me. And you can say to yourself, "If I have seen you, I have seen the Father."

If you will just begin to acknowledge that that might happen to be the truth, then, instead of waiting for me to come in a cloud, you will begin to look for the Christ in the person sitting next to you. You will begin to be curious enough to look beyond surface appearances, and you will dare to look beneath conditioned responses. And that's what I described as Love, yesterday—the willingness to recognize that which is Real in each and every thing.

It is not necessary for the rest of you to go through crucifixion. Maybe your egos will have to be crucified, but only your ego will hurt. You, the Soul presence that you Are, will rejoice at the uncovering that occurs.

Resurrection, though, none of you will miss! And Ascension!

Ascension: You, coming back into your right Mind. You, coming back into your Sanity—your guiltless, sinless Sanity—where you recognize the guiltless, sinless One, who for untold time, has walked around in tiny asylum rooms [lifetimes] saying, "I am a sinner. I am guilty. I am unworthy." And you pace in an endless circle, rehearsing your credentials: "I am a sinner. I am guilty. I am worthless."

You see, it is almost a catechism! It is most sad. Why? Because it's not the Truth! It is a belief. It is a simple misperception that is being believed! And, do you know what? All of the rest of the Brotherhood—allegorically speaking—are circled around the asylum, looking in through the windows as you do your…[making the motions of endlessly circling and rehearsing one's credentials]. And, we are saying, "Come out and play with us, because until you do, we can't experience the wholeness of the presence of the Brotherhood or Sisterhood or Family."

Allegorically speaking, the interior of the asylum has been so musty and dusty that, even though you walked past windows in your endless repetition of your credentials, you didn't see that we were there. Now there are too few inmates in the asylum to keep the "valuing of the credentials" alive, and everyone is beginning to be able to at least recognize that there is something going on outside the window. That is why we can talk today. Until you were ready to hear what I said today, I could not say it, because there had to be enough curiosity to look out.

I love you.



That which is Real


QUESTION: I believe that you defined love as that which recognizes that which is real...

RAJ: Not that which recognizes, but the recognition—the action of recognizing, yes.

QUESTION: Would you say more about that? I mean, it seems to be a matter of letting go of what you think you know in order to recognize what's actually there.

RAJ: Indeed. That is why the very first lesson in A Course in Miracles is, "Nothing that I see means anything." The purpose of that statement, or that acknowledgment is to jar one loose from his or her convictions about the meaning of a thing. If there is a willingness to assume that you do not know what a thing means, there is a spontaneous activation of curiosity. If I don't know what this thing means, then what in the hell is it? In other words, there is an opening of a door of willingness to understand What the thing is, because it is impossible for you to say, "This doesn't mean anything," and have it continue to be there in your experience without beginning to experience wonder—I wonder what it's doing here? I wonder what its purpose is?

You see, you all block yourself from further discovery by assuming that you understand what a thing is, or that you understand who this individual is in your experience. Except that usually what you mean when you say you understand who this individual is in your experience, is that they are what you perceive to be a set of behavioral patterns. And yet, if someone else looks at you and treats you as though you are a set of behavioral patterns, you become indignant. It is insulting for any of you to feel that you are nothing more than a statistic in an evaluative report somewhere, and that that report, by virtue of reflecting patterns of behavior, has captured the essence of you.

All of you are defended against experiencing Reality by means of your convictions as to what a thing is, as though you now understand it. Actually, your reason for understanding a thing, for coming to an understanding, is so that you can quit giving it your attention. You have come to a belief that there is a point that you are supposed to arrive at where you have a grasp of everything and you will therefore have "grown up" and won't have to learn any more. And actually, learning is the definition of embracing the ever-new movement of Creation as It unfolds Itself.

The willingness to recognize the essential moving Reality of a thing is Love. And what Love amounts to is the willingness to be undefended against the experience of the real Meaning of a thing. Love is defenselessness. Love is a "letting in." Love is extended by letting in the full Meaning of that which you are experiencing. And when I say "full Meaning," I mean Meaning with a capital "M"—implying, again, its divine or true Meaning, without any perceptual distortion whatsoever.

You look at the plaster walls here and you imagine that underneath the plaster walls are tar paper and chicken wire and nails, and underneath that are the studs. And the plaster has been mixed and…Et cetera. And so you have a feeling that you grasp everything there is to grasp about it. But, I will tell you something: Some of you in this room have had the experience of an illumined state of awareness where what you were observing that looked like plaster, or any other substance, was living, moving—its substance was Love—and there was an absolute awareness that it was the presence of God in expression. Thus, this plaster and lath and tar paper, et cetera, was discerned to be something far more divine and far less mundane or material than you thought it was.

Absolutely everything you are observing and experiencing at this moment is the manifestation of the divine Movement of Creation, constituted of the substance of what God is, which is Love, Spirit, Life. Absolutely everything you see, whether it is the wood of this chair or whether it is these flowers, is alive—not organically alive, as you think of life, but alive in that it is, at this very moment, the active expression of the Father's Intent, the active expression of the Movement of infinite divine intelligence—the Life-Principle, God.

If you are not having a direct experience of It, then you don't yet know what these things Mean, which means that you stand always on the threshold of discovery if there is a little bit of curiosity and a willingness not to be so sure of what you think you know.

Love is the willingness to go out into your day and dare to see the presence of God. And much to Paul's dismay, I am going to say that you even have the opportunity to experience that on a crowded freeway...literally a holy experience.

Love is the willingness to acknowledge and the acknowledgment of that which is Real in each and every thing, in each and every one. The fact that you think you understand what these flowers are, or what this building is, literally limits you, literally confines you. Your conviction about their meaning convicts you to that single limited perception. Love is the willingness to become defenseless enough to let the real Meaning of these things penetrate at the level of experience, so that you, in your state of illumination, have the opportunity to discover that life, itself, right here, is a divine experience, profoundly holy—which doesn't mean profoundly religious. It means profoundly Whole, profoundly complete in every aspect, so that the connection of the thing being observed with the Father is inescapable.

Now, there is another aspect to this, and that is: In this state of illumination, which truly is your natural state of being, it is also an inescapable fact that what you are observing and recognizing as the presence of the Father, is also inseparable from you, and you are inseparable from it. And the Love that constitutes its substance is inseparable from You. The absolute unity of it all, without loss of its infinite individualized expression, becomes clear, and you are embraced in that unity. And what's more, in the moments of illumination that some of you have had that I am describing, you have not experienced any tininess. You have not experienced the limits of the ego. And what makes this experience profound and holy is that it is your Wholeness, your infinity which becomes apparent to you, and there is joy and peace simultaneously.

Remember, when you hear the word "holy," don't think of churches. Don't think of religions. Think of it in terms of Wholeness—an experience of indivisible Wholeness that you are not separated from, in which the unity of the infinite expression of God is experienced without any divisiveness. The infinite expression of God will still have infinitely diverse expressions or manifestation, but the diversity of them will not separate them from each other, nor will it separate them from you.

Love is the willingness to have this experience! The willingness to acknowledge, right where you are, this experience of Wholeness and utter perfection. There isn't someplace else to go to have it, because what is causing you not to experience it here will cause you not to experience it there. It isn't in what you are observing, but it is in the manner that you are observing it that the problem lies. And it really is time to wake up.

It is only your conditioning, and it is only the suggestions of your limited frame of reference that cause you to assume that it is going to take vast amounts of growth and refinement of your soul before you can have that experience. That is part of the dream that can occur when you don't have your eyes open, and it might seem as though a great process must occur to extricate yourself from the dream. The only thing that needs to happen is for your eyelids to flutter open, which has nothing to do with any of the dynamics of the dream you might be having while your eyelids are closed.

Now, I am going to share a point with you: Many of you, as a result of your various studies, have heard the term "dream" used relative to the human condition. And, of course, we are talking about Waking up, we are Awakening, et cetera. It is time now for you to conceptualize or understand the word "dream" not to reflect a night-dream, but a day-dream, where you have become distracted by memory or even imagination from what is really going on right where you are.

You are where you are supposed to be. Reality is what is happening. But, you are distracted from It by a thought, or an image, or a series of images. In this way you will be able to understand that what is needed is not a heavy-duty process of rousing yourself out of the heaviness of sleep and a night-dream, but rather a simple shift of attention back to what is going on right in front of you. In this way you will begin to understand that you do not need to believe that there is a great deal of process that must occur in order to have this experience of illumination that I have described.

The one element that is needed is curiosity and the willingness to acknowledge what you will see as a result of your curiosity. That is Love. And so, each of you might as well start with the things that are right in front of you—the pain in your knee, the pain in your head, the relationship, whatever! And let that be the place or the point where you are willing to see the presence of God. And then watch, because sometimes the ego will say, "Oh, boy, if I do that, then I'm really likely to get stuck in this relationship."

No. Love emancipates, and what does not fulfill purpose to be together will not end up being together. It is only in our ignorance that we function inappropriately, incongruently—at odds with the divine order. But when Love is practiced, when one is willing to acknowledge that which is Real in each and every thing, then it becomes easy to allow each one and each thing to be where it needs to be. And one doesn't compulsively grab for that which one thinks identifies Reality. One let's go of a concept of Reality for Reality, Itself. One lets go of a concept of fulfillment for fulfillment, itself. And so, emancipation occurs—healing.

Let me ask you something: Do any of you know how to be intensely curious—curious in a heavy-duty manner? No. Curiosity, if it is curiosity, is always light. I will say "airy"—not insubstantial, but there is a light-heartedness to curiosity. The image of children in a park, chasing after a butterfly or a dog, laughing gleefully, expresses the real nature of curiosity. And, of course, we're coming back to the subject of Joy, because It is inseparable.

So, when you are curious to experience that which is Real in each and every thing, or each and every one, don't do it with intensity. Do it with curiosity, and let there be a lightness to it. You will find, however, that if you are willing for there to be lightness to it, you are going to have to let go of all of the arguments you have against seeing what is Real, because those are heavy.

You see those you love, and they are not behaving in a manner that is pleasant to be around, and they haven't behaved in a manner that is pleasant to be around for ages. And now here they are again in your experience. You brace yourself, because "experience has taught you" that it's going to be the same again. Your reasoning, based on your experience and your memory, locks you into self-protection, and you approach them with no consideration of what might have happened since the last time you saw them—because, of course, if something happened, it would have had to be a miracle, and miracles don't happen.

In effect, you hold them to your old concept of them. And if they have begun to change, they find you to be a resistance to their expressing it. And you are not expressing Love. Your ego says it is dangerous to express love because then you are likely to be the brunt of their historically-substantiated likelihood of misbehaving now. And that is the way you defend yourself against experiencing change in others.

Now, what I have been saying here in this example relates to the human level of experience—let us say, a manner of behaving toward your fellow man which, psychologically, certainly would promote change if indeed you were willing to look at this one with a sense of curiosity. But there is more to it than that, because it isn't your goal, and it isn't my goal, for you to just experience yourselves more happily in a social context. It is your goal, and it is my goal, for you to experience each other in the Real context, the divine context, the infinite context of your Being, where the Christ of your fellow man and the Christ of You is being fully and profoundly experienced.

Now, let's be clear about the definition of the word "Christ." The word "Christ" means that conscious awareness of existence, which in no way holds itself separate from the infinite Mind of God and God's perspective. It has nothing to do with a historical figure. It is the natural estate and Nature of conscious Individuality at every point of Its expression—at the point of every Individuality.

When one has yielded to the Father, it means that one has yielded up a private, personal sense of conscious awareness, and a private, personal definition of everything that is seen—which, of course, is exactly the opposite of what Adam and Eve did. They sat down and defined again everything that had been created. They gave their own definition and lost the experience of the Kingdom of Heaven because they believed their definitions! And they lost the Kingdom of Heaven right in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven—they did not make a new creation. And they walked around in the Kingdom of Heaven and called it "earth"—the human condition.

The Christ is Individuality, Which derives every Meaning of Its presence only from the Father, and thus does not have a conscious experience of everything different from what the Father intended it to be by His act of Being the infinite Movement of Creation. The Christ is conscious Individuality experiencing the full Movement of God because that Individuality is claiming no separate sort of existence. It is What each one of you Are. And the experience of It comes through the act of Love, the willingness to see that which is Real in each and every thing—which means the willingness to abandon your firm convictions in what everything is, to abandon your definitions.

The ego says, "Abandon your definitions and you will be left with chaos!" The fact is that what you will be left with is Sanity and the conscious experience of the absolute Order and Beauty and Integrity and Wholeness of Being, and everything will be opened up to you. In Biblical terms, "the veil will be lifted"—the veil of ignorance. So, start with the little things, the immediate things, as I said—the headache, the sore knee, the sprained ankle, the chicken pox, the thin wallet. And let there be a curiosity to see what is Real.

Now, I realize that I am going on at some length here, but this is important. It specifically addresses your question, and you did ask me to elaborate.

Be careful, because there is a tendency, when you desire to know what is Real, to define that term "Real" in old terms. If you want to know what is true, or what is real, you can come to the conclusion that it is true that you live in an existence, which it would be a good idea to get out of. You could come to the conclusion that it is true that this is "a hell of an experience." You could come to the conclusion that the truth about what you are experiencing is very far removed from what God is. You could come to the conclusion that what is true about what you are experiencing is that it is an illusion!

So, when I say that Love is the willingness to recognize or acknowledge that which is Real, or that which is true, I am saying "that which relates to God and the unavoidable perfection of the Movement of God, the Movement of Creation." You need to be curious to see the perfection where the headache seems to be, the perfection where the sore knee is, the perfection where an unlovable ego called "you" seems to be. You are needing to be curious to see that which goes beyond your present definition of who you are and what a thing is.

Contemplate the words "perfection," "beauty," "harmony", "love," "joy," "integrity," "wisdom" as expressions of the nature of the Movement of God, and therefore as the substance and the nature of You and of every thing. These are not "other-worldly" terms. They are not terms that apply to the after-life. They are terms that properly define what is Really going on here and now.

Everyone says, "in the by-and-by," or "after I pass on, I can expect to experience the Reality of God's Creation." And that is the way you deny yourself the experience here. You say, in effect, "I am not going to give myself permission to experience it here, because I have come to the conclusion that it is not here to be experienced, but after I die, it will." Well, I will tell you something: After you die—if you do—you will find that the ignorance you were suffering from, here, has accompanied you, and you will still find yourself in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven needing to give yourself permission to experience It.

Love is a big word. It is a big word, the results of Which are life-changing. But the act of Love is simple. It is the willingness to acknowledge divinity right in the middle of your humanity, the willingness to allow the utterly, incredibly perfect perception of the Movement of God, of the Movement of Life, right now. And the willingness to let go of the tendency to try to hold your [plaster] walls in your current definition of them, and your fellow men in terms of your current definition of them. It is what will uncover your physical perfection. It is what will uncover your deathlessness. It is what will uncover the transformation of your world and the transformation of your social behavior. And if there is anything that this world needs right now, it is a little joy.

You are having great manifestations of justification for joy on the world scene—or you have over the past two years. And even now, what seems to be spoiling the causes for joy that you have experienced, is constituted of an awkward outbreak of intelligence, and should not be interpreted in the manner that your media is presenting it, or even in terms of what some of your best thinkers are judging it to be.

Now, I have talked enough. I have answered your question.

QUESTION: Thank you.



The word "Christ" means that conscious awareness of existence, which in no way holds itself separate from the infinite Mind of God and God's perspective.   —Rajpur—




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