APRIL, 1996

VOL. 8, NO. 12




QUESTION: My life is full of miracles on a daily basis, and they are miracles of awareness. They are the harmonies and synchronicities that happen in my daily life, which Iím aware of now. Theyíre not just the parking spaces that you find, but the people that I meet.


I have this wonderful two-dollar vest that I bought from the Salvation Army, and I was going up to do a location survey and I lost the vest. I didnít realize I had lost it until I went into a period of extreme anger at an event that occurred in which the producer, who was with me, did not acknowledge the need for his presence to complete the survey properly. And I was righteously angered. I couldnít sleep because of that anger, and I suffered a lot for two days until I could get back down from the Interior into Vancouver. And I recognized somewhere during this journey that I had lost this precious two-dollar jacket.


I knew it could only be in one of two placesóprobably a restaurant that Iíd had breakfast at, or at a sleazy motel that I had slept at on the way up. I drove down the highway through the mountains. It was beautiful. I came to a fork in the road and I had a choice. I could go to the restaurant or I could go to the motel. The car "turned itself" and we went to the motel.


I rang the bell of this sleazy little motel and no one answered. I rang again and a fellow came out scratching. Iíd gotten him out of bed. And he opened the door and I went in and I said, "Hi! Do you have my vest?" And he scratched some more and said, "I donít know. Iíll go have a look."


He went in to see his wife . . . and out came a puppy! It was just a little ball of fur that came out. And puppies to me mean unconditional love. They mean everything to me. If thereís one thing that epitomizes all thatís good and enthusiastic and loving, itís a puppy.


I picked the puppy up and we had a wonderful cuddle, and the man walked out with my vest. I walked out of the motel with my vest in my hand, having had a few moments with this precious puppy, . . and I cried, as I am now, on my way into Vancouver because it meant so much to me to know that I had been touched in that way.


These are the miracles Iím having trouble coping with. It meant so much. And you said in one of your tapes, "Do you realize how much youíre loved?" And so these things are happening to me every day, and lines are getting blurred, and Iím coming up out of these things feeling like Iíve been so focused. And Iím not understanding why the world isnít with me.


Thatís one part. Can you address that for me?


RAJ: I want you to share the other part as well.


QUESTION: Well, Iíve experienced a real shift since December. And the shift has brought me into a place I never thought Iíd come. Itís a place of clarity and ability to focus, and to speak without me getting so much involved. And I keep waiting for that to end, and I keep waiting for me to go back to the way I was, but I havenít. So thereís a new trust. And Iím seeing the miracles, and Iím feeling them every day, and Iím seeing the change in people.


The other story is about a standoff. There was a potentially violent standoff in British Columbia. A group of natives had taken over a ranch, and there were guns involved, and it was very dangerous. I was driving in town when the standoff ended. It came over the news, and I was listening to it, paying absolutely no attention whatever.


The standoff was over, and they had left a Sundancer on the spot where the standoff had occurred. A native Sundancer had been brought up from the States and left on the site in order to cleanse the site and heal it. And I exploded in tears. I didnít know where they came from. I donít know what happened. I erupted, and I was wracked with sobs. It was a relief. And itís happened to me like that several times, . . and it happened yesterday.


What happened yesterday was some thought came through my mind, and all of a sudden in my body there was a "sting," and tears came, and I felt the Potential. It was like the Potential of it and the Awakening was in every cell of my body. And this is so silly, but Iím getting tired. On one level Iím tired. On another level Iím energized. Thereís no going back.


RAJ: This is the Age of Aquarius. Not the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, but the Age of Aquarius, itself. And you know Iím not speaking astrologically. There is a shift that has occurred. A point of critical mass has been reached, and things are aíchanging. Everyone is going to experience this year as being very different from prior years, and itís not going to end at the end of this year.


What you have loved, what you have hoped for, the Awakening that everyone has desired to have a comprehension of . . . these are occurring. If you thought at any time during the past ten years that these were wonderful times to be living in, this year, you will say, has been the most wonderful to be alive in.


You are not going to seem to have to earn your joy or your healing or the resolution of long-standing problems. They will seem to come for no good reasonóno reason you can personally account for, no reason that you can take credit for.


This is going to be very frightening for some who have felt it essential to be able to take credit for their good, and to account for what they have. But, you know, the only thing that you canít lose is whatís already yours! I mean, you cannot lose what you havenít acquired. Whatever you gain that you take credit for, that you can feel good about yourself for because you have achieved it, that you can lose. But what is yours when the "grabber" stands empty-handed is the whole Kingdom which it was the Fatherís good pleasure to give you.


A lot of you may find yourselves spontaneously crying a lot during this next yearótears of love, tears of rising joy that are an experience of being in your right mind, an experience of being Home, an experience of not being "out of your mind." And in that crying, you will not be denying your softness, which beforehand you called your "vulnerability"óthat which required defense. Not only will you not hide it behind a defense, you will let it show.


It is as though the universe will conspire to surprise you with the trigger that allows breakthrough to occur, like the puppy walking out in the middle of a sleazy hotel, in the middle of that spot in which you thought the presence of unconditional love would most likely not be waiting for youóall of you.


This means that those things about which you feel justifiably guilty, those situations in which you find yourself which cause you to feel justifiably guilty, will be the very place where your innocence can present itself to you in a manner that wipes away your defense and can be experienced as healing. In other words, in the very place where you feel least worthy of being blessed, is where the blessing will trot itself out in its little fluffy fuzziness, asking for nothing, but giving its innocence, and uncovering yours to you.


This part of you thatís getting tired is of no consequence. It doesnít matter. It will stop presenting itself. The part of you, which is energized, is the part of you which is recognizing Godís presence presenting Itself in that place where you can recognize yourself in It.


This does not mean that before "the Age of Aquarius" God had not been presenting Himself. But the presence of God will register with you all more easily, more spontaneously, partly because this part of you that is tired is not being able to maintain the defenses that have blocked the experience of the presence of God in the past. And when I say, "the presence of God," I mean the presence of that which is Real in each and every thing.


Obviously, for this little ball of unconditional love to be present in the middle of a sleazy hotel means that there was something more than a sleazy motel there. And so, however you might be judging a building, or a character in the building, or even yourself, thereís something more there.


Do you know what? The presence of God, the transforming presence of God, is always going to show up in the world! Not from outside the world, penetrating the world, but right in the middle of the world! And thatís why I have for so long a time been encouraging all of you to be willing to recognize that which is Real in each and every thing.


Your good is going to start registering with you spontaneously in a way that you canít take credit for. And if it happens too often, too rapidly, you are likely to say, "I canít take this. This is too much good. I canít absorb it all. Stop, long enough for me to catch my breath!"ówhich means the ego is saying, "Stop, until I can figure out a way to utilize this good to reestablish my place."


I simply point this out to you so that when it occurs, you might remember what I am saying now. You tell that thought, "Wait! Raj said I donít have to absorb it. I donít have to incorporate it. All it is, is the rest of me! It isnít something I need to process. All it is is something I need to let be."


Another interesting point is that youíre going to find that others are experiencing their good, against whom you hold or have held a grievance. And youíre going to say, "Thatís not fair!"


Do you know what? God isnít just. God doesnít enforce justice. God is fun. God is funny. God is playful. Where, . . where is the consistency and justice of a little ball of fluffy, unconditional Love appearing in the middle of a sleazy motel? Thereís nothing consistent about that, conceptually speaking. That wasnít the place for unconditional Love to present itself. It was incongruent!


Well, the fact is that waking up is healing occurring! And as I have brought out before, justice is the substitute for healing. So, your experience of spontaneous release from justified anger doesnít make sense at all. Thereís no logic to it whatsoever.


Did you do penance in order to deserve release? No. God isnít just. God is the Love that penetrates the need for justice and heals your mind. It doesnít have anything to do with being fair. It has to do with what is right according to Godís measuring stick, not some egoís measuring stick of what is right and wrong. And if indeed you look at your brother, against whom you have a grudge, and his good comes, but he hasnít paid yet for your grievance, be quick to say, "God isnít just. I see it!" Because if you require justice for your brother, you will hold yourself in that same vise.


What a shame it would be to kick against the glory of this coming year because it proved to you that there is no justiceóand Iím not speaking entirely to you. Everyone needs to hear this good news.


There was great joy experienced by Those observing you as you felt the joy that came out as tearsóthe soft, undefended innocent presence of you that let itself out.


Can you begin to see that you have no idea what waking up is about? And therefore, if you have thought that you did know what it was about, you can afford to throw it in the "circular file," the wastebasket, and be curious about that of which you havenít the foggiest notion. You see?


QUESTION: Itís getting goofy.


RAJ: Certainly the concrete experience of the presence of God is not going to conform itself to the craziness that all of you have defined as "normalcy." And so, indeed, it is going to be divinely "goofy."


QUESTION: Can I just ask you: When I was collecting the tension in my body and through my shoulders, and I seemed to hold onto it very strongly, what was that? Did it have anything to do with the righteous anger I felt? Was I holding off something? Was I holding away something? It released with an acupuncture treatment yesterday, but I seemed to feel it gathering, and it was like steel.


RAJ: Of course. It takes a lot of energy to be insane. And everyone uses their bodyólike clenching your teethóto hold even, to maintain an evenness in the unnatural act of hate. Of course!


QUESTION: Was that hate?


RAJ: Was it love?


QUESTION: No. But, I donít understand what I was . . .


RAJ: There are only two choices.


QUESTION: What was I hating? I didnít feel any hate from my heart. If it was hate, was it not more fear of what life was? I donít know. The tension was extreme.


RAJ: Whenever you feel that your dignity and intelligence and honor have been insulted, your conditioning says that the appropriate responses are resentment and steps to get even, to get recompense. That is hate. It is the blocking of your Function, which is to be Love extending. And so, you are engaging in an unnatural act, you might say. It takes a lot of energy, and your body becomes the tool you use to create the sense of having enough substance to get even, to bring about justice.


QUESTION: Then was the righteous anger that I felt, and the ultimate clearing of that anger in a forum with the people involved, was that inappropriate?


RAJ: Of course! You put yourself in a state of self-denial because you were insisting upon justice rather than being the presence of Love that found no fault in her brother.


QUESTION: There was a clearing in the expressing of what I felt, and an understanding. Could that have been handled in another way?


RAJ: Of course.


QUESTION: Well, tell me which way it could have been handled, then.


RAJ: You would have found it very easy to creatively express that which brought about resolution without calling anotherís dignity and integrity into question. You would have found a way to express yourself to that one which presented a reasonable "other" way to look at it, allowing him to change his mind. But that kind of spontaneous creativity comes when you are not in a state of self-defense.


QUESTION: Iím going to have to let that one sit for awhile, because I think there is a deeper clearing that has to go on.


RAJ: I want you all to remember that whenever there seems to be a justified call for justice, that isnít what it is! Itís a call for healing that exonerates all parties, that illuminates the innocence of all concerned.


QUESTION: Thatís pretty interesting. I mean, I know that, but I havenít experienced it in this forum. Wow.


RAJ: Well, next time you need to be the puppy!


[This conversation was continued the following day.]


QUESTION: I didnít know I hated, and yesterday when you showed me that I did, I realized that I did. So when I woke up this morning, I woke up to a great questioning of all of the things that I was feeling, and I suddenly felt that I couldnít trust my feelings any more. And I donít have anything else to go on. So, itís not so much that I feel stranded, but I feel pain, and I need to know what thatís about. I have many thoughts about what itís about, but I donít really know what itís about.


RAJ: It is not as severe as you are interpreting what I said. Let me put it this way: Your Function, as the divine One that you Are, is Love. If you seem, in the human condition, to only be able to muster up a small amount of appreciation for someone or something, and it is obviously not full-fledged unconditional Love, it matters not, because a little bit of Love is all of Love, even if Its totality isnít registering with you as your Soul singing.


Likewise, whether the only other choice there isówhich is hateóis experienced as a little bit called "anger," you could say it is all hate. But another way of understanding this, which allows you to see that it is not as severe as you have taken it to be, is that Love, which is your Function, is Real, and hate, which is not your Function, but which seems to embody the so-called meaning of the ego, is not real. Love is real. Its counterfeit, hate, is not. So, whether it is full-blown hate or a little bit of it called anger, itís zero in both cases. You see what I mean?


The point is that you canít say, "Well, because anger isnít full-blown hateóbecause I donít associate anger with hateóanger is okay. It isnít any more appropriate than full-blown hateófirst of all, because in either case it amounts to nothing, and secondly but more impactfully, the indulgence in it blocks you from experiencing your real Function, distracts you from your capacity to be nonjudgmental at the time that you feel inclined or seduced into expressing anger.


In the absence of the experience of your Function as Love, you lose the ability to be truly appropriate, and it is your loss. This is impractical, unintelligent, and it is an experience of suffering for you, whether it is slight or severe. So, it is important to see that frustration, anger, rage and hate are all varying degrees of nothing which, indulged in as though they were meaningful, cause you to suffer being unconscious of the joy of the only Function you have.


Understanding that the varying degrees are not varying degrees at all, and therefore they are all hate, means that you can no longer justify or value even the subtlest form. If you see that, you will more quickly get back on the beam of connecting with your Function, because in connecting with your Function, you are more able, on the spot, to be the transformational presence of Love which resolves what the anger seems to create.


QUESTION: I couldnít let go of that anger. For three days I couldnít sleep and I couldnít let go of it. I bathed, I meditated, I tried everything. I couldnít let go of it. And when you said to me yesterday that it was hate, I was alarmed.


RAJ: Like I said, it is seductive. But! Even when you find yourself seduced, there is some puppy that just melts the "crust" forming around your heart, of defense and justifiable hate. So, you canít be lost. Now that you know what I said yesterday, you will be quicker not to let the crust form so solidly, so quickly. Youíll almost instantaneously say, "Iím not going down that road," and whatever angry, hateful intent was "justifying the crust" will be squelched quickly, so that you might, in that instant, be the puppy for the one who needs a puppy, whom your ego reactions said justified the fangs of a tiger. You see?




RAJ: So, it isnít likely to happen again, because of the "awful" truth you learned yesterday. You see?


QUESTION: I understand, and I feel great relief in my heart for what I know to be true.





QUESTION: Iíve been experiencing a year quite opposite to what was mentioned earlier, where it seems that everything is going wrong.


RAJ: You are speaking of the last six weeks?




RAJ: Yes, miracles often appear to be catastrophes.


QUESTION: So, I wonder if you would elaborate on thatóon what the Fatherís perspective is on what seems to be happening.


RAJ: Would you share the script, the details, which your ego is describing the miracle by means of? I mean, to Paul it appears that the catastrophe is an IRS agent absconding with all of the Foundationís funds. It doesnít look like a miracle or a healing, but it is. What are your details?


QUESTION: They seem somewhat petty compared to an IRS agent.


RAJ: Someone said the other day that every time they get to thinking that their life is a little tough, they get a letter from me! And they feel much better. You see, this is part of the wonder of it, that just as there is no order of difficulty in miracles, there is no order of degree of illusions. It doesnít matter how petty yours seems by comparison. Its ability to hook you is the same. As Iíve also said before, it matters not how small the bait is, you always get the whole hook.


So, what are your details?


QUESTION: I thought I was going to get away with not having to tell you those. A repetitive, irritating, not major health problem; a break-up of a relationship that I know needed to happen, but it doesnít feel very good; interactions at my job with someone who seems to be pretty blatantly an idiotóthatís probably the nicest word I can say right now; a patient who is going through something very serious legally that needs my help, and I donít know that I can do much for her; my parents are experiencing health problems that seem to be worsening, not getting better.


Itís felt like itís just turned into a litany lately. And while Iím here, I sort of experience that things are fine and will be fine, and life is changing and itís okay. But when I go home, I lose that sense, and so I got in an argument with someone last week, knowing that I was engaging in something that wasnít helpful, that felt like it needed limits put on it.


RAJ: At the bottom line, crisisówhether it seems petty by comparison with anotheróputs each one of you in the position of making a choice for whether or not you are going to make the Gift of your Self or whether you are going to withhold It so that you can carry a grievance. In other words, every crisis brings each one of you to a point of decision: "Which of the two voices am I going to listen to? The Voice for Truth or the voice for fear?" If itís a "medium" crisis, you might opt for the voice for fear. But if the crisis is one where youíre really down to brass tacks, you will opt for the Voice for Truth.


Now, you say when youíre here, like today, you have a feeling that everything will be all right. Why do you have that feeling? You have that feeling because Paul, in the midst of his crisis has not opted for the voice for fear. You see? He did not say, "This is too much for me to handle"óI mean, momentarily from time to time, he didóbut he did not say, "This is more than I can take, and therefore Iím canceling Sunday afternoon." He did not say, "Raj, I am where I am because Iíve been listening to you. Therefore, Iím not going to allow you to mislead everyone else by having a Gathering on Sunday."


All of these are thoughts that one of the two voices expressed over the last week and a half, but at the bottom line, he came to a decision that no matter what happened, no matter how unreasonable or unfair it seemed, he was not going to stop listening to me. He was not going to choose for the other voice. And it is only because he is not emotionally embroiled in the "injustice" of all of this, and the "call for justice" which is inherent in it, that he is able to be in a way this afternoon which allows you to feel that maybe everything might not be what you thought it was.


If you will make a similar decision not to be the mouthpiece for the voice for fearówhether itís your parents, whether itís your client, whether itís the idiotóyour presence will convey the same experience which Paulís presence is conveying to you, because heís allowing the Voice for Truth and Love to not be blocked by some "right" he has to "get even" with an unjust situation. And your circumstance can fluctuate and change and reconfigure in your experience as it is reconfiguring for Paul in his.


It says in the Course, "To have, give all to all." And thereís been a standing joke in this house for the last week and a half: "To have, give all to the IRS." Now, one of the realizations, which came out of that playful joke was the realization that it doesnít mean to give all of your possessions away. It means to give from the place of oneís Allness. It is like an attack, which seems to call for an attack in response. But the saying is to "turn the other cheek." As I have said before, it means instead of giving attack for attack, give Love for attack. The "other" cheek is Love. Itís the other Voice.


To haveóto experience oneís Wholenessóone must be present in the world from oneís Wholeness, to the best of oneís abilityówhich, again, Paul is doing this afternoon, and which he has been doing most of the time during the last week and a half when he has not chosen for the voice for smallness, for tiny separate vulnerable mistreated self-hood. To have, give Allógive Wholenessóto all. Give Love to all. Give the willingness to see with the Fatherís point of view.


What is happening for the Foundation and for Paul is healing. The presence of the threat of that which can undermine his peace and his ability to flow smoothly with the Movement of God, the Movement of Being, is ending right at the point where it seems to be asserting itself. And he is being able to grasp, at a level of meaning rather than a level of reasoning, that the way for him to see the healing here, rather than what his ego interpreted it as, lies in his refusing to abandon the Voice for Truth in favor of the "satisfaction" of listening to the voice for fear and "getting even."


So, if there is resolve and commitment on your part when you leave, to not abandon that in you which holds sacred and safe your invulnerability and Wholeness, you will find everyone around you being blessed, and you will see satisfying fulfillment manifesting in your experience as your healed experience.


If you slip and become reactive, be gentle with yourself. The habit is a long-standing habit of justifiable self-righteousness with all of you, and it is very easy to be triggered into reaction. But, if you catch yourself and consciously abandon it again, your suffering will be very brief, and the grace of the healing will be able to continue to increasingly register with you.


Paul has slipped many times in the last week and a half. He would love to have a reason to go back to Hawaii. And this appears to be a very reasonable reason. "Itís not fair here on the Mainland." And so he has slipped, but he has not used that as a means of putting himself down. Heís caught himself and he has sat down and gotten back on the beam. And although he cannot share with you the fullness of the fulfillment yet, he is experiencing it increasingly. And thatís the promise for you as well.


QUESTION: I fear sometimes that when I think Iím listening, and then things donít go right, that Iím not really listening.


RAJ: Oh, indeed, yes. You see, for Paul, part of the justification for feeling injustice was that on my guidance he had, through the Foundationís accountant, established an apparently working relationship with the agent from the IRS, and then, boom, out of the blue, the IRS agent behaved in a way inconsistent with the apparent working relationship.


I must share this, just for perspective, because this is not only a healing relative to the Foundation and those who support it, but it is also a healing for Paul relative to his relationship with the Foundation and Paul personally.


When I first came along, the only reason Paul was willing to listen for my voice was because he was in the midst of crisis that none of his metaphysically correct thinking was resolving. And during that period of time, he was what you could call "struggling," according to everyone elseís perspectiveólittle income, unemployed. As many of you know, when I told him it was time to allow people to ask me questions, he felt too uncomfortable with it, and I pointed out to him that he wouldnít be able to find other work. For six months he insisted on trying to find other work, and did not.


So, there was a period of a couple of years where, for lack of better words, adjustment took place, and he yielded from a place of the exercise of great personal control over his life to a place of allowing Guidanceówhat you might call "the Fatherís perspective"óto lead him.


During this period of time1 he did not file his personal income taxes, because there was no money to do that. His family, for a period of time, lived in other peopleís homes because he was not employed. And yet, through all of this, we were constantly conversing, and for him this was a period of great transformation and enlightenment and growth. And he experienced no self-pity, and everything got progressively better.


To make a long story short, although the amount due was small when he finally filed returns, he immediately got a notice that he owed penalties of $70,000. Now, why am I saying this? Iím saying this because this has been something hanging over his head for 14 years or so, unresolved, with no apparent means to resolve it. He has endured demands of an agency that he perceived as ongoingly insulting to his dignity.


Last week, after the Foundationís funds were seizedówhich are not justifiably due the IRSóthe IRS agent said, "What I want to hear from you by March 15th regarding your personal debt to the IRS is that you have gone to an attorney and bankrupted that debt"ósomething which, for years, he had been told could not be done.


I will tell you that that response was forthcoming from the agent because when Paul called him in response to the levy on the Foundationís bank account, he took my lead, and although he expressed surprise at the event occurring without advance warning, "we" said, "Nevertheless, we look forward to paying off the remaining $3,500 as soon as possible, and we anticipate that it will be a matter of weeks." There was no antagonism expressed or felt by Paul. I had told him, "Be willing to pay this with joy!"óan unreasonable concept to his ego.


The means to pay it off will be present. And what amounts to $130,000 of penalties on Paulís personal income tax, which in the beginning only amounted to $19,000 of actual debt, will disappear. And he and the Foundation will move forward healed of ongoing threat.


I guarantee you that it would not be happening this way if he insisted upon listening to the voice for fear.


I will tell all of you something: What you call "crisis" is what happensóif you will imagine a balloonówhen a balloon expands to a point where a weakness in the wall is not able to support further expansion. The balloon is the equivalent of the sphere which I have spoken of for many years as the ego structure, like a bubble, which is very thin, but most definitely presents a dividing point between the volume of air inside and the volume of air outside. The volume of air outside the sphere of ego structures is "the rest of you," your infinite Wholeness. And the volume inside the sphere is youópart of your infinite Wholeness.


A crisis is when the bubble is about to burst and the experience of total Whole Integrity will become available to you. And the ego defends its "cellular" wall and patches it up, brings in more soap, more bubble solution.


This is why when you arrive at a point of crisis, if you will not abandon the Voice for Truth, if you will not abandon commitment to being the Love that you Are, the Function of who you really Are will give you the courage to let the bubble pop, and come Home. In other words, not experience this film of separation between who you presently experience yourself to beótiny and vulnerableóand what you Are already in your Totality, in your infinite Wholeness, which only seems to be separated by the flimsiest of boundaries.


Now, the reason I have gone on at some length here is because healing is never private, and healing is never localized to just one area of your life. The "crisis" may seem to apply to only one specific area in your life, but the healing, the resolution of the crisis, will embrace more of your life, and more of everyoneís life, because you cannot experience healing without the whole Brotherhood becoming "less dense."


You all need to remember that at the bottom line, no matter what the details of the crisis are, it is always bait, intent upon distracting you from remembering that you are the presence of Love, and that that is your Function. And in that Function is your salvation, is your healing, is your Wholeness, and is your Awakening. Thatís the point!


I did not share with you that although I have instructed Paul that it is appropriate to pay the IRS the amount they are demanding relative to the Foundation, and to do it with joy, I have throughout the years told Paul it is not appropriate for him to pay the penalties that were applied to him personally.


Now, if you try to find consistency in that, you will be lost. But if you realize that none of this is about consistency and all of it is about waking up, that all of it is about coming to a point of not basing oneís actions on oneís best limited judgments, but rather being willing to make commitment to "Thy will, not mine be done," then you will begin to understand how it works.


In Biblical terms, the ego is a liar, and the father of it, meaning the father of the lie. It is an illusion and the father of the illusion. It is incapable of being direct, honest. And for lack of better words, the undoing of illusion can only be accomplished by the Holy Spirit, and the undoing of the ego is always accomplished by misdirection.


You see, everyone thinks that the ego is going to be improved and ultimately spiritualized so that it will finally wake up. And everyone thinks they are an ego. However, the ego is nothing but a set of beliefs, which are not based in fact, but are based on a fundamental sense of isolation, separateness, vulnerability. Therefore, its total function is self-defense. And its total function of self-defense is nonsensical in the presence of an all-pervading infinite Presence called God, and in the middle of Reality, which is indivisible, therefore undivided, and therefore incapable of being in a state of conflict.


Your Self is not an ego. Your SelfóYouóare the presence of the Mind of God functioning perfectly. But a decision has been made to use this specific form [the body] as the vantage point from which to look at everything, which causes all of your perceptions of everything to be distorted because it can only be seen truly from the infinite vantage point, the all-inclusive vantage point.


When I say that the only way the ego can be dealt with is by misdirection, I mean that the undoing of it occurs by a sleight of hand. Many of you have listened to what I have said as though you were going to learn something from what I said, when much of the time I am speaking to the ego and non-verbally connecting with the Self of you, and illuminating It so that you feel your Self more fully.


What undoes your precious illusions . . . I will use Paul here: What will undo his firm convictions about the IRS, and maybe "government" itself, will not necessarily be the result of consistent, logical directions from me. And so, on the one hand, I say it is not appropriate, and on the other hand I say it is appropriate to pay. And what is Paul getting out of it? What he is getting out of it is that itís not about right or wrong. Itís not about just or unjust. Itís about staying on the beam! Itís about commitment to listening to the Voice for Truth. It is about commitment to That in him Which is the presence of God. And it as about abandoning allegiance to that which seems to be in him, which seems to be him, which is pure illusion, called the ego.


Healing is the eradication of conflicting points of view, one or the other of which seems to need to be the victoróright-mindedness overcoming wrong-mindedness. And so in one dream I tell him, "You donít need to run from the dragon," and in another dream I say to him, "You need to run from the dragon, and I will help you."


Guidance very often creates a state of frustration in you that causes you to throw up your hands and give up!


QUESTION: Is that where you want us to be? Is that where weíre supposed to be, throwing up our hands . . .


RAJ: To give up?




RAJ: Absolutely! I not only want you to get to the end of your rope that you think you have to hang onto, I want you to let go of it, because until you let go of it, you will not find that thereís no place to fall!


(1 The events being described occurred from 1982 to 1985. They relate to Paul's personal income taxes and are entirely unrelated to the levy on the Foundation's bank account, which occurred in February of this year. However, the IRS agent chose this time to deal with both situations.)





QUESTION: I have been experiencing more and more that Love is only of one kind, and I would like your comments about whether there is a distinction, and whether Love has different forms, different intensities, different levels. I just tend to see Love as Love, whether itís love with people, with family, within a relationship, with my pets, with my love for my work, gardening, birds, nature. Could you please comment?


RAJ: You are quite correct. Instead of saying there is only one kind of Love, I would say there is only Love.


Love is the willingness to recognize that which is Real in each and every thing. Love is the acknowledgment of what is Real, and so it applies to the leaves, and the grass, and the grass cuttings, and the animals, and the work, and on and on and on.


Again, that which is Real in each and every thing is Godís intent, Godís Presence in it. And so, to be recognizing God, acknowledging God, actually experiencing the Presence of God because you have invited the experience in each and every thing, that is Love. They are not different kinds of Love because they are different things. The purpose of Love is not different from thing to thing. And Love is never a matter of getting. Itís always this act of acknowledging, of giving recognition to God. You see?


QUESTION: Should I never be using the word "reciprocity"?


RAJ: Love is never exchanged. Love is always a gift. And because the giving of that gift is your Function, it is also your fulfillment. And it doesnít matter whether anyone or anything else seems to be returning it. Their returning it is their fulfillment of their Function, in which lies their experience of Wholeness. You see?


QUESTION: So youíre saying that their love could be going in another direction and be fulfilling that which is giving the love?


RAJ: No. What I am conveying to you is that whether Love seems to be reciprocal or not is irrelevant to you. That is what I am saying.


If you are making distinctions between things, and you are willing to recognize that which is Real in "this" thing but not "that" thing, you are missing the point and you are missing your fulfillment. When you are truly being loving, when you are truly being Love and fulfilling your Function, absolutely nothing is untouched universally.


QUESTION: I would just like to comment that I donít believe I am doing that. I believe Iím feeling the love equally throughout. And like you say, Love is Love. In every relationship Iíve had in the past, I feel that Iíve really had the expectation of reciprocity, and I donít now. And I guess I just needed to hear what you had to say about it, because so many people I know want a partnership with reciprocity, and I wondered if I was off base.


RAJ: Oh, no. Relationships are almost always for purposes of control.


QUESTION: Thank you.





QUESTION: Last night Mike Tyson earned $30 million for a fight that lasted nine minutes. Thereís a lot written about manifestation, and Iíd like to know more about abundance. Iím aware that there are things that are temporal and things that are spiritual, and that one might become distracted by too much money. Iím not aware how it works.


RAJ: Ordinarily when one talks about abundance and when one hears about prosperity and "prosperity consciousness," it refers to "temporal" things. It refers to "the world of form," and learning the skills necessary to cause the form to reconfigure in what is conceived to be a desirable way. And you know, it doesnít matter whether one is trying to manifest a million dollars or whether a slight variation of that is used where one tries to manifest a yacht or a tennis court or a mansion rather than the dollars that it takes, the point is that all of it is considered and dealt with at the point of effect. And always when it is dealt with at the point of effect, one is operating in a realm where gain and loss are forever partners.


Now, abundance is an inadequate way to refer to fulfillment. Fulfillment is not something that occurs at the point of effects. Fulfillment is something that is experienced at the "level" of the Source, of That which is Moving and which is seen at the level of effect or manifestation, form. I have spoken of the body as being the visibility and tangibility of each oneís Individuality, and Individuality is the formless. The visibility and tangibility is the identification, or form.


You will find that individuals who, through good psychological or business practices, are able to achieve significant wealth, are as subject as anyone else to sudden loss of what they have achieved because itís something they can do "in the privacy of their mind." Fulfillment, on the other hand, is inseparable from oneís abiding at the point of the Source, abiding at the level of the formless Movement, the Movement of essential Being, which is an experience available to everyone in the silence within them.


You see, everyone is very occupied with sensory data. Most everyoneís life is primarily one of sensory data. And yet there is present with each individual an inner place. Weíve called it the Void, the not-knowing place, the silence, peace. And because everyone has devoted 99 and 99/100% of their lives occupied with visual and sensory data, when anyone says, "It is well for you to give attention to the Void, to the silence, to the peace that is within you," it seems like an alternative to something major.


If one begins to meditate, if one begins to value the silence, it begins to be a short time each day, or a couple of short times each day, not beginning in any way to equal the time or attention that is given to sensory data. And so, it isnít really grasped that this experience of peace, this experience of the Void is meant to be 100% of oneís conscious experience of his days, and that this is what is divinely natural to him.


So, one seems to shift back and forth from the "inner" to the "outer," from the world of form to the level of Source, the level of essential Being. And as I said, the level of essential Being seems to be of minor importance compared to the majority of the time which is spent being preoccupied with sensory data.


Nevertheless, as one begins to value this inner place enough to let it become a regular part of his experience, he begins to find that its qualities bleed over into the periods of time when he is dealing with sensory data, the level of effect, and he begins to find his experience at that level becoming more harmonious, less stressful, where there is less lack.


Now, you asked for the truth about abundance, and so that is what I am telling you. At the level of Source, one of the first things you find is that you are not alone, whether itís the presence of God, or the Holy Spirit, or Guidance . . . or just the feeling of conscious Presence which is present with you on your behalf. You find that you are not alone.


In other words, one of the first experiences that comes right in the middle of the silence is one of relationship. And this relationship begins to add color to all relationships with those in what Iím going to call "the world of effect"óyour daily activities as you experience them from an uncentered place.


Love begins to register with you as the fundamental of relationships, the real fundamental of relationships, and you begin to find yourself sharing Love which is arising from this centered place, this place of Source, rather than reacting to and manipulating at the level of effect, which you had before.


I am bringing this up because abundance or, more truly, fulfillment, comes into view as your conscious experience when the real meaning and function of relationships begins to be actively embodied from the level of Sourceóin other words, from that place of peace within you where the real meaning of Love begins to register with you and bleed over into your daily activities.


When the Movement of Love, which identifies communion with your brothers begins to dominate your behavior "in the world," all that identifies fulfillment begins to manifest. However, unlike the manifesting of abundance which occurs at the level of form, you cannot take credit for it, because it isnít the end result of steps you have specifically taken to create that result. It is, rather, a side-effect, you might say, of daring to make the gift of You, which you can only discover and let out from the level of Source, from the essential level of Being, your Being.


This abundance, or fulfillment, cannot be achieved or taken away. In fact, it will never be accumulated, but will always be equal to whatever fulfillment of Purpose is at hand. And so, not only will you not feel personally responsible for having it, you will not be preoccupied with "having it," because you will come to trust, from experience, the fact that more or less will be present depending upon whether more or less is needed to fulfill Purpose. And so the abundance, the joy of fulfillment, will be experienced, and measuring sticks of ability to create, measuring sticks of wealth, measuring sticks of personal competence, will have nothing to do with it.


You see, fulfillment/abundance will always simply be the flow of the Movement of your Being, being always equal to the full identification of Purpose. And so, you could say that if you have a goal at all, it is a goal to be on Purpose, rather than demonstrating or manifesting abundance. It is like being a boat, whose purpose is to float on water, and instead of trying to always ensure that there is enough water for it to float in, it stays where the current is. If itís where the current is, it will always be where the water is. That is as specific as I can get.


At the bottom line, fulfillment/abundance will always be what you experience when you dare to make the gift of who you Areówho you divinely Areóbecause in abandoning the vantage point of the tiny separated ego, no matter how many wonderful skills it has, you cease operating at the level of effect where itís always polarizedógive and take, get and lose, have and not have, rich and pooróand you begin to be in the world from the silence, the formless.


Love is formless, and yet it is eternally identified in form. Learning to trust into the essential level of your Being means that you are disidentifying with the level of form, where you can be not only in the flow of the Movement of Being, but you can discover that you arenít something separate from It to be in It or out of It. And in letting that Movement be all there is of you, there simply is nothing present to hide the fact that it is the Fatherís good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.


Everyoneís function is Love, the being of Love. And in being the Love that you Are, instead of a manipulator of effects, effects begin to fulfill their function, which is not to be the pawns of manipulators, but the visibility and tangibility of the Kingdom of Heaven evidencing the Fatherís Will, evidencing the Movement of Love that each one of you is the presence of.


Again, this is not a spiritual answer that doesnít have much relevance to the world youíre going to go back to when you leave this house. When one asks about abundance, one is usually asking about a way to be in the world that can be abundant. And what I am saying is: The answer is to be in the world Awakeówhich means to be in your peace instead of being in the world, to be increasingly from the level of your essential Being. And when youíre being from there, the world of form, no longer being tinkered with by manipulators, will begin to identify Source.


So, donít leave here and go back into the world and try to cope with it. Leave here and stay in whatever peace you have allowed yourself to experience here, and be in your peace rather than in the world, so that you can make the gift of who you find yourself to be when youíre in your peace in the world. And then you can say you are in it but not of it.


That is the answer, and it is enough for now.





QUESTION: This question is something that Iíve pondered and fretted about for quite some time. It has to do with the nature of gifting and the way that you and Paul and Sue operate. I think itís very hard to never know where you are, and it must be very stressful. Is this going to change?


RAJ: Is what going to change?


QUESTION: It seems like Paul and Sue are always on the edge because everything is a donation or a love offering. And itís hard.


RAJ: It is your perception that it is hard for them?


QUESTION: Yes. And is there any way that will change?


RAJ: Will it change? Yes, it will. There are two aspects in which the change will manifest. One has to do with Paul and the other has to do with everyone who finds value in what Paul and I are being together.


Relative to Paul, it involves his willingness to stop vacillating back and forth between operating from his historical sense of who he isówhich I have referred to as the sidekick and which, in general, one can refer to as oneís egoóand staying joined with me and always being out from our communion. When he finally makes commitment to that, he and Susan will find that things will change and they will not always be on the edge, as it were.


I have said this all before to Paul, but I will share it with you. One is always "channeling" something. No one is ever being themselves. You are either giving expression to your current definition of yourself, which is the ego, or you are giving expression to the Father. You are either claiming a point of view which is privately your point of view of everything, or you are not blocking the experience of the Fatherís point of view by inserting in its place your sense of yourself and your definition of everything.


When all of you think that you are being Joe or Mary or Henrietta, or whoever you think you are, you are not expressing yourself, because there are only two things available to you. One is your memory, which you can draw upon, and into which you have put creative data about who you are and what everything isóand you can manipulate and draw upon that data to live your lifeóor you, the divine one that you Are, have available to you your inheritance, your Birthright. And that Birthright is that all that the Father is being, which is identified as the Movement of Creation, is your presence. Your presence, Iím going to say, is derived from God by virtue of Godís Movement. You do not stand separate from God as the recipient of an identity. The Movement of God constitutes the movement that you can identify as yourself.


When Paul is listening to me, he is listening to "me listening to the Father." Paul is listening to me claiming no other presence or mind than the Father. Thus, Paul is not relaying what I, as another individuality or entity, am saying. When Paul listens to me, he sets the ego aside and listens to another who has set his ego aside, so that what comes forth is the Fatherís Will.


None of you have the identity you think you have. And none of you are who you think you are. What you call "thinking" is nothing more than the equivalent of a computer seeking data in storage bins of memory to bring forth some sort of rational answer. This means that as the ego, you are always presenting the past, and you are never presenting anything original.


You may be putting data together in a very creative way which hasnít occurred before, and that can seem to be new, an act of creation, but the only place where anything really new emerges from is outside of memory, beyond memory. If weíre going to use the computer model, the personal computer must call up a mainframe computer. There must be a source for new data.


Now, most self-help programs, most educational programs, help you deal with stored data better. And so, they are not really helping advance your soul, as many New Age systems suggest. Your Soul is already the activity and presence of God. You access It by abandoning faith in your best judgments, your best reasoning, your best manipulation of already-gathered data. Waking up is really the equivalent of "turning off the computer" and sitting in the absence of all that it was. And in the absence of all that it was, all that is can begin to register with you.


In the first few months after Paul and I started communing, I told Paul, "Your income comes from being centered." He thought that it must come from things he did, or new things he came up with to doóthings that would motivate people to be interested and spend money. And nothing that he was doing generated income. I told him he wouldnít find employmentóhe was unemployedóand he didnít believe me. But he didnít find employment.


Whenever he asked me, "What if I do this?" "What if I do that?" "Well, we could do this, and it wouldnít really be manipulative," I would say, "Your income comes from being centered." And finally he got so fed up with this monotonous response that he began to meditate and become centered. When he did that, and then just paid attention to where he was and attended to what there was to do, whether it was washing the windows or picking up something off the floorówhen he was very present with where he was, not trying to be somewhere else, not trying to make something else happenóthen the telephone would ring.


At that time we had been doing private conversations, and the caller would say, "I would like to make an appointment"óan appointment for which Paul never made a charge, never sent out a bill, never said, "You can have an appointment as soon as you have paid for the ones youíve already had which you havenít paid for." No manipulation for the generation of income occurred, and yet people would express their gratitude. Not because they had been told they ought to be grateful, not even because there had been any conversation about the meaning of Gift.


So, when Paul saw that his Function was not an activity in the world, but one of the placement of his attention, he got the hang of it, and placed his attention where it needed to beócentered, in other words. And his needs were met, and Susanís needs were met, and his familyís needs were met without ever engaging in a transactional obligatory arrangement whereby "I do something for you, you do something for me," because that isnít Love. And Love is what itís all about. Love is what being is all about.


As one sets aside the ego and joins in communion with the Father, or oneís Guideóbecause itís the equivalent . . . not that oneís Guide is God, but oneís Guide, claiming no separate point of view from the Fatherís is that place where the Fatherís view shines throughóthe result is Love expressed, Love embodied. And Love is not transactional!


When it finally registers with Paulóin a way which allows him to shift into commitment to trustóthat he is not giving up his identity by no longer embodying the past (memory and the use of reason to coordinate the data in memory) and that commitment to having no other point of view than the Fatherís means truly coming back into an unwavering continuous expression and embodiment of Love, and therefore the experience of fulfillment of Purpose for his being, then whether or not those who are enjoying and valuing what we are doing together make contributions, he will find all of his needs being met.


So, thatís one aspect of this which has nothing to do with anyone other than Paul, except that everyone will be blessed when he makes that shift, just as the whole Brotherhood will be blessed as each one of you make that shift.


The other aspect here does have to do with everyone else. You see, as an element of the process of Awakeningówhich is happening whether everybody likes it or notóthere is going to be the uncovering of the fact that time is not money, that being is not transactional, and what I call the "attitude of Heaven" must find expression in everyoneís daily affairs and life.


You could say that a process of education is occurring, an uncovering of that which is already becoming uncovered, if I may put it that way. And so, we have sent out letters to those who have availed themselves of the materials we have, who subscribe to the Newsletter, who have said they want to be on our mailing list, and over the last two-and-a-half years I have talked about the subject and meaning of Gift.


You see, God creates by extension. In other words, Love expressed is Love extended, given. It is a gift without strings. The Movement of Creation is a Gift without strings. God does not create in order to get leverage! The Movement of Creation is the Movement of Love with no strings.


Each one of you have that as your Birthright. Do you know what that means? That means that It is the substance and movement and being of all that you are. And that means that Love expressed with no strings is your nature and your Function. It means that leveragingógiving to get, "Iíll stroke your back if youíll stroke my back"óhas nothing to do with who you are and what youíre about. And this is true of everyone.


Itís like when you have a candle and you light another candle and hand it to someone else. You have extended the light and not impoverished yourself. Now, some entrepreneur could come up and say, "Do you realize that if you asked for a penny for every little bit of light you give, not only would you not be impoverished, but you would "make a million?" But thatís not what the extension of Love, thatís not what the embodiment of Light which extends to everyone else is about! Itís not about business! And itís not about all of the side elements, which enter into the picture when transactional behavior becomes the modus operandi, the way of being together.


There is an awful lot more bound up in the practice of business and "paying for what you get" than you can imagineómany elements of control.


"Well, I paid for it. I expect to get it."


Paul is not in communion with meóand no one will ever be in communion with the Father or their Guide or the Holy Spiritóto meet someone elseís need. Iíve said it before: One gets in touch with guidance because he arrives at a place where his own lack of understanding is no longer tolerable, and there is an insufficient amount of faith in his personal capacity to know what needs to be known, and he finally says, "Help!" And the request for help extends beyond whatís in the memory banks! It goes outside of it!


It invites God. It invites . . . Well, letís call the memory banks in the computer "the insane asylum." It reaches beyond the elements of the insanity into oneís Sanity, and lets It penetrate, lets It register as Love which starts out meeting the human need, but slowly transforms oneís sense of who he is so that "human need" is no longer the focus or reason for communion.


The union, and the experience of who one divinely is, and the experience of fulfillment, become the justification for it. And the fact that human needs are met, or no longer occur, is almost irrelevant because the experience of oneís Birthright, the experience of oneís Identity, the experience of oneís Sanity is the only reason one uses for not engaging the egoís vantage point any longer.


So, the Newsletter, everything that Paul and Susan and Judy are engaged in relative to the Foundation, are an extension of Love. I mean by that that they are movements or activities which occur without strings, and they occur in the flow of the Movement of Creation, if I may put it that way.


Someone says, "Well, if it costs you $20 a year to publish 12 issues of the Newsletter of a certain number of pages, then charge $30 so that you cover your expenses and have a little to grow on. Then everyone will know where they stand. They will be able to feel that when they pay the $30, the transaction is complete."


Well, that certainly sounds reasonable. But then, if the Newsletter, which is a result of the Movement of Love and occurs in the timing of Creation, doesnít come out every month, someone says, "I paid $30 to get 12 issues a year. I want my issues or I want my money back. You are being fraudulent. How do I know Iím ever going to get all 12 issues when youíve only put out two issues each year for the last two years, and youíre living off my money?" And it becomes further complicated with attempts to control. That is what is so "wonderful" about transactional dealings. They provide leverage, and it has nothing to do with Love.


If one values something, one shares it. "Did you hear this?" "Did you hear about that?" "Have you read the latest Newsletter?" One extends it, and one is not impoverished in the extending. Another does not feel controlled in the extending, and receipt has occurred.


Now, just because everyone is used to transactional dealingsóeven when it comes to what we might call self-help tapes and newsletters, whether of a spiritual or a financial natureódoesnít mean everyone has the right to say, "Paul and Raj, because what you are doing looks like what everyone else is doing, you ought to deal with it in a transactional mode of operating, and it would make us all feel very comfortable because we wouldnít wonder where we stand. ĎHave I gotten too much and given too little?í"


Well, I will not allow the extension of Love to be trivialized by being transactionalized, because everyone will then have the opportunity to misunderstand what this is all about. And I will not allow for that misunderstanding to come into play.


Iím very glad you asked this question.


You know, in many ways business practices and business techniques, manufacturing techniques, have made everyoneís life easier. But one thing that has happened is that it has trivialized, it has rendered relatively meaningless, the individual engaged in his activity.


A woodworker, who would receive an expression of appreciation coming forth as a desire for him to make a cabinet or a piece of furniture, who would start by being the one who selected the wood, who then would proceed to make the furniture and stain it and deliver it, who participated in every aspect of the coming forth of that piece of furniture, who could feel completion and the involvement with that expression of love, that individual has for the most part disappeared from the scene.


Now a buyer buys the wood. A planer planes the wood. He has no idea what piece of furniture it is going into, or what it will look like, or the color of the stain. And then someone else glues it together. And someone else routs it. And on and on. One person just planes day in and day out. And one person routs day in and day out. One glues day in and day out. And the experience of gift, and the experience of the extension from his heart into the piece of furniture, is absent. And with that comes a loss of the experience of the depth of his worth, the value of his gift.


"Ah, but you can manufacture and make available so many more pieces of furniture for so much less that it benefits everyone." Well, Iím sorry, but when one loses the opportunity to let the extension of love be embodied in a completeness of his work, one has lost a lot, and it would be better to have 10,000 woodworkers making three pieces of furniture a year at a higher price than to have 10 machines making 10,000 pieces of furniture where no man, no woman, is able to feel the completeness of an idea being expressed and extended through them.


You say, "Well, everybody would have to earn a lot more money in order to be able to afford hand-made furniture." Well then, letís address that issue rather than dehumanizing individuals.


My point is this: God moving is Love moving into expression, extending Itself without strings. That is all that Being is about, no matter how many forms of expression there are to give It identity. The extension of Love is what must find embodiment at every point through the many forms of expression. And if I allow what weíre doing to be conceived by everyone as a business, a transactional business, not only will people not understand what is really happening here with Paul and Susan and me and Judy and the Foundation, they will also misunderstand who they are in this.


Why, yes, it would be much easier to charge a fixed amount so everyone knew where they stood. But, do you know what that really means? It means that once one has paid for it, he is complete in the transaction and he never has to bring Love into the picture at all! Heís saved from having to be consciously aware of appreciation. You see? Not that I need to be appreciated, or Paul needs to be appreciated, but individuals who forget to practice appreciation, who forget to practice gratitude, end up shy of the benefits of gratitude.


Gratitude. What is it? Itís an expression of Love for that which is meaningful to that one. And there is a poem, which I have shared before:


A grateful heart a garden is
Where there is always room
For every lovely God-like grace
To come to perfect bloom.


When one negates the need for gratitude because a transaction has completed and brought balance into the picture, one denies himself the opportunity for "every lovely God-like grace to come to perfect bloom" in him. So, people could say Iím being very hard-nosed, firm, unyielding on this point, and it would be so much easier not to have to break the habit of the lack of gratitude and replace it with actually paying attention to the fact that there is gratitude present which they havenít been feeling.


I am not trying to manipulate people to support the Foundation through a process of donations. No! But, do you know what I am doing? Iím saying, "Whatís coming your way is a gift. A gift that has arisen out of valuing and gratitude on Paulís part and my part, and the expression of Love of the Father. And it needs to be understood for what it is. And the one receiving it needs to pass it on, to keep the Movement of Love alive by not copping out through "a transaction," but paying attention to whatever gratitude is there and extending it on as it has come, because the attitude of Heaven must be established because Itís coming.


Do you see? You arenít all going to establish the attitude of Heaven. Heaven is already here, and everyoneís missing It. And the attitude of Heaven is already here, and everyone is missing it. But, I am illuminating it and saying it is here when no one thought it was.


I am saying the attitude of Heaven is in you, and I will not allow you to avoid it by engaging in transactional love, because there is no such thing. Love is what this is. And Love is what all of you Are and need to be actively extending by virtue of feeling gratitude within yourself. Not just for what we are doing, but gratitude for the good you are experiencing, gratitude for the partner you are with, gratitude for the blessings that come with you, and extend it!


As Iíve pointed out, the tapes, the Newsletters, all of the materials, are freely available to copy and share, in great volumes if you wish. No copyright needs to be honored where you have to answer to the source of the material. You can copy it freely. You simply cannot copy it and sell it freely. You see? So, that is a way it can be extended. And another way it can be extended is through contributions, so that there is a flow of money to buy the materials necessary to give them away to others.


So, there are two things going on here. One has to do with Paul, individually. And one has to do with everyone else who finds valuable the Love that is being expressed in this form. It has to do with their part in it, because of what the activity/work really is: Love rather than business.


Now, donít feel too sorry for Paul and Susan, because for 14 years now, they have lived without exercising control over their abundance, or the meeting of their needs. And so, although they sometimes sit on the edge of their seat, it is not with the great deal of fear that others might feel, such as when they lose their job and are unemployed and have no control. Paul and Susan do not feel that kind of fear.


If I may put it this way, itís time for things to get "better," and Paul is going to get the idea and will take the step that will prove to him that his is not an identity crisis, but only a crisis of perceptionóor shall I say a crisis of misperception. But that is the way it is. And that is the meaning of what I have been "establishing" over the last two-and-a-half years. I have been establishing that this is not a business, that Love is not transactional, and I will not, for the convenience of everyoneís mind-sets relieve them of discovering a new way of looking at this.



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