VOL. 8, NO.1


From Raj ...

As many of you are already aware, a shift of emphasis in the work has occurred -- a shift away from private conversations and toward more public Workshops and more of the materials being made available in print and placed where those seeking it can find it. In bookstores and libraries.

To some this may seem abrupt, but it has taken Paul two years to be willing to hear this information -- two years in which the movement of this work has continued in its direction while Paul held onto the old form.

As of February 1st all scheduled private conversations have been cancelled because it is now imperative for the work to move forward without delay. I understand that this will come as a disappointment to many of you with whom I have spoken over the past nine years, but you must understand that my making this shift of emphasis in the work is the expression of Wisdom and Love.

You must understand that this work gives expression to the movement of Awakening that all mankind is engaged in, either consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly, and that the expression of it must spill over into ever-widening circles of awareness on the face of your globe. This is called sharing. It is called extension. It is the natural outcome of Love and expresses the Father's will.

When I said that it is now imperative for the work to move forward without delay, it was not with a sense of urgency or deadline, but in the sense that when a rock is removed, which is blocking the flow of water, it is imperative that the water flow where the obstruction had been. Imperative because that is the nature of water -- to flow!

This movement is moving now, without the bias of Paul's preference for that with which he was familiar. And, of course, that necessarily means that with which you, who have been enjoying the private conversations, have become familiar. And I encourage all of you, along with Paul, to embrace that, which allows for the movement that will bless everyone, including yourselves.

Know this: It is the purpose of the Foundation to make all of the materials available at cost, thus making them easily within the reach of everyone. And, there will be new materials in rapid succession as a result of the increased Workshops, and as a result of Paul's time being freed up so as to allow me to continue to dictate a book which has been "in the writing" for almost five years now.

In addition, the Newsletter will appear on a regular monthly basis. And it will become the primary means of communication between you and me relative to this work -- relative to this manner of my appearing. And, mind you, this is not the only one.

I encourage all of you to begin, perhaps with more dedication than in the past, to reach out to me with full expectation of my responding to you directly, just as I responded to Paul. And I encourage all of you to reach out to your own Guides as well, because all of us are present on your behalf in terms of your own inner connection with Reality, with the divine Will. And, at the bottom line, it is this connection which will prove to you your union with the Whole, your union with the Father, your union with the Christ, your union with your real Self. This is where your peace, and the Love that you Are, are present to be experienced as You, and then extended in creative and transformational ways that bless everyone.

You will find me standing with you. You will find the Holy Spirit standing with you. You will find your Guide standing with you. And you will find the Father being the presence of You that illumines your tiny sense of yourself in its Wholeness, in its infiniteness.

I want you to observe that even as with Paul, who has believed what he is doing to be a holy thing, the form, which evolves to identify a holy thing cannot be fixed, cannot be immovable, cannot be incapable of change. And that, indeed, change will be inevitable, unavoidable, until the forms of fulfillment give way to fulfillment, itself; until the expressions of divinity yield to divinity, itself; until the diviner and diviner sense of you yields to the divine You that you Are.

Now, you are invited to submit the questions that you would ask in a private conversation, so that they may be used as the basis for the answers given in the Newsletter. And your questions need not be general. Just as in a Workshop, personal questions, nitty-gritty questions relative to your experience, elicit answers that bless everyone because, as I have said before, the ego is never original, and although one's problems seem to be unique, they are not.

I look forward to being with you in the Workshops where we will have the opportunity to be together "face to face." As you will see from the Workshop Schedule, I have outlined a far-ranging series of Workshops during the last two-thirds of this year. These workshops will be open to everyone at no charge, with the exception of the conference in Virginia and the Workshop in Belgium -- both of which are being sponsored by groups other than the Foundation. The 5-day residential workshop in Vermont will involve a minimal charge for food and lodging.

You are again invited to help support this work by means of your tax-deductible contributions during 1992. And again it is in the context of brotherhood that you are invited to do so. That this work continue on the basis of gift rather than charge is essential to its meaning and meaningfulness, even though it would seem simpler to "charge what it costs" to keep the ledger in balance. This work is not for those who can afford it. It is for everyone! It is the extension of Love.

No one is more aware than I of the call for love, the reaching for Truth that everyone is feeling and desiring. But it must be answered on my terms, not the terms of the world -- not the terms of organization and business.

My love for you will be experienced in terms of your love for each other. To receive, you must extend. I speak to Paul, but if he held it to himself, he would not be blessed, and would be bound in just another special relationship. His blessing comes as he extends, which he does by means of this work. Likewise, the blessing of my communion with you comes only in your giving it away to your brother. Transactional "profit" will always be a loss!

You all want and enjoy the materials coming forth from this work. You look forward to Workshops, books, tapes, the Newsletter. It is simple: If you want it, give it! In your gifts to the Foundation, you provide the context in which the Word can be given/received -- by me, by Paul, by you, by your brother. All give and receive simultaneously. It is in the imaginary gap between gift and receipt where profit and loss lurk as an illusion which is absolutely binding.

The implementation of this shift has already begun. Arrangements are being made for travel and accommodations, for transcribing and printing of materials, for more efficient handling of orders -- for all aspects of the work. The need for support is immediate.

Princeville, Hawaii
February 5, 1992


Why Stand Aghast at Nothingness?

QUESTION: Raj, I don't know if you should start to speak to me first, or me to speak to you, because there's so much going on in my life right now. The other night at work, one of the other nurse's aids pulled the chair out from under me as I was sitting down—I know she didn't do it to be mean—and I hit the floor with such a jolt that I haven't hardly been able to move since, and I've got to go to work tomorrow. And I just don't think I'm going to be able to. On top of that, nothing seems to be going right. Here I thought everything was beginning to improve, and boom! Everything's falling apart.

RAJ: I will tell you, it is a circumstance very much like the caterpillar that has formed a cocoon, seemingly to settle down for a rest, and then finding that everything that has meant life to it is going through changes.

You, observing it [the caterpillar], and knowing that it is a process of transformation, can feel confident with the process that is occurring, even though it feels to the caterpillar as though everything is breaking down. And, indeed, in effect it is. All of its structure is becoming fluid, jelly-like, yet it is inseparable from an orderly process of reconfiguration.

As you know, if that reconfiguration is not interfered with, it emerges as a butterfly—you might say, "a new creature." And yet, the identity of that caterpillar is the same identity of the butterfly. In other words, if it were you, it would be Jane as the caterpillar, and then Jane as the butterfly. So, a larger picture of what is going on needs to be grasped so that you might recognize that the identity of Jane will be uninterrupted and unchanged, even though everything is reconfiguring.

If you will begin to embrace this fact, you will then begin to be able to embrace the reconfigurations that are occurring, and you will even begin to become curious to see what Jane is going to be in her new dress.

What is happening is not evil, is not against you. It is all for you, you might say. It is not your enemy. And it does not identify destruction. You might say that it identifies re-construction, where Jane comes out of it in fairer form.

You will stress yourself and depress yourself if you insist upon looking at all of this from a very narrow limited standpoint of perception. But if you will assume that what is happening is under the guidance of divine intelligence, you will be more curious than distressed by the changes that are occurring, and you will stand in anticipation of, let us say, a new and better Jane.

Again, life is not against you, but for you. And whether you fret your way through this transformation or whether you engage in it gracefully, the transformation will occur and Jane in her new dress will emerge. I encourage you to contemplate this so that you, from your conditioned thinking, will not automatically interpret all of these changes that are occurring as bad or evil or destructive.

You cannot get out of the grasp of God, and therefore you cannot get outside of His movement of fulfillment that is called Jane. You are not at the mercy of circumstances. And you are not at the mercy of other egos. You are at the mercy of the divine movement of God. And that is a wonderful thing, not a terrible thing.

Again: I encourage you to contemplate this when you are beginning to feel a "downer" coming on. I encourage you to remember what we have spoken about, so that you might reverse the process of going on a downhill slide. The only reason you would go on a downhill slide is if you were believing that somehow you were outside of the Allness of God and that you are at the mercy of other egos, and that you are at the mercy of circumstances. And that, indeed, there is no underlying, absolute governing Order that has its source in the Father.

You see, the only thing that puts you on the downhill slide and keeps you there is thinking, which is not based in Fact, thinking which is not based in Truth. You don't go on the downhill slide because there is a real reason for it, and I want that reassurance to remain clear to you.

Now, the healing team is already working with your back, and it will not be necessary for you to take time off from work. But do release the fretting about it, and do forgive the one who moved the chair. Because in forgiving her, you release your mind from the conflict of being resentful. And this promotes the manifestation of your comfort, your healing, and therefore your ability to be in your place being the presence of love with those you work with. But, again, if you do not forgive the one who moved the chair, if you hold her responsible and guilty, then you will hold to you the distress of which she is guilty in your ego's "minds-eye." So, release the apparent cause of the distress and release the distress also. They go hand in hand.

QUESTION: Raj, there are several things I want to comment on, because I listen to your tapes, I go to the Course In Miracles group, I read the Conversations, I remember the words you speak, and I go over and over them. I even try to be the observer. And, indeed, I find joy there because love is needed and I can give love, and I get love. What sort of shocked me is that in the midst of this, this happened.

I will release it, of course, because I'm sure she didn't mean it that way. But it was so shocking that where I was seeing love all over, something happened like this. That sort of stunned me, and I don't ...

RAJ: Well, do not be too shocked! Do not be too surprised. There is a wonderful statement that I want you to remember. "Why stand aghast at nothingness?" Don't make something out of nothing, and then be shocked at it. What I mean is, that if an action seems to have occurred, which did not reflect the love of the Father, then it hasn't really happened. It has to be an illusion for you as well as an illusion for the one who seemed to act thoughtlessly. And it is not appropriate for either one of you to suffer from an illusion, to suffer from something that was truly nothing, because it did not have its source in the Father. So, don't let the ego sidetrack you by the feeling of shock.

Remember: Why stand aghast at nothingness? I want you to write that down somewhere so that it is easy for you to remember or access. Don't stand shocked; don't stand aghast at nothingness. And don't honor nothingness by believing it to be something and then reacting to your belief!

QUESTION: All right.

RAJ: This is a wonderful point to get under your belt. It will relieve you of significant reaction in the future. The quicker you are to acknowledge that something unlike God is nothing, and therefore cannot truly have happened to you, and could not actually have involved another in the "doing" of it, you exonerate yourself and the other one. And the belief of victimization and of there being a victimizer is healed. Both you as victim, and another as victimizer, are relieved of the penalty that would otherwise come if one says, "Oh, yes, something beside God was going on here, and I am suffering from it, and there was somebody who was responsible!"

Both the victimized and the victimizer need to be released from that belief that something really did happen, which God did not create. Both of you need to be healed of that belief. You will save yourself hours of misery and reaction if you have that little sentence handy in your mind to remind you: Why stand aghast at nothingness?

In this way, you do not build up the illusions of the ego by investing your energy in them. The ego has no power to enforce or manifest its illusions. All it does is whisper a little suggestion in your ear that there really was something going on that was not God, and the illusion takes form when you give your energy to that suggestion. If you do not energize that suggestion, the manifestation of victimization will never occur. And thus you will prove, by your uninterrupted well-being, that the victimizer is not a victimizer, because there is no one there who is a victim.

You see how this willingness to quickly acknowledge that you are not going to stand aghast at nothingness holds you and the other one innocent of anything! Innocent of anything calling for guilt.

If I had truly died on the cross, those who killed me would have been guilty. The fact that I didn't die meant no one killed me! And therefore there was no one guilty. And the only reason that the eternal life of my being could be manifest was because I was unwilling to stand aghast at nothingness, while everyone standing around was standing aghast at nothingness and reacting.

QUESTION: I understand.

RAJ: Indeed, you do get the picture.

QUESTION: I do, Raj. And so much of what you write and say, I do understand, I feel.

I've got to tell you, I love you so much, and yet, months ago, I was so angry at you because I couldn't reach you when I needed to. And I spoke to Susan because you were busy with Paul. But, I was so furious at you, you know, because ...

RAJ: You must understand that I was never for a moment "not with you." And whether you can reach me through Paul or not, the merest thought about me which crosses your mind, I am aware of. And all you ever have to do is think of me or ask of me, and you may know that I have heard you and am responding.

QUESTION: Raj, I speak to you all day long.

RAJ: Indeed. We are in almost constant communion.

QUESTION: Thank you. You know, I want this more than anything. I want peace. I want joy. I want to see that beauty for all, healing for all. This is why I think I'm such a lonely wandering soul, because I seem to want it more than I want anything else.

RAJ: Well, I will tell you something. Your peace and joy are ever-present with you, and so it is not something you can get if circumstances in your life meet some sort of criteria, some sort of form. Nothing has to change out-there in order for you to experience your peace and your joy, because it's part of You. And that is why it is so valuable to take time to be still and to meditate, and to go into the Silence within you, because that is where your peace is, and that is where your joy is. And then, having connected with it, you can bring it with you into the world. And that is when you make the gift of You that blesses everyone.

Don't wait for things to change.

When I called Lazarus forth, I didn't wait until after he came forth to feel my gratitude to the Father. Before I even called him forth, I thanked my Father, because I knew that He heard me always, just as I told you a moment ago that your merest thought about me gets my attention. And so I expressed and felt the gratitude before I even seemed to have any human reason for being grateful.

When I expressed the gratitude, it seemed as though Lazarus was dead. Not only that, he had been dead for four days, and as the Bible says, his sister told me that "his body stinketh." In other words, decomposition seemed to have already begun. I had no justification, humanly speaking, for gratitude. Only sorrow. But I wasn't willing to operate from the standpoint of the three-dimensional frame of reference—the ego's point of view. And so I thanked God. I acknowledged and felt my joy and my gratitude. And what happened? The picture reconfigured. And Lazarus did come forth.

Now, this was not miraculous in the sense that I, being someone special, did something that no one else could do. It was an expression of a simple principle demonstrating the truth for everyone about them: that if they will not judge according to appearances and make their joy and their peace dependent upon appearances, but go within, into that place where their peace is ever-present and available to them, together with their joy, and abide there, and be from there, their world will reconfigure. It will seem to be resuscitated from whatever catastrophe or dilemma has seemed to occur.

So, don't waste another moment waiting for things to change before you dare to go within where your real peace and joy are present and welling up from the very depths of You. In this way, you can bring it forth into the world, and then you will have the joy of watching your world reconfigure and identify the Father's Will.

You see, the ego turns everything inside out, backwards. And it says, "When such and such a thing appears in your world, then you can feel your joy." Or, "When everything settles down in the world, then you can experience your peace." And thus it makes you think that your good is out-there in the world, and if something or someone is withholding it, or not conforming, that you can't possibly feel your joy or your peace until they change. And it is a liar, the ego is. The ego is incapable of telling the truth.

So, I have shared the truth with you here. And I encourage you to take the time to become still enough to feel your peace and then to feel the joy that goes hand in hand with that peace. And then, to the best of your ability, move forward in your world, bringing that peace and joy with you, because that is what will bless everyone, and heal those manifestations of illusion and distress. But you will feel your joy and your peace before you will see it in your world. And because you are feeling it, you will not blame your world for anything, even if it doesn't seem to be identifying the presence of God. If you are not blaming your world for what it appears to be, you are holding it guiltless, sinless, and that is Love!

I will tell you that the world thinks it is guilty. But when someone approaches it, holding it in its purity, and acknowledging its guiltlessness, the world has the opportunity to "'change its mind." Your releasing the world from guilt allows the world to release itself, allows those in your world to release themselves. Whether they release themselves quickly or slowly, affects not your peace and joy, because you have accessed it whether the world allows its healing or not. And by accessing it you have become an agent for change, a presence that is transformational, which blesses the world. And you can wait patiently while the world accepts or receives its blessing and allows it to manifest.

QUESTION: You know, I feel guilty about things. I've broken commandments. I wonder ...because of me, did my children suffer?

RAJ: You know what? The commandments were essences of Guidance, essences of Truth, to allow oneself to know what was on target. They were not laws, which, if broken, would bring down upon you the wrath of God.

Now, a youngster wants to learn how to ride a bicycle, and he climbs on and goes three feet and falls down. He falls down because he did not abide by the laws of physics, which would allow the bicycle to remain vertical. Now, does he fall down as punishment? No. He falls down because he didn't do what worked ... yet! But, in the process, he gets a little bit of a feel for how it would work. And so he jumps on again, without condemning himself for falling down, and without trying to find out what his penalty or punishment will be for having made this "serious mistake of breaking the law." He just climbs on again and tries, because he knows that it is appropriate for him to learn how to ride a bicycle.

Likewise, it is appropriate for you to know how to have no other gods before God. And it is appropriate for you to learn how not to be envious. And it is appropriate for you to learn how not to kill. But, if you are awkward in your process of learning the essence of Truth and embodying It in your life, you are not condemned to everlasting punishment. It's just that you haven't yet grasped how to be in harmony with the essence of Truth in your life.

The Ten Commandments were not there to scare you into obedience, but to illuminate what constituted obedience—not obedience in contrast to disobedience, but obedience in terms of that which is utterly desirable. And so no one has been watching to see if you have "broken the law." Everyone has been watching to see if you have "gotten the hang of it" yet, so that they might rejoice with you. And if you haven't gotten the hang of it yet, there is unending encouragement present and available to you to try again.

There is no axe that anyone is holding, ready to fall upon you for your "breaking the law." That's not what the Ten Commandments are meant for. They are illustrations of fundamental, essential Truth, which, by being there, give you a guideline relative to your essential birthright, so that you can get the hang of it, get the feel for it, and can embody it and feel your Integrity.

QUESTION: You know, Raj, what you're talking about has more meaning for me than anything I know of. God, you, our Integrity—it fills me. I want it.

RAJ: Then embrace it, and don't worry about whether you are able to embrace it perfectly, as though if you don't embrace it perfectly, you will be struck down. If you embrace it, and you don't embrace it perfectly, you still simply have the opportunity to embrace it perfectly. But every step of the way, you are embracing it better, and you are cheered on. You are supported in your continuing to get the hang of it even better. And no one who is Awake can even comprehend that criticism or judgment is called for. It is only other egos who would provide the judgment, the condemnation, and the call for justice—which means, your paying a penalty.

QUESTION: Raj, is it my ego or something else inside that's saying I really want to be on my way ...

RAJ: Oh, it is not your ego that is saying that. It is not your ego that would encourage you to be on your way. It does not want you to discover your divinity, because if you do, you will disregard the ego totally, and it will die for lack of your attention. And, of course, that is what waking up is all about.

QUESTION: That brings us to the first part of our conversation. This is why part of me feels so mushy?

RAJ: Yes. The definitions that hold the ego together are becoming fuzzy. And the fuzzier they get, the clearer the divine You becomes—the You with the new dress.

QUESTION: Raj, I do worry still about money. I wonder, since I'm in the ego world, how I'm going to manage things?

RAJ: By realizing that you are not in an ego world. You are in the Kingdom of Heaven. And then beginning to look for evidences of the omnipotence of God right around you, and expecting to see Reality asserting Itself right where everyone else is convinced there is nothing but a three-dimensional world of egos working out their salvation and earning their good.

QUESTION: Well, I'm back with my feet planted firmly in mid-air. What do I do now?

RAJ: Let there be curiosity! Curiosity to see the movement of God right where you are. That is the simple key. And when the ego suggests that there is a worthy distraction, tell the ego you can't be bothered, you're waiting to see the movement Of God!

QUESTION: Raj, it means going about the business of life, though. Right?

RAJ: Oh, indeed, yes—but bringing your peace and your joy with you while you do it. Even if everyone else thinks you're crazy because you are happy when there is no reason for it, do it!

If more people would start connecting with their joy and their peace, and started acting in the world out from that joy and peace, everyone would have the opportunity to become convinced that they don't have to take their misperceptions so seriously and could dare to feel their joy and peace also. And then you would see the world change. But each one has to do it! And then everyone will begin to see that they are, and have been the whole time, in the Kingdom of Heaven, and nothing will be able to take away the joy again.

QUESTION: That'll happen, won't it, Raj?

RAJ: It is inevitable, and it is happening.

QUESTION: You know, I feel what you're saying. I feel it so much. And I need to speak with you. I need to feel what you're all about, and bring it here and be part of it.

RAJ: Indeed that is what we are doing at this moment. Don't let go of it when you hang up the phone. Don't say, "Okay, I've had my connection with Reality, and now I'm back to the real world—the real illusion. Shucks!

QUESTION: Raj, I want you to be real. That's the world I want to be real. I don't want this ...

RAJ: You are real. And the world is real. It is part of the Kingdom of Heaven. But everyone is saying, "no, it isn't." And that is why I am saying, let this feeling abide with you that you are feeling right now, and take this feeling with you in your activities. And do not shift your attention to the activities and ignore the feeling.

This is the way the Reality of you and the Reality of me becomes embodied right where you are. And this is how the world becomes transformed. It isn't that the world is going to become something new. But the way everyone is perceiving it will shift. And so you had better want this world to be real, because this world is the Kingdom of Heaven, perceived either correctly or incorrectly. And we are talking about losing the misperception of it.

Where do you think we are right now while we are speaking?

QUESTION: You once told me. Right in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven.

RAJ: And the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven is right there where you are. It is also right there where Paul is. And so you had better want this place where you are to be real, so that you are not looking for Reality somewhere else, and thus missing it right where you are.

QUESTION: I think I see people sometimes. I see a joy. I see a love. I see like little specks of the Garden of Eden. I begin to. At least inside I feel something.

RAJ: Indeed. Value those glimpses. They help you not want to look somewhere else or be somewhere else. And they also trigger a curiosity to see more right there. And that is the way you give permission to yourself to see more. And that's the way you wake up.

QUESTION: Raj, look down the road. Do you see me doing it? I want to do it.

RAJ: It is unavoidable. You don't really have any choice about it.

"If it wasn't a miracle, nothing happened!"—Rajpur—


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