VOL. 7, NOS. 3 & 4



The Need for Teachers


QUESTION: I would like to ask a question about spiritual teachers. Could you comment on the need for a spiritual teacher and whether that teacher needs to be a living, accessible personage, or if the written teachings are sufficient to fulfill that need?


RAJ: A teacher is most definitely needed, yes. You used the word "spiritual" because that means to you a teacher who will guide you in the process of your coming into the experience of fulfillment that is divinely natural to you rather than a teacher who would lead you in another direction.


You see, you are existing in a state of ignorance at the moment. You are not existing in the total comprehension of Yourself or of Reality, and so, until you are, you are obviously existing in a state of ignorance. That state of ignorance is to some degree confused because it pays attention to and values its ignorance -- relies upon it, defends it. So, there is a need for something functioning beyond the limits of your ignorance to entice you, if you will, beyond the limits that you are defending, energizing, maintaining.


Now, at the bottom line, your Teacher is your divine Selfhood. It is the Christ of you that is always your Teacher. And whether you turn to a book or whether you turn to an incarnated human being, you will always be turning to that which is putting into words what you find yourself beginning to believe. Not one of you ever gives your attention to someone you can't believe.


The fact is, you never give your power away except in your imagination. And when you go and listen to someone, you are listening to hear whether or not your deepest inner Knowing is being substantiated. And if it is, you say, "Wow, this guy is tremendous." You go home, and you tell all of your friends that they have to go hear so-and-so or read his books.


Well it is your Truth -- not your personal possession but your deep awareness of what Truth is -- that is being voiced by this one; except he is not nervous about owning the Truth he is saying, and you are. So you listen to this one because he helps give you courage to own what you already knew.


The problem comes into play when you fool yourself into thinking that the one you are listening to, the Teacher, is the great one. But you see, if you are not at a point of experiencing a greater congruence within yourself, if you are not at a place of discerning a clarified awareness of Truth, then no matter what this person says, he will be a jerk. You will tell everyone to avoid him, because you are not hearing "what you are beginning to understand more clearly" being expressed unapologetically by someone else.


I will tell each of you something: Not one of you has ever listened to anyone else. You have felt a unity with those who think as you think, who see as you see. And as I said, sometimes those you are listening to are less afraid to express and own what you are freshly and naively and unconfidently beginning to feel moving within you. So you listen to them to gain strength within yourself about what you believe.


I say this so that you may be perfectly clear that the power is always with you. The enlightenment is always with you. And as your enlightenment expands, and as there is greater clarity within you, and as that clarity moves you beyond what that wise one is owning for himself, then you will begin to find that wise one's ideas being limiting. It will feel to you as though that one is perhaps going flat, the bubbly is going out of his inspiring words and ideas. And yet, there are others who are just beginning to have the faint stirring of that congruence in them that allows them to value what that wise one is saying.


So you see, there is this process of enthusiastically embracing a teacher and spreading the good news to all your friends about this wonderful teacher. Then comes the other side of the coin as you grow -- as you begin to own what you weren't able to comfortably own before -- and then that teacher has "lost it"…only because it is time for you to find a new teacher who is speaking confidently at your leading edge. And all along what has been happening? Divine Love has been meeting your need by registering in your experience in language of your present perception, confirming for you what you are hesitant to own but which is already emerging from within you.


Now, everything that I have described is perfectly all right. If you have injured your leg, you are so grateful to have a pair of crutches to use. As the crutches nourish and allow for the healing to occur and for your leg to become stronger so that you are able to move more freely, the crutches become an impediment to you. You can't be rid of them soon enough!


Teachers are crutches that you use as you dare to own your own emerging clarity. You will go from crutch to crutch. You will make progress. And you will finally arrive at a point where you will be a crutch for someone else. Then you will be the one who is embraced ... and abandoned ultimately. You will rejoice at that process and be so grateful to fulfill that role of fulfillment.


You have never learned anything from anyone else. Everything you have learned has been constituted of the penetration of Who you divinely Are through the ego that you are employing, thus allowing you to dare to reach beyond your conditioned thinking and your education, because you have never stopped being the Christ. You have never stopped being the presence of God in action. And it is the presence of God in action that You Are which is your only Teacher.


Now, the ego can feel really good about that. I mean, after all, if you are your own teacher, to hell with everyone else! Well, I will tell you something: The Teacher -- That which is the Christ of you, as It is embraced, as It is allowed in, as It is owned unapologetically -- does not see Itself separate in any way from every other individual expression of the Father, and embraces everyone. And It lets everyone be the Teacher also.


It does use others as a crutch, as an inspiration. It does read whatever unfolds in one's experience. And It does not continue to contribute to a sense of divisiveness -- "He is better than she is," and "this one says this, and that one says that, and they both say they are enlightened, and it is not consistent, and therefore they are both charlatans." It does not create division. It has the humility to recognize the God in everything that is happening -- the capital "G," Good. And it tends to bring everything together by seeing the God in it.


I have heard it said that people are very happy that my expression of the Truth is not like Ramtha's -- that Ramtha is arrogant and splashy, and there is too much personality there; that obviously there is ego present there which isn't obvious when I speak. I have said it before, and I will say it again: Ramtha speaks boldly for those who are hard of hearing.


There is a joke about a newly wedded couple back in the 1800's. He was not wealthy. He had a mule pulling his wagon. And as they were heading home from the wedding the mule suddenly stopped, dug in its feet and wouldn't move. The young husband went around to the back of the wagon and got out a two-by-four. He came around and whacked it [the mule] on the forehead, and it jolted and was willing to move forward. He said, "That's once!"


They went a little bit farther; and while they were moving along, the wife was sitting there wondering if this was a side of her husband...(group laughter)...


The mule dug in its feet again, and again the husband got out and got the two-by-four and whacked it, and the mule was willing to go. He said, "That's twice!" Well, the young wife was really getting upset.


The next time the mule dug in its heels, the husband did not go to the back of the wagon to get the two-by-four. He simply walked to the front and got out his gun and shot the mule. He said, "That's three times!" Well, the young wife went crazy and said, "What are you doing?" And she wailed and wailed. The husband looked at her and said, "That's once!"


Now, Ramtha comes with a two-by-four because that is what it takes to get the attention of those who are deeply engrossed in the three-dimensional frame of reference, who are fighting for all of the "values" of the ego and of mastering the world and the universe; who cannot, in gentleness and quietness and yieldingness, move into the same experience of Unity and Oneness and Reality that others, such as the majority of you here, are able to. And so, the Holy Spirit, the active Presence of God, meets everyone right where they are and manages to communicate the healing and the uniting message in ways that will register.


Do not be so sure that you understand who is right and who is wrong. Do not be so sure there are inconsistencies, even though to your intellect, inconsistencies seem obvious, because you don't know what it takes to get the attention in this case, or that case, or the other case.


If you will remember that no one has been listening to me, and no one has been listening to Ramtha anyway, because each one of you is listening to the Teacher that you are, and that you have been using us to inspire your confidence in your emerging Knowing, then you will be able to be intelligently clear within yourself and not get caught up in what appear to be personalities or different techniques.


If you remember who the Teacher is, you will never have to worry about what book you pick up or who you are hearing, because in the final analysis it is always Yourself you are hearing. If there is a desire in you to wake up, you will listen to those who are substantiating the increasing clarity that is coming forth from within you. And you will not have given your power away. You will never find yourself feeling dependent because you will know that wherever you are, you will find those individuals, those books, those circumstances which will encourage and nourish your daring to own the "threshold learning" that is happening within you that you are not totally comfortable with yet.


Don't worry. Neither Ramtha nor I will come along with a gun, finally. But in one way or another, each of us will use metaphysical two-by-fours to stun your ego and allow your Individuality, your true Identity, to come forth willingly.





QUESTION: This morning when someone was asking Paul who he was and who you are, Paul made a statement, and I was sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I don't know what triggered that. If anything, I would have described this past week as going along this road of not feeling any emotion -- just sort of not feeling anything. And all of a sudden Paul says something and I've got tears streaming down my face. It didn't feel like the tears came from a feeling or a thought, but just what was said. Could you give me any kind of information regarding that?


RAJ: Indeed, it did not come from a conscious feeling, but from a Remembering so deep that it seems not to be consciously present for you to experience. It was what I will call a Remembering of Home -- and understand that Home is not a place, it is not somewhere in the universe or somewhere on your planet. It is the primitive and natural experience of being Who you divinely Are. It is that experience of God being All, and therefore being all there is of you. The tears were tears of joy that stem from, as I said, a Remembrance of the Joy, the Peace, the profound fulfillment of Self that occurs when you allow God to be all there is of you, to be that which constitutes every fibre of your being. That is what God is, and that is what you Are, but you and everyone else are not allowing yourself to feel it. Nevertheless, the primitive memory is still there, and that memory was triggered in what was said, and the Joy came forth, and you had feeling that came out as tears.


Now, I am going to take this opportunity to expand on a theme, which ties in with your question.


The thought is expressed in one way or another, that one who channels is sacrificing self-awareness and self-responsibility by deferring to an entity separate or different from the one who is channeling; that the necessity is to dare to own the fact that it is truly all the "'channeler" and that there isn't really any other entity; that to claim that a separate individuality is being channeled is a way of "passing the buck" -- not only relative to those who listen, but also as a means of self-denial on the part of the one channeling -- and [that the channel is] thereby not in a position of owning his power and therefore his integrity.


This line of thought, this argument, can also be applied to any individual going within in prayer and asking for guidance from the Father. The suggestion can be made that reaching out to the Father is a way of denying your already-existing integrity; that it is a way of passing the buck; that it is a way of not having to be responsible for or being able to take credit for whatever successes might follow as a result of listening for guidance.


The end result of this could be that channelers would stop channeling, that people would stop listening, that individuals would stop seeking inner guidance and begin to rely on themselves more. But in the final analysis, that has been what has gone on for centuries and has constituted "the human condition," the dream -- that which everyone is so desirous to wake up out of, to be free of.


Now, it is very simple. Each of you, anyone, who is asleep or partially asleep, is not conscious of the Totality, of the fullness of his or her Integrity, and does not experience the total Meaning of what his Individuality is. In this ignorance, however, there has been a need to survive, and so everyone has used his wits -- in other words, his limited ego frame of reference -- to succeed in surviving in one way or another.


Because listening to the ego is so closely related to survival -- which there is a great emotional feeling about -- there is a natural reluctance to let go of the ego, and letting go of this limited experience of Self is almost impossible. Also, because the limited frame of reference is the dominant one, it does not include within itself what is necessary to get beyond itself. The ego frame of reference does not include within itself what you need to get into and access your greater capacity to be aware divinely.


It would be too bad if those who are channeling decided to stop channeling because "perhaps there is a little bit of a farce to what they are doing," because, "after all, they cannot prove that there really is another entity," and "after all, it might really be some very creative part of their own individuality." But, you see, their own individuality at the moment is identified as the ego, which is a partial sense of things, and therefore does not include within itself what is necessary to get beyond itself.


So, if one begins to validate the sense of self that one is currently experiencing, and attempts, one way or another, to own his or her power, that sense of power still comes out of a limited sense of self. Likewise, those who are praying to the Father, or to the Holy Spirit, and being willing to yield to divine guidance, if they are just giving their power away and imagining a God because they feel so tiny and inconsequential, and if they stop reaching out and start depending upon themselves and giving themselves credit from within their limited frame of reference, they also will be substantiating "the human condition."


I said earlier that the process of Awakening is occurring. It has nothing to do with choice. It has to do with the fact that there are not enough active egos -- and I am speaking universally, here -- there are not enough active egos to continue to support the ongoing experience of illusion, of partial vision that is taken as fact.


So, those who, for whatever reason, attempt from the standpoint of their puny little egos, to own their power and to depend upon themselves and express self-reliance from that tiny frame of reference, are going to be attempting to substantiate that which the movement of Awakening is undoing. And as the undoing of that tiny sense of self advances, those who are working so hard to substantiate it, and who are identifying so completely with it, will feel as though they are being dissolved, undone, destroyed by this process of Awakening. And the process of Awakening will be very uncomfortable.


The simple fact is that even if you are opening up to your Self, even if you are deciding to lean into what you divinely Are, it is going to be a matter of yielding into something very different from yourself as you conceive and experience yourself to be at this moment. If you are not willing to yield to this larger Self that you do not comprehend at the moment, if you do not yield to It because you want to maintain the tiny sense of self in the process, you will not experience the enlightenment you want.


I must be very clear here. Whether you are yielding to the Father's Will, whether you are yielding to your Self, you are going to be yielding to something that is very different from the self you are currently experiencing yourself as. And this will not constitute giving your power away. You gave your power away when you identified with the ego.


To yield to your larger Self, to yield to What you divinely Are and always have been, the ego is going to define as giving away your power and becoming irresponsible. And yet that is what is going to return to you your conscious experience of your Integrity and your divinity, and your infinite conscious experience of the Movement of God which is What you Are.


Being that conscious experience of the Movement of God will constitute the infinite awareness of the Movement of Creation, from which you will find no sense of difference. You will feel the power of the Movement of Creation infinitely, and you will know you are one with It and It is one with you, but It is all God, and there is no private sense of power involved, just the infinite sense of being inseparable from that Movement of the Father which is the Movement of Creation.


Now, I say that, and there is no way to convey to you in words the Meaning of the experience. But! You are not going to move into that conscious experience if there is not a willingness on your part to yield up the private, personal, limited ego sense of self. You will not wake up from that, or escape that limit if you are not willing to yield to your greater Self, or yield to the Will of the Father. You will not even understand what the Will of the Father is until you make this unreasonable leap of faith called trusting into your Being, trusting into the Father.


How can you own your power if you don't know Who you Are? And how can you know whether you are sacrificing your Integrity if you don't know Who you Are?


Again, the simple fact is that in being willing to let go of the ego, the limited self-perception, and yielding into What is there -- when it seems as though nothing ought to be there because you have stepped outside of your ego sense of yourself -- that is the Act of Faith, the investment of trust in the existence of something more than your present sense of yourself.


That act of trust, that act of faith, that letting go of personal control, is the only way you can get across the threshold, the boundary of the ego, and begin to experience Yourself, divinely speaking, with full illumination.


As long as you are emerging from a state of ignorance, you cannot dare to hold onto that state of ignorance as though that were the means of gaining enlightenment. You don't know what to hold onto, and you don't know what is valid and what is not.


Now, the one thing you need to know in order to make that investment of faith, to make that leap of faith, is that in spite of your limited perception of What you Are and Who you Are, you are and have always been the full representation, the full expression, of the Father. It has been, and forever will be impossible for you to actually become less than what the Father is expressing.


It is absolutely impossible for you to become or to have ever been less than flawlessly divine. Anything else that you have experienced has been a concoction of the imagination based upon incomplete information. Therefore, you can dare to make this leap of faith. You can dare to let go of the rope. You can dare to let go of the control.


You can dare to go into the Silence within yourself and let go, because in letting go, you will find coming to view this forever divine Presence of the Father that You Are. You will not be swallowed up in oblivion. You will not be taken over by "the dark forces." You will not be misused by "spirits," because in letting go of the limited ego sense of yourself, you are letting go into your Integrity, and when you are holding onto that limited ego sense of yourself, you are holding onto a lack of Integrity.


I will tell you something: You cannot get into the Kingdom of Heaven by an act of the will. You cannot get into clarity through a willful act of owning your power when you haven't even listened to find out Who you Are, because your act of reaching will be from a limited, puny, worthless and guilty stance.


This is a very important point. You must yield into the Kingdom of Heaven. You must yield into What you divinely Are and the conscious experience of It.


The ego is the equivalent of willfulness. Thus, any use of willfulness constitutes an act of the ego, which is a denial of the Kingdom of Heaven and a denial of your divine Self-hood. But, the ego suggests that it is only through the use of will that you and your true character and integrity stand forth as who you are. So, what I am describing -- at least from the ego's standpoint -- constitutes a complete loss of identity, a complete loss of your integrity. Yet, it is the ego frame of reference that constitutes the lack of Integrity and has constituted "the human condition" all of these centuries -- the very thing each one of you is experiencing an inner drive to become free of, because there is something in you at some very deep level that is clearly beginning to feel that it is an illegitimate imposition upon you.


It is in the absence of the act of human will, of ego will, that you can slip across the ego limit and reaccess your experience of Who you Are divinely, and that will feel like yielding to something different from you, because this "you" that you are familiar with is a distorted or incomplete experience of Who you Are.


So, you must be willing to dare to discover Who you Are. And I am here to let each one of you know that in that transition -- and I'm not talking about death. I am talking about a shift of consciousness, an altering of perception. In that shift of consciousness, you will come into your right Mind, and you will feel your Sanity again. You will feel your Wholeness and your Integrity, and your Christ-hood, and your guiltlessness.


You cannot storm the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven. You must let yourself through them -- allow. You must let yourself into the experience of Who you Are. You must do it without knowing ahead of time what it will mean, because you are doing it with blinders on, and the blinders will not disappear until you do it. So, you must understand that it is simply part of the process of Awakening that you will yield to that which you do not grasp beforehand, because what you are yielding to is beyond the limit of the ignorance you are employing.


Again: it will be able to be claimed that you are giving your Power away, that you are reaching for something that isn't there, that you are accommodating your sense of inadequacy by imagining something more that you are yielding to. But I will tell you something: You are not imagining it! You are very deeply Remembering it, because your submergence in ignorance or limitation hasn't changed Who you Are, and therefore has not successfully eradicated the memory and has not successfully covered up the availability of the conscious experience of Who and What you divinely Are.


I bring this up so that you might not be confused with the subtle arguments of the ego, as expressed by others, as they fear to make that leap of faith into, as I said earlier, "God knows what!" You are making that leap of faith into the all-knowing Mind that is God, that is fully expressed in each one of you -- your own right Mind, in other words.


The crossing of the little gap, as is spoken of in the Course, is a leap of faith, where you yield to That which you have no prior conception of. As you step across the little gap, having no assurance whatsoever that there is any solid ground on the other side of it, you will find the Father coming, and being the very solidness of your Being -- not just a place to step, but the very Being of You will be the immovable security of existence, because You and Existence are not two separate things.


You are all like the Prodigal. But remember that when the Prodigal gave up dallying with the ego and decided to come home, "when he was yet a long way off," his father came to him. The father didn't sit at home saying, "Well, he went! He's got to come back on his own, too. He's got to feel every step of the way that as long as he's not in my home, he's not in my home, and he cannot have the comfort of my presence until he gets to where I am." No.


The conscious intent, the felt desire to Awaken, is "responded to," you might say, and the Father, and all those Who are expressing the Will of the Father -- in other words, all those Who are totally Awake -- come to you as a family, come to you where you are, and love you right where you feel so ignorant and so lost, and so incomplete, and so worthless, and say to you, "You are loved, and you are Whole. And you never were what you thought you became. And you never lost your birthright. And your inheritance is yours, and always was. Open your eyes and accept."


But this You who comes back into his or her right Mind is a You that you must dare to Yield up your private sense of self-hood to. You must be willing to chuck the garments that make you feel so tiny, so that the Whole You that you always have been might be uncovered. And this process of yielding will feel like giving up your power!


It isn't the tiny ego sense of self that will be exalted into something worthwhile. It is the limits of that sense of self that will dissolve and leave clearly present the divine One that You Are.


As I said, this is a very important point. It is a very important point at this time because there are shifts that are occurring -- not earth shifts, but inner shifts of consciousness -- that are being greatly supported by those of the Brotherhood Who are Awake. And it is important for you not to be sidetracked from your willingness to yield to Who you divinely Are just because there are "educated" suggestions being made that such a yielding constitutes a disowning of your power.


If you are going to get beyond the limits of your present sense of perception, you must be willing to abandon your present sense of perception and yield into your greater capacity to be aware -- an ever-present and presently-present capacity!


It is the constant act or use of will from a limited perspective that constitutes your dallying with the ego "in a far land" -- a Prodigal. You are not going to be able to bring the Prodigal back Home with you. You are going to have to leave that sense of yourself there, and come Home into your already-existing Inheritance, your already-existing fulfillment, that has never been withheld from you, but which, through ignorance, you have turned your back upon so that you might dally with an ego sense of yourself, a limited sense of yourself, a private one, with the thrill of the challenge and the glory of success -- but success at what? Being a Prodigal -- minus the conscious experience of your fulfillment that relieves you of any need to be successful or to gain success.


Now, I could go on, but we would get away from the point. Remember, yielding is part and parcel of the process of Awakening, and it will be an experience of yielding to That which you do not know yet. It will not be an enhancement of your ego. And, because you are absolutely divine, and have never been anything less, your willingness to do this Yielding, this leap of faith, is assured of success, because in letting go of the act of will that creates the experience of separation, you inevitably have opened yourself up to the experience of your unity with the Father -- and therefore your conscious experience of your Integrity, which, I will tell you, you will never let go of again.


Understand the process of this Awakening, so that you may remain clear in your intent, or so that you may even -- I am going to say - "intelligently" refuse to engage in it yet. But let us not be so ignorant that educated opinions that float around about channeling or about the process of inner guidance will influence you to drop the whole thing and to once again strengthen the ego and "the human condition."



Guidance and the Use of Common Sense


QUESTION: You have described illness as illegitimate and as an illusion. You have also used the term "contagious disease" in an example of the need for using common sense in the nitty-gritty of daily life. I don't think I know how to use common sense about illness because I don't know which of the many versions of cause and effect are myth and which are true. If someone has a cold or gets the measles, is it because (A) they were afraid of getting sick, (B) their body is simply eliminating toxins, (C) viruses are attacking the system, probably spread from some contagious person, (D) some combination of the above, or (E) none of the above?


Also I would like to know what my attitude toward vaccinations for children should be. Are they helpful or are they hurtful or are they irrelevant?


RAJ: Common sense relates directly to your level of comfort. Whatever allows you to remain in your comfort zone is common sense.


Now, relative to vaccinations for your children, there are two things you can do. You can listen within as to the appropriateness or inappropriateness of it, and you can also pay attention to your comfort zone. When I say that, I am really speaking of your threshold of fear, because, I will tell you something: It will do no good for you to stand on principles or on a "should" system that is based upon Absolute Fact when doing so throws you into panic or fear. There is no love in that.


You must ask yourself, "what affords me the greatest peace?" And then do whatever provides you with that sense of peace, because your sense of peace, experienced, generates harmony around you, and everyone is blessed.


Now, I am not saying that if you are afraid, that your fear will cause your children to become infected with whatever the inoculation would have prevented, because their own innate comfort zone will be governing them as well. The point is: As the parent, as the one whom society places the responsibility for the children upon, you must be willing to work within your comfort zone. If that means, at this time, to have the inoculations, then have the inoculations. They certainly will not hurt the children. They will constitute an act of caring, an act of love that you are able to give from your best clarity at the moment.


Now, if you ask for inner guidance relative to the inoculations and the answer you get is, "No, you do not get the inoculations," and you find that that throws you into a state of concern, then you must, in spite of the guidance, be honest with where you are, love where you are, and do what you need to do in order to be at peace, even if that means getting the inoculations.


You are not ever -- and this applies to everyone -- to override your best clarity on the basis of guidance. You are never to override your threshold of fear on the basis of guidance. If the guidance you get brings you up against your limit and you become upset, do not act on the guidance yet. This is a time to ask a thousand more questions until you have gotten the clarity that allows you to act in harmony with the guidance without eliciting fear.


The guidance that elicits fear or puts you up against your limit, is guidance that is given because it is appropriate for you to come up against and move through that limit and gain your equilibrium at a new level. But do not just willy-nilly override the fear, or you will overwhelm yourself. And then you will question the validity of guidance and of your even listening to it.


Understand that guidance is not just a provision of answers, but the provision of the motivation and the nourishment necessary to move through limits that you are not legitimately bound by. Violating those limits will generate fear in the ego. And so, when you find yourself getting guidance that makes you uneasy, persist in asking for further clarification. If the further clarification seems to be taking time and action is required [now], then revert to your best judgment, which allows you to be in your peace. In other words, revert to common sense. And, as the definition of common sense, understand that it means not moving across your threshold of fear and overwhelming yourself.


Humanly speaking, the answer to the first part of your question would be, "all of the above." But, nevertheless, illness in any form is illegitimate, is not valid, is not to be honored, and is to be dismissed by you.


Now for those of you who would like to copy what I am going to say, I will give you time to get out a piece of paper and a pencil. I am going to give you what I call an Authorization:


I authorize my body to release whatever is not necessary to its perfect functioning, and I withdraw any prior conscious or unconscious authorization to the contrary.


As I said earlier, it is the intent of your body -- it's reason for being -- to identify the presence of your Individuality perfectly. Therefore, when you use this Authorization, you are not coercing a material body into obedience to the Divine. You are actually bringing your thought processes, your thinking, into alignment with what it is already the intent of your body to do. At least for the period of time in which you are making this authorization, you are not introducing energetic, emotional feelings that are at odds with your body's intent to identify you perfectly.


This Authorization does two things: the one I have just mentioned of bringing about mental or inner alignment with the Truth. The second thing it does is that it reminds you that you are not at the mercy of anything else, that you are in authority. This does not mean you are in authority as a little ego, but it means, rather, that as the direct expression of the Father, you are inviolable. And if you are inviolable, then you are in authority relative to what is true about you. Nothing else is.


It is time for you to stop being submissive to disease, whether it seems to be the manifestation of a virus or not, because I will tell you something: The moment you become clear about your authority, about your inviolability, or at least when you become consistent with the Fact, then whether the source of the problems seems to have been a virus or not, you will begin instantly to find the manifestations disappearing.


Now, you asked about cause and effect. Three dimensionally speaking there is no such thing as cause and effect. Cause does not arise out of the three dimensional frame of reference. This is why it is important for each and every one of you to come to the point of understanding that your thinking is not the cause of anything. Therefore, you are wasting your time to try to cause your health to occur by means of your thinking.


As I said earlier, and let us be clear on this, you may use your thinking and your reasoning and your logic to help you arrive at a point of such clarity about the allness of God that you are able to let go of the thinking and yield into that Allness without exercising any control whatsoever. It is the ego that tries to have control, and it is the ego that blocks your experience of the presence of God as the constituting Presence of You.


So, where does Cause arise from? It arises Fourth-dimensionally. And that which is the Cause is the Father. That which is the Cause is the Life-Principle. I mentioned yesterday that the First Cause, the infinite Mind, moves. Its movement is the Movement of Creation. It experiences Its movement and recognizes Itself in It. The Movement of Creation is the movement of Self-recognition.


I am going to put it this way: The Movement of Creation is the movement of the Self-recognition of the Father, which constitutes conscious experience -- the conscious experience of Being.


Therefore, the Cause is the Event. It is important to understand this distinction because as you are used to thinking of cause and effect, they can be two entirely separate things. Paul can knock over this cup causing the water to spill, and the event will be a mess -- two different things. But the First Cause, the Movement of God, is the Event that constitutes Life. The Event of God is not what you call an effect of God that would be different from what God is.


The word "Being" should be understood to be a verb and not a noun. And the movement of Being is the Event called the conscious experience of Being which is the conscious experience of the Movement of Life, the Movement of Creation.


So, if your children have played with a playmate, who you subsequently find out has chicken pox, are you going to play into the fear that cause lies in bacteria or a virus and that, indeed, something at one point of the "physical universe" can move to another point and govern the second point? Or are you going to acknowledge that there is only one Cause and that Cause is, Itself, the Event called Life, and because that Cause is indivisible, the Event is indivisible and therefore cannot be at odds with Itself? And are you then not only going to embrace your children in that clarity, but are you also going to include the neighbor's child who himself or herself is suffering from the imposition of an ego frame of reference?


If you embrace all within the awareness of the indivisibility of God, and the fact that Cause does not lie in the three-dimensional frame of reference but lies in the Movement of God, Himself, you will find your children not even seeming to come down with the disease. And you will also find the child who seems to have it recovering most amazingly rapidly.


Now, I encourage all of you to give some further thought to this idea of cause and effect. Cause and effect are the split perception of the Cause that is the indivisible Event, Fourth-dimensionally speaking. Cause and effect are the third-dimensional, divided, distorted perception of the indivisible Event of the Movement of God when that Movement of God is looked at through the lens of the ego. The distortion is inherent in the vantage point, not in what is being looked at, because always what is being looked at is the presence of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, Reality -- flawless, perfect, harmonious, incapable of being polarized or at odds with Itself.


So, always, right where you seem to see something inconsistent with what God is, always right at that point is what God really Is awaiting your experience of It -- an experience that is available to you when you choose not to look at It from the divided and divisive vantage point of the ego. And you have the authority to lay claim to the undistorted experience of It.


That is what you are doing when you utilize this authorization that I have given you. Understand that you may exchange any part of the body for the word "body." "I authorize my knee..." "I authorize my throat..." "I authorize my digestive tract to release whatever is not necessary to its perfect functioning . . ." "I authorize my circulatory system to release whatever is not necessary to its perfect functioning…"


Remind yourself often of your exemption from suffering. Remind yourself that you are exempt from it because you are not this little pissant mortal. You are the presence of the Father -- that the Father is the Presence that appears to be you and is recognizable as a unique expression of Life, a unique expression of the Father -- and then claim your exemption!



Inconsistencies in Channeled Information


QUESTION: My question concerns all the irregularities and inconsistencies in New Age information, both channeled and non-channeled.


RAJ: Each one is, in his process of Awakening, returning Home -- returning to that pure and perfect consciousness of All That Is -- and the route, you might say, of returning Home is governed by the route by which one left.


If we did not speak in language that could be understood, there would be no education, there would be no growth, there would be no forward movement. Therefore, you will not find absolute consistency in what is said. As I have stated before, that which will trigger the Awakening of an Australian aborigine will be very different from that which will trigger the Awakening of a scientist in the western world.


So, let there be discernment used on your part, as you hear the various things that are coming forth. Trust that you have the inherent capacity to recognize Truth, and then avail yourself of that which nourishes your own journey Home. Value that which specifically relates to your boundary-breaking processes. Understand that you may even find bits and pieces of information from one who is generally not talking in your language that will trigger your awakening as well as those things which are said more consistently in the language of your present Awakening process.


In other words, I encourage you not to attempt to categorize all of the various sources of material so that you say, "This one is right and that one is wrong," or, "This one is right for me and that one is wrong for me," because, you do not know what inconsistencies there are in your ego structures. I mean by that that in some respects, you are very advanced, and in other respects there are smatterings of old belief structures which are still resident that could be identified as "traditional theology." Therefore, you may very well find information coming from one source triggering the release of those smatterings of older historically-valued beliefs, even though nothing else that is said triggers anything in you.


So, be willing to allow for the possibility of your Awakening being supported by the most unlikely sources. This means, do not embrace everyone totally, as though everything that is said is "God's Truth," but also, do not categorically deny any single source or group of sources, et cetera.


You can see from what I have said that there is no apparently external dependable source for you to rely on to the point of ignoring your own capacity to discern Truth. There is no dependable source that will support your being self-irresponsible.


At the bottom line, you, at all times, have to honor your capacity to recognize Truth and then govern yourself according to it. And, of course, this is the way it has to be, because you will only access your greater capacity to be aware divinely as a result of embracing the divinity of you that has always been present, but which has been ignored. Thus, your movement Home will always be the result of your own commitment to and investment in your divinity, your exercise or practice of your capacity to recognize Truth.


For you to arrive Home, for you to arrive at a point where you are in your right Mind, you must embrace It regardless of anyone else. In other words, you must walk into the Kingdom of Heaven on your own two feet, knowing that you have taken every single step, and that you have not arrived there by virtue of riding in on someone else's shoulders, else you will not feel that you truly belong there, that you truly deserve to be there.


Waking up, truly is a matter of embracing your own Integrity more and more completely, and that embracing involves a commitment to your own divinity more and more completely. So, utilize the information that is coming through for the purpose of measuring it against your deepest level of Knowing, and where it supports and confirms your Knowing, embrace it and experience the confirmation and therefore the strengthening of your own Integrity that you feel. And in that way, experience taking another step yourself


There is, of course, a great tendency to invest unwarranted trust in the educational activities of others, and to feel that you can afford to hear what is said and accept it without questioning. But that is foolishness. It is foolishness because it involves engaging in an activity that lacks your own integrity. In other words, you are engaging in an activity where you cannot find your own integrity because you are leaning on the supposed integrity of the one from whom you are learning. I say "supposed" because until you have measured what has been said according to your deepest level of Knowing and have found your Integrity to have been confirmed, you do not know for a fact whether that other one has integrity or not.


You are the one. You are the essential figure, here. It is your reintegration, your reembracing of your divinity that is the only important thing. And you have infinite resources [divine guidance] around you to support that reintegration. But you must understand that it is your reintegration and your clearer experience of your integrity that is the only important thing! In other words, you are that which is important, which causes a "Teacher" to be valuable. But the Teacher is not to become the focal point. It is your education that is important. It is your growth, your integration, your reembracing of your Self in your Totality. That is the whole purpose for there even being a Teacher. And if you keep that in mind, you will not be confused, and it will become irrelevant whether there is consistency or not in what the Teachers are saying.


What you say to a youngster is entirely different from what you say to a mature adult, even if you are talking about the same subject, because there is less perspective available to utilize in the teaching process when you are speaking to a youngster. You do not disclose all of the knowledge that is available to share because it would be overwhelming and there is not the capacity in the youngster to correlate it all with proper balance and perspective.


That is why you find inconsistencies, together with the fact that the particular path that each one has taken in forgetting Home, in moving away from the conscious experience of Home, is what needs to be addressed in order to help that one retrace his particular steps of undoing his conscious experience of Home, and that will also contribute to apparent discrepancies.


QUESTION: Thank you.



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