VOL. 6  NOS. 3 & 4



A Look at 1989


QUESTION: I would like to talk about 1989, and more specifically what I see with many people around me. They seem to be tearing down everything they built up over many years -- not intentionally, but it seems that there are major shifts and transformations going on for a lot of people. Is this a big transformation year, or how do you see things for the balance of 1989?


RAJ: If I may put it this way, the push is on. And specifically, the push has been on since the 16th of April. There is a great deal of help being provided -- not coercion. It is rather like moving ahead on the path and clearing the way so that your forward movement can happen most effortlessly when the decision to move forward has been made. 


There is indeed, during this year, going to be a great deal of unrutting -- not just unrutting though, but "establishing anew," at new levels. There will be forthcoming a greater degree of intelligent order through conscious cooperation around your globe. And there will at the same time be a great deal of personal resistance to it. But nevertheless, the establishment of this cooperation will occur on a sound basis. The same thing will be reflected locally in individual countries, in individual communities. 


It is a year of reconfiguration. Reconfiguration that was set into motion last year. This is the year of manifestation of intents that were set into motion last year as a result of the decision as to what side of the fence one was going to stand upon. Whether people thought about it consciously or not, last year was a year in which it became clearer where one stood, allowing thereby a decision to be made to stand there and be responsible for it -- own the position. 


A fork in the road had been reached in 1988, and literally the choice for peace or war, conflict or harmony, was the focus of that "Y" in the road. And I may say at this time that the choice that was made was for peace, and the movement now is absolutely -- and I will say irrevocably -- in the direction of peace. There are some doubting Thomases. There are some old die-hards, who are not giving up on the other fork in the road, but their objections are so much tinkling brass -- a nuisance, but not affective. 


There are many things to be taken care of in the establishment of peace and harmony -- economically, socially, environmentally -- but you will find them beginning to be attended to. You can dare to let go of fear, but you cannot dare to let go of the need for attention to the establishing of harmony, the establishment of cooperation and good-will -- especially with those who were once conceived to be enemies only. But the turn in the road has occurred. And although there may be occasional skirmishes, they will be fleeting, weak, and useless, accomplishing nothing. The tide has turned.


QUESTION: I'm a stock broker by trade, and I guess I'm curious not only about the United States but our whole world. Financially will we have big swings in both directions, or do you see a fairly progressive growing and budding? Do we have some yet difficult times ahead economically for the United States and the world?


RAJ: I am going to be very clear here. There is not going to be any collapse of the economy -- either of your country or on a world scale -- nor is there going to be any disastrous swing in your country or in the world. A new level of conscientious intelligence, if I may put it that way, is beginning to come into play. A world consciousness is beginning to be employed -- not by the common man in the street, but by those who are responsible for the government of the countries, those who are managing the affairs of state, the affairs of the economy, the affairs of society. It is not that they are putting forward a new concept, a new vision for the world to rally behind. It is, rather, an acknowledgment of something that has already been existing in spite of the fact that the various countries of the world have been fooling themselves into thinking that they are independent. 


This world view that is being embraced is "the way it really is" being acknowledged for the first time. There are adjustments that will occur as the needs are addressed in this more realistic context. But because this new view is a clearer perception of Reality, there is a greater degree of intelligence and a sounder basis for wisdom that will be underlying any of the changes that occur. As a result, the effects of the changes will not be generally alarming, nor will they be generally unsettling to the economy or the defense of the various countries. 


Therefore, if there was reason for people to invest in their country, in their businesses, in the economy, there will be increased reason for making an investment of faith in it as these next few years pass.


Again, I will say, we have turned the corner, the tide has turned, the shift has happened. We have passed the "Y" in the road, and we are indeed moving into a New Age of greater intelligence, greater wisdom that embraces simple humanity -- that which is humane, that which serves man and all that is valuable to man. 


Now, sweeping changes are not going to occur in the next six or twelve months, but the publicized activities of the unification and cooperation, even though they will seem to be unbelievable at first, will inspire a greater faith, and justify greater hope, and thus provide a greater willingness to invest, if you will, trust and dollars in the economy of the world. And you will find within the next three years, increasing world-wide investment, not just local investment, by the man in the street.


QUESTION: Is there anything that you feel is important for me to know?


RAJ: Only this: Be curious and alert for the evidences in the world of greater cohesiveness. Be curious and alert to see the clearer evidences of Reality. Be curious and alert to see divinity emerging in the middle of humanity -- not in lofty spiritual places, but in the marketplaces. Be alert for it in the most unexpected places.



The Multi-faceted Crystal Ball


QUESTION: I have a question relating to one Mind and our individual nature. I can't formulate a question. Could you discuss that for me? Have I said enough for you to talk about it?


RAJ: Yes, you have. Individuality, from the limited standpoint that you are observing/experiencing It, appears to be finite -- an individuality among individualities. You section it off conceptually by virtue of considering yourself to be "the body" that is with you at all times as opposed to the bodies of other individualities. But, Individuality is not physical. Individuality is identical with consciousness, awareness, and I will guarantee you that to whatever degree you have explored consciousness, you have not come to an edge, a limit. So, your experience of Individuality has always been limitless. But, there is something about that limitlessness that you haven't discovered yet. And that is that everything is embraced within it. 


You see, the infinite Mind has not created an infinite number of infinite minds called "individualities" -- and I am going to give you this illustration, which I do not want you to try to take with 100% seriousness, but it expresses the idea. 


If you would imagine that God, the infinite Mind is like a multi-faceted crystal ball. And if you were to imagine that each facet of this ball were conscious Individuality, and then you were to view that facet from within the interior of the ball, you would find that that facet reflected every other facet -- embraced, included, every other facet. And indeed the volume of the ball being inseparable from the facet, the infinite Mind that God is constitutes the infinite Mind of the facet, and the facet does not have a separate Mind from God nor from any other facet and its unique reflection of every other facet. 


So, there is only God infinitely expressed as facets. The expression of the facets does not constitute the expression of something separate or different from God, and yet each facet reflects all that God is and embraces all that God is, and has distinctness to it without in any way becoming separate from God or any other facet. 


When you are yielding to the Father, when you are yielding to God, you are yielding to Yourself; you are yielding to the Oneness of the Brotherhood of Man -- the "brotherhood," you might say, of the facets. You are yielding to what You Are and what God Is. This is why the statement could be made, "You never have to go any further than your own mind to find God." 


Now, let us look at it from a different vantage point. Let us look at the facet from the exterior surface of the ball. And let us consider the exterior surface, the plane of any particular facet, as constituting all there is of individuality. Now we are talking about the ego, because nothing below the plane of that surface is embraced consciously. From this vantage point, each facet appears to be quite distinct from every other facet. There is a definite line of demarcation at the edge of every facet, and so the experience is one of isolation, separation. 


Communication must be a matter of somehow bridging the gap between the facets. And out of that sense of loneliness -- which, of course, is only a partial sense of what that facet truly is when seen as we have just described it from within the ball -- comes fear, vulnerability, manipulation, communication rather than communion, and all the rest of what has been described as the "human condition."


When one is looking at one's spiritual growth from the surface of the facet, it is conceived that the awakened conscious experience of Being will simply be an enhanced experience of "being a facet." It is as though individuality -- meaning the surface of the facet -- is somehow going to attain some divine status as a still-separated-facet in which the suffering associated with being an isolated facet is no longer experienced. It is conceived that the single facet that discovers its divinity will discern the divinity of every other facet, and as a result all of these separate facets will be able to cooperate with each other, love each other, but still as individual facets, and that "peace on earth" will reign -- peace on the surface of the ball will reign. 


But, Awakening is a matter of shifting from the surface awareness to the interior view from that same surface -- but on the other side -- in which one finds every other facet to be an inseparable part of Oneself, and where communication gives way to forever conscious communion -- unity -- without one ever losing the distinctness of the facet that he is which causes his experience of God to be identical with every other one and at the same time unique. What this means is that God's experience of Himself is at once universal but infinitely unique. 


So, getting to know your Self means identically the same thing as getting to know God. To come face to face with Who you really Are means to come face to face with God. And in this shifted view, this altered state of Consciousness -- altered from what you are presently experiencing -- you come into the experience of your omnipotence, your invulnerability, your integrity, and you become inseparable from -- in the flow of -- the movement of the Father which is the movement of Creation. The movement of Creation is no longer something happening to you, but something that you Are. But not by virtue of being it from the standpoint of the facet, because your identification is no longer with the facet, but with the Whole of the interior of the ball, which is the infinite Actuality of God. 


In experiencing being the Movement of Creation, there is no longer a tiny, separated sense of power. There is no egotism. There is the fully integrated experience of being nothing less than and nothing different from God being! 


Now, this experience is very insulting to the arrogant little ego sense as it sees itself from the surface, the exterior, of the ball. Because it pretends to greatness, it must forever attempt to achieve greatness, power, and control over the circumstances. But that attempt blocks the ability to make a 180-degree shift, so that the view is no longer to the exterior, but to the interior, where infinity constitutes the conscious experience of Being. 


You see, there is not God and then something else called the conscious individuality that you are. There is God! And God's Self-expression constitutes that conscious Individuality that you are. And that conscious Individuality that you are is all of what God is -- nothing more and nothing less. Nothing different and nothing the same. 


You start out in your process of Awakening becoming obedient to God, and that ultimately yields to being God. It ultimately yields to the allowing of God to be all there is of you, with no further claim to existence as the surface of the plane of the facet on the external surface of the ball. 


Now, you must understand that I have used a crystal ball, multi-faceted, which is a three-dimensional form, and I have used that to describe a Fourth-dimensional Actuality, and so you cannot take every aspect of what I have said and transfer it. But, you have gotten the idea.


QUESTION: That was beautiful, Raj.


RAJ: Truth is beautiful. It is not just a "fact." It is not just an essential piece of data that could be stored in some divine computer. Truth is living. It is Real. And, it is beautiful.


QUESTION: As you were speaking, I had a sense of infinite Mind looking out through an infinite pair of eyes to perceive that, "It is I."


RAJ: "And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was, verily, God." That is the essential movement of Consciousness or Mind that constitutes Self-recognition, and Self-recognition constitutes the Integrity of the Conscious experience of Being. God sees Himself in everything that He sees. Your problem is that you do not see your Self in everything that you see. And your Awakening involves discovering your Self everywhere you look. But you will not discover your Self truly, everywhere you look, until you begin to consciously embrace yourself as being divine and not just some poor mortal creature attempting to lift itself by its bootstraps into some divine status. 


Not only are you already in the Kingdom of Heaven, you are already the Christ.


QUESTION: So, when we speak of the eternality of Individuality, we're not speaking of the eternality of Beatrice, we're speaking of the eternality of the Self-conscious Identity of Being, which is Mind, which is God, which through one facet is Beatrice?


RAJ: That is very close to being completely correct. Except, remember that from the interior view of the ball, you are not a single facet. The facet is simply a small area of what you are in your Totality.


I will tell you something: There are those who are impressed that I am Jesus. And that is because they conceptualize themselves from the surface of the ball as an individual and separated facet, and they conceptualize me as being another facet that is especially polished. So, they view me as a "divine personage." But, I am not the facet, "Jesus," any more than you are the facet "Beatrice." I am the presence of the Father. Nothing more, nothing less. And you are the presence of the Father. Nothing more, nothing less. 


So, those who would be impressed will be disappointed, because I am not their concept of the personage, "Jesus," speaking. I am the clarity of divine intelligence, expressed and expressing, having that particular facet on the surface of the ball that was identified in the past as the one called Jesus. But, I promise you, I am not limiting myself to the surface perception of that facet, and therefore I am not expressing as personality.


QUESTION: What can I do to not limit myself to a facet?


RAJ: By first of all acknowledging that, indeed, you are in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven. You are in the middle of Reality. The tables, the chairs, the trees and the colors that you see are absolutely divine, existing as the direct and current expression of the Creative Movement of God. Therefore they are expressions of Meaning, rather than expressions of form -- Meanings which are specifically themselves, and therefore express the Integrity of their specific expression of Meaning, which constitutes all of the elements that you would call "structure," and which you are experiencing as form. 


Then, in recognizing that they exist as Meaning expressed -- Meaning, which is perfectly tangible to the Mind that is expressing that Meaning -- begin to pay attention within to that place where you experience Meanings, and feel for the Meaning of the table, or the color "red," or the trees, or your fingernails, or your body, or any other manifestation that you see. 


Your direct perception of another, your direct experience of another, will come as a result of feeling for the Meaning that has found expression in that specific aspect. The most direct route to your fellow man is right through the center of You, and the most direct route to your undistorted experience of manifestations is right through the center of your Being.


QUESTION: Yes. That sounds so clear while you are speaking, and I seem to forget it from one moment to the next in life.


RAJ: Your habit of perception distracts you. But, I will tell you something: As you begin to let yourself into the experience of the Meaning of a thing, the power, the impact of having the clearer experience of the truth of a thing, will substantiate and promote your further exploration into the experience of the Meaning of things. And this will pick up momentum. So, rather than putting yourself down because you have it and then you lose it, you experience it and then it is gone, let there be joy that the experience was had. The fact that the experience occurred means that you are not entrenched in the habit to the degree that you experience no variance from the habit of perception. And let that little experience that "came and went" spur you on to more experiences that may come and go. You're just breaking an old habit.


QUESTION: The last time we were here, we spent quite a bit of time talking to Paul and found a great deal of interest and benefit and stimulation from that. My question is: Is it possible for Paul to speak as himself in the capacity of a teacher?


RAJ: That is not only possible, but it is greatly to be desired, because in the final analysis it is not Christ Jesus -- and now you understand that the word "Christ" means that conscious Individuality which is in no way separating itself from the Whole of the interior of the [crystal] ball, and that Jesus represents the individual facet -- it is not the point for Christ Jesus to be expressed. It is the point for Christ Paul to be expressed. It is the point for Christ Beatrice and Christ David to be expressed. 


My integration has occurred! Yours needs to occur consciously -- all three of you. Because in that occurrence the Brotherhood of Man -- the multi-faceted surface of the ball -- comes into the clearer experience of Its conscious Integrity. I am going to express this in human terms of emotion, which is not accurate but expresses the idea. We long for experiencing everyone -- all of Us -- in full possession of Our conscious Integrity. We -- those of us who are totally awake -- long for being with you without your being unconscious of Who You Are, behaving as though all there is to you is the surface facet.


QUESTION: Thank you. I would like a definition of "reflection."


RAJ: "And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was, verily, God." Reflection is the act of Mind being cast back upon Itself and recognizing Itself without any objective reflector such as a mirror. Reflection is the Movement of Mind. So, as you are familiar, you are reflection! You are the reflection of God, but not the reflection as in a mirror. You are not an image of God. You, as consciousness or mind, you as conscious Individuality, are the presence of God being God. You are not the presence of God being a "reflection" called Beatrice. You are the Movement of Mind that is Reflection.



Magic & Healing


QUESTION: A friend, the other night, brought up the subject of magic, and she said that it was all through A Course in Miracles, and I found it really strange, because here I've read it, and it never was something I thought about or focused on.


RAJ: I will tell you something: When magic is mentioned in the Course, it is always with reference to the insane beliefs of the ego. That which the ego says it can accomplish is illusion, and if what the ego says it can accomplish is believed in, then the belief is a belief in magic. But, the Course does not speak of magic in a real or validating way. 


Miracles are not magic! They are movements and evidences of the divine Will, allowed into one's experience, as a result of not engaging the ego and therefore denying the manifestation of the presence of the Will of God. It is to deny the Will of God and then believe that one, in his own right, has the capacity to accomplish something that can be defined as magic. And it is total illusion. The purpose of the Course is to uncover that fact and free one from the practice of magic, if you will. And that is the fact.


QUESTION: If somebody says that they recognize that they're sick, and they want to heal themselves ... there's something about just praying to God to make them better that isn't the same as getting the mind to heal them. Is that true?


RAJ: That is true. The mind that would, by its operations, cause a healing to occur, is the ego. And that is magic.


QUESTION: Wait! Having a mind that is causing the healing is magic?


RAJ: That is correct. Now, for clarification here, anyone who attempts, through certain mental practices, to cause their body to reconfigure in a way that can be identified as healing, is engaging in manipulation, and it is totally unnecessary to identify oneself in any way with God in order to do this. 


There are those in the world who are practicing mental healing practices who are using their human mind, as they would put it, to accomplish healing. Any form of healing that seems to result from these practices is the result of the exercise of human will and does not constitute true healing. 


Now, on the other hand, if the human mind, with all of its reasoning capacities, is utilized to bring about, through the use of logic and reason, a clear understanding or concept of the omnipotence of God, the allness of God, and therefore the fact that there cannot truly be present anything unlike God, and as a result of this reasoning arrives at a point of letting go of the need for personal control over his physical health, that one, through the use of his human mind, can arrive at a point of letting go and yielding to the Father's Will -- letting the Father in, or letting the Holy Spirit in, joining with the Father, joining with the Holy Spirit, letting in one's Guide, or joining with one's Guide. In that act of defenseless yielding, and the releasing of the practice of human will, the influx of the divine presence of the Father is experienced as healing. 


But you see, the difference here is that in this latter way, the healing is the result of a conscious experience of joining with the Father, and not through any practice of human will. Whereas the former is the practice of human will and is therefore nothing more and nothing less than magic -- the practice of and the belief in illusion. 


I will tell you something else: The one who, through the practice of human will, seems to bring about a healing is then obligated to personally maintain that healing because it is a creation of his human will. And the moment he becomes weak in his resolve, that which was healed can seem to return, because its disappearance was not the result of yielding to the Father's Will. Those who, through the practice of magic, which pretty well covers all forms of metaphysical healing, who arrive at a point of not being able to personally maintain their health, are faced with the need, the demand, for yielding to the Father's Will, and experience the true healing, the uncovering of their divine perfection as a result of letting go of human will. And this is a miracle, but it is not magic.


QUESTION: I'm not really sure if my understanding was wrong, or there's two things here. I thought that in the Course, when they did talk about the mind, the mind was not necessarily the human mind, but the mind would be the connection between the level where the Soul and God would come together -- would be like higher than the brain.


RAJ: Yes, indeed. That is correct. But when we are speaking of magic, we are speaking of that which is practiced by the human mind, which does not allow for or embrace an awareness of anything outside of itself -- which necessarily is the definition of the ego. What the ego practices is magic. And what that mind which is identifying with and yielding to the Father "practices" is the allowing of the Father's Will to be all that exists. The transformation that occurs in human experience as a result of that is not magic, even though it is miraculous.


QUESTION: Thank you.



Viruses & Illness as Purification


QUESTION: I would like to talk about physical symptoms -- viruses, illnesses. Are these always blocked-up feelings, or are they some type of necessary cleansing of the Soul? Or are they a combination of both?


RAJ: Your Soul is immaculately pure and flawless. It does not develop. It does not grow. It does not become cleansed or purified. Your defenses against experiencing Its purity are the only things, which dissolve and leave. Your defenses are the only thing you become cleansed of.


As the defenses leave, you experience your already-flawless and immaculate Soul more clearly. You say that you have become purified, but it is simply that your perceptions have become less distorted. It is not that what you see or experience has improved, it is that your vision has improved, if I may put it that way.


Now, all dissonance, all conflict, all polarities are representative of the denial of one's divinity, the unwillingness to embrace one's absolute perfection, the unwillingness to embrace the Fact that one is the full manifestation of the Movement of the Father, the Life-Principle, God, Father/Mother. When one is denying one's Self, one cannot be comfortable because it is a dissonance form of insanity, and that dissonance or discomfort from Self-denial registers in one's experience as physical dissonance.


Whether it is one person in an altercation with another person, whether it is one part of one's body acting at odds with another part, whether one's body seems to be acting at odds with oneself, et cetera, the dissonance of Self-denial will be reflected in one's experience. Therefore, the solution is always a matter of becoming more significantly in touch with what one divinely Is. The solution lies in the willingness to release whatever justifications one is employing for not embracing his Good fully. 


The viruses, the diseases, the problems, are not there for your learning. They are there representing resistances that are being employed. They are the dissonance that should serve as the dinner bell saying that you have gotten off track, you have gotten out of sync with your Self, you are acting, thinking, believing, and feeling at odds with Reality. Therefore, the call is always for opening up to, becoming defenseless against, the experience of Reality, which always will be reflected as restored harmony, whether it is physical, whether it is environmental, whether it is economic -- whatever.



Martha & Mary


QUESTION: The one question I have, and it's been a question I've been wanting to ask for a long time, has to do with Mary and Martha in the Bible. You said to Martha, who was beset with many things, not to fret, that Mary had chosen the better part. 


I believe that ever since I've read that story, I have rallied to Martha, and I have felt that she was being put down. If Martha hadn't been there, Mary couldn't have sat at your feet. Somebody had to take care of all of those people! I always felt that Martha was expressing the divine love that she was doing what she wanted to do as the expression of God's love.


RAJ: I will tell you something that does not appear in the story relative to Martha and Mary. Martha was, in many ways, a very domineering lady, a very willful lady. Very set in her perceptions. Very clear in her own mind as to what was needed, what was expected of her, what her role was, how she was to relate to other people. She would not allow anyone else to participate in the many things about which she was concerned. She had to be the one to take care of the menial tasks. 


I will tell you something: Those who were gathered would have been more than willing to pitch in "in the kitchen" and share and enjoy being involved in what you now call "pot luck." But, she would not have anything to do with it. That was not appropriate. It was her job, and she felt that it was typically the female role. There was a certain amount of sibling rivalry still present, and she was quite insistent upon getting Mary to see her responsibility, which amounted to "a great devotion to being the subservient and dutiful female."


My comments to her were not so much in reference to what she was doing, but the very narrow, closed-mindedness of her willful insistence upon "being in charge" of her domain, which wasn't her domain. Her "domain" was constituted of her very definite willful insistence upon her concept of her role. And her role, as such, was not what was required. She understood what I meant when I spoke to her.


Mary was not unwilling to participate and share. But Mary had a much more flowing light-hearted sensitive nature. She would have participated along with everyone else in seeing to it that what needed to be done was done, while not being in competition with me, or with what I had to say.


Martha was trying to make a point! She was trying to teach a lesson. It was incongruent with what was going on. It was incompatible with the feelings and attitudes of everyone else who was present, because they would have willingly participated and shared in the responsibilities -- the simple things that needed to be done. She was in some ways offensive by not allowing others to share. So, my remarks to her were more pointed than they are conveyed in the description in your Bible. 


You see, Martha was concerned with many things in the sense of protocols -- all conceptual within her mind -- that did not constitute a sensitivity to the reality of what was happening. And the reality of what was happening was not "my speaking to everyone." The reality of what was happening was that there was a group of individuals who were hungry for a clearer understanding of the truth of themselves, who were unpretentious, unassuming, uncontrolling, who were there to share in a feast, you might say. And the attentiveness and the desire that they brought was part of the feast. And no one was trying to be manipulative or controlling except for Martha.



Ego, Individuality, and Body


QUESTION: You said that when one is beyond an ego sense of self, there will remain an experience of individuality. Can you explain this a bit further? I guess I'm trying to differentiate between the ego individual and the eternal Individuality.


RAJ: It is not possible for me to describe the difference in language because the experience of Individuality, which seems from your point of view to designate separateness, is simultaneously experienced as infinite Presence -- including and embracing and being everything, including every other Individuality. And this experience of identity is God's experience of Himself. 


From your present vantage point, that could only be comprehended in an egotistical way, which is not the experience. To be both universal and specific at the same time is not describable in words, and yet it is the experience.


QUESTION: Is there a way, while in a body, to have that experience at a feeling level or at any other level?


RAJ: There are moments in the experience that can best be described as Illumination, when one experiences everything as absolutely inseparable from Oneself without melting into the thing being observed or experienced. But it is only after you have that experience that you and I can talk about this in more meaningful terms.


QUESTION: Is this an experience that one can desire to have?


RAJ: It is, but it will happen when you are not expecting it. It will happen when there is, for one reason or another, significantly lowered defense against it. And unfortunately, at the present time, that tends to happen when one is in the middle of a crisis and one's ego is not able to hold itself together well. But that does not mean that it cannot happen otherwise. 


Your desire to recognize the divinity of each and every thing and your willingness to be open to that divinity, even though you cannot conceive ahead of time what it will be like, primes you for the experience, and constitutes what I have described as Love. So, to the degree that you are approaching your day and your fellow man with love -- defined as "the recognition of that which is Real in each and every thing" -- you put yourself in the position of it happening when you are not under stress.


QUESTION: So, I agree to allow it to happen before it actually does happen -- and that is a statement of willingness?


RAJ: That is correct. To the degree that you walk through your world with a sense that there is more to it than you are currently experiencing, you will be in a position of experiencing an expanded awareness of it more easily.


QUESTION: Well, to some degree that already occurs. You know, you say oftentimes, "You must dare to be the Christ," and I suppose my ego will say, "That's too bold," or "you're not ready," or "you're not able."


RAJ: Of course. It is not true, but that is the way the ego discourages you.


QUESTION: Despite the ego there do at times seem to be experiences of more "illumination" than at other times -- when just in the midst of living something will kind of dawn, a viewpoint, a clear moment, that wasn't actually asked for or really desired, and yet it seems to kind of sneak through.


RAJ: That is correct. That is because the 98% of You that you are not owning or consciously recognizing, is constantly insinuating Itself through the ego structures to bring that portion of Itself confined within the ego structures back into full connection with the 98%. So, you experience moments of insight and clarity that increase your hope and your trust and give you hints as to what the true nature and experience of your Being -- which is all Being -- truly is.


QUESTION: In other words, as I become more open to it, I have more experiences of illumination?


RAJ: Exactly. Or, you could say, as you become less defended against it.


QUESTION: I'm beginning to see my relationship with my body as one of a sense of stewardship. Do you have advice for how I can be in touch with the appropriate guidelines for the care of this body in terms of general health?


ANSWER. What do you mean by "stewardship"?


QUESTION: Since I'm an alien in this world, since I am a visitor, so to speak, and I have this body…


I'm at that part of the Course, in the review where you begin and end the review with the statement, "I am not a body. I am free. I am still as God created me." It has brought on this awareness that, well, I'm not a body, but there is this perception of a body, and I realize I'm having a new respect for my body as something, which needs to be cared for.


RAJ: Let us first of all deal with this idea of being an alien in this world. That concept is part of the misperception the ego imposes upon your vision, causing and confirming the sense of separateness and isolation. What you are alien to is the misperception of the world, and not the world.


Now, you are observing the infinite manifestation of ideas expressed by the infinite intelligence, which the Father is, when you are looking at your world and universe. It is said that the world and universe exist in a three-dimensional space-time continuum. It is not grasped that the three-dimensional space-time continuum is embraced within the Fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being -- or let us just simply say, the Fourth dimension, which is not time, as your scientists have supposed. The Fourth dimension is Consciousness, in which the first three are embraced.


Now, the fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being is God's experience of Himself, of His infinity. That the infinite Self-expression of the Father appears to be only three-dimensional and limited is due to the ego's imposition upon your infinite awareness of a finite awareness, which, you might say, with the help of the data from the five physical senses of the body, blinds you to your Fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being -- of everything.


It is because of the identification with the body that your experience of infinity is confined and limited, and called "finite."


If you are in the middle of the infinite Self-expression of the Father, then you are in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven. And how can you be an alien? And if you are the individualized Self-expression of the Father, how can you be anything less than the Christ? 


Now, I have just stated the Fact. And it is this Fact which everyone, dreaming the dream of finite humanity, is in the process of awakening from. So, part of the awakening process is going to be the setting aside of the misperception described as "being an alien in this world." 


Now, although you are not a body, any more than God is a universe, there is a universal manifestation of the Presence of God, and there is a specific expression of the Individuality you are that is called a body. Therefore, your body is not a temporary vehicle, although the perception of your body that the ego has is temporary.


What is temporary about your body is that it is organic, that it is capable of disease and death, that it is capable of being hurt, harmed, that it is incapable of moving through walls or walking on water, or instantly being moved from one place to another; that it is limited and you are confined to it; that it is mortal -- in other words, that it will die. These are the misperceptions that are temporary. But body is not temporary. It is the visibility and tangibility of your Individuality, just as you are the visibility and tangibility of the Father in expression.


QUESTION: So, the density, or the organic quality is the only thing about my body that is transient?


RAJ: That is correct.


QUESTION: And yet I'm still not even the divine body? That's only an aspect?


RAJ: That is correct, because you are the Consciousness in which the experience of body is embraced. And part of the awakening process is making this shift from identification with the visibility and tangibility, to the Consciousness of which the visibility and tangibility is the visibility and tangibility.


So, when you say, "I am not a body," you are engaging in an active opportunity to make a shift of consciousness relative to what you are identifying yourself with. And as a shift away from an identification with the body occurs, you are making a shift away from the ego, because the ego depends upon the body and its sensory data to impress you with its misperceptions, continue its existence, and keep you blinded to the infinite perspective that is yours, in which your fully awakened conscious experience of Being can come into view.


QUESTION: Is the Fourth-dimensional consciousness of Being available within an individual who is "in" an organic body?


RAJ: Of course. But, you see, the premise of your question does not take into consideration the fact that that which sees itself within an organic body is a Fourth-dimensional "being" who is not consciously embracing his totality, and is therefore employing the ego's misperception.


QUESTION: Is the choice to be in an organic manifestation of that body in any sense a commitment to the ego?


RAJ: Of course. But you see, you must understand that you, at this moment, are a Fourth-dimensional being. What I want you to understand is that right where all of this specific physical data is being provided is a Body of Light, the substance of which is living Love. And the apparent density, and the organic structure, and the capacity to become ill and die, is a misperception of the Body of Light. Therefore, it is only perceptually that you are in a physical body, because at the bottom line the physical body is a misperception of the Body of Light, and when you wake up, it will become obvious to you that you were never in a physical body, except, shall I say, in a "fit of delusion."


QUESTION: When one wakes up, does one still perceive physical-ness or organic-ness?


RAJ: Absolutely not. But one experiences the divine idea, and the divine intent that was being misperceived as physical-ness. You cannot have an illusion of nothing, any more than you can have a counterfeit of nothing. There has to be what has been called a "spiritual original" that has been perceptually distorted. 


Every illusion is a deluded sense of something essentially Real. There is no illusion that has been made up out of whole cloth.


QUESTION: So the perception of a problem is a psychological one.


RAJ: And the perception of a physical world is a psychological problem.


QUESTION: Therefore, insanity.


RAJ: Exactly.


QUESTION: I must admit that it's very difficult to comprehend.


RAJ: But, you are beginning. It doesn't matter whether it is difficult or not. The capacity to grasp it is yours because you are the infinite consciousness, the divine manifestation of the infinite Mind, in which a tiny deluded sense is temporarily going on, and which, in the Whole of you, has never ceased being the Christ consciousness.


Just because you have gone to bed one night and dreamed a dream about a self that is apparently you, doing certain things, does not mean you have stopped being the individual who has laid down for a night's sleep, with full capacity to comprehend yourself in an arena not included or embraced within the dream you are having. In the dream, you see yourself in a situation that you need to get out of, but when you wake up, you realize you were never in the situation, needing to get out of it, because it was just a dream.


QUESTION: Given that, it occurred to me this afternoon that I could simply state the desire to wake up. Is that an appropriate thing for me to do?


RAJ: It certainly is. But understand that you cannot, from the standpoint of the desire, have any comprehension of what the words mean. The desire comes from a place other than the ego. The ego will never pose that desire. The desire is coming from the level of your Being, which allows entrance of the experience of your Being -- opens the door, as it were. Continue.


QUESTION: Are we going to perceive an historical time in which waking up occurs? I mean, you have stated that Maitreya is in London and that this is the "time," and that in the next eight to ten years there is going to be a change in perceptions about bodies -- removed organs will be replaced, and bodies will regain a more graceful and lighter form. All that seems to indicate that this will be happening within the illusion of time.


RAJ: It will appear to, yes. But the end result will be the annihilation of the illusion of time, and with it will be the annihilation of the illusion of a process of Awakening.


QUESTION: So the experience of the 2% rejoining the 98% is really upon us now?


RAJ: Indeed it is, yes.


QUESTION: And we will experience that as an experience? In other words, we will know that that has happened?


RAJ: As it is happening, you will experience it as an experience, but when it is "completed," the memory of the experience will be gone, swallowed up in the experience of your total Integrity that will know that It was never disintegrated.


QUESTION: Does that have to come as the result of the experience of Apocalypse?


RAJ: You are speaking in a traditional sense of Apocalypse?


QUESTION: Well, or even in a modern sense of Apocalypse. Just the death of Nature at the hand of man, the inhumanity of man and the consequences as we see it on earth…


RAJ: That is not going to promote Awakening. And it therefore is not a part of the process of Awakening.


QUESTION: So that's just good old fear at work.


RAJ: Pure ego nonsense!


QUESTION: We talked so much about clearing up my misperceptions. Is there any general recommendation for taking care of my body, or knowing how to take care of my body? The world is full of a number of extreme and conflicting solutions. And I have a difficulty knowing what is really "care" for my body and what isn't.


RAJ: Use your common sense. Keep it clean. Don't over-extend its physical limits -- whatever they are perceived to be at the moment. Nourish it. 


There is much talk about various diets, et cetera. It is well not to overload it with meat. It is, indeed, preferable to be what you call "a vegetarian," simply because the body was not "designed" to digest meat. But I will tell you: Aside from common sense physical care of the body, the essential thing is to begin to appreciate and honor it for what it divinely is, which, as I said, is the visibility and tangibility of your Individuality. It is the intent of your body -- and I am speaking, at the bottom line, of the Body of Light, which you are currently experiencing a dense and organic sense of -- the intent of your body is to identify the presence of your Individuality perfectly. 


If you will begin to honor your body with this appraisal of it, your attitude toward it will be more loving, less distrustful You will not treat it with fear because you see it as a temporary physical host that may or may not function in harmony with you. And the result of such a different appraisal will be the more harmonious "physical functioning" of it. And you will be in a position to begin to see the healing process that you were referring to earlier as the disappearing of disease, and then the disappearing of deformity, and then the replacement of missing organs, et cetera, until it becomes less and less dense and you are experiencing the Body of Light.


QUESTION: Are you saying that that is available as a transition without the appearing of physical death?


RAJ: Absolutely.


QUESTION: Oh, my goodness. So you're literally talking about transformation from the illusion to the Fourth-dimension in a painless way?


RAJ: Absolutely.


QUESTION: Then you must be saying that this has always been available?


RAJ: That is correct.


QUESTION: Yipes. Okay, I will do that. Gee, one question answers so many. 


Here's a question I've been wanting to ask for a long time, and it keeps getting put off. Is there a process for Awakening for individuals who are in between incarnations?


RAJ: Of course. This Awakening process is not confined to your planet at this moment. Understand that those who pass on still experience bodies as physical as they were before they passed on. They still must eat. They are still capable of becoming ill -- although the capability is significantly reduced because it is obvious that death did nothing to them. So, the fear of death is significantly reduced, and the sense of the body being temporary is undone. There is not the fear of the body that there was prior to death. 


Now, just because one has passed on does not mean that he or she has moved out of the three-dimensional-only frame of reference, because, remember, it is a psychological frame of reference, a psychological misperception of Heaven -- of the Fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being. It is an aberration of consciousness, you might say. So, the Awakening is occurring in all of the Brotherhood of Man who are still, in one way or another, experiencing this aberration. It is not confined just to those incarnated at the moment, on your planet or any other.


The Awakening is a universal awakening of those who are still dreaming dreams.


QUESTION: Those of us who are still dreaming dreams, do we represent just a tiny fraction of the total Brotherhood?


RAJ: Relatively speaking, yes. That is why the Awakening process is happening spontaneously. There are not enough of the Brotherhood still dreaming to maintain the dream state. There are more who are Awakened who are giving substance to That which is divine in those who are dreaming.


QUESTION: Is there a way to be directly and consciously aware of my Fourth-dimensional Being without this consistent tendency to bring it down to the level of an ego experience? When anything dawns on me, no matter how many perceptions are cleared up or undone at that moment, expectations and perceptions are born at that very same moment, which then require more undoing.


RAJ: No, there is nothing you can do to cause the experience. It is an undoing. It is the result of letting, of allowing, of bringing into play the element of trust, of letting go. You are already engaged in this, and you must understand that as the 2% of you desires to experience the Totality of the 100%, the 98% is extending Itself with insistence toward the 2%, breaking down the ego structures that seem to separate the 2% from the 98%. 


Your desire constitutes a reaching toward That which is insisting upon connecting with you, and your "reaching toward" is accomplished by letting go, by allowing. You must let that spontaneous feeling trigger the awareness that the "way" is to let go even more, so that you do not get trapped into "doing something," or using the new awareness to accomplish something.


QUESTION: It seems so odd to me, at this point, that that would still be a reaction.


RAJ: Don't be surprised, and then you will not judge it. It is "natural" considering the frame of reference out of which you are moving -- which is the realm of doing, accomplishing, exercising control, using tools (whether mental or physical) to accomplish things. It is inevitable that divine realization is going to be interpreted at one time or another as "new tools" to use to be a better ego.



Conversations with Raj is made up of actual questions and answers drawn, with permission, from private conversations with Raj and public Workshops. Rajpur, an Ascended Master, is an Individuality making himself known by means of conscious channeling through Paul Norman Tuttle for the purpose of facilitating the major shift of consciousness which mankind is entering into.


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