VOL. 4, NO.11



QUESTION: I need specifics dealing with the events forthcoming in the earth plane in the next six months; specifically economic events and the circumstances generated from them.


RAJ: I will be very straight with you. If you identify with your ego, if indeed you believe that you are the offspring of certain physical events embraced in the idea of physical evolution, and that therefore you are simply a tiny entity among others on the face of your planet, eking out an existence, and doing your best to put off inevitable destruction because of the "natural disorder" of the physical universe, then the next six months will be very difficult for you, because you will not perceive your freedom. You will not perceive your independence from what is happening.


You will not be in a position of even thinking to claim your birthright as the direct expression of the Father at this very moment, and at every moment, and that therefore your Inheritance -- if I may put it that way -- your Wholeness, your Completeness, is also God-derived at every single moment and has nothing to do with the concept of human or financial economy, or what human beings are perceiving to be "world conditions." What are called world conditions are simply a group consensus as to what that group perceives or believes to be going on.


If, indeed, one believes he is just an organism among other organisms that have evolved as a result of random chance, then the perception of world conditions will be embraced in that limited context. Whereas, to the degree that each individual perceives that he is the ongoing and current direct expression of the Father, from whom nothing is being withheld, then his well-being, his manifestation of Completeness, will not be perceived to be dependent upon what these others are calling "world conditions."


Those who are coming from this larger perception, this clearer perception of Reality, will find that in spite of what others are experiencing, their abundance, their completeness, will continue uninterrupted, because they will not refuse to believe that their abundance is available to them because of what appears to be going on in the world. This is the stance you are going to have to take if you want to experience truly, if you want to experience in a way that is enjoyable rather than difficult or strenuous.


The ego's ploy, as always, is to pull you out of your centered calm awareness that actually constitutes your unity with the Father, your unity with your essential Being. And it does this by projecting alarm upon external circumstances. The way in which it causes this alarm to seem valid is by suggesting that your well-being is dependent upon what is going on external to you.


What sits ahead in the next 14 months does not constitute a valid reason for leaving your center, or giving up rational, intelligent thinking. It does not constitute justification for the feeling of insanity that you have experienced for the last few days. And you are going to need to be alert not to play into this. You are going to need to insist upon choosing for your best centered perspective. In itself, the process of Awakening is a process of gathering the data about life, or shall I say Reality, from within, rather than through the five physical senses, simply because the five physical senses do not provide you with the whole picture.


Now, when circumstances are not particularly challenging, it is much easier to go within and listen for, or lean into, your greater capacity to be aware divinely. But, when external circumstances, according to the ego's viewpoint, are more dire, it seems to become justifiable not to go within because circumstances seem to call for action before there is time to think or listen. Yet, to not take time to be centered is to lose your divine perspective that will allow you to respond to whatever is apparently going on with Wisdom and appropriateness that will identify intelligence, well-being, and success, regardless of whether or not everyone else is running around like a chicken with its head cut off.


You do not want to do that. So, you are going to have to become very disciplined. At least you will have to exercise discipline until there is no longer the inclination to gather the data through the five physical senses and react to the incomplete picture.


You must remember that the result of intelligence is harmony and order, and therefore at all times the demand is for intelligence, not for reaction. And I mean this in regard to any evidence of disorder that would seem to call for the unintelligent act of reaction or panic or fear or anxiety.


You see, the picture of economic distress in the world over the coming months does not constitute a justification for forsaking intelligence. It is a call for intelligence. And the reason there is going to be a shake-up is because it is time for mankind's concepts about economy to be improved, to be "healed," to be transformed into a form that identifies and substantiates simple human integrity. This is what is going to be happening. It is healing. But, those who have identified with the diseased, or unintelligent, or ignorant concept of economics will see it as disaster.


So, you are truly at a point of deciding which side of the fence you are going to choose to sit upon. No matter which side of the fence you choose to sit on, healing is going to happen. The improvement is going to occur. The increase of unity and the simple respect of human integrity will occur, and either it will be strenuous for you, or it will be a joy for you. Either you will suffer through it or you will move through it with grace -- and, you could say even style.


Now, understand that it doesn't matter what the ego defines as disaster -- it is lying! The only thing it has to speak about is Reality. There is nothing else going on for it to make any comment or judgment on. Therefore, you are not to give this particular drama more significance than losing your car keys before you leave for an important meeting that you must be at on time. The bigger an illusion appears to be, gives it no more substance than a little one, because illusion is still illusion, and is, in the final analysis, substanceless.


So, just because you have millions of egos reacting to illusion, doesn't mean that there is going to be value for you, at the level of your ego, to join them in their reaction to this illusion, and you are going to have to be alert for this. This is one time that it will be well to be left out of the crowd, to be the odd ball.


If you will choose to remain calm, if you will choose to continue to be attentive to the Completeness of the Father's Self-expression that is called You at every moment, you will find that you will have what you need. And your experience of fulfillment, while others may be experiencing loss, will be inspiring to those who are experiencing loss. They will want to find out how you are doing it. This, in itself, will begin to turn the tide, as there are those whom the deluded ones can turn to to understand how to become free of their illusion.


QUESTION: Can you speak to some appropriate actions to take now?


RAJ: That is all I have been speaking to. Specifically what do you want to know?


QUESTION: Specifically, will there be martial law declared? Will it be safer in countryside areas, or just stay where you are? Will it be safer and more appropriate to buy gold coins now so that you have some method of currency? Certainly, it would be appropriate to get out of the stock market. Are there any financial instruments that are going to be of any value whatsoever, or will we revert to a barter system?


RAJ: Although, as you have heard, there are ignorant and greedy attempts to topple the economy, the economy is not going to collapse, and martial law will not be invoked. Although there will be a severe strain on the economy, there will not be chaos.


You are going to find that the governments of the world will join forces and express the integrity internationally that will become manifest as order, or shall I say "returning order," or the lessening of the strain. No matter who has the money, the people still exist, and the world expresses the people! And the people will maintain.


QUESTION: Meaning, "prevail"?


RAJ: Yes.


QUESTION: So, is there anything specific, outside of our adjustment to our centered awareness that should be done at this time?


RAJ: Anything else will be irrelevant. Do not act until the guidance is experienced as a result of becoming centered.


QUESTION: So, do nothing from fear. Be centered.


RAJ: Absolutely correct. You see, always that which keeps the ego and its effects alive is dependent upon its ability to cause you to justify fear. If everyone released fear, the ego would instantaneously cease to exist, and what is called Ascension or Awakening totally would occur instantaneously.


QUESTION: You said the external conditions would last approximately 14 months. When will they begin?


RAJ: They have begun.


QUESTION: Oh, with the stock market, of course, and the over extension of credit and the import/export balances and the fabrication of paper transactions?


RAJ: That is correct. But also understand that value is established by the people and what they are valuing. Since all of the people are still going to be here, the capacity to reestablish value, if indeed it seems to have been taken away by one means or another, will still be present, and there will be a call for that. Those running around like chickens with their heads cut off will find it difficult to dare to express what they value and establish value.


If every single human being, other than those interested in toppling governments, decided to value sand, and did not value dollars, then the ones who found themselves with all of the dollars in their hands would find themselves having nothing with which to transact business, and nothing with which to exercise control. And you must keep this very clearly in mind.


QUESTION: So, in the last analysis, the people make the value. The people are what the world is here for. And the people will establish the value in the end.


RAJ: That is absolutely correct.


QUESTION: I would like to have you speak on something that I am wondering about, and that is a forthcoming "battle" in the heavens. Is such an event ordained, forecast, anticipated, between the forces of good and evil? If so, when?


RAJ: The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. The battleground is a misconception of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a misconception of conscious Individuality. The war, if you will, is going on at the moment, and if, from the standpoint of your divinity, you choose to attack evil -- which is the equivalent of attacking the ego -- you will strengthen the ego. The only thing that the ego cannot defend itself against is disregard. So, if you want to know what the ultimate weapon is against the ego, it is the conscious choice to be centered and to experience what you divinely Are, which constitutes no battle at all. There are no forces of good and evil, no matter how much the ego suggests that such a division occurs in Reality.


You see, the process of Waking Up is constituted of the choice to not indulge in duality -- in the belief of opposing forces. By virtue of leaving that dualistic basis of belief and not engaging in battle because you see that it is all illusion, and choosing thereby to become centered -- to access your Wisdom and your greater capacity to be aware because there is actually total safety -- the ego can only "give up the ghost." All suggestion of a battle to be won will go with it. It will not even present itself any more.


There can be no battle in the heavens, the universe, between the forces of good and evil, because God is one, and indivisible, and therefore is not and cannot be divided. Therefore, there cannot be present a Presence or Power other than God.


The war is going on in the imagination of human beings, apparently constituting their reality. But the war is about to come to an end because individuals are going to stop "going to war." Individuals are going to stop validating and then fighting against the ego, and are going to be choosing to experience their essential and unalterable divinity.


I am going to say one further thing. Whenever you hear anything, no matter from what source, no matter how divine the source is or claims to be, don't swallow it lock, stock, and barrel. Take the data within and measure it against your deepest Knowing.


Now, you have found yourself confronted with information that is alarming only because you dared to believe it without questioning it -- because it apparently came from a divine source. But, I must point out to you that it is your awakening that is the key factor. And if there is something that you need to look at clearly so that you can see it for what it is and set it aside -- so that you are no longer ever fooled by it again -- then that will be brought to your attention. Your beliefs will be brought face to face with you, so that you may have the opportunity to examine them and become clear.


You find yourself afraid, and this is because there has been an ignorance of what I have shared with you so far in this conversation. And, indeed, what has it done? It has forced you to ask further, so that you may become clear and leave behind you the fear occasioned by ignorance of what constitutes your abundance and where it comes from, so that you may never be sucked into the belief of being dependent upon evidence of abundance, and stay where the abundance is coming forth from.


So, you have not been mistreated. This channeled entity has only confronted you with a belief structure that is limiting you, that it is time for you to move past, become free of. That does not mean that he has lied because the fact is that there are individuals presently attempting to undermine the overall economy in order to gain what they feel is global power. But, if no one is giving their Integrity away, if no one is yielding their power up, then the power that those who are grasping for it are believing they will get, will end up being so much nonsense running through their fingers.


So, this is more than just an intellectual exercise of confronting you with your belief by making up a fantasy or story for you. And you will actually have to make the shift in your awareness about your abundance. You see, the ego would suggest that the problem is in the world, and therefore the solution must take place in the world. It would keep everybody at the level of manipulating the world and overlooking the essential inner shift that will actually demonstrate the independence.


QUESTION: Then sticking with where abundance truly comes from -- within ourselves -- is what the whole "exercise" is about?


RAJ: That is correct. Understand that if you have a spring, and you constantly stay at the source of the spring where it comes out onto the surface of the ground, you will never be able to be fooled into the belief that there can be a shortage. But, if you walk downstream from the source, miles and miles, you can seem to be put in a position where someone can cut off the flow, or divert it, and then tell you that you must "pay" to have a drink. If you don't pay, you can't have it. And the feeling that there is limited abundance can develop.


It is identical here, because if you do not stay where the source is, within you, and you think that it is in the world, then the world, or those in the world, will seem to be able to withhold it from you. And you will think that it is, indeed, available only in limited quantities and subject to ownership.



QUESTION: The world really hasn't advanced much in terms of moral values since the time of Plato and Aristotle, but we're living in an age of technology with population expansion and political transformation that places us in crisis today. We need a level of planetary management on both a human level and a natural level in order for this experience to continue, because the technology that we have today has the capability of destroying humanity. Yet this same technology also has the potential to transform our experience on this planet into something that could be more like what's described in the real world view in the Text of A Course in Miracles. But, in order for something like that to happen, then we need an effective level of political and sociological transformation that just isn't going to be possible without a national and international effort.


I'm sure I was guided to my chosen profession of architecture, because I never at any time said, "Well, I think I'll be such and such." When I was just a little boy, I used to walk around the town that I grew up in and look at buildings and houses and found that I was changing them, redesigning them, doing things differently. So, I just came to that naturally. You remember how it was when you were growing up in your father's carpenter shop.


RAJ: However, it was not boats or buildings that caught my attention. My sights were attracted in directions that were not part of my family's background.


QUESTION: You were aware of a greater destiny?


RAJ: My mother would not let me forget it.


QUESTION: I'm going to go back to those areas that I started with about the needs that we have in this world today that are not met in forms of shelter, the hungry -- some of those people we were talking about as "victims" earlier.


I know the Course suggests that we should catalogue all of the wars and famines and pestilences that have been with us from the beginning of time as learning experiences for us to discover that they're not real, they're the illusion of what we perceive as this world. But still, if we can have some brother who is a little better housed, and not hungry and not ravaged by disease perhaps that brother will be more amenable to some spiritual message that we might extend to him. But, what can one person in the world do about this global effort that's required to transform?


The doctors who are healers have the Hippocratic Oath that they take. Architects don't have a similar oath, but we know that our job is to meet the needs of people, and I do know how to do that, and I have ideas about doing this on a scale that can meet some of those needs that I talked about.


RAJ: So, you find yourself at a point similar to when you were a youngster, in that you're casting your eyes or attention on things that you are not yet putting into practice, but which express an interest that is active in you. Now, it is important for you not to bind your sense of identity to what you have done, and it is important so that you may release it without losing your sense of identity as you move into something new.


I encourage you to continue to let your attention be attracted by what is now attracting you and the concerns that are getting your attention, because the concerns are not depressing you, but are serving as indicators of coming fulfillment which you are feeling you may play some role in, or that you may be able to make some contribution to. So, let there be a willingness to be ready to release what you are doing so that you may move into something which at this point fulfills need more, and which also is in perfect harmony with the unfoldment of your Being.


In response to your comments about the need for a more global or one-world sense, this is something, which is on the horizon, I literally mean that the world is standing on the threshold of this. It appears to be brought into clearer perspective by the financial situation in the stock markets presently. You will find in this coming year, 1988, that there is going to be a concerted effort on the part of governments to bring about closer alliances. It is not just becoming obvious to the average man in the street that there is a need for greater unity of the whole brotherhood on the face of your planet. It is becoming obvious to governmental leaders as well.


In spite of the bad rap that the Soviet Union has grown for itself, and which now the rest of the world is encouraging to keep alive, the Soviet Union is truly one of the leaders emerging in terms of world peace. In spite of the rumors that suggest that the Soviet Union is being duplicitous -- not totally honest -- in its move for peace, the fact is that there is a genuineness there. And, as I have indicated before, it is going to constitute a blow to the pride of the United States that it did not hold forth as the leader in this respect, and that it will be caught with its pants down.


Now, the Holy Spirit is moving, and the hearts of those who are alert are being touched all around the globe at grass roots levels and at top levels of governments. It is not necessary for any single person to feel that it is up to him and that it is too big a job for him to accomplish, and thereby put himself in an experience of extreme frustration. You must remember, all the while that you are pursuing your Awakening, that there still is a God being the only Cause there is. So, you do not need to feel in jeopardy.


Again, I want to reiterate this point: When enlightenment occurs, it makes the position you have just come out of appear to be a little bit stupid, simply because there is greater clarity. If you are to get caught up in what has been disclosed as a result of the enlightenment -- in effect, if you get caught up in how stupid you had been being -- you will miss out on the fact that enlightenment has occurred, and that that is the reason you can see that something is not practical.


If you have been used to moving around like a blind person in a dark room and it has not been apparent to you that there are layers of dust on everything and that in some ways it [the room] is cluttered up, and then sight is given to you, or you find the light switch and you turn it on, a marvelous thing has happened! Illumination, vision has come to you. And if you look, utilizing this new capacity, and see the dust and the garbage that has collected, it is possible for you to wonder what kind of a blessing this was, because now you have a mess to clean up. You can lose the joy occasioned by the very fact that now you can see clearly enough to maintain a beautifully ordered and dusted and polished and decorated room.


You become preoccupied with the mess, and then your mind goes to work, and you say, "My god, you mean I have been living in this for the past twenty years?" And you get totally distracted by reactions at a personal level to something you couldn't even discern if it weren't for the fact that illumination had occurred. This is an important point to grasp, so that when you find that greater clarity uncovers an injustice that needs to be corrected, you do not become overwhelmed with the injustice, and you get on with your new-found capacity to correct it!


Now, the only way, again, that you are going to be able to help the "victims" or the ones who become recognizable as victims in the presence of greater clarity, is to get to know who You Are, because until you are wide awake, you are still one of the victims to one degree or another. But, as you are able to connect with and experience your divinity by virtue of going into your closet, going within, into the silence, your discovery of your divinity will disclose to you the divinity of your fellow man. Then you will begin to be able to respond to your fellow man on the basis of the divinity that you know is there [in him] because it is in you. That is what will begin to raise the "victims" up from their own ignorance, because that recognition of their divinity is what constitutes the light that can allow them to take their own look and experience their divinity more easily.


A light bulb does not travel around and say, "Let me light up your dark places." It just shines. And if someone is interested in seeing things more clearly, he moves closer to the light. Remember that you get into the Kingdom of Heaven by virtue of taking the steps yourself, not because someone else brings it to you and hands it to you on a silver platter. And you take those steps by consciously releasing your own ego structures on purpose. To the degree that you engage in doing that, you will know that that is what each other individual has to do also. And you will not be willing to suggest to him that you can do it for him, or imply in any way anything which would cause that person to neglect to do it himself.


Now, I will tell you something else. You said, "What can one person do?" When you connect with your own divinity and recognize it and experience it, and you immediately know that what you are experiencing of your Self in terms of your guiltlessness is true of every other one, your attitude towards your others spontaneously changes because of your new perspective of your others. That spontaneous change of attitude constitutes the act of love, and that act of love is the transformational element. It is the illumination that makes it easier for another to make that same Self-discovery. You will find yourself incapable of withholding the willingness to be appropriate in the world in practical terms of attending to the things that will really make a difference, that will really reflect a changed attitude, that will really reflect what is called the New Age, because it will come out of a humility.


To connect with one's divinity smacks in no way of anything egotistical. It does not create a sense of superiority and power, but of simple unavoidable truth that is true of everyone and everything, and there isn't even any reasoning with that. It is a discovery.


Once the discovery is made, you cannot forget it. So, you are in the new place, and since you didn't make it happen, your ego can't take credit for it. There is no sense of pride or power to it. But there also is no way to remain isolated. There is no way to be minus the acknowledgment of the divinity of your fellow man no matter how he or she is seeing himself or herself. So, your behavior will change.


Each one who makes this shift of recognition lessens the density of the world thought and makes it easier for everyone else to do it. Then you will have to deal with another subtle ego suggestion: "Why isn't it as hard for them as it was for me?" You will have to get past that and into your capacity to rejoice that it is happening at all. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. The husbandman who works in the vineyard for the whole day gets the same amount as the fellow who came in and worked only for the last hour. And those who worked the longest are the ones who made it easiest for those who worked the shortest. And who cares who worked longest or shortest when everyone is free to enjoy Reality without distortion?


Mankind is entering into a period here of major growth, major clarification. And because this growth is impacting upon limited ego frames of reference there is going to be some strain, some stress. But, again, it is like the stress of the pair of shoes that are getting too small for you. It is not because they are shrinking, it is because you are growing, and this is what must not be forgotten!


Why are things getting tight? Why can you see the mess? Why are the flaws so apparent? Because there is enlightenment. Because there is Light! And let there be rejoicing in the Light and the fact that with the Light you can do something about the mess, because you can see what is "mess" and what is "not mess" -- a distinction you could not make in the dark.


The process of Awakening is not a head trip, and I have said that before. And I have almost always related it to the fact that it is something that happens at the experiential level -- at the level of the heart -- as actually changed feelings, actually changed attitudes. But it is also going to constitute actually changed social behavior. It is going to constitute actually changed boundaries between nations. And this is going to require people to see each other as their "fellow man."


The willingness to be defenseless is what inspires defenselessness. The willingness to let down boundaries is what is going to inspire the clearer experience of unity. Heads of government are not going to be able to make that kind of a shift or a decision for its people, because the making of the decision will not cause the people to feel differently.


So, you are going to have to make the change that will allow the heads of government to make the decision, you might say, legally. And that is what one person can do. It is going to take one person and one person and one person and one person daring to become defenseless, daring to value the security that is inherent in his Individuality, to come forth so that he no longer needs to behave in a defended manner that causes others to remain defended. You are not going to be able to let down that defense until you recognize your Christ-hood and thereby the Christ-hood of those whom you are becoming defenseless against.



Conversations with Raj is made up of actual questions and answers drawn, with permission, from private conversations with Raj and public Workshops. Rajpur, an Ascended Master, is an Individuality making himself known by means of conscious channeling through Paul Norman Tuttle for the purpose of facilitating the major shift of consciousness which mankind is entering into.


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