VOL. 4, NO. 10



QUESTION: My question involves little green pieces of paper and round metal discs. When I was growing up I had two strong models of attitudes towards money. One was that you hoard it, and the other one was that you throw it in the air and see how far it blows away. I didn't care for either of those two, so my solution was not to draw it to me so I wouldn't have to make either of those two decisions. The result of that is kind of a scarcity principle, and that can be uncomfortable also. What is a good way for me, at this time, to view economics, personally or worldwide?


RAJ: Money needs to be looked at as an integral part of fulfillment -- not as a means of getting fulfillment, but as an integral part of the movement of fulfillment. In other words, as I have indicated before, every idea includes within itself everything necessary to its fulfillment. Sometimes that which is included is money. Sometimes it is the availability of parts or materials, et cetera.


What will free you up from bondage to money is the awareness that it is an integral part of the process of fulfillment. If every idea includes within itself everything necessary to its fulfillment, then you can dare to allow money to come into the picture as part of what identifies fulfillment and not as something, which you must accumulate first so that you can dare to go ahead and have an idea that is worthwhile.


The moment you dare to entertain intelligent ideas, the moment you dare to entertain ideas that unfold as a result of inner listening, and you do not get in the way of that idea but you stand ready to facilitate it in any way that is appropriate, then you will find that as that idea unfolds itself, as its Purpose unfolds, you will have whatever is necessary to its fulfillment, including money.


What I'm trying to convey here is that money never exists all by itself. It is always coupled with fulfillment of purpose. Everyone is trying to accumulate money instead of paying attention to the appropriate ideas that Being is unfolding for the identification of fulfillment, both individually and universally.


Those, who have the courage to forget about the money and engage the ideas, will find the money manifesting. You will find that the uneasiness about money will leave, and the value judgment on it will be released, and people will begin to get down to the business of listening for the ideas that are essential to the experience of well-being. They will no longer say, "I can't afford to pay attention to that idea, because I have no way of doing anything." You will not say "There is no point in even thinking about it, because if I had an idea, I couldn't do anything with it." So, the squelching of listening will not occur, and the fear of not having what is needed will not occur, because you will find the process of fulfillment occurring, as I have indicated.


People will see the need, listen for the idea that renders the need invalid by proving it isn't there…


QUESTION: Can you say that last statement a different way?


RAJ: People will find that the need will disappear because fulfillment of that need has replaced it, and the suggestion of lack will not be confronting anyone. It will begin to be fun to listen and to be able to dare to value ideas that are important, because you will be aware that there is no need for you to figure out how to create the money to bring the idea about. You will not set the idea on the shelf until you can get the money. You will embrace the idea and forget about the money, allowing the idea to continue to unfold itself further -- including all of the means for its fulfillment -- and you will simply stand there ready to facilitate that fulfillment.



Money does not exist separate from the Meaning that is in the process of becoming fulfilled. So, you must dare to pay attention to the Meaning, rather than the money -- or the materials, or the supplies, or the manpower, or the designers, or the architects, or any of the things that sseem to be essential to the fulfillment of the idea.


Do not be afraid of money, and do not be afraid of lack of it. And do not for a minute think that your well being or your wealth is dependent upon the stock market or the world economy any more than you think that your health is dependent upon the state of the art of Medicine. Your health is available to you because of what you divinely Are, and because disease does not find its origin in God but in the ignorance of God. The clearer awareness of your oneness with God dissolves, annihilates disease. It also annihilates lack, poverty, whether the economy of the world is solid or not.


Don't make your abundance dependent upon the economy. Don't even make it dependent upon having a job, even though a job may be the way in which the money appears.


You are caught in the three-dimensional frame of reference, the frame of reference of cause and effect, action and reaction. You do this, you get that. You don't do this, you get the other. You put in hours of labor, you get money. You don't put in hours of labor, you don't get money. But, you see, cause does not lie in the three-dimensional frame of reference. Your abundance does not have its source "in the world." It has its source in what you divinely Are, as the direct expression of the Father, as I said, from whom nothing has been withheld.


If nothing has been withheld, then your abundance is present at any moment that you exist. The necessity is to dare to open to it, rather than saying, "I cannot possibly have abundance because I haven't worked in a year," or "I cannot possibly have abundance because the job I have only pays $2.35 an hour." These are simply ways of justifying that there's no point in looking for an abundance that is going to be manifest from some other source, because you see no other source and you allow for no other source. You are not dependent upon the economy any more than your health is dependent upon the availability of certain medicines.


This does not cover the subject fully, and there is not time to go into it today. But it addresses the specific thing that releases you from bondage to poverty or lack. It nails the kernel of the problem for you, and for anyone else who is interested.



QUESTION: After having lost money in the stock market, what am I supposed to do for money? What is my fulfillment? What is my place? When do I get to make it? When do I get to get rich? Supposedly I'm supposed to be waking up and growing, and all this stuff, which I perceive to be happening, and yet I'm getting a little bit tired of the world running away from me. I live this private, solitary existence, hoping to get the hell out of it, and I'm just getting god-damned tired of the whole thing! There, I said it.


RAJ: The key here is that you are engaged in making a shift from "getting" to "letting in." This is not an easy shift to make, simply because of the degree of intensity you had developed relative to getting, amassing your wealth, generating your wealth, et cetera. You are persevering. You are expressing patience. And, actually you are releasing significantly the impatience, which is actually the blocking element.


Now, you must really take a square look at the two choices you have -- or the two choices you appear to have, because in the final analysis you only have one. The two choices you have are to alllow your wealth, your fulfillment, into your experience, or to attempt to get back into the rat-race of creating, generating your wealth.


I want you to understand one other thing. The position you find yourself in is not entirely due to your conscious approach. It is also due to the fact that there is a maturing process going on within you that is not at your fingertips to be manipulated. This is one of the reasons that making or creating your wealth began deteriorating before you "got on the Path."


You are not only consciously becoming more allowing, your very Being is asserting Itself in ways that are causing all efforts to create wealth to come to nothing. You are being guided firmly into congruence with your Being, and your fulfillment. This is why I say that you really only have one choice, because you will find that all efforts to manipulate wealth into your experience will not work, even though in the past they have, and even though you can look at others who apparently are still playing by those rules and succeeding.


Your Being has knocked those rules out from under you, and they are not available to work for you because it is time for you to move beyond them. Now, if you are willing to accept that, if you are willing not to argue against that, you will find your Completeness, you will find that which is satisfying and meaningful for you, beginning to emerge in your experience even more clearly than it already is.


Your Being is a minimum of two steps ahead of your ego. And, therefore, it will be well for you to be willing to yield to It. Yield up the old process, and begin to be, as I have said before, alert to the manifestation of opportunity and the manifestation of the increasing evidence of fulfillment. Much of which will come without the amount of money that in the past you would have thought it would take, because there is not a fixed correspondence between cash and that which it can obtain.


Now, I am not suggesting that you haven't been alert, and that you have not allowed any curiosity to form at all. I am simply confirming the fact that that is where the persistence needs to lie, rather than trying to jump on the old bandwagon and persisting with it, because you will find that it has no wheels any more, and that it will go nowhere.


Now, you need to contemplate this. You can either see yourself as having been brought to a dead end, which is unfair and unprincipled. Or you can see it as the indicator of a new configuration of fulfillment with less process to it, less manipulation to it, less control to it. And therefore the clearer evidence of the fact that your abundance, your Completeness, is your birthright and does not therefore have to be earned. This is a very difficult thing to grasp because of the degree of conditioning that says, "God helps those who help themselves," or that "you cannot have what you have not earned."



QUESTION: In a private session with "a channeled entity," after asking a question about what I must learn, do, change, or get ready for, as a provider for a family if there are going to be any difficulties in the foreseeable future economically, I was told that a major shift is coming next year. Major forces controlling government will cause it to collapse. It is prudent to buy gold coins. The stock market will collapse. The dollar will be valued at seven cents. One gold coin costing $500 today will be worth twenty to thirty times as much next year. In May 1988, we will no longer be able to buy gold. The government will confiscate all the gold. In November 1987 there will be a major eruption in the Persian Gulf. By August 1988 the IRS and government will practically be nonexistent. I felt like I had been handed a dozen black roses!


RAJ: What is called for here is simple intelligence -- rational, peaceful, reasoned thinking. Now, there are, indeed, "forces" at work, whether it is in the Persian Gulf or whethher it is the world of finance, that are great assertions of egotism which are going to be running into brick walls. And, as a result of that, there will be evidence of distress, whether it is what you would call war in the Persian Gulf, or whether it is an unsettled economy. But, it is going to be the presence of those individuals who refrain from becoming reactive and ruled by their emotions, those individuals who insist upon coming from their best Integrity, that will cause an evenness to be present that will avoid collapse of the economy and devastation by virtue of an abrupt shortage of oil from the Middle East that would have economic impacts.


Now, if you have capital with which to buy gold, it constitutes a wise investment. But I am indicating that it is a wise investment in terms of an ongoing economy, not as a security against a collapsing or disintegrated economy. Over the period of 1988 there will indeed be great stress economically throughout the world. But the result of this is going to be an increased cohesiveness. Those involved at a more grass roots level will become a more integrated presence.


The challenge to the economy which will occur will be met with a rapidly-formed cooperation and cohesiveness of the world markets, which is going to push mankind into a significant world economy as opposed to national economies, and this will constitute a major shift in social behavior and attitudes. Literally, the world stands at the cusp of unity, but the collapse of partisan and nationalistic boundaries will not occur easily. Nevertheless, it will occur.


Stay right where you are in your home. If you wish to buy gold, I suggest that you not invest more than 25% of your capital in gold. More than that is not necessary. But, there is no need for you to liquidate your holdings in order to do that.


Again, it is going to be those level-headed individuals who are not carried away on waves of fear, who are not swayed by prophesies of doom, who will serve to be integral parts of the emerging cohesiveness that I referred to. So, I encourage you to keep a level head, conduct your business with integrity, and dare to believe that there is a God, and that egos truly do not have the world at their fingertips to control to the exclusion of a divine Life-Principle that is in actuality the only Cause or Mover of things. Stay grounded in that awareness -- that nothing that God has created has been turned over to arrogant egos.


QUESTION: What has come up for me in all of this economic turmoil has been the different approaches to the economic situation…


RAJ: Yes, it is the proverbial "dog biting at its tall" and seeing it retreat in front of it and becoming more and more upset because the harder it reaches for what it already has, the faster it moves away and the more it seems to be unavailable. Continue.


QUESTION: My question has to do with the material around The Grey Men, and Ramtha's comments. It's not a problem for me. I'm basically at peace with it. It served me well to have read it and to have been told that it's going to happen. Yet, a part of me is bothered to see this kind of information disseminated, and that's the part that confuses me.


RAJ: You need to understand that there is a difference between the promotion of fear for the sake of creating unrest, inner conflict, so as to block one from accessing his greater capacity to be aware, or to be open to the experience of his actual and ever present divinity and the relating or sharing of the actual direction in which things are moving, and for which responsibility needs to be taken so that, indeed, the direction can be changed.


It is one thing to tell someone that they are about to put their hand on a hot stove. It is another thing to imply to someone that there is danger all around him and that therefore he had better be on guard and not allow himself to be at rest or peace.


Now, there are directions that individuals and groups are trying to implement. There are directions that are evolving as a result of ignorance and lack of responsibility in the world, and it is important for these things to be brought out. This is not meant for the purpose of creating fear, but of reducing ignorance so that something that would be fearful can be changed and not come to pass.


Now, there certainly are individuals and groups in the world who are attempting to take over the monetary system -- the economy, in the final analysis -- and if individuals are not aware that their very attitude and their mind-sets govern how much or how little of their fulfillment or abundance they will experience, they will not be alert to the fact that this so-called "take-over" has no bearing upon them whatsoever. Thinking that it does have complete bearing on them, they will, like the blind following the blind, subject themselves to controls which, in the final analysis, can have no effect on them whatsoever, but which will seem to have effect over them because they know no better and behave as though the controls have effect.


Now, what is being called for in the sharing of this information is greater self-responsibility. But, I will tell you this, first of all one's attention needs to be gotten! So, bold statements are made. At the same time that bold statements are being made, gentler information regarding the resolution of the apparent problem is also being provided, and will be surfacing -- and, indeed, already is surfacing.


Your work is already communicating the essential facts needed so that people can become aware that they are not subject to an economic system, or the economy, or groups of financiers. The groundwork is already being laid. But, for those who are not even aware that the groundwork is there, and who are dreamily moving forward in the same old ruts, there is a need for the news that forecasts the direction in which things are actually moving to be brought out, so that they can be shaken out of their ruts and then become aware of the steps they can take to demonstrate their independence from and invulnerability to the attempts of these groups and individuals.


This is an important point to understand, and it would be foolish to discount the "bad news" simply on the basis that it seems to do nothing but generate fear. What needs to be watched out for is the generation of fear that is not connected with any actual focus in the world -- that which simply undermines one's integrity, one's peace, one's confidence; that which increases one's doubt so that he dooes not dare to trust his very Being. And thus throws away his Integrity because there is this undercurrent of fear, and for no other reason at all.


You understand my point?


QUESTION: Yes. In the beginning part of your statement, the implication I felt was that the information in The Grey Men articles was, as seen at this time, accurate. Later, however, it seems to me that what you were saying was that it's a set-up -- that it isn't really accurate, but it's being presented to get our attention and then to release the illusion of it all.


RAJ: No. That is not correct. There actually are those individuals and groups in the world who have this as their goal. This is not a story that is being made up to promote clarification. It is the effect of individuals coming from and validating their ego sense of existence -- the need for power and control based upon the belief that abundance is not inherent in existence, but must be created, accuumulated, and used for purposes of power and control. This is the reason that there are individuals attempting what this volume suggests or chronicles.


So, there actually is, in the world, this process occurring. This is not a set-up. This is just the aggravating manifestation of the ego in one of its worst forms. It is going on. It needs to be seen for what it is, and individual Integrity needs to come to the fore in individual consciousness so as to discover its invulnerability to such idiocy.


QUESTION: So, you're saying that what is needed here is just the commitment to the Truth, individually, and let whatever else happens happen?


RAJ: No. In paying attention to one's own Integrity, one may find himself challenging publicly the direction in which things are going. One may not find himself just letting things be as they are. On the other hand, one may find that he is not going to be directly involved in publicly discrediting the approach and defusing it. So, you cannot make an assumption one way or another as to what the steps will be that will follow getting in touch with one's own Integrity.


The thing is that any step challenging the status quo, when it is coming from the experience of one's Integrity, will not be compulsive because there will be no fear associated with it. One will know exactly what to do and not to do that will contribute to the resolution of the mind-set, the frame of reference, that feels that the grasping for one's Good, as though it weren't inherently his already, is an invalid and "destructive" mind-set, because its practice constitutes the very thing that blinds one -- and blinds the world on a general basis -- to his inherent abundance that isn't dependent upon accumulation.


QUESTION: Are you saying that all we need to do is trust in the Integrity of our "collective being" that we are going to awaken to this mind-set…


RAJ: No. That would be foolish at this point. You don't have a basis for trusting the "collective being," because you are not clearly experiencing your individual Being. So, that would be a blind faith that wouldn't involve the experiential element of Knowing of the divinity of your own Being that discloses the Integrity of all of mankind to you. It is in your clear perception of your individual Integrity as the very Presence of the Father that discloses to you at an experiential level that the same thing is true of your fellow man. That deep knowing is the only thing that will allow you to have trust in the essential divinity of every other one.


So, you start with yourself, and to the degree that you become aware of your own Integrity, you separate yourself from the mass ego thought -- the general attitude in the world -- and therefore the general attitude in the world is weakened. Each one who does this coontributes to the weakening of the status quo, the ego frame of reference. And the more individuals there are who are in touch with their Integrity, who are experiencing their inviolable and secure divinity, the more there are who are able to join with those who are still embroiled in the ego's frame of reference at the level of their essential divinity and strengthen It, so that it will become easier for those still embroiled to shift within themselves to their clearer experience of their divinity.


But, you see, this is not a matter of having faith in your fellow man. It is a matter of Knowing within yourself, because you have experienced it, that there is reason to trust that in your fellow man which is absolutely divine and always present.


You see, right now everyone is trusting everyone else to this extent -- and especially at this current time: They are watching to see what everyone else is going to do, and what everyone else is doing. In this process they are giving their power away. And in the absence of their expression of their own power everything is going to pot, you could say, simply because no one is expressing individual Integrity -- staying at that centered place where one's actions are guided and governed by clarity that doesn't gather data from external sources in order to be present. This dynamic is really no different from any other personal financial dynamic.


QUESTION: The other day I did go out and buy some gold. Was that an appropriate thing to do?


RAJ: It certainly was not a mistake. But, do not now allow yourself to feel somewhat secure because you have some gold. It cannot provide your security any more than a healthy stock market or a healthy economy. But, it was not a foolish thing to do in any way.


QUESTION: Can you add a little more clarity regarding it not being a foolish thing to do? On the other side of the coin, was it an appropriate, smart, self-appreciating thing to do, congruent with what my Being is unfolding?


RAJ: Yes, it certainly was.


QUESTION: Would it be advisable for me to continue to buy gold as my abundance increases in the next few months?


RAJ: Yes, it would. But, again, let the decision to purchase it arise out of a simple fearless awareness that at the moment this purchase is appropriate. You see, the key is to always be willing to listen for the appropriateness or inappropriateness of a particular step or a particular decision. For example, it would not be wise for you to invest or utilize all of your spare cash to purchase gold with.


You cannot make general assumptions and then use those general assumptions as ongoing guidelines, because on an ongoing basis there needs to be listening to see whether, under the present circumstances, such and such a thing is actually appropriate.


Now, be alert for the tendency to attempt to protect yourself. I know this is difficult when that which creates the most fear in you seems to be active and aggressive. But the attempts to protect yourself will, in almost all instances, cause you to rely upon memory rather than actual "living guidance in the Now." It will cause you to become compulsive.


Understand that all attempts at protection are aggressive acts. You do not need to protect yourself in the presence of a benign environment. So, if you are practicing self-protection, then an assumption has been made that the environment is hostile, and that assumption is a separating "war-like" act. You have decided that your environment or the circumstances are your enemy, and thereby you start the "war," and you will appear to evoke from your experience substantiation of your attitude -- your war-like stance.


The reason you will seem to have that in your experience is because you are not listening for how to be appropriate in that environment because you are preoccupied with your biased perception of it. So, if you expect to see improvement, if you expect to experience your security, then you are going to have to withdraw your act of war, your decision to see your world or circumstance as an enemy. And then listen for how to be appropriately in that environment so that you do not stub your toe -- so that you do not bump into it unexpectedly and then decide that it is the world that has bumped into you.


When you choose to see your circumstance or environment as an enemy, you have had to stop paying attention to what it truly is. And that is like closing your eyes and then attempting, on the basis of your imagination of your world, to move through your world without bumping into things.


Now, I have said it before, and I will say it again: You exist right in the middle of Reality, right in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven -- at this instant - with your eyes all squinched up, saying, "I cannot see the perfection." And all that is needed is for you to open your eyes up. That is the equivalent of releasing the aggressive act of denominating your world or your circumstance as an enemy, or as something disassociated from, separated from, the Father -- something existing on its own, outside the control and Presence of God.


Remember, your determination that the world is your enemy is an act of hostility which you are engaging in, and which you must release if you wish to experience more harmonious feedback from your world.


QUESTION: So, then, the perception that there are these people who have an interest in moving from ego and controlling the monetary system can be seen, can be noticed and still loved just the way they are?


RAJ: It can be seen and noticed and defused by virtue of seeing that it does not have any actual substance to it that can be affective to you, or to whomever is engaging in this process of inner clarity that defuses the apparent threat.


QUESTION: So, if I am at Peace with it, without denying it, and I can feel the Essence of the participants, their divinity, in spite of how they are outwardly acting, if I can feel that peace and love them truly, then that is the most that I can do?


RAJ: You are absolutely correct. You understand perfectly.


QUESTION: And I feel it now.


RAJ: Yes. You see, what you are looking for, what everyone is looking for, is that which is dependable. We could call that which is dependable "the Eternal Constant" -- that which is forever unchanging in its Nature and character and movement. That Eternal Constant is not "out-there" in the world. It is in the observer. In fact, the observer is the Eternal Constant.


QUESTION: I am very grateful for your support.


RAJ: You are welcome. Again, do not be afraid when apparent danger is pointed out to you. If you were driving in a car and you yawned, and in the process of yawning your eyes were not on the road, and there were a car ahead of you in the left-hand lane that was pulling in front of you and you did not see it, and the person sitting next to you said, "Watch out!" you would be very grateful that the call for alertness was made. You would not make anything out of it other than that a need for a change was called for in what you were doing.


It would be foolish for you to say, "Oh, my god, we're going to have a wreck," and just go ahead and have the wreck. That is not the point. Immobilization is not the point. No response is not the point. The point is to bring into the arena of discernment and awareness the fact that something is pending that needs correction so that correction can be made. That is the point.


Now, this is different from the ego's ploy to create anxiety, fear, doubt, distress, because it (the ego) provides no focal point. What needs to be changed, or what it suggests is going on, is never pinpointed. One never knows what actually needs to be dealt with. It is not a call for nothing more than fear, itself. So, fear itself -- the process of listening to the ego and reacting to it -- is what needs to be dealt with.



QUESTION: I have what appears to be a wonderful career opportunity before me. I believe that it is appropriate for me to do this even though, if you look at all of the attendant difficulties -- such as selling my house in a market that doesn't exist, -- it doesn't quite add up, except that it's an opportunity to be involved with a purpose that coincides with my inner being and my inner direction. I would like your thoughts on the matter.


RAJ: First of all, aside from your best reasoning and all of the sense that this makes, what do you feel when you are listening quietly? Ultimately that is where the clarity is going to come from, and that is where the basis for "taking steps" must come from.


Now, I am not going to answer your question, yes or no. I am going to point out that it is your Being that is unfolding your fulfillment in every aspect, and down to every last detail, which includes your house being on the market and your having a buyer, no matter what the market is or seems to be.


You must come back to this point so that you do not attempt to base decisions upon the way things appear to be, or the way egos are interpreting conditions. If you listen deeply within and you get the clear go-ahead -- not as a result of judgment, but as a result of an inner, peaceful awareness of appropriateness -- then you can count on itt that even if not a single piece of real estate sold anywhere in the world, yours would!


Your fulfillment, the movement of your Being, is not limited to any three-dimensional conditions, because it is functioning Fourth-dimensionally, no matter how three-dimensional your present awareness is. So, the call, here, is not to figure out whether it is a reasonable step to take or not. The call is to listen for what is appropriate -- not according to human reasoning, but according to the movement of fulfillment that your Being constitutes -- and then dariing to be congruent with it at the level of action in the world.



Conversations with Raj is made up of actual questions and answers drawn, with permission, from private conversations with Raj and public Workshops. Rajpur, an Ascended Master, is an Individuality making himself known by means of conscious channeling through Paul Norman Tuttle for the purpose of facilitating the major shift of consciousness which mankind is entering into.


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