VOL. 3, NO. 9


QUESTION: I sense a certain reluctance within myself to become enlightened. Most of the time I live definitely three-dimensionally. If I react to a situation, my father says, "Shame on you. You should be more Fourth-dimensional about this." I feel like saying, "I don't want to be Fourth-dimensional. I want to react to the situation!" And I laugh. Is it appropriate to be this way? I have very little time for me and when I do have time, then I'm very jealous about how I spend that time—and it's not usually spent meditating.


RAJ: Until you arrive at a point where you are not getting satisfaction from the level you are coming from, you will continue to come from there—whether it is practical or not, whether it is progressive or not. You simply will not do what you do not feel like doing. This is true of everyone, not just you.


I want you to understand, however, that your Being is constantly pressuring you to wake up, or to move to a clearer, more harmonious, less stressful level of Life. So, you will not be able to remain indefinitely at the level you are at without it becoming less and less satisfying.


I am not suggesting to you that you change because others are encouraging you to change. But, I do encourage you to be alert to any decrease in satisfaction that you are getting from where you are coming from. A time will come when your feeling of a right to be reactive will not be as meaningful or fulfilling, and it will become obvious to you that it is costing you something in terms of depleting your energy, and depleting your joy and sense of fulfillment.


Now, the simple fact is that you cannot be where you cannot be and you cannot do what you cannot do, and you will not do anything that does not have meaning for you. Right now, being reactive seems to have definite meaning for you. In the ultimate sense it has absolutely no meaning, and is a totally useless, fruitless activity.


The fact that you want to indulge in a useless, fruitless activity, and my sharing this fact with you, does not constitute a criticism or put-down of you. But, you need to see clearly what is happening, even though it is just an intellectual clarity.


There truly is no payoff in righteous indignation! It doesn't truly serve to resolve the problem you are being indignant about. It relieves you of an inner pressure, but it doesn't heal. So, I would encourage you to ask yourself from time to time whether you are interested in healing or whether you are interested in justifying your sense of what is right.


It you will get in touch with your desire for healing, for being the presence that is truly resolving to a problem, you will find yourself more easily able to let go of the feeling of having a "right" to be reactive, because you will realize that it isn't truly contributing to the healing or resolving of the problem. It is really a satisfying of the ego, and that is all.


When the ego is satisfied, it is also strong. When it is strong, your awareness of your invulnerability and your Wholeness is significantly blocked from your experience.


You will grow. You will wake up. And you will do it either comfortably or uncomfortably. Right now, the ego satisfaction doesn't register with you as being uncomfortable, because it feels "so darn good." But, when it begins to dawn on you that it is absolutely depriving you of contributing truly, lovingly, to the resolution of the thing you are angry or reactive about, you will begin to realize that it is costing you something, and that you don't want to pay the price of the loss of your peace, and the loss of your joy. I am talking about joy from your Soul, not the "happiness" that your ego feels from "getting satisfaction."


As I said, your Being is constantly insisting Itself into your present frame of reference, and is constantly moving you out of it into a larger domain, a larger, fuller experience of the Oneness of Being. So, you will grow, and you will feel motivated.


There is no way you can actually become stuck in the three-dimensional level. You can make the movement out of the three-dimensional level more graceful if you are willing to consider the possibility that the "luxury" of sell-righteous indignation, reaction, and "getting satisfaction," isn't actually contributing in any way to your growth.




QUESTION: In the Catholic tradition we believe that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, and we are all one in him, as he is in the Father. I would like you to comment on this.


RAJ: Let us first of all understand that at no level of Reality is there any such thing as a special relationship. Jesus the Christ does not have a more special relationship with God than do you, or Paul, or any of the members of the Brotherhood of Man. It is time for this fact to become clear, else men will hold themselves in a lesser position as far as their self-image and self-concept is concerned. This will maintain a sense of difference, a sense of unequalness that the ego thrives on.


You must understand that the moment God expressed Himself creatively, that Creativity was an infinite Creation. Therefore, every Individuality, being the direct expression of God, constitutes the Son of God. The Son of God is the infinite expression of God, and it has been appropriately identified as the Brotherhood of Man. Again: The Brotherhood of Man, in its Totality, constitutes the Body of Christ, the Son of God, the infinite expression of God.


Jesus does not hold that title entirely by himself. The reason that all of mankind must awaken to its divine reality is because the Son of God—meaning the Brotherhood of Man—must awaken to and claim and experience its Sonship!


This is the reason that there is an innate underlying motivation within every individual to wake up, to seek his spiritual path. It is also the reason that those of the Brotherhood who are totally awake are contributing by facilitating the awakening of those like yourself, and Paul, and everyone else, to each one's divinity. In other words, the Brotherhood, from the most fundamental levels of Its Being is motivated toward the conscious experience of the Integrity of the Christ.


This Christ-hood will be experienced by every single Individuality without difference, without comparison. But, as long as anyone believes that Jesus the Christ is the only Christ, he will be unable to allow himself to own the fact of his own absolute divinity, and he will avoid at all cost seeking within himself to experience the divine reality of his Being.


It has been valuable for there to be one who could be conceptualized as the Wayshower. It is a fact that Jesus awoke while still incarnated. He did not have to die in order to be totally awake to the reality of Being—to the reality of his Being and his inseparable Oneness with the Father. This event does stand out as a light to all men, but its purpose is not to elevate Jesus so far above everyone else that it takes a special dispensation for everyone else to get into the Kingdom of Heaven. His awakening demonstrated as fact the potential for every single Individuality who exists.


As I said, it is now time to release the great sense of difference between any Individuality and Jesus, else no one will dare to think of himself as divinely as he ought to. And no one will explore the infinite nature of his Being and discover Its presence, Its validity, and thereby allow for him to release the confining, limited self-image that I have referred to as the ego.




QUESTION: I would like to know if there is anything particularly meaningful that I need to know.


RAJ: I wish to convey to you that it is inappropriate to deify Jesus more than you are willing to deify yourself! This in no way belittles Jesus. It expands, enhances, and opens up your capacity to recognize your absolute divinity as the child of God—the direct expression of God; equal heirs with Christ.


Jesus is the model. He expressed what you are to discover about yourself and express, and any inclination to create any separation of worth or value in God's sight between you and Jesus the Christ, is inappropriate and unbecoming to you. It also causes him to, in some way, be unreachable, because there is no way for two unequal things to solidly connect or relate to each other.


You cannot possibly fulfill the role that Jesus fulfilled for the world, in that you cannot be the first to do it and set the example. But, you can, nevertheless, be one of those who does it subsequently, and in so doing bless the world and encourage others to dare to do likewise.


You will not do this for the world. You will do it because it is essential for you to claim your birthright as the Son or Daughter of God. You will do it because until you do it you will not know who you truly Are, and this is also unbecoming to the child of God. If you do not know who you are in your Totality, you cannot possibly know who God is! So, if you would know God, you had better get to know who this beloved Daughter of God divinely is.


In doing this, you will have followed the example of Jesus. You will have manifest the fulfillment of his mission, and you will experience your Integrity, your Holiness, your Wholeness, and you will be a light to those who are still frightened, because of their accepted belief of unworthiness, to dare to believe that their inheritance is no different from Jesus’.


All are brothers and sisters of a common Father, and therefore all are heirs of the Father. It is the Father's good pleasure to give each of his children the Kingdom—all, everything! You see, you cannot become a "joint heir" with Christ until you discover your Christ-hood. So, any sense of unworthiness, any sense of littleness, stands in the way of your experience of your divinity, and does not constitute a stepping-stone to your enlightenment.


I could not tell you anything more meaningful than that.




QUESTION: In the Gospel, when Christ said that we will be above the law by following the path to enlightenment, was it meant that we would transcend the laws?


RAJ: That is correct. The Ten Commandments were the translation of divine order into terms, which would promote the growth of those caught in the ego sense of life, out of that sense of life. They provided a structure in which the ego could be thwarted in its oppositional stance to God.


The ego is a false sense of Individuality, which is a denial of true Individuality—the direct expression of God. The Ten Commandments were not sufficient to allow one to transcend the ego frame of reference, but they maintained an orderliness, which would allow for one to be primed for transcendence.


The two commandments, which Jesus gave, are the two, which allow for the transcendence of the laws of Moses: To love the lord thy God with all thy heart, and your fellow man as yourself.


When you are "going into your closet," when you are becoming centered within yourself, and you are moving out of the ego level of perception, you are loving the truth about You, and the truth about You is that God is all of what constitutes You. It is an act of willingness. It is not an act of willfulness. It is an act of yielding to that which you Are, and fundamentally You are that Individuality, which God has individualized out of What God Is.


The spontaneous result of discovering the truth about You is that you discover the truth about everyone else, because you know that you are not unique. Therefore, the appreciation, the valuing of What and Who You Are, is a valuing which becomes extended to every other Individuality you come into contact with.


As a result of experiencing the divine Integrity of your Being, you have moved out of the ego level of action/reaction, and thereby the Ten Commandments are no longer viable, because there is no call for them.


QUESTION: I believe that your task is to help us to be prepared and enlightened for the Second Coming. Is that correct?


RAJ: My friend, the Awakening of each Individuality is what constitutes the Second Coming. It is the coming forward—because there is no blocking of It—of the Christ-hood of each Individuality.


The only reason that there may be the appearing of an individual, who would be classified as the Second Coming of "The Christ," would be to facilitate the reversal of the energy in those individuals who absolutely insist that there is only one Christ and that they are incapable of being divine themselves.


Literally, the Second Coming is constituted of the Awakening of the entire Brotherhood so that the whole Body of Christ is experiencing consciously Its inviolable Integrity. It is this Awakening that it is my activity to facilitate. That is what we are doing at this instant.




QUESTION: As part of the teaching of the entities like yourself, there is the notion that all entities were created at the same time, and there's the whole description of their Light. Can you comment on the apparent discrepancy between what we see as "variable intelligence" and the fact that we were all created with the same Light?


RAJ: What you are calling "intelligence" is the ability to take the known factors, and through the use of the intellect, logic, and the ability to extrapolate, to skillfully come to appropriate conclusions that have a constructive result in your life or your world. Intelligence, though, divinely speaking is the inherent harmony or orderliness that is involved in Knowing. Intelligence simply is the harmony of the infinite ideas of the Life-Principle in the act of being Creation. Intelligence isn't exercised, it simply is.


When, through your use of what you call intelligence, you can arrive at a point of being able to justify letting go of your thinking processes, you have the opportunity to make available to yourself the inherent intelligence of your Being, which is not variable in any way between individualities who are totally awakened and have totally incorporated into their conscious experience of Being their Actuality—their Fourth-dimensional Nature.


The reason there are apparent variations of intelligence is because of the different degree of ego involvement that individualities are engaged in and identifying with. But, each Individuality you run into every day is nothing less than the full representation of the Life-Principle, even though he ignorantly believes that he is less and insists on proving it.


QUESTION: Staying with that answer and putting it in a context of some of the statements of the world economists and liberation theologians and those who are committed to the poor, several reports have recently noted that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer—some of the causes in our own culture being single parent families and the changing nature of the work force. Is this related also to the ego in consciousness?


RAJ: Of course it is. If the ego is, itself, a defense mechanism, it is the opposite of love, because love is the absence of any defensive structure of any sort. Without any defensive structure around one, the divinity of everything in his experience is manifestly apparent, and behavior is modified, and these inequities you are speaking of cannot occur, or will be changed. The ego is the fly in the ointment in all cases.


The desire to be divine is, at the bottom line, a desire to love, to really perceive and acknowledge the divinity of everything that is seen. That is why there really are so few who engage in it. It is scary to be without the ego's defense structures. Therefore, it is scary to love. Not that it is truly scary to love; it is a joy to love. But few truly want to be loving. There are increasing numbers, but you can see that the desire to be defenseless is something which constitutes a real change in individual consciousness, and ego structures inhibit and prohibit change.


Nevertheless, that is what is called for. That is what is on the agenda. And that is what is going to happen. That is what the shift is all about, and the shift is upon you!


QUESTION: In every age, some people have been enlightened. Therefore, it is not waiting for our century. How did that occur outside this shift in consciousness?


RAJ: What each Individuality really is has never changed, and there are those who have allowed themselves to access their greater capacity to be aware, their capacity to be conscious without ego structures. Waking up is always available, because not one Individuality has ever really ceased to be the full representation of the Life-Principle. So, there has never been any real need for growth in stature, or for gaining a divine status.


Literally, there have been those who have taken the time to become still, for one reason or another, whether through pain or whether through love of what is real, or love of God, and they have done it.


QUESTION: Why do so many of us seem to be hold back?


RAJ: Literally because life without perspective is exhilarating and exciting. It plays into, magnifies, and substantiates the ego sense. As long as the desire is for challenge and competition and excitement, and as long as there is a desire to experience fear within controlled bounds, then there is not present an active desire to experience the harmony of the unity of Life and the unity or Wholeness of Individuality.


It is very much like children who love to see a scary film or ride a roller coaster. You could say it is a matter of immaturity—not a spiritual immaturity, but a fascination with fear.


QUESTION: What is the relationship between centeredness, stillness, and consciousness? I'm not exactly sure if those three things are the same or interrelated.


RAJ: Let us say that stillness, quietness, is the nature of the centered state, and centeredness is the nature of Consciousness. They are not identical in meaning or experience. In the process of becoming still, one's point of awareness spontaneously moves to one's Center, one's point of immovable stability. And when one's point of awareness is in that Place, the true experience of Consciousness begins to unfold, because the artificial ego structures are no longer coloring the conscious experience of Being.


Now, as one learns to more and more significantly come out from his Center, his Peace, he does not find his life experience, his experience of being conscious, to be dull or monotonous or empty of activity or empty of feeling. And the stillness begins to be filled with the experience of the harmony of Being and the joy of Being, and it begins not to be so still or so silent.


It is difficult to express this in terms other than that the "sound" that fills the silence is the Music of the Spheres. It is the experience of the divine harmony of Being and the joy of the divine Activity of Being, and the true fullness in every respect of the conscious experience of Infinity, where all of the ego's efforts to duplicate Reality artificially are replaced with the experience of Reality without any distortion, whatsoever.


When one moves to one's Center, it seems as though it is a withdrawal from activity, from the world. So, it feels as though one's attention is becoming more and more restricted, more highly focused, less broad in scope. But, once having arrived at this point of not having actually withdrawn from the world, but really having withdrawn from the ego level of experience, it becomes possible to begin to experience the infinity of one's Being without any sense of separation from any part of it.


Experientially it is as though there is a "becoming smaller," which then expands into infinite fullness, where there is no sense of separation of one's Self from that infinite fullness or Wholeness. In a sense, coming to one's Center is just the half-way point. But, what follows from that half-way point is the increasing awareness of Reality without distortion.




QUESTION: I've been feeling confusion about my deepest knowing. It seems like I get a definite picture of what to do, and then I get a sudden shift in energy and I'm upended. Every day I have a strong sense that "this" is what’s next, and then the next day I get something different. What can I do to clear up this confusion?


RAJ: When you become still enough to listen and to connect with your deepest levels of Knowing, confusion will never be the result. Clarification, simplification, and clarity are the result.


If you are experiencing confusion, you are gathering information from some other source than your Knowing. If you are gathering information from some other source than your Knowing, you are gathering it from a faulty and undependable source, and there will always be some degree of confusion.


When this happens, you are going to have to make a specific point of becoming still, because that is the only place from which your clarity can emerge at your conscious level of experience. Do not assume that when you are confused, you are in a better position to come to a conclusion, even though that is the way you have lived most of your life with a certain amount of skill and a certain amount of ease, even though it is a shaky place to deal from.


Be willing to value your centered clarity more than the best degree of clarity that you can arrive at from a state of confusion. I cannot say this strongly enough: It is worth it to you to refuse to come to a conclusion when there is confusion. Take the time, even if it takes you two hours in an evening, to let go, and relax, and come to a centered place. Then, listen. Then, dare to act from what you experience there.


If, the next day, your surface reactive thinking level causes you to think that another way to go is the way, or, at the least, that there are so many options that there is no way to be sure which one is right, then, that night, or when you have the chance, sit down and become centered again, and continue to tap in to your deepest level of Knowing until you come to a point of resolve about it; resolve that arises out of simple clarity.


You will have to be diligent about this, and you will have to insist on gathering your information from your best centered place. You will have to insist upon not making any major decisions when you are not in that place.


What I am describing here is simple intelligence, and it is worth practicing. If you do not trust into your deepest level of centered Knowing and dare to act out from It, you will not find the actual dependability and value of your centered Knowing. You also will not be able to access the peace that is part and parcel of functioning from that level. Yet, that peace is your fundamental birthright.


Circumstances may seem to tell you at times that you are forced to use your best half-assed judgment. But, you do not have to agree with it, and you can insist upon taking time before a decision, to become centered enough to be able to act on track with your fulfillment!


QUESTION: What part is fear playing in my thinking I have answers when I don't?


RAJ: It plays a primary role in the answers that create confusion, and it plays no part in the calm clarity you experience when you are getting guidance from your deepest level of Knowing.


Understand that clarity of Knowing always resolves conflict. That is why it simplifies, and that is why there is always a sense of calm peace along with the guidance, or the Knowing that you are experiencing regarding what to do.


QUESTION: This brings me back to something I haven't been letting myself consider. I have invested a lot in coming to think of Seattle and the Puget Sound area as home. I guess when I have been letting in information about what else is out there for me I've tended to insist that this be the home base. Is this a way of saying to let go of this orientation?


RAJ: Yes, because if you don't, you bring an automatic bias to what you are listening for. You also will tend to bring stress into the process. You must not assume that the answer will take you away from Seattle, but you must be willing for the answer to do so, so that you will not bring this stress-producing, distortion-producing bias to your listening process.


You do want to hear clearly and correctly. You can always fuss about it afterwards, but, when you are listening, let the biases go, so that you are at least fussing about exactly the thing that you need to be doing, and not a partially distorted idea of what it is. In that way, if you, indeed, decide to fuss about it, you will be able to go back to the specific issue for further clarification, and you will not be asking for clarification about a slightly distorted perception of what your next step is to be.


When you are listening, you want to hear exactly perfectly, regardless of what you do with the information afterwards. Let the doors be full open, with no biases, no conditions. Any conditioning that you bring along with you into that place, will hold you in the framework you are presently in, and until you are totally awakened, your present place is a place of limitation. The reason for asking, the reason for listening deeply within yourself, is so that you may relieve yourself of the biases and the conditioning that bind you to your limitation, that keep you from experiencing your fulfillment and your joy and your clarity.


So, dare to hear clearly the answer, so that at least you are fussing about the truth!




QUESTION: There are twelve steps to recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous and one of the steps is that you should go back and try to make amends with everybody you think you might have wronged. My question is, is the Alcoholics Anonymous program over concerned on this point?


RAJ: No, it is not. You see, the natural tendency will be to exclude the most essential act of forgiveness, and so the emphasis causes one to move beyond the minor and even nonessential forgivenesses and pushes one to the forgivenesses, which are essential.


The ego, of course, would have one harbor, even unconsciously, the judgments and the attempts to create guilt, whereas the insistence upon seeking everyone out promotes the uncovering of the unconscious hate.


QUESTION: I attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting the other night, and when I came away I wondered if a recovery program based upon A Course In Miracles would offer the public, or the addict, anything different from what A.A. is teaching. Are we re-inventing the wheel only by using different language?


RAJ: No, you are not re-inventing the wheel. A.A. is not using the Workbook, nor the Text. The Course, in itself, is transformational, and because of its language, is specifically appropriate for today—even more so than the Bible. The fundamental principles are the same, but the language used is not as specifically contributive to the transformational process of Awakening.


Now, it is going to be essential for you to realize that you will be working with, for lack of better words, Christs—not with addicts! And, to the very best of your ability, you will be working with them from a Christ-like vantage point. You see, it is in the fundamental acknowledgment of each one's divinity that the healing result comes forth.


The divinity of each Individuality is not clearly seen and embraced as specifically by A.A. or any other agency. And so the result is that although one may have overcome his addiction in terms of his behavior, he is still unable to go anywhere near a drink, or an addictive substance without being hooked again. That does not constitute healing!


It is believed that one is a mortal who is somehow, through the grace of God, able to lift himself up by his bootstraps and not really attain divinity. But, the fundamental of the Course is that each one is, at this moment, the Son or Daughter of God, and it is on the basis of that enlightened standpoint that true release from addiction is possible. That is a substantial difference


Again, let it be very clear to you that you are not working with addicts. Avoid that label. Avoid conceptualizing potential clients in that way. You will be working with "sleeping Christs," and the effort will be directed toward their waking up to their divinity, even though you may not express it in those exact words when you are working with them. Nevertheless, because that will be your vantage point, they will recognize that you are not treating them as puny mortals striving to improve themselves, but as Individualities of essential Worth who simply need to discover it. That is a grand difference.




QUESTION: What part does sexuality, passion, play within the spiritual human being?


RAJ: None. Passion, very simply, is the aggressive attempt to fill the void of incompleteness and worthlessness. Passion, at its apex, is obsessive. It arises out of the sense of profound lack. At its greatest height, in spite of the dizzying explosion of apparent fulfillment, it is still empty, because it does not involve being connected with one’s own Soul. There is no clarity with passion. There is no sensitivity in passion. There is no love in passion. Passion is the zenith of the ego's attempt to feel wholly.


Now, I have homed in on the word "passion" here, and not the word ‘sexual," because the intimate sharing, in sexual terms, is, in itself, not to be set aside.


As each one begins to become better centered, better able to come out from his Peace, as one is better connected with his Peace, he is able to relax. He or she is able to be genuine, without needing any mask, without needing any artifice, without feeling any need. This allows that one to be significantly present with his or her partner—sensitive to, and able to value the one he or she is with. This is where love is able to flow, to be given and thereby received. There is no contest to the relating going on sexually, and there is no sense of "performance," There is no sense of "getting," either. Yet, there is the profound joy of communion.


There is nothing dull about this, because the communion, the experience of oneness, is felt throughout the entire being—not just the body, not just the intellect, not just the emotions.




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