JULY 1986

VOL. 3, NO. 7



QUESTION: As a Roman Catholic priest, I found that Raj's message confirms the truth and life offered to Christians through Jesus Christ. So, my question is, "Does his message contradict the message of Jesus on any point?" I haven't been able to find any point yet in my hearing of this message.


RAJ: Absolutely not. One thing is most needed: The context in which the Church functions, and which its members need to be aware of, is that it has been the guardian of the Keys—or, let us say, it has been the guardian of the "location" of the Keys. Its function has been to remember and keep public the location, and the location is in each individual.


It is the Church's task to make that known so that the individual's awareness of his Power does not end up being given away to a church, or to other individuals, or to any external point. The Power inherent in each individual is the empowering of the Movement of his divinity, which constitutes his true Individuality.


QUESTION: The purpose of my life, as I see it, is to act from my divinity and facilitate the Christ consciousness on our planet. Is there anything further I can do to promote this purpose?


RAJ: By being it under all circumstances. There are no circumstances that are more desirable or less desirable than other circumstances. Every interaction, whether it is with your Brothers, or whether it is with your brothers and sisters in the world, is the opportunity to be the Presence of That, which is illuminating, because it is the presence of unconditional Love.


Let there not be an unnecessary, artificial boundary that says one place is better than another or one is more opportune than another. Understand that no matter where you are, the Christ is not easily received—that the meaning within each one, of his Christhood, is not easily acknowledged—and, wherever you are simply able to be the Light, you are being the presence of the Christ that lifts and heals and transforms.


So, your task is simply to be and own your Christhood under any and all circumstances and in every encounter, whether it is with your superior, or whether it is with a Brother, or whether it is with a lay person. Each is the Christ, and each deserves that acknowledgment within you. Those most unwilling to receive it are the ones most needing it, and the place where your gift of recognition is most valuable.


QUESTION: I see the purpose of my religious community as also to facilitate the Christ consciousness on the planet. Do I have a specific role to fill during my community's awakening to this purpose, and how can I specifically support my Brothers in their awakening?


RAJ: For the most part, you will have to support their awakening indirectly. Understand that to the degree that your love is pure—in other words, to the degree that it isn't a human love, but is the Presence of the Christ perception, which you allow to fill you—there is blessing. There is present that which is essential for your Brothers' growth, because it provides the environment in which judgment is absent.


In this, because you are not coming from an ego place, you are not joining them in any ego that is present, and thereby you are not strengthening it. And, since you are coming from the clarity of that which you divinely are, you do join them wordlessly, actlessly, at the level of their divinity, and strengthen it. This is all that you can ever do with anyone, because then it is necessary for that one to make a decision for himself in favor of his divinity.


Be very intuitive, as you already are, when it comes to opening your mouth and speaking. Understand that everyone knows what it feels like to be loved, and it has nothing to do with theology or beliefs or philosophies. There need be no sense of challenging the acting authority or structure, because nobody really gives a damn when they are feeling loved, and when they are being loved by the Christ presence that is nourishing to them, they will naturally let go, lower their defenses, and grow.


You see, the presence of the Christ doesn't overthrow. It undermines, by being the very presence of that which allows for the release of defenses. This is a simple but significant point. It doesn't even attempt to undermine. That is the natural result, and nobody cares that anything is being undermined because of the presence of the nourishing Love, the experience of connecting with the Presence of that which is Real. So, do not view any of this as doing "battle," or "overcoming." There is no resistance, which Love cannot dissolve, and you do not even have to know how It will do the dissolving.


QUESTION: My next question has to do with my religious community as a center of spiritual energy. My question is, how can we, as a community, enhance our effectiveness as a spiritual center?


RAJ: Specifically by desiring, when you (plural) are being quiet, to experience even more clearly what the Christ is—and I do not mean by that, the man, Jesus. It is important for there to be a willingness to let go of established concepts about the Christ, because they are just ideas, and the Christ is a living Presence, existing now, present now, to be allowed and felt into experience. To the degree that each one might be able to realize that this empowering Presence is their own disowned divinity that they are experiencing, and that it is therefore a holy or wholizing experience, it will precipitate the movement out of intellectualism and concepts into the being individually of the living Christ. This is what constitutes the Second Coming on earth.


So, put simply, the answer to your question is for each one, to the best of his ability, to desire into the fuller immediate experience of what the Christ is. The Christ Presence is far from passive, and it will move in wherever room is made for it. At the bottom line that is because it is You, and it is each one of your Brothers, and each one's Being is insisting upon being totally embraced, acknowledged, and owned. It is in each one's individual experience of his Wholeness that the comprehension of universal Wholeness is opened up—also at an experiential level.


It is impossible to be Whole alone. So, it is a divine selfishness to desire the individual experience of Wholeness, because it includes the experience of the universal Oneness of Being and the absolute divinity of every other Individuality. You will be able to find a way to share this idea, and it will be helpful.


QUESTION: Are the three chosen actions of remembering my divinity, allowing my divinity, and desiring my divinity the same dynamic, distinguished only by a relationship to past, present, and future?


RAJ: Yes. You must remember that the only place where any of these three can occur is in the Now. All three relate to the Now, even though desire is normally associated with the "future," and remembering is only associated with the "past." They are three apparently different avenues of discerning the present eternal Facts of Being.


Eternity does not exist in time. It is the absence of the concept of time. So, even though the word "remembering" is used, it truly means the discernment of the present Fact, which has always been the Fact. It is obviously difficult to discuss this because mankind is used to thinking in terms of time. Yet, what is being remembered and what is being desired exists only in the Now to be experienced.


The use of the terms "remembering" and "desiring" broaden the scope for those bound by the concept of time and make the point of entry into the "instant" of Conscious Awareness—into the unlimited awareness of the Reality of Being—easier.


The idea of "remembering" brings into play a context wherein what Man is awakening to has always been present, even in his sense of time, past, and history. It makes it clear that what he is awakening to is not something new in this day and age. It helps him to realize that his divine Nature has been unchanging and ever present. In itself, that concept helps him to let himself into his divinity in the moment he is experiencing, because obviously it cannot truly be so new as to be foreign to him.


QUESTION: What is the purpose and role of my body, with its five physical senses and the emotions they invoke, in the awakening of my Being?


RAJ: Everything which God creates—and here is nothing else that is created—is the embodiment of What God Is, and constitutes the infinite manifestation of God. What you call your body is, indeed, an aspect of the infinite manifestation of God. That is why its intent to identify the presence of your Individuality is a divine intent or purpose.


Now, the simple fact is that your consciousness, or mind, is infinite because it is the direct and complete manifestation of the Life-Principle, or God, the divine Mind or intelligence. As I have brought out before, you and most of Mankind, are experiencing a very limited part of the infinitude of your Mind or Consciousness.


Because you are the direct and complete expression of God, then the infinite manifestation or embodiment of what God is, in expression, must constitute the infinitude of your Wholeness or Completeness, even though you are not the First Cause as Individuality. Therefore, if for some reason, you, as Individuality, choose to identify yourself as a particular part of the infinite embodiment of your Being—meaning, if you choose to identify solely with your body that has two arms, two legs, a torso, and a head—you withdraw from your awareness of your Oneness with all embodiment, with the universal expression of form.


You not only lose your ability to recognize yourself in the sunset or the sun, or the Pleiades, you cause all of your conscious experience to become highly biased because you are insisting on seeing yourself as a finite entity, confined by the "edges" or boundaries of your body. This is what evokes the emotions of fear, anxiety, sensation, human love and desire, jealousy, et cetera.


From the standpoint of the human problem—the three-dimensional frame of reference—your body and its attendant emotions stand as a block to your spiritual discernment, because they distract you from it. But, nevertheless, the divine Fact about your body is that it is the embodiment, the expression, the manifestation of God.


Therefore, it is by means of your desire to experience the divine Reality of your Self that you are able to move beyond the block, which your body presents to that awareness. You are able to begin to move into a more expansive context in which you begin to be alert for the underlying Unity between all forms, because even though they are multitudinous in variety, they all constitute the embodiment of a single indivisible Life-Principle, or God.


In this way consciousness apparently begins to be transformed. From the human standpoint it constitutes an altered conscious experience, because one is able to begin to rejoice in the beauty he sees—not as though it is external to him, but in a very direct, intimate, self-integrating way. It becomes possible to begin to discern the substance of all of the variety of form as living Love in infinite expression, so that not only is there an infinite Oneness, there is an infinite expression of indescribable harmony—the beauty of Love, expressed and expressing. Again, this becomes an enhanced or greater experience of one's Being, and its indivisible Integrity.


So, the very thing that seemed to block the discernment of Reality becomes that which substantiates Reality and promotes even further movement of Awakening. This does not come about by focusing on the body as it is presently experienced, but by insisting upon desiring the conscious experience of one's divinity, one's Self, and then allowing himself to lean into It, to let himself into the experience.


So, initially the body does not serve a positive purpose toward Awakening. But, as the clearer and clearer experience of body and, indeed, all forms, comes to view, the new experience helps to promote further awakening. But, the fundamental desire must remain the goal. That being, to desire to experience and own the absolute divinity, the Christ-hood of one's Self.


QUESTION: What is the purpose and role of my mind, with its ego concepts and the illusory conflicts they invoke, in the awakening and unfolding of my Being?


RAJ: The dynamic is similar here to the last answer. What you call your mind, with its ego concepts, is exactly what blocks your experience of your Peace, your Substance, your divinity, your Christ-hood, your divine Wholeness. It does not serve a constructive purpose.


However, when, as a result of one's desire to sidestep one's mind, and to access or move into the deeper levels of his Being by becoming still—by quieting the mind—he accesses the real experience of his Peace, of his inviolable Integrity, of his invulnerability, and begins to value that more than the excitement of the ego and the rational daily mind, then, as he slips back and forth between his Peace and his ego, the difference in the experience becomes educational. The experience of coming from the ego, from the finite, three-dimensional frame of reference, is uncomfortable by comparison, and it becomes more and more obvious that it is not desirable. It becomes easier for one to place his desire in his Peace, in the experience of his invulnerable Integrity. So, he begins to withdraw his energy from the ego level and its discomfort.


The difference between the two also helps to illuminate the many ways in which the ego seems to justify itself and which, out of habit, one will be inclined to not fully recognize the falsity of. So, in the sense that the ego state is a state of conflict, and therefore pain of one sort or another, its continued presence, even though broken or intermittent, will substantiate the value and contribute to the increasing of the desire for one's Peace and one's essential fulfillment. And where that fulfillment is, will become increasingly clear, until the ego sense is forever released.


It will have to be released voluntarily and purposefully by the active withdrawal of the investment of faith and energy into it. And that only comes as a result of the desire to claim one's essential divinity—and I mean claim it at an experiential and not a theoretical level.


QUESTION: Which of my talents would be most beneficial to actualize in order to facilitate the Christ consciousness of the Brotherhood, and how can I encourage these talents to unfold spontaneously?


RAJ: The vehicle for your having transformational, healing, enlightening effect in your world, and within the Brotherhood, comes directly out of your love for the Truth, and your love for the Reality underlying everything, because the Reality underlying everything is the presence of God.


Now, you must stay focused on your love. You must desire to experience it and let it flow into expression. And you must not concern yourself with the talents or the specific forms in which the flow of that love can move into expression. At one time it will be one form or talent, and ten minutes later it could be another. The talents you have are already well refined and are actually available to, and in the service of, your love. And when I say "your love," I mean the divine Love, which you value so greatly, and which you desire to consume you in the sense of becoming all there is to your presence.


You will know, if you are allowing that Love to be the presence of you, what steps to take, what talent to utilize, because it will be obvious to you. So, do not attempt to magnify or focus in on particular talents. You see, the talents do not actually enhance the ability to express divine Love. It is divine Love, which enhances the value of the talents and, in fact, evokes them and brings them into play appropriately.


This is where the trust in the essential Nature of your Being comes into play, so that there is no need for any attempt at manipulation, no attempt to be "organized" in the expression. Just stay with the love, and the desire for it to be untainted, pure, and unaltered from its true divine character. Then, let the chips fall where they may, and observe with delight the way the talents you have are utilized without your having to figure out which is best or which one can contribute most.


There are times when a communication is best written, because of circumstances or time, or the absence of a typewriter. And there are times when a communication is better typed. Circumstances will make it obvious which is most efficient. One is not more right than another. One is simply more practical than another. It is not the time for you to work with developing further skills or means of communication. It is time to let the Message evoke and evolve its own form for its expression and fulfillment.


QUESTION: When my behavior is aligned with my Being, I experience joy and peace. When my behavior is unaligned or coming from ego I experience conflict and sadness. My question is how do I stay aligned when I am being ordered to act by an unaligned command from authority?


RAJ: The question could be similarly put: How can I make a gift of wine at the wedding when all I have is water? You must always work with the materials at hand. The Christ consciousness must always come into play in the absence of enlightenment. Transformation, healing, the communication of essential Reality, is always going to be happening where unreality or illusion seems to be going on. That is what it's all about at this level! So, you stay true to your purpose, and you let the Christ presence, the essential divinity of You, utilize the illusion in a way that causes the illumination and transformation to occur.


It is not up to you to understand how that works! The ego will want to know how it works so it can repeat it and turn it into a mechanical process. But, from the standpoint of what you divinely Are, there is no necessity to understand. There is only the necessity to be the Presence.


Until you no longer seem to be functioning in a three-dimensional frame of reference, you will always be bringing Reality to bear on the illusion. You will never have the Ultimate, you might say, to work with, else there would be no work needed, and no more healing transformation.


Understand that no matter where the problem seems to lie, no matter what the problem claims to be, it is an essential call for the recognition of the divinity, the Reality of Being, right in that spot. Therefore, whether you are given a direction that is ego oriented, or whether you have someone standing in front of you, claiming with all earnestness that he is absolutely not divine, that he is suffering from his lack of divinity and that there is nothing he can do about it, but "please help," the call is for you to be that recognition!


Likewise, you will do what is called for from the perspective that there is, indeed, a transformational answer that will cut through the apparent density of the ego statements and directives that are being presented to you. And you will not quibble over the apparent ignorance, especially when it seems to come from high places. Unconditional love is still needed!


You must still be able to function "in the world" even though you are insisting upon coming from the level of your Being. So, you speak to be heard of men, and think to be heard of God. You render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. You do what you have to do within the three-dimensional frame of reference, but you allow those actions to be guided from the level of your Being.


What I want to be ultimately clear is that you are not to become impatient with those whom you would think ought to know better! If they knew better, they would do better. All are brothers. All are in the same boat. All are in the process of waking up, and all deserve the inspiration, support, and recognition of their essential divinity. This is, in simple terms, the demand for you to be the presence of the Christ, who doesn't quibble because there is only water; who simply be's the Presence, and in the being of it, transforms the mundane into the divine—reveals that which divinely fulfills Purpose, and manifests the simple joy of life.


QUESTION: Are souls who have been baptized into the Body of Christ internally energized differently from those who have not been?


RAJ: Literally, the baptism into the Body of Christ is constituted of the individual discovery of one's own Christ Nature. And when I say "discovery," I do not mean intellectual discovery, but experiential discovery.


Now, on that basis, the answer to your question is, yes, in this sense: When one sees himself as a finite, limited, separate little ego—an organism existing on the face of the planet, having only a material source of existence—his energy, his motivation, his actions, always arise out of a fundamental sense of fear. Fear is the energy under riding his entire experience. But, when one discovers or awakens to his divine origin as a result of going within and becoming still enough to move out of the level of fear, and experiences his unconflicted Self, together with all of its profound meanings, he begins to be motivated by, energized by, activated by his more divine Self-awareness. The source of his actions becomes significantly different. It doesn't come from the same place or source.


Now, in order for this transformed Self-awareness to grow into its full stature, a conscious choice must be exercised as consistently as possible—a choice for coming out from one's Being rather than his old ego sense. A higher value must be placed upon his enlightened awareness. The choice must be made because the old ego pattern is still deeply ingrained, and the tendency is to fall back upon it because it is more familiar. This literally constitutes what the Bible refers to as the separating of the tares from the wheat.


A choice must be made, but one does not fight the ego sense. One does not try to pull it up by its roots, because in the initial stages it is not always absolutely clear to one whether he is coming from the ego place or the place of his Being. So, one must value his awakened Self-awareness. He must learn to recognize that there is always the experience of immovable peace when he is coming from the level of his Being. This is the key that helps distinguish between whether one is coming from his ego or his Being—his enlightened awareness.


Then, he simply continues to make the choice for his Being without fighting the ego sense, or the "tares." The result is that he grows in confidence and familiarity with what he divinely Is, and as this grows, the ego dwindles for lack of attention, even though it argues bitterly as it gives up the ghost.


QUESTION: I see changes taking place in all different areas—of business, government, the acceleration of the use of nuclear energy. Where will that lead mankind in general in the next several years?


RAJ: Literally, to a state of humility; to a state of simple intelligence—not complex intelligence; to a state where it is felt that brotherly love is the fundamental essential. Not just humanly speaking, but on a divine basis.


The circumstances in the world will not be the only contributors to this shift. In fact, the circumstances are secondary. They are coming after the shift in consciousness that individuals throughout the world are going through. In other words, it is as the result of enlightened thought that inequities and imbalances and unintelligence-put-into-practice are brought to everyone's attention so that intelligence can be brought to bear upon those circumstances.


It is always increased clarity, which discloses unintelligence and inequities of all sorts. It is as though the clarity is the equivalent of the greater presence of Light, and in that greater presence of Light, flaws, which had not been visible, become visible, and everybody is inclined to say, "everything is going to pot." But, the fact is that what is inequitable, what is unloving, what is impractical cannot be seen until there is greater clarity. So, one must not miss the point and become preoccupied with the apparent flaws that become visible, but, rather, rejoice in the fact that it is the presence of greater clarity, more Light, that is allowing flaws that have always been present to finally be discerned and corrected.


As you notice changes going on, as you notice things requiring attention on a large scale, you can use that as a trigger to your awareness that there is more Light present. You can know that these things are coming to view because enlightenment has already been occurring.


This is important, because otherwise you will be inclined to think that it is the circumstances, which will promote the change of consciousness, and that will not make you feel very secure. You will go through your days wondering what the next "circumstance" is going to be, and you will feel very vulnerable. But, when you understand that the emergence of inequities at the conscious level of awareness, at a level that cannot be ignored, is happening because there is greater vision, then you will recognize that it is, indeed, the shift in consciousness, which is responsible for the recognition of what needs to be changed. Then you will be more able to consciously give your attention to your own awakening process, rather than what is going to happen next "out-there" in the world.




QUESTION: I would like to know what you have to say about being a mystical bride—the Bride of Christ.


RAJ: This is another of the wonderful, romantic, "spiritual" concoctions of the ego, just as soul-mates are. Do not sidetrack yourself with this.


The only way in which you can find your union with the Christ is to discern and experience your own Christ-hood. The mystical union is the union with your Self! It is to your Self that you will awaken and in your experience of your divine Self-hood, you will find your union with every other Individuality who exists, because the Brotherhood is One Brotherhood. This will not involve loss of Individuality in any way, but you will find that you are not an Individual all by yourself.


To the degree that you desire a union with a Christ outside of your divinity, you will be distracted from the one essential step—that of opening up to and leaning into your absolutely divine Christ-being. This is very important to understand. Your divinity is not borrowed from Jesus. It was established in the "beginning" when you were expressed by God as His Movement of Fulfillment, or Self-expression, and it is a status, which has never been violated or changed in any way. The only reason it is not being experienced in its totality at the moment is because it is not being owned. You are not claiming it.


A mystical union with The Christ would allow a sense of being able to have some of the divinity, which you deserve by virtue of the association. But that would not be enough, if that were possible, because you must arrive at the point where you are claiming and experiencing that which is your Birthright—or, more accurately, your inheritance, from that which is the very Source of your existence: God.


To be the Bride of Christ is a chauvinistic concept, no matter how beautifully it has been garbed with spiritual value. You are equal to your brother, Jesus. You are equal to every other brother in the Brotherhood. And I am sorry that I must use masculine terms here, because they do not truly express the sense of equal Oneness, equal Worth.


QUESTION: How does my conversing with you relate or integrate with my understanding of Christianity?


RAJ: There is no conflict. Jesus’ commandment was to love the lord thy God with all thy heart, and all thy soul, and all thy mind, and your brother as yourself. There are three aspects there: God, yourself, and your brother. And they are truly all related.


To love God with all your heart, mind, and soul is to honor that which is pure and good and indivisible, incapable of being divided into conflicting points of view. To love God completely means not to honor the evidences of evil, the evidences of negativity, the evidences of destruction. It means not to make false gods out of them and serve them, and thereby experience a constant state of inner conflict and fear. It means to honor and love that which is indivisibly Good. It also means to acknowledge God as the only Presence, because, indeed, God is like light. Light is a Presence. It is measurable. There does, indeed, seem to be an opposite to light, called darkness. But, all it is is the absence of light. It is not measurable, because there is not anything present to measure.


In like manner, what is seen as evil, as the opposite of God, is not actually a presence that is measurable or that has substance or life. So, it does not deserve your allegiance. So, you see, I am not saying that you should say, 'There is nothing wrong going on." But, what I am saying is that that first commandment states that you should not make your energy, your interest, your mind, available to honor and energize the absence of Good, and that, instead, your full energy, your complete Being, should be available to love the Presence of the Father.


Now, the simple fact is that if you do that completely, you will be forced to come to a point where you have to acknowledge that because you do exist, you must be the presence of the Father in expression. You must come to the point where you are able to acknowledge your fundamental divinity.


Jesus said, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." And, he meant, if you have seen what I really Am, you have seen the Father. Unfortunately, religion has created the illusion that Jesus was the only one who could say that, because his birthright was in some way different from yours. But, Jesus did not make any such separation or distinction between himself and you. He indicated we were all brothers and sisters of a common Father. And, indeed, he was the Wayshower. He set the example for us.


In other words, it is totally consistent with Jesus' teachings for you to arrive at a point of acknowledging your divinity, and your equal birthright—equal to his. Then, there is only one other thing that can happen. In your discovery, in your willingness to allow yourself to experience your essential divinity, it becomes obvious to you that what is true about you, divinely speaking, is absolutely true about "Harry Smith" down the street, or "Jennifer So-and-So" across town. And in your ability to acknowledge about your brother what you discover to be true of yourself, you cannot help but spontaneously extend love and appreciation and valuing of that brother to him.


That acknowledgment of the Christ-hood, the absolute divinity of your brother, from a place within you that is experiential rather than theoretical, constitutes a transformational or healing love.


I have no other purpose or intent than to trigger in you a greater Self-appreciation. I am not here to promote me. I am not here to promote a teaching. I am not here to promote ideas for the idea's sake. I am here to provide the environment and the ideas, which will trigger your rediscovery of your Real Self, of your divinity, and the fact that that divinity is the very presence of God in you.


You are the direct expression of the Father. You are, therefore, the Father in motion. You are the Father being the Creation. That does not mean that you are the First Cause—the Creator of all that is. But, you are inseparable from God, because there was nothing outside of God out of which he could create you. So, your essential Worth is constituted of the Presence of God. That is why you have eternal Value or Worth. That is why when you are in harmony with What you really Are, you become unalterably contributive and transformational—because you are allowing yourself to be the presence of the Creative Father expressing Himself infinitely. You are the visibility and tangibility of that Creative process—and when I say, "you are," I do not mean you, your body, but you, your Individuality.


Paul said, "Let that mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." That mind is the Mind, the Consciousness, the infinite intelligence of the Father. So, when I have described to you the process of letting go of control, letting go of that which maintains artificial mindsets or belief structures, and to allow yourself to become sensitive to your deeper levels of Knowing, I am literally saying, "Let go of this tiny ego sense," which, in Biblical terms was called the "carnal mind," "and allow the presence of the infinite intelligence that constitutes your true Individuality to emerge and register with you as your conscious awareness."


The reason that there is something dependable and trustworthy for you to begin to depend upon, is because that "something" is the Father in expression as your Individuality.


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