MAY 1986

VOL. 3, NO. 5


QUESTION: Is there a definite purpose for us being here on this plane at this time?

RAJ: Literally, you are here because there was no more appropriate place for you to be. This is where you can contribute most. I want you to understand that every place exists in Reality. I mean by that that where you are right now is not truly a place outside of Reality. It is specifically a place where Reality needs to be seen more clearly, because it is a place that is generally inhabited by individualities, who are caught in ignorance, who are limiting themselves to a finite frame of reference, a finite sense of Reality, and, literally, it is time for them to wake up!

You are here to participate in, and to actually facilitate by your participation, the awakening process. This is a time in which all sense of limitation will be giving up the ghost. It is a time in which an ultimate change of consciousness is going to occur. It is the time in which the clear, undistorted perception of Reality is going to emerge at the level of individual conscious awareness, and this is what has been described throughout history as the Second Coming of the Christ.

It is the time in which each individuality will rediscover his Christ-hood, and allow himself to experience himself or herself as the direct and active manifestation or expression of God. In other words, each one is going to dare to experience himself or herself as the Son or Daughter of God, the sisters and brothers of Jesus, or the Christ.

The dynamics, which are even currently occurring in your world, are constituted of the fearful reaction, which the ego has to the dawning in human thought of the divine Actuality or Nature of Individuality. It is very frightening to the ego, because it will mean the end of the finite, ego sense of life. But, it will not be the end of the individualities underlying this artificial ego sense.

In other words, the things you are observing are indicative of the Movement and Presence of enlightenment dawning in human thought, and lifting the personal sense of Individuality into Its divine status. Personality, with all of its ego accompaniments, is going to yield to Individuality, which is the eternal, undistorted Presence of God in expression, and which constitutes your essential Being, and the essential Being of every other Individual.

Your purpose, your reason for being here, your goal, if you will, is, at the bottom line, to embrace and desire to experience your true Individuality as the undistorted Presence of God identified. This will constitute a gift, you might say, to the world, even though it is fundamentally an inner path or an inner process. As you begin to embrace, access, and experience your Presence as a divine extension or expression of God, and you feel it, it will become obvious to you that this divine Nature of your Being has always been the Nature of your Being, that it is not something new, and it will be explicitly clear to you that what you are experiencing of your Self is absolutely true about every other Individuality you are aware of.

Your viewpoint and attitude will begin to change about your fellow man, and will involve a greater appreciation of what you will have found that they divinely Are. So, you will cease to contribute to the finite sense of life in the world because you will be coming from a more infinite perception of yourself and your fellow man. This truly contributes to the lessening of the density of the “human condition,” thus making it easier for everyone to move, by means of this same inner shift you have gone through, into their clearer experience of their divinity.

You are here, as I said, because there is no other place where fulfillment could occur more completely. 




QUESTION: I got caught up in the difference between the feeling of man/woman love as opposed to brotherly love or God love. Does the man/women type feeling exist only on this plane? Does it exist on the plane where you are? If not, what is the purpose of this feeling on this plane, as opposed to only having a brotherly love feeling?

RAJ: The split of one’s capacity to feel, of one’s Soul sense, into masculine and feminine natures, is only apparent in the three-dimensional frame of reference, or from the ego frame of reference. Therefore, the sense of masculine and feminine love, as opposed to brotherly love, is not an eternal fact. It is not an eternal reality.

When one seems to be submerged in a limited frame of reference, like the three-dimensional frame of reference, the Reality of what one is Fourth-dimensionally does not cease to be. It is therefore either projected outside oneself into what is seen as the Universal Godhead, or it is embraced in a distorted way, a biased way, within the limited frame of reference.

Love is the fundamental Nature of your Being. Therefore, from a finite frame of reference, it becomes an incomplete expression that is extended to others. It is incomplete in that it expresses what you would call half of the Wholeness of your Nature—in a masculine or feminine form. Unfortunately, because this is done within what is called the ego frame of reference, it loses its unconditionality and generally becomes a means of manipulation—skillful manipulation, but manipulation, nevertheless.

To love one another is fundamentally divine. You will find that as you begin to allow for and claim your divinity—in the sense of claiming your inheritance or birthright and owning it—and you begin to feel within yourself your guiltless, inviolable divinity, you will find the quality of your human expression of love becoming broader and less manipulative, more unconditional. Therefore, the nature of your human relationships will take on new significance, more harmony, more fulfillment.

You see, when you are clear within yourself about what you Really Are, there can’t help but be less distortion of your expression of It. Thus, everyone is nourished by the clearer, more unconditional expression of love that you express. So, relationships do not become less significant, but more significant. This, in itself, contributes to the upliftment of the Brotherhood of Man, the whole Body of Individualities that constitute the infinite expression of God—the Christ.

As this happens, there becomes a broadening and increasing of your capacity to be the presence of Love, and it will seem to be less exclusively feminine for women, and less exclusively masculine for men. Your expression of love will not seem to be exclusively female, together with the qualities of femaleness that are so distressing to men. Likewise, the distressing qualities of maleness, or male love, will be modified in men by a clearer and truer sensitivity that could be called feminine. So, a balancing will occur in all individualities, so that the full spectrum of Soul is present and extended, shared in every encounter.

I will simply share that what is called masculine and feminine love is a very limited experience of Love, and that the emergence into a Whole sense, a Whole-Souled experience of being Love will bring with it a glorious sense of fulfillment and joyous peace, rather than ragged excitement. It will not constitute a loss of any kind, but what could be described as an infinite enhancement. 



 QUESTION: I want to know the difference between a Guide and the Holy Spirit. Are they the same or are they different? When I meditate, I take my ten minutes with Jesus and God, and then I take ten minutes with my Guide. I’m wondering how it all fits together?

RAJ: Your Guide and the Holy Spirit are not the same, but serve the same function. Literally, your Guide is allowing the Holy Spirit to find expression through her in exactly the same way that you are able to do that, except at this point you are not as fluent and skillful at it.

I want you to understand that the Holy Spirit exists only because there are those who are asleep. And since no Individuality is actually capable of becoming less than the full expression of God—the Son or Daughter of God—then the disowned part of one’s Individuality, the part which those who are asleep are ignorant of, must still be present. That presence is properly identified as the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the presence of each one’s ever present Sanity while that one is indulging in “insanity.” The Holy Spirit is the presence of one’s absolute divinity, forever present and forever insistent upon breaking through the finite ego boundaries so as to become incorporated once again with your conscious experience of being.

When all are Awake, there will no longer be the Holy Spirit, because It will no longer be needed. You, and everyone else, will have claimed, and owned, and incorporated their Wholeness, their divinity, and so their divinity will not have to be held in waiting until the Individuality bound by the ego sense chooses to and desires to once again reclaim his Christ-hood.

Your divine Being is infinite, just as the Father’s, because you are the full representation, the complete expression of the Father. The only difference is that you, as Individuality, are not the First Cause. When you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, you are truly allowing your divine Being, your Self, entry into your conscious level of awareness. The little gap is the gap between your present sense of yourself and your Self. And you must let your Self, which is properly identified as the Holy Spirit, to cross that little gap of “false definition,” the little gap of the boundary that is maintained that keeps your sense of yourself from experiencing the Totality of your Self.

Likewise, when you speak with and inquire of your Guide, your Guide is simply facilitating your connecting with your deepest levels of Knowing, connecting with your divinity, your Self, and is relaying to you what you Know. This is why the communication is always Self-substantiating, Self-affirming, and does not cause you to become dependent upon your Guide.

Your Guide is helping you to access your eternal Sanity, your Wholeness. Your Guide is not helping you to be better in touch with your Guide and what your Guide thinks, because that would serve no purpose. It would be idle chitchat, and it would allow a dependency to develop, which would further substantiate the sense of inadequacy on your part, and therefore further substantiate the ego sense.

At the bottom line, God is the disowned part of You, and it is important for you to understand this, because God is not a God afar off and separate from you that you somehow have some relation to. God, the Life-Principle, is the very essence of You.

Once again, this does not make you the First Cause. There was nothing for the Life-Principle to make you out of, other than Itself. The substance of You is the Substance that constitutes God. To an infinite Life-Principle there can be no material out of which to create that is not that selfsame Life-Principle. So, the infinite intelligence, the infinite Mind, which you denote as “God,” is the Mind that constitutes your Being. The Soul that you recognize as God, as one of the meanings or aspects of God, is what constitutes your Soul, because there were no foreign “souls,” no foreign or different “soul substances” for God to get a handful of, outside of His infinitude, to create you with.

So, you see, to get to know God literally means to get to know Who You Are, because there is no way for you to be different in Nature or Quality from God. The other way of putting it is that to get to know who You Truly Are is to get to know what God is. So, God is a very immediate thing, and not afar off and separate from you.

You were not created, like an object, eons ago, and then left on your own for God to observe at a distance while you went through the gyrations of development and growth and enlightenment, et cetera. At this very moment, as you draw a breath, as you experience being conscious, you are the presence of the infinite Mind. You are the presence of God, experiencing Himself infinitely. Yet, because of your finite sense of yourself, you seem not to be having an infinite experience. The experience, though, is going on and is available to you!

Again, to know your Self, which is inseparable from you—it is you—is to know God. It is, in a way, to be face to face with God. But, the experience of the Oneness of your Being as God can only come out of a willingness to embrace a greater self-appreciation, an altered self-image, an altered self-awareness. So, when you are attempting to talk with your Guide and you are actually learning to access your greater capacity to be aware by means of the dialogues, you are in actuality allowing a new self-awareness to dawn upon your thought.

Prayer is desire. Desire is prayer. There is only one place from which that desire can be responded to. That place is the divine Reality of your Being, whether you call it God, whether you call it the Holy Spirit, whether you call it your Guide, or whether you call it your Wisdom, your infinite Knowing. It is all God in various forms that provides you with the opportunity of escaping the self-imposed limitations of the ego sense.

Now, the Holy Spirit is a temporary Presence. The time will come when that Presence, which is really your disowned divinity, will be owned once again by you, and so it will not seem to be something separate from you that you can access. It will simply be What You Are.

Your Guide is not temporary in that sense. Your Guide is identical to you in that he or she is part of the Brotherhood of Man, part of, or an aspect of, the infinite expression, the infinite individualization of God, the infinite manifestation of God, and Individuality is as eternal as God. But, when you have owned and are no longer denying your Wholeness, your brother or sister (your Guide) will not function in the educational capacity that he or she is functioning at this time, because education will not be needed. The Individuality who is your Guide will continue to be available to you as companion, as one of the infinitude of the Brotherhood with whom Communion is the experience of Being.

Literally, God is the absence of division, the absence of the sense of separation. God is infinite Integrity, infinite Oneness, but a Oneness that is infinitely expressed without in any way dividing Itself. Therefore, in the final analysis, God is what constitutes your experience of your unconflicted, indivisible, and undivided conscious experience of being.

From a three-dimensional standpoint, I could say that it is a very intimate experience that affects your awareness, your experience of What You Are. Your clearer and clearer experience of what God really is will be inseparable from a clearer and clearer experience of Who and What You Are, divinely speaking, and all sense of separation from God, as something to pray to, will disappear.

In the meantime, though, do not withdraw your prayers. You cannot avoid desiring, because there is that in you which is insisting on emerging at the conscious level of your awareness, and that something is the disowned 98% of your Being, which you are ignoring. So, do not hesitate to pray. And, if you feel like praying to God, pray to God. If you feel like praying to Jesus, pray to Jesus. If you feel like praying to the Holy Spirit, pray to the Holy Spirit. But, understand that there is only one place for that prayer to go to, and that is outside the tiny, finite ego boundary. All that is outside of the ego boundary is your Self, your infinitely present Self, which is constituted of the Presence of God, and embraces nothing unlike what God is, because God is what constitutes the presence called your Individuality. 




QUESTION: In my interest in metaphysics and spiritual healing, how can I practice spiritual healing more effectively?

RAJ: First of all, it is really important for you to understand that healing does not occur as a result of any mental force or power, which you bring to bear upon the problem. In other words, healing is not dependent upon your personal mental capacity to change disobedient or uncooperative matter into a cooperative and obedient substance. Therefore, effort on your part should not enter into the picture in any way.

The reason for doing “metaphysical work,” or the reason for prayer, is purely to bring your thinking in line with what is already True, so that you may relax all sense of personal effort or control over the body and turn it over to God with trust and peace.

Understand that it is the Intent of your body to identify the presence of your Individuality perfectly. That is its Function. That is its Purpose. At the bottom line, it is incapable of functioning at odds with you, or to your detriment. It is not part of its fundamental Function, and it is incapable of acting in opposition to its Function or Purpose.

All dysfunctions or diseases that are experienced, are not due to a fault or flaw of the body, but manifest a block or a mental misconception, which creates in you, or anyone else, fear and distrust. This fear or distrust becomes projected upon the body, and it slowly begins to distort your clear perception of this divine function of “manifesting or identifying you perfectly.”

Now, when you are praying, it is important for you not to see it as a means of compelling your body to change, else you are still dealing defensively with your body. You are still assuming that it can have an inclination to not be supportive of you. When you are praying, when you are doing metaphysical work, let it be an acknowledgment of what your body’s fundamental Purpose is.

I want it further to be clear to you that this Individuality, which it is the Purpose of your body to identify, is not a puny little finite ego sense of self or individuality, but that essential I Am of You that is literally the Presence of God in expression. Therefore, it is not your body’s Intent or Purpose to identify a puny little ego, but the very Presence of God in expression.

I bring this out so that you may understand that not only does your body have a healthy, wholesome Intent, it is, at the bottom line, a divine Intent, because it is identifying the Presence of God. That is its true Intent, its true Reason for existing. It is important for you to understand this, because you need to know what you are letting go into.

If your metaphysical work is aimed at arriving at a point where you can relinquish the sense of any need for control or manipulation of your body, if it is the purpose of your metaphysical work to allow you to relax and trust into an Intent that your body has to identify You, you must know that it is identifying more than just your little, finite mentality. You must know that it is a letting go into a purely divine and divinely authorized Function, Purpose, or Intent, else you will be reluctant to yield the effort that you are personally putting into your prayer and metaphysical work. You must know that you are relaxing into the underlying Oneness of Being.

You have been feeling personally responsible for finding and knowing exactly the “right” metaphysical truth and you have felt helpless and somewhat defeated. Obviously you haven’t found that “exactly right metaphysical truth,” because you don’t have the evidence of healing.

You see, this keeps you bound up in a sense of frustration. It keeps you from arriving at the point where you can let go and let God be all there is to your Individuality and that which identifies your Individuality—meaning your body. So, you see, the need is not for you to try harder, and the need is not for you to try to find out what flaw there is in you that is blocking your healing.

You are literally trying hard when the need is to arrive at a point where you stop trying and trust into the fundamental divine Activity, which is called your body. When your thinking is simple and in harmony with the fundamental Intent of your body, then you will immediately begin to find what you would call healing occurring. Yet, all that would actually be happening is that the layering of false concepts and fears will be dissolving. And in that process of dissolving, uncovering the fundamental perfection of your body that cannot truly be altered in any eternal sense, because it is a Function authorized, caused by, the Life-Principle, Itself, when It expressed Itself as what is called your Individuality and its identity.

Now, I encourage you to relax and release this false sense of personal responsibility to be able to know exactly what specific metaphysical truth will heal you. What will be responsible for what you call healing will be your allowing of the Movement of the Presence that constitutes your body to identify you with absolute perfection. This requires trust, and arriving at that level of trust is the purpose of your prayer or metaphysical work.

As I said, this will be easier when you understand what it is you are trusting into. Your body is not a temporary dwelling for your soul. You have always had and will always have that which identifies the Presence of your Individuality. What you call body is eternal because you, as Individuality, cannot exist without that which identifies it.

On this basis, you can more easily let yourself lean into and find yourself supported by the totally divine Movement of your Being, which constitutes your Individuality as well as that, which identifies it—your body. It is easier than you are imagining. And, it is the Life-Principle, which is responsible for manifesting Itself. The job has not been turned over to you and your capacity or incapacity to think clearly. 



QUESTION: Could you comment on the role of organized religion in today’s world?

RAJ: It is dangerous, in the sense of being highly impractical, to think of organized religion in the context of “having a place in the world.” Nothing revolves back to “the world.” Everything revolves back to “the individual.”

Therefore, the question must be what role it plays in the unfoldment of the individual, or what role it ought to play. Very literally, the gathering together of any information, any philosophy, any religious doctrine, is for the sole purpose of it being available to the individual to utilize in his own spiritual development. In other words, its function is to be available to serve the individual.

When one begins to think in terms of “the world,” and in terms of “evolution in time,” and one associates organized religion in that context, then it becomes possible for it to seem reasonable for the individual to be present to serve the religion or the organization. When this happens, the individual forgets that it is his own inner journey of Wakening that is the issue, and he begins to see the maintenance of the organization and its ideas as the issue. As a result, he neglects to one degree or another his own inner, private, spiritual growth.

Organized religion is not bad. It is the ignorant use or lack of use that it is put to by individuals that is the problem. When one is serving organized religion, one is not attending to the business at hand, which is his own spiritual growth. It does no good for there to be organized religion in the world if it isn’t being put to its proper use by individuals.

There are many different forms of organized religion, all of which address various ego levels, various points of development, as the individual moves further and further out of the finite, three-dimensional ego level of conscious awareness. As a result, one finds himself being nurtured by a particular religious system, and then, having grown, having experienced enlightenment, he finds himself no longer being nurtured by that particular system. He finds himself hungry for more, hungry for something that that particular religion or system cannot provide. But, if he is serving the religion he will simply stifle his hunger for more and will abide within the framework or structure of that organization, and will become progressively less fulfilled but also feeling bound by his obedience to that particular organization. And this is the problem.

If it remains clear with each individual that his path of spiritual growth is a process of becoming released from his finite concepts, from his ignorances, and that his path is highly individual because his ego and the ego structures he is bound by are not identical to everyone else’s, what he finds nourishing in terms of promoting his growth will be highly individual and will not compare with or be congruent with everyone else’s. It is essential for him to be willing to abide where the nourishment is, regardless of what anyone else is doing, and to honor that which promotes his growth, no matter where he finds it.

Again: The fault or problem does not lie with organized religion, but with the use to which individuals put it. If the individual relinquishes self-responsibility and turns authority over to the religion or the organization, he is temporarily lost because he has misplaced the focus. So, do not be impatient with or judgmental about organized religion, and attend instead to what best promotes your growth, and keep your own path clearly in sight so that you can enjoy waking up. 



QUESTION: Can you explain the basic differences between third-dimensional and Fourth-dimensional Being?

RAJ: One of the simplest ways of expressing it is that it is the difference between ignorance and being enlightened, bound and free. It is the difference between feeling isolated, separate, and experiencing the infinite Wholeness of one’s Being without any distortion or block.

Perhaps the most valuable way to grasp the difference is that it is the difference between seeing oneself as a mortal, material organism and experiencing oneself as the absolutely divine, perfect expression of God, with a full recognition that all that constitutes his Individuality and his whole experience is, indeed, the Movement and Presence of the Life-Principle, or God, wherein there is absolutely no sense of separation between God and one’s Individuality. Yet, at the same time, there is never for an instant the arrogant assumption that one is, as a separate individuality, the Life-Principle, Itself—the First Cause

Conscious Individuality is the Presence and Movement of the Life-Principle. You are the Presence of God. But, you, yourself, are not that which caused everything to be, even though, in the creation of your Individuality, God, the Life-Principle, withheld nothing. It is just that you did not create yourself.

Literally, the shift from what I have termed the three-dimensional frame of reference to the Fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being involves a clearer and clearer Self-appreciation. It involves the unfolding of a new self-image—new to you, but not new in the sense that it never existed before, because you have never for an instant stopped being what the Life-Principle created. So, Self-appreciation is another word for Love, and since the Self that is being appreciated is that which you divinely Are, rather than the tiny ego sense that Love is far more than just the human approximation of love that is usually extended from one person to another.

The daring on your part, or anyone’s part, to love the divine essence of your Self, even though at the moment you seem to be quite human, with many shortcomings, is a Love that far exceeds the capacity of the human emotion of love. It is that in you, which is capable of believing, by virtue of Remembering, that which has always been true of you. It is a divine perception piercing the present limited sense of oneself. It is part of the Wakening process.

There must come a point where you are willing to withdraw your investment of faith and trust in your “essential unworthiness” and re-place that trust and faith in your essential divine goodness. This will always seem to be somewhat unintelligent, or even idiotic, because your conditioning has so strongly substantiated the idea of your worthlessness. Nevertheless, as one insists upon increasing his Self-appreciation, one begins to experience more and more harmony in his daily affairs, and begins to see a movement of unity in all of the things going on in his daily life. This increases his trust in what he is doing in appreciating and valuing himself, and of praising himself on the basis of insight—inner vision. As this happens, it becomes much easier to withdraw the investment in one’s self-doubt, self-depreciation, fear, and accompanying defensiveness. So, the whole process supports the further movement into one’s experience of his divine Actuality.

Understand that this is not really a process of growth. It is not a movement or development that is moving one beyond where he has ever been before. It is truly a return to one’s primitive, original state of Conscious Being, of Conscious Awareness. When this is clear, then one does not indulge in assuming that this development will take a great deal of time, and impatience will not develop.

The simple fact is that the entry point into the conscious experience of your Self as Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being is right through the middle of the instant of Awareness that you are in at any given moment. It is not a goal off in the future to be attained or achieved. It is the present Fact of your Being, available in the moment that you are in, and the essential key lies in relaxing in the moment so that you literally might “fall through” the center of the Moment into your full conscious experience of Reality, free of the illusory limits that one experiences while viewing everything from the three-dimensional frame of reference.

The Fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being is one of infinite Harmony. I mean by that, that one is not just aware of “local” harmony, but is literally aware of Harmony in a Universal sense, where the Whole of infinity is totally experienced. There is, for lack of better words, a “sound” involved here. It has been called the Music of the Spheres. The Harmony of Being involves many different experiential aspects that one could equate with visual harmony, aural harmony, a Soul or feeling experience of Harmony, which involves the awareness of the infinite interplay of Love, so that the experience of Harmony feels like being loved while at the same time being the Love that is being felt.

All forms are experienced as light-forms. This does not mean that they do not have outline, form, and colour, but they do not have material density, and the substance of light, which constitutes those forms, is the substance of Love. Their beauty is indescribable because of their constituting substance.

Now, I want you to understand that I am not talking about a universe somewhere off, away from you. I am talking about the universe you are experiencing right now in quite a different way. The phone you are talking on, the tables in your house, the walls all of them are, right now, formed of this living Presence or substance of Love. And, they are all light forms. So, the inner shift into a Fourth-dimensional frame of reference will constitute what you might call a re-visioning of everything you are experiencing, a transformation of everything. Yet, it will not be the elevating of material forms into spiritual forms, but literally the falling of the scales from your eyes that cause you not to see things as they really, divinely Are.

There is not a material universe that you will leave in order to move into another universe called a “spiritual universe” that is the undistorted expression of God. It is this universe, the one you are in right now, that is the pure and perfect and harmonious and beautiful expression of a perfect Creator or Life-Principle.

This is the reason that in order to move into the Fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being, one must begin to value where he is, instead of trying to escape it. All attempts to escape where you are constitute a denial and a blocking of your ability to see everything as it Truly is, and that will block you from waking up, because you will deny the presence of the capacity to see Reality where you are.

It is obvious that the three-dimensional universe must be embraced within a Fourth-dimensional context, let us say. Each succeeding dimension embraces the previous dimensions. So, it is the experience of the first three dimensions that will be transformed as one shifts his vantage point from the third dimension to the Fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being.

I realize that this answer might seem somewhat vague. But, it is very difficult to express Fourth-dimensional Reality in three-dimensional terms. You see, you are at this moment experiencing Fourth-dimensional Reality in three-dimensional terms, and you call it a “problem.” So, I can share with you, in terms that you can grasp somewhat of the Nature of Fourth-dimensional Reality. And then I can give you suggestions as to how to promote or more significantly allow yourself to move into and access your greater capacity to be aware, your Fourth-dimensional, native, original experience of Life. This is done, as I said, through Self-appreciation, through loving That in you, which is absolutely divine, so that It may become magnified and encourage you to withdraw your investment in a limited three-dimensional sense of Life, which is conflicted and causes you to be defensive and aggressive.

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