Volume 3, Number 3

March 1986

QUESTION: What can be said about whether or not it is important to have the things that you want to have happen, happen, and how can we become better at manifesting in our lives the things that we want—prosperity, increased service, being more valid to others?

RAJ: It is really very simple. The key to the experience of your fulfillment is your desire. Now, if your desires arise out of the ego concepts, which you entertain, then they may or may not coordinate with what your Being is unfolding, and so you may or may not find them bearing fruit.

Again, you must understand that your life does not unfold as a result of any thoughts you have. Your life unfolds on the basis of what your Being is unfolding for the purpose of Its fulfillment. If you are willing to be quiet enough to sense into your Being, you will know what direction your Being is flowing in, and you will be able to cooperate with it and desire it.

The most valuable question you can ask when you do become centered is, “What direction do I need to be moving in?” And then, don’t try to figure it out. Remain quiet and listen, because your Being is intent on fulfilling Itself/You. As the answer emerges, then you know what it is appropriate for you to desire, and so, instead of then trying to figure out how you are going to make what your Being is unfolding come to pass, you will continue to remain centered and abide with your desire. The desire is what constitutes the energy necessary for its fulfillment, and if you are willing to abide with it, you will stay with it as it proceeds to fulfill its intent.

On the way, you are likely to know it is appropriate to do this, and it is not appropriate to do that. And you will find yourself taking certain steps—not on the basis of your figuring out what to do and how best to do it, but because you will have guidance, and because you are insistent upon following that inner guidance and flowing with the current of your Being in Its process of Self-fulfillment.

Another significant way of getting in touch with what your Being is unfolding is to ask yourself, “What do I really want to do? What do I really enjoy?” Not, “What should I enjoy? What do smart people enjoy?  What do the people I would like to associate with do for enjoyment?”  But, “What does my Being enjoy?” Then listen. Be still enough and honor your Being enough to let It respond to the desire to Know that you have, and then be willing to flow with it.

Everything about you is geared to success because it is the Intent of your Being to fulfill Itself perfectly, and that movement of Fulfillment is what constitutes Existence or Life. So, stop trying to figure out what you want to do, and be still enough long enough for it to bubble up from deep within you. You will find out just how controlling you tend to be when you become impatient for the answer.

Allow the answer to arise. Understand that since it is the Intent of your Being to fulfill Itself  perfectly, then the answer will arise in its perfectly timed manner. And if you don’t have it as quick as you want it, it only means that the ego isn’t getting it as fast as it wants it. You will have learned something of what needs to be set aside, and you can benefit from the whole process.

Your Being has Intent—conscious Intent. There is nothing passive about It whatsoever. And Its Intent is to fulfill Itself. It’s Intent arises out of what It divinely is as the direct expression of the Life-Principle, and therefore you, at your present partial ego level really can dare to entrust yourself to your Self and lean into It and flow with It and not push the river.


QUESTION: I’m separated from my husband, and I would like to have some clarification about relationships. Also, right now I am in a job that is temporary and I don’t know where I am going with it, or what I am doing, and it is driving me crazy. I don’t know which way to turn. I would
really like some direction.

RAJ: First of all, I encourage you to relax, even though that seems very impractical. The pressures you are feeling do not need to be responded to from panic. They do need to be responded to from your best centered place. It is not necessary for you to deal with your world from conflict and confusion. If you do not jump when the world says, “jump,” everything will not fall apart. If you insist upon taking the time and have the intent to become centered first, before you lift a finger, you will find the direction that you need to move in becoming clear, without stress, and without the tremendous waste of energy that goes into maintaining confusion.

Your tendency to be impatient is what is getting you into trouble. You are impatient because your world seems to be saying to you that you are not moving fast enough, that you are not effective enough, that you must do more, do more, do more—and you are buying into it. It is a bluff! It is requiring you to be unintelligent, and it is requiring you to be unintelligent by causing you to feel that there is a valid reason for not dealing with your life from your center.

Appreciate the temporary work that you are finding. There is no law that says you have to have permanent work immediately. The fact is that your Being is conspiring on your behalf and providing you with the means of maintaining yourself while you get yourself straight; except that you are not taking the time to get yourself straight because “you must get a permanent job, and soon,” which isn’t true.

The primary necessity is to be intelligent, but the demands seem to say that you don’t have time to be intelligent. You will find that when you insist upon intelligence, when you insist upon acting only out from your best centered place and its perspective, that the bluff will subside, and your forward movement will be more sure and secure. It is just habit that causes you to feel that you must rush at everything, and a lack of realizing that you have an alternative, that you do not have to deal with the world on its terms.

From the separated ego standpoint it seems as though that is the only way it will work. But on the basis of the Oneness of Being, on the basis that every experience of your life is arising out of the process of your Being as It is fulfilling Itself, then it will become logically apparent to you that it is intelligent to pay attention to your Being rather than the world’s ego sense, so that you may be in harmony with what your Being is unfolding.

QUESTION: Do you have any techniques for that?

RAJ: Stop, listen, and act! You do not realize the benefit of learning to hesitate before plunging forth, and inquiring deeply of yourself, even though it is momentary, as to which way you should go, or whether, in fact, it is appropriate for you to do anything at that moment. The essential factor is learning to stop and listen.

If it is the Intent of your Being to fulfill Itself perfectly, then it must be part of that Intent for you to be consciously aware of it.  Therefore, your Being is already working toward the end of your being consciously aware. When you hesitate and listen, you are putting yourself in proper alignment with your Being so that the information may emerge at the level of your conscious awareness.

You tend to be very positive and very confident, but the positiveness and confidence is arising out of your memory. It is arising out of your conditioning so that you are simply rehearsing old patterns—patterns which, for the most part, have worked for you. The fact that they have worked, for the most part, does not mean that you have been significantly connected with the Meaning of the Now, which you are in.  It has gotten you through fairly well, but it is time for you to stop depending upon mechanical responses and become alive to the Meanings, which your Being is unfolding and which your experience is reflecting back to you in terms of identifying your Wholeness, your Oneness.

You are the world you walk through. You do not exist in a hostile environment that is somehow different from you, different from your Nature, and therefore potentially negative or destructive to you. When you learn to be still, even momentarily, and sense into the appropriateness or inappropriateness of any particular action, and you set aside your preprogrammed responses, you will find the orderliness of things crystallizing for you, so that you know what next step to take, or which next step to not take yet. You will be able to dare to trust that, because you are assuming that there is indeed an integrated harmony of your Self and your world.

It is difficult to live with your impatience because it communicates an edge, a ragged edge, to those around you. Indeed, you are subject to experiencing that same ragged edge and the lack of the peace of your Being, which is ever present for you to experience, if that is what you will choose to do. This is not a criticism. Being aware of it helps you to know what it is to release, what it is that you do not have to find yourself involuntarily sucked into and controlled by.

I want to emphasize that inherent in your Being is an incredible immovable Peace. It is the vantage point from which it is your birthright to live your life, to experience being. And I encourage you to dare to invalidate all the apparent demands that are coming from your world that suggest to you that you do not have the time or the resources that will allow you to listen, to become still. Then, take time to go within to express your desire for clarification and listen attentively and expectantly.

Your Being is not a tease. It does not joy in watching you dangle like a worm on a hook. It is intent upon your consciously experiencing your fulfillment. But, at the bottom line, you are going to have to desire your Peace more than you desire to dangle like a puppet at the end of strings, which are attached to the fingers of circumstances and people, and dance or jump when they say dance or jump.

I encourage you to attend to this rather than attempting to find permanent work. Then, when you have managed to experience some of the equilibrium of your Being, take another look at your relationship. I am not making you the heavy here, but your inner clarity will provide you with insight regarding the potential for this relationship, because the potential is not absent. But, do take care of yourself first, so that you will bring to the reevaluation of the relationship a new level of inner clarity and peace.

Everything in your experience is working with you at this moment toward the very clarification I am speaking of. Forget about how you think things ought to work out. Forget about how you  want them to work out.  Set that all aside and do become still. Do find your Peace. You do not have to find it for twenty-four hours a day. But find it for at least twenty minutes a day. You are worth it

Everything else is not worth more than you and your experience of your Integrity. With the understanding that your experience of your Integrity makes your encounter with your world more harmonious, you will understand why it is of value to put yourself first in this way. Then,
attend to your work, and attend to your relationship. This is your first essential step to take at this time.


QUESTION: I want to know why I can’t see the world the way Raj sees it?

RAJ: Simply because in the process of incarnating and gathering data about yourself entirely from the five physical senses, you are locked into a three-dimensional-only frame of reference. Your senses inform you that you are an object located in the middle of a vast universe, located on the surface of a planet, located in a particular community, et cetera, among many other “organisms” like and unlike yourself, completely separate from everything but somehow fitting into an ecological system.

The five physical senses always tell you that you are a miniscule part of a totality, which is not necessarily in harmony with you. So, your self-perception, your self-definition, becomes colored by this sense of being a small part of a greater totality. This sense of yourself, this picture, all of the ideas and conceptual structures that you have evolved in order to explain things to yourself, which are based upon the data of the five physical senses, constitute a self-definition that is incomplete, and yet you treat it as though it were total. This is what constitutes the ego.

Now, the shift in consciousness, which mankind is entering into is a shift out of that limited, finite self-definition. It is a shift, which I did go through long ago. The difference now is that mankind as a whole is going to be waking up—and I do not mean just those who are incarnated on your planet at this time.

Unfortunately, when you pass on, you are not immediately returned to the pristine purity of Totally Awakened Conscious Being. The release of the ego structures continues—unfortunately” because the body experience, from within the three-dimensional frame of reference, is so stimulating, there are those who have gotten caught in an “eddy,” as it were, and simply continue to retrace this path of incarnating and experiencing the “rush” of forgetfulness and do not break free of it in order to again regain the undistorted Fourth-dimensional Conscious Experience of Being—the Christ consciousness.

The point of critical mass, which was reached in 1845, has brought about the necessary dynamic for all of mankind to be released from the ego dream, the ego sense. So, the process will be accelerated. This truly is the time of the last incarnation, and this particular dream—or nightmare—will no longer be available to be experienced.

QUESTION: Does this have any relationship to the “Lucifer rebellion”?

RAJ: There is a correlation, yes. Both descriptions describe the same thing. It is the ego, which has personified “human will” as Lucifer, or the devil. The ego is no more and no less than the expression of free will that is at odds with Reality. Therefore, that is the only definition of “devil” or “evil” or “sin.”

There is not one personal devil, just as there is not one personal Christ. Each one is the Christ. Each one is the Son of God, or the direct expression of the Life-Principle. The free will that each one employs is the only devil there is, and so the fall and the Awakening is entirely individual, and the pivotal key is your desire.

Which do you desire to exercise? Your free will or your divinity?

(COMMENT BY PAUL: During the 1950’s there was a little novelty item you could buy. It was a little black box that had a switch on it. You would turn the switch on and a lid would open up, a hand would come out, and would turn the switch off. The whole purpose of the box was to turn itself off. Raj has explained that, likewise, the only right use of free will is to choose not to use it.)

QUESTION: Does that mean there is no choice? Is it all just destiny or fate? Is it all out of our hands? If we give up our individuality or our right or option to free will, are we surrendering to a pattern that is already established? Is there no alteration of that by individual contribution?

RAJ: Since Being is infinite and cannot move anyplace, there is no direction for it to move in. Choice, in the sense that you are using the word, is unnecessary. Likewise, however, because the Movement of Being is arising out of the function of Fulfillment, and because that Fulfillment is not arising out of already established patterns, which you would call memory, then Being is a process of Fulfillment, which is always new.

QUESTION: Is that growth?

RAJ: Not in the sense that you are using that word. Growth, as you are using it, means a movement toward something greater. There is the infinite unfoldment of infinity. There is the infinite unfoldment of the Life-Principle, which at the bottom line constitutes your Individuality and therefore constitutes the conscious experience of joy, life, peace, color, and above all Meaning, without conflict, without distortion, without duality.

Remember that Being isn’t something separate from you, although at the present, from within your ego sense, It does seem to be something outside of you for you to flow with. As you allow yourself to flow with It, and as you experience the increasing harmony and fulfillment of being Conscious, of living Life, you will find greater value in flowing with your Being, and, as I said earlier, your level of trust will increase.

As the level of trust increases, it will become easier for you to finally own your Being, and release the finite ego sense completely.  Thus, you will experience your Self as the process of Creation. You cannot even conceive what that means in its fullness, and you cannot conceive what it means to be that without any ego sense of “greatness” or “accomplishment.” It constitutes pure, unadulterated Satisfaction. It is far from dull or monotonous. It is constantly original.

You see, it really constitutes your full conscious experience of the Integrity of your Being. Right now you find life exciting because you are, for the most part, constantly at the ragged edge of your Being where the Integrity is not clear. So, life is rather like a roller coaster ride that is at times fun and at times scary, but never satisfying, always lacking something, and always causing you to strive for more.

The ego will not be able to conceive of what being Totally Awakened without the use of free will means or will feel like. It will suggest to you that it is too much of a sacrifice. But that is the way it insures its continued existence, and it is the way you are deprived of experiencing your Self as Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being—the Christ consciousness, experiencing Reality in the way that the Life-Principle experiences It, without distortion.



QUESTION: Is there something cataclysmic that is going to occur on our planet or this solar system in the next 30 years on the material plane?

RAJ: Each dimension is embraced in the succeeding dimension.  Therefore, the first is embraced within the second. The first and second are embraced within the third. The first, second, and third are embraced in the fourth. This plane of existence does not exist independent of the Whole. It is in actuality the visibility and tangibility of the Fourth Dimension, which is Conscious Being.

Although there is a major shift of consciousness, which will be occurring, which, to the ego, will be cataclysmic because it will mean the end of the ego sense, it will nevertheless constitute the clearer and clearer vision of Reality. And this is a wholizing process rather than a disintegrating process. It is the ego, which projects calamity—“The End of The World.” Its purpose is to conflict you so as to keep you from being centered, because, of course, being centered is what is going to promote the shift.

My answer to you is, no. So, you can dare to get about the business of giving your attention to your own transformation.

QUESTION: I probably chose the wrong words on that question. You spoke of a dramatic change in mankind. Will there also be a change in the physical nature of our world? I’m looking for elucidation on the transformation of mankind from the ego to the Fourth Dimension.

RAJ: As incredible as it might seem, it will involve every single individuality, from an aborigine in Australia to your most advanced scientists. You may understand it most easily in this way: The sun is quite capable of arousing the most educated individual in the morning,
as it is the most uneducated.

Waking up has absolutely nothing to do with the degree of education one has, or apparent spiritual progress, or obedience to religious rules. It is literally a matter of opening one’s eyes, because each one already is what he imagines he is moving toward. This is wonderful for those who might feel uneducated. And it might come as a shock to those who have worked so hard to develop a very marvelous superstructure of spirituality. But it needs to be understood that you are what you Are at the essence or kernel of your Being, and it doesn’t have anything to do with what you are understanding with your logical thought processes.

You are Meaning in the act of fulfilling Its purpose or Intent to be what It is. It is ultimately simple. It is totally nonconceptual. It is totally nonintellectual. It is what you are at your essence. This is why it is essential to relax, to become still. You must allow that which You already Are to emerge, and the emergence will not happen when you are so busy “thinking.”

Anyone who is actively practicing the Power of Positive Thinking is not in a position to experience the fundamental Orderliness of Life that is going on before a thought is thought. Yet, it is only as one releases the sense of having to maintain order, and is quiet enough and attentive enough to experience the Orderliness of Life, Itself, that any sense of peace and stability can emerge at an experiential level, so that there is confidence because of what Life is and not confidence because of the skillful way in which you are handling life.

Part of the marvelous transition will be the discovery that what you are calling the physical plane is only apparently a physical plane from within the three-dimensional-only frame of reference. The fact is that everything you call “physical” is absolutely mental. Is that marvelous enough for you?

Every single thing, which you see, whether it looks like redwood or birch or plaster or thread or cloth, is absolutely mental. It is a conscious experience. You say, “Yes, but I can feel it. It has weight.  It has density. It has color. It refracts light in such and such a way.”  But, the feel of it is also a conscious experience! Density is a mental experience. Texture is absent if there is no consciousness to experience it.

Now, the substance of every single idea or Meaning is Love. So, you will have the opportunity not only to experience the absolute mental nature—as opposed to purely physical nature—of forms, but the fact that it is Love expressed in form. Therefore, as well as expressing line and form and color, it is also expressing Love. It is illumined with Love.  It is expressing Love—love that you can feel. Every single thing you see is a communication of Love at this instant, and in times of illumination it is possible to experience them that way, and it is just a glimpse of the incredible nature of this shift of consciousness.

You will have the added joy of not feeling separate from it in any way.  You will be loved by a Love that is not different from You. There will be no sense of separateness from It, even though the apparent structure, the space-time continuum, will still be perceived. But, you will be able to own it all as You, as some aspect of the infinitude of your Being. As this happens increasingly, everything that you see will become less and less subject to dysfunctions of any kind. Ideas do not die, because they have arisen from the infinite Mind, the Life-Principle, and are as eternal as that Life-Principle.

So, yes, there will, indeed, be great transformation, a great leveling of the inequities, both in terms of relationships of all kinds as well as in terms of the imbalance, which is increasing at a “physical level” on your planet—the pollution, et cetera.

I will share with you also that there will be a shift of the poles, a shift of the axis of the earth. But, it will happen gradually, harmoniously, as the evidence of the clarification going on in individual consciousness in mankind as a whole.

The ego, in Biblical terms, is spoken of as the devil, and is described as “a liar, and the father of it”—meaning the father of the lie. The ego bluffs through suggestion. Because the substance of Being is Love, then the clarification of consciousness is loving. Therefore, you need not waste your time fearing the wholizing process of Awakening. Those who insist upon continuing to identify themselves as ego will find the shift uncomfortable because their Being will constantly be breaking down the ego structures, and they will thereby feel as though they are being destroyed. It is, however, an illusion. And when the illusion loses its strength, there will be clarification. The idea that there will be those who will be eternally lost to their divinity is another concoction of the ego.

For those who are curious about Atlantis, it will rise. But, it will be gentle, not cataclysmic, and it will contribute, by virtue of the artifacts there, to the shift in consciousness. This will not happen soon, but definitely within the next thirty years about which you asked, and the shift will be well on its way. It will serve primarily for those who are holding out, who are particularly reluctant to acknowledge and experience their divinity. That is enough for now.



QUESTION: With your assurance of this major transition over the next thirty years, would that suggest that we should just sit back and smell the roses and not get on associations like prevention of nuclear war, and world government, and things like that?

RAJ: The simple fact is that as you attend to the business of your own process of Awakening, you put yourself in the position of experiencing your capacity to love. Your capacity to love is not really there for you to choose not to extend, and therefore by the very nature of your love, you will extend it. You will not be passive.

Now, if Love is Harmony, and Harmony is Order in motion, then what you do will uncover order where disorder has been. It will not be the passive acceptance of disorder, and so there will be nothing laid back about it at all. On the other hand, what will motivate your actions will be love and it will come out of a non-ego place, and therefore it will not engage the egos of those you will deal with, and so what you do will be transformational.

The previous question was asked in the context of the next thirty years.  The likelihood is that it will be far less. This is not a threat, but why dilly dally? Why wait to wake up? It is a joyful process. Don’t delay.

QUESTION: How much sooner?

RAJ: The middle 1990’s. However, great impetus towards that point of focus in the middle 1990’s will be apparent within three years. The less you dilly daily the more comfortable you will be approximately three years from now, and the more ready you will be to aid helpfully, contributively, at that point.



QUESTION: On the subject of the ego, are there techniques or things that we can do to outwit the “ego monster”?

RAJ: Literally, your ability to recognize it when it is operating is the first step in disengaging yourself from it. The ego is a highly developed defense mechanism. Therefore, you will not succeed by attacking it. The only way you can successfully deal with it is to learn to recognize it and not validate it.

Obviously, your ability to observe it means that you cannot possibly be it. You are observing it from a vantage point other than its own. In not identifying with what it is projecting on you as your own, you are withdrawing energy from it.

Your desire is the most powerful tool you have for disengaging yourself from the ego. And, if your desire is to experience undistorted vision, if your desire is to experience the inherent Wisdom of your Being, it is your desire to experience Life from the level of your Being, then that is what will be energized in your experience.

The only way to deal with the ego is not to deal with it, and insist upon leaning into and beginning to depend upon your divine Being. You will find that when the ego finds that you are not responding to its bluffs, the particular jig it might be doing at any given moment will subside, and you will be confronted from another angle. But, again, you will learn to recognize that the ego is never original, and no matter how subtle it gets, it will still be recognizable

It is a matter of where you are going to give your attention, because where your attention is is what will be energized. Once it becomes clear to you that you and your ego are two separate things, you will be able to tolerate the babbling of the ego until it quits. The more insistent you become on drawing your understanding of what to do from your deepest inner guidance, the less you will be able to be hooked by the ego, and that is the most effective means of dealing with it.



QUESTION: This morning when I was driving here, I realized I had overslept. I had a map that had a staple right over Carmel, and I didn’t know how to get here. Right outside of San Jose I asked for some help to make it on time. And I got some kind of message that told me exactly the
minute I would get here and how many minutes early that would be, even though it looked like I had about an hour and a half to make the entire journey.

I observed about myself that I didn’t have any doubt that that would come true. So, I accepted it and I was very calm with it, and just drove madly to get here. I’m interested in that dynamic, because I’ve had that kind of experience before where I just know something. I wonder if you
can tell me what is in play when that occurs, and who gave me the message?

RAJ: What was in play was a willingness to listen, and an expectation of an answer, and an investment of trust. It is that simple. The reason it doesn’t happen often is because people, yourself included, tend to try to figure things out for themselves.

The help came from your own Wisdom, your deepest levels of Knowing. It did not come from me, or even your Guide. It was a direct accessing of your greater capacity to be aware. Remember that your greater capacity to be aware does not mean your greater capacity to “figure out.” It is your capacity to Know what is embraced within the infinity of your Being at this moment. And, there is nothing that exists outside of your conscious experience of Being, even though you do not avail yourself of that Knowing regularly.

The element of trust is what increases the visibility of your Good. You exercised that trust. As a result, you were able to experience the way in which your world cooperates with you in manifesting the orderliness and the harmony of that which constitutes fulfillment. Being here this
morning constituted fulfillment. Being here on time constituted fulfillment.

There is a oneness “between” you and your world. Once you realize this, traffic will melt, stoplights will be green, parking places will be available in front of the place you are going, and the car will have a flat tire when you are insisting on going someplace and it’s not appropriate.

There is a oneness, and all of it serves to identify the individual and universal fulfillment of your Being. All it takes is listening, desire, and trust—uncomplicated simplicity, itself. But, then, that is the Nature of Being. Simplicity.

I am going to address another comment that was made during the break regarding literature which suggests that the closer one comes to perceiving absolute Reality, the more complex things become. This is the ego, again. The process of Awakening is a process of simplification.
Although the Life-Principle is infinitely expressed, that infinite expression is occurring on the basis of Love, which constitutes pure Harmony—effortless, inescapable Harmony. It is simple because all there is to it is Love.

The ego would describe heaven in very complex terms, overwhelming terms to your little ego, causing you to feel incapable of comprehending it.  Be willing to honor literature, which turns you within and promotes your leaning into and depending upon your essential divinity. Understand that your process of Self-awakening is a process of understanding the greater
and greater experience of the simplicity of your Being.

Answers are always resolving. That which resolves is what simplifies what you thought was greatly complex. When you are listening for guidance, assume that the guidance will be simpler than you are expecting. This will not only help you relax; it will make it easier for you to hear. You are going to be inclined to assume that because the problem is so complex, that the answer is going to have to be equally complex, and that is false. If there are ten thousand ways to accomplish something, there is only one that is most efficient, and the one will be provided. Simplicity, itself.

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