VOL. 3, NO. 12


(COMMENT BY PAUL: In August of this year, at a gathering of students of A Course in Miracles in Carmel, California, Raj identified himself as the author of the Course, specifically stating that he was Jesus. This was not new to me, as he had shared this in November of 1982 when the Course was first put into my hands by a friend. However, his publicly announcing his identity allows me to publish answers to questions relating to the life of Jesus, which he has on occasion answered in the first person. This being the Christmas Season, it seems fitting to devote this issue to some of those questions and answers.)


EXCERPT FROM THE ORLANDO, FLORIDA WORKSHOP, A Weekend with Raj, held November 15-16, 1986.


QUESTION: At one time you said that you would come again in the clouds and people would see you as they had seen you before. I would like to know if that is connected with the reappearance of the Christ, and if it is somehow connected with our space brothers?


RAJ: Literally, the Second Coming of the Christ is the discovery within each one of you, and all of mankind, of his or her divinity, his or her Christ-hood. There is some possibility that there will not be "The" Second Coming in the sense of an individuality -- one man -- descending upon your planet, being present upon your planet, because the Awakening is already happening on such a wide scale at a grass roots level. The only thing which will call for "an individual" representing the Christ appearing on your planet, will be for those doubting Thomases, those who refuse to acknowledge their divinity, who have it invested solely in one man. They will need one man to appear, who they will listen to, who will then turn their attention back on themselves and get about the business of waking up!


It is not the time for an external focus of attention. It is especially not the time for an external focus of awe or the proffering of allegiance and devotion. You do not need anyone outside of yourself to honor more than you honor your Self, and I am not interested in making it more difficult for you by providing you with a form that you would immediately give more honor to.


Each one of you is the Second Coming! You must look squarely at this and what it means. It would be much easier to wait for me to appear because then you wouldn't have to get down to the business of being the Christ quite so soon. And that really just means that you would delay your opportunity to experience your integrity, your wholeness, your stability, your permanence, your eternality, your joy of living.


Interestingly enough, one of the issues that Paul had to deal with once I publicly announced my identity, was whether or not he was willing to be identified so closely with the Christ, and he found that there was some unwillingness, some fear -- and he is not unique.


No matter how much each one of you thinks you want to wake up, there is resistance, because, you see, from within the three-dimensional frame of reference -- from within the ego's frame of reference -- to be Whole will constitute a loss. It is totally irrational. It will constitute a loss of what you think your identity is, and because, historically speaking, Christed ones have not been treated well, you have a natural fear of letting your Light Shine. But, you do not live in that age, and the mentality at the present time is not such that your ability to be ultimately appropriate under all circumstances will be received poorly.


Very simply, if I were to appear in form, the majority of you would argue with me when I point your attention back to yourself. It is much easier to pass the buck. I will come to each of you within your consciousness, if you reach out to me, just as I always have, except now you have the added dimension of awareness where you can understand that you could really get an answer. But, I will not take the place of your Guide. And I will not relieve you of the opportunity, whether you see it as a demand or not, to begin to be unconditionally loving, to begin to dare to acknowledge your divinity and believe it within yourself, find your centered equilibrium and perspective, and live your life out from it.


It will not cause you to appear to be radical. It will cause you to appear to be quite successful. It will cause you to appear to be sensitive and capable of homing in on what is essential in any issue in order to change that issue, in order to resolve it.


The ego sense is a mask -- an artificial sense of you, which you present to others. It is when you are operating from behind such a mask that the situation gets dangerous because you are being artificial, dishonest. Genuineness can be felt a hundred miles off, and genuineness puts everyone at ease. It does not cause them to become defensive. Being the Christ means being genuine. Being genuine is being simple -- not simple-minded, but humble, unpretentious, loving.


The Bible has indicated that if someone tells you the Kingdom of Heaven is here, or the kingdom of heaven is there or someplace else, not to believe them, because the Kingdom of Heaven is within You. Likewise, the Christ will not come here or there, or hither or yon. The Christ is You. You are the one who is to come -- each of you. Each and every one of you!


Oh, watch the ego! So you think that is going to bring with it some horrendous responsibility that you are incapable of supporting or holding up. That is what the ego does. It makes you responsible for someone! And I tell you that when you are in touch with your Self, it becomes obvious to you that you are responsible only for yourself, and every other one is responsible for himself, and that you cannot be responsible for anyone else. You cannot be the Christ for anyone else, and the world will not beat a path to your doorstep and burden you with its sins that it wants you to lift from it, and that is not part of what being the Christ means.


You will be the Light that will uncover the Light in others. You will be the Light that makes it obvious to everyone else that they don't need to maintain their defenses in your presence. And in their letting down of their defenses, they will have the opportunity to experience their Christ-hood more clearly. And it will go on, and on, and on, self-substantiating itself throughout the Brotherhood.


So, do not be reluctant to be the Christ because you think, in your ignorance, that it will lay a responsibility on you that you are not sure you want. It is easy to love, and it is easy to be loved. And everyone recognizes what love is, and everyone enjoys it. That is the simplicity!


The reluctance to be the Christ is the reluctance to love unguardedly, unconditionally because you see nothing in your brother that you need to defend yourself against.


The time will come when we can talk face to face, Christ to Christ. You will recognize and feel our equality -- the equality which exists at this moment, but which you do not feel. And because of that equality, my presence "physically speaking" will not deter you or weaken you in your process of owning and incorporating what you divinely Are at a conscious level.


Sooner or later, you will have to do this. Why wait until someone descends from the clouds? Why not begin it now, so that if and when that happens, you recognize the coming of a Brother, and you are not one of the ones who is arguing against his divinity and needing to be brought back face to face with your Self so that you may find our equality?


It is very likely that there will be no necessity for a "traditional" Second Coming -- the one that everyone has been expecting. And, that is because of the swiftness with which individuals are awakening. The prod or push that will be provided by a single individual coming out of the clouds is likely not to be needed. That is no loss. That is a sign of the swiftness, the speediness, and also the gracefulness with which this shift is proceeding.



(Excerpt from the Livingston, New Jersey Workshop, A Weekend with Raj, held November 8-9, 1986.)


QUESTION: Did you experience pain during the passion and crucifixion?


RAJ: Not at all. I guess I could best put it that to go through the motions of what everyone thought they were doing to me, was a "suffer it to be so now." But, I will tell you this: I was not hooked by the appearances. I was not interpreting my Being from the level that everyone else was coming from. My experience of my Oneness with the Father, and, in fact, that the Father constituted the totality of my Being, made it clear to me that the apparent drama that was going on was purely illustration for the clarification of mankind. It was easy to allow it to be what it appeared to be.


I am going to explain something to all of you. You each feel that you are in a process of moving along your spiritual path, and moving toward your Awakening. You see a group of tall, thin, plump, slender, short, happy, unhappy people -- bodies sitting in a circle, in a room, in a community on your planet. And, you are attending a workshop that it is your hope will contribute to this awakening process. And, I am apparently helping you.


But, the fact is that all of you are sitting in the illuminated, glorious environment of the Kingdom of Heaven, right here, right now, with radiant bodies of Light that have never been dimmed in any way, but which your vision does not allow you to perceive. It is quite obvious to me that you haven't for an instant (Stopped Being), and are not right now, anything less than the Christed manifestations of the Father, who do not need to be awakened, who are not truly on a path of regeneration and redemption. And when you wake up totally, you will discover that what you have experienced here only happened in the context of your believing that you have been asleep like a dream at night, where it seems that something quite real is happening, when it isn't.


This is a "suffer it to be so now." I am engaging in "nonsense," apparently, if, in fact, you have never been anything less than the perfect expression of the Father. But, I am not confused. And I know that you are not confused. And I am insisting on addressing you in language that can uncover your clarity so that you are not experiencing any form of delusion.


The drama of what you call the Passion, I did not take seriously, else I would have died, just as surely as anyone else who believes that they exist in their Body, and that they are a body with some sort of intelligence. The simple fact is that evidence needed to be provided in a very tangible way of the fact that Life is deathless, and that each one is capable of experiencing what I demonstrated to be a Fact.


If you will stop and think about it a minute, if you had the opportunity to walk through Galilee, through the dust, and sit down and prepare dinner, and sometimes go with clothes that needed to be washed, and we went together day in and day out, as I did with my disciples -- if you were able to have done that with me, you would have seen that I was a real individual, just like you. A false sense of superior grandness is difficult to maintain when you're walking next to someone who sweats. I sweat just like everyone else in that day. So, my apparent death and resurrection was more easily grasped by those who knew me, as a possibility for them, than it is for you to grasp, today, when so much myth has developed around me, and I have been so lifted up in people's imaginations that it is impossible to relate to me. Therefore it is impossible to connect up what I demonstrated with each one of you. Yet, that is why it happened.


Do you realize that any one of you who doesn't die, and continues to be here when you are 150 and 200 years old, will be an inspiration to everyone else, unless you are aggrandized and lifted up and made so special that others can't see that you are just like them?


Everyone wants proof of some sort, of a tangible sort, which will allow them to believe, allow them to let go of their conditioned thinking, their conviction that death is as sure as taxes.


You can be of no value to your fellow man if you are answering to your fellow man, because at this point you will be answering to your fellow man's ego. If you are connecting with your Self, if you are choosing to be centered, so that you are able to come out of your divine Wisdom, you will find yourself being helpful. You will find yourself being able to be appropriate. And everyone will say there is something about you that makes them feel better, something about you that is transformational.


That is what was happening at the time everybody else thought they were killing this "troublemaker." I was being true to, and I was coming out from, my Being -- which could also be stated, that I was coming out from the Father in me. Therefore, there was no suffering. Just as when Paul is listening to me, whether he is in front of a group of people or not, he experiences no anxiety, even though those circumstances would ordinarily be very frightening to him, especially when he has no agenda and is not in control. Yet, he is totally present, totally aware of what is happening right now, but totally at peace.


You need not fear that I suffered, because if I had suffered there would have been no resurrection and no ascension. I would have been caught in the same illusory sense of life that everyone else was and that is the truth.


There is a further lesson to be learned here from the clarity of what went on there at the time of my so-called crucifixion. It (the passion) gives proof that no "other" is capable of doing anything to you. It serves to show that there is no way that anyone can "do" anything to anyone else that the other person is not inflicting on himself and blaming you for. They -- meaning those who were attempting to get rid of me -- could not do it if I didn't agree to it. I didn't agree to it, and they didn't succeed!


This is important, because through your clarity, you can provide the proof that another is guiltless, and I want you to think about that. Right in the presence of an act that would seem to prove guilt (in others), you, in your clarity, can prove their guiltlessness by not joining with them in their misguided point of view. That is unconditional love.


Dying for someone else is not unconditional love. By not joining with another in his belief structures, you do not validate his tendency to prove his own guilt. That is love. That is love.



QUESTION: Jeshua, you are undoubtedly aware of the confusion I am undergoing about all of the different accounts there are about your life. I have commenced with the reading of the book Communication with the Spirit World of God, Its Laws and Purpose by Johannes Greber. I am impressed with the quality of sincerity in it and the fact that there is obviously a level of truth in it. I am also confused by the fact that this is yet another account of your life that does not resonate with the other accounts.


I need you to be more helpful to me than just telling me that each of these things is helpful to someone where he is. Can you make some comment about this book? The author's experiences are not unlike mine. But, my lord! I have read much of it with attention, and last night I was just ready to throw up my hands. I felt as though I just knew nothing at all.


RAJ: Of course, the answer to your question does not lie in the context of the question, but beyond it. When you become totally clear, totally aware, when you are experiencing Reality without any distortion whatsoever, you will find that there never was one single moment when you were a crying infant that moved on to become a toddler, and then a teenager, and then an adult, even though you have apparently done this many times. That kind of development, either within a single lifetime or over a number of lifetimes, is a distorted sense of eternity, which is entirely embraced in the Now. That is the best way I can put it into words, even though "now" seems to describe a moment in time; yet, I have used that word in the context of eternity.


The ego sees Individuality as "personality" going through stages of development. Therefore, the search for my life story is a search for a development of personality, of the ego, and that is not what I am, and that is not where the answers to one's problems lie. Do not be distressed by the proliferation of varying accounts. There is a reason for this proliferation, and there is a reason for the variation. You experienced the marvelous benefit of it last night when you threw up your hands, or felt like it.


You see, the ego must be foiled in its attempts to hold Spirit in the grasp of matter, to hold Individuality in the grasp of ego structures and developments, and it isn't until you are literally at the point of knowing that you, from your ego level, do not know anything, that the opportunity for revelation can be present.


You must keep in mind that this shift of consciousness is not just a shift into an improved three-dimensional frame of reference, but a shift out of it entirely, into the state of Awakened Being -- the Fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being, as I have described it.


You must not, and neither must anyone else, look for me in my personality, my ego, or its development. You must not look for me in the forms that actually cover up the Reality of me.


Are you to be found in the history of your childhood? Are you even to be found in the form and the activity of your life today? No. That is why you are being disengaged from or disenchanted with the forms that identify me.


No one is going to be able to identify with What I Am by virtue of finding my human history. You are correct that the Christian religions have based their theology and their faith on the human Jesus, the events of his life, and the best judgments about what those events meant. And the reason that everyone has not been translated into the Kingdom of Heaven is because the focus was on the human sense of Jesus -- of me.


What has been overlooked is the fact that the Individuality that everyone has known as Jesus was the Presence of the Father, and that this Fact is the proof needed for each individual to look for the Father in himself, and not to define himself humanly, not to define himself organismically. It was the Light in me that is in all men that has been overshadowed by the preoccupation with a historical Jesus.


You are familiar with the idea of a living Christ -- a practical, ongoing, ever present state of divine Being called the Christ -- and also the necessity of not losing that for a particular embodiment of It. You see, those who believe that the human Jesus and his activities are the focal point, bind themselves to "the Christ who is dead," because that body is apparently not here, and it apparently died on the cross.


The resurrection is taken tongue-in-cheek. The value of the imagery in the Bible is losing hold because they are looking for what I am in the form. It is much more comfortable that there be a "dead Christ" than a living Christ. There has not been an active awareness, for the majority of the last 2000 years, of my presence, and as far as the ego is concerned, that was the best way for it to go.


The ego is now scrambling for further clarification of a historical Jesus, but how can you have a historical Jesus in eternity? You can only have it in time. And, I am not going to accommodate the ego by providing a clear, concise picture of my history, because it is a sense of history that everyone must awake out of.


QUESTION: I have some further questions about Greber's book. What is the source of the teaching therein? Secondly, aside from historical data, will you comment on the picture of the identity of Christ that is presented as the first-born Son of the Father, unique in this sense? Thirdly, is there this being called Lucifer who is described therein as the second-born Son? And, fourthly, is the history of the fall of mankind that is presented in this book truthful?


RAJ: The source is revelation. But, it cannot be taken as revelation of absolute truth. It is carefully provided revelation -- very specifically expressed. But, I do want you to remain aware that the various books that are coming out -- except those which are outright frauds -- are not trying to express final revelation, but are rather serving as triggers to various levels of ego density to move the individualities submerged in those ego structures, out of them. You could say that this book is "divinely authorized," but its function is to motivate, not to answer ultimate questions. So, the source is a valid source. I was not the source for that volume. This book is addressing those still caught in theology, and yet it creates a (healthy) unsettledness for them in their beliefs.


Understand that it is only in the context of time that there can be first, second, fourth, hundredth. Being is timeless. God is timeless. That, which God is, is timeless and spaceless. It is infinite. The meaning of those words is not fully grasped. There was no beginning! There simply is all that God is being -- all that He is.


There is no way for me to have been the first-born. And there is no way for any other Individuality to be second-born. And there is no Individuality, there is no individualization of God that fulfills the role or can be identified as Lucifer.


Nothing happens in groups. Therefore, what is called the "fall of man," is not something that happened to a group of the Brotherhood. The most accurate description of the fall is "when you forgot Who You Were." That is the definition of the fall. It relates only to you. And from an absolute standpoint, you are the only one who needs to wake up. This is why, each individuality is responsible for himself and his own awakening.


I know that sounds like a contradiction, but there is too great a tendency to identify oneself with a group, or with a status, or with a condition that everyone in one's group is suffering from. Being is absolutely individual, but Individuality is infinite and embraces and includes all that is in infinity. So, we have the apparent contradiction that the Brotherhood is embraced in pure Individuality, and that the most direct route to your fellow man is right through the center of your Being.


All attempts to explain the fall, to describe the event, would necessarily have to be done within the context of the dream that one is having, that he is not Who he Is. When you have a dream at night, you could say that it is because a You, who you do not recognize in the dream, laid down, closed her eyes, and fell asleep. If, in the dream, you become aware somehow, that you are dreaming, you wonder how it came to pass that you are having this particular experience. It is, as it were, as though you will look for the reason down through the tunnel of "a past" within the context of the dream, which will be created by the very dreaming process. And it will never bring you to the point of recognizing the individual lying on the bed in the real world. It will simply substantiate the ongoingness of the dream.


When, on the other hand, you have a dream, which is most unpleasant, in which you exert every ounce of your energy to get out of it, it is possible to transcend the dream -- its apparent future and its apparent past -- and wake up on the bed as who you are. And this is because even in the dream state, you did not stop being the individual lying on the bed in the real world.


You will not Wake Up by understanding the fall, because the fall is only apparent from within an ignorant dream state. It takes the active presence of the Christ-hood that You Are to pierce the dream. So, it is becoming imperative to stop looking for a three-dimensional cause for something that is only apparent within the three-dimensional frame of reference and which is absolutely nonexistent from within the Fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being. One must get about the business of accessing his greater capacity to be aware.


There is not, and there cannot be, and there never has been a negative force, power, or presence.


QUESTION: So Jeshua, this book, then, is coming from a very limited perspective?


RAJ: It is addressing a very limited perspective that cannot make a very big leap of faith. So, it is a little bit of help to get the ball rolling.



(At a seminar on world hunger, the theme of which was oriented to the farmer, the following prayer was used to introduce one of the sessions. No credit was given for authorship. Subsequently, it was given to me to see if Raj would care to respond to it. Following the prayer is his response.)




"And so I say to you, ask, and you will receive, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened." Luke 11:9.


Lord, how shall we come to you? You seem to invite us to come questioning, seeking. But, Lord, it would be so much easier if you would just give us all answers!

We wonder about food.

What was your purpose in making us dependent on bread?

Why do some of us have so much that we burden our bodies and destroy our health while others of us have so little that they never achieve basic nourishment?

How can there be, at the some time plenty of food, and starving humans?

Do we take food for granted and lose its meaning?

Why do we have to have scarcity to teach us value?

Do you expect us to go hungry because others are hungry?

But, Lord, is there not a fullness to your earth?

Shouldn't all your children have enough? Isn't that what you intend to provide on your earth?

It's so confusing, Lord.

Shouldn't the thought of food be a means of joy, not a reminder of sorrow -- or even guilt?

Didn't you, yourself, gather with friends around the table for dinner -- even for feasting?

Were there not hungry people outside the window?

Haven't we been taught that food is a sacrament, that people gather to share a meal in fellowship, that families built their unity at the table together, that we break bread in worship, in remembrance of the Master?

Is it wrong to eat when people are hungry?

Is it wrong for people to be hungry while we eat?

Were you ever hungry, Lord?

What did your neighbors do about it?

Were others around you hungry?

What did you do about it?

What do you want us to do about hungry people?

What do you want us to do with food beyond saying "thank you" for it?

You do want us to ask questions, don't you? Seeking does mean more than for ourselves, doesn't it? You do want us to knock, don't you, even though we may be appalled at what we find behind some of the doors?

How dull it would be never to see our neighbors -- to assume that only we had needs? What death it would be if there were only answers and never another question to ask.

Thank you for keeping us alive.



RAJ: My brothers, you have, indeed, begun your prayer with the answer. And then, not understanding that it was the answer, you have proceeded to ask questions based on the assumption that your lack is an actuality, one which binds you, one which causes you to feel powerless, weak and incomplete. And yet, the answer proclaims and promises exactly the opposite.


Blinded by appearances, you wend your way through the clamor and confusion of the world of appearances, continually frustrated and unnecessarily sad and disheartened.


My brothers, if you ask and receive not, it is because you ask amiss. It is because you ask to the wrong place, and you ask questions about false assumptions instead of asking for the clarification of Reality right where you are. There is no way to answer whether it is "wrong to eat when people are hungry," or whether it is "wrong for people to be hungry while we eat." The only appropriate question is, "Where can I get the answer which obviates the necessity of asking that question? Who do I ask, and where do I ask in order to receive? Where do I seek in order that I will find, and where do I knock that the door will be opened?"


My brothers, you are the doors! In that secret place of the Most High within you is where you should seek and where you will receive when you ask. It is the dwelling place of the Father, no matter by what name you call Him, and it is the place wherein our Brotherhood is complete and we, you and I and all Mankind, are One, equals, now.


There are no answers to the absurdities, which confront you when you view them from the standpoint of mortal life. And therefore you should not seek your answers there, for they will be even more confusing and seem to separate you even further from the answers, which dwell within you by virtue of your divine Sonship.


Your pleas for help to me remain unsatisfactorily answered because they miss the mark. The "bow" from which they are released is a concept of yourself, which lacks the respect due to a Son of God. You do not expect to find the answer within your Self, so impressed are you with the sense of mortal selfhood.


How can you feed your brother, how can you share with him out of your emptiness? You cannot! How can you arouse your brother to the experience of his completeness out of a sense of your own incompleteness? You cannot! And, how can you experience your own fulfillment when you do not know or believe or experience yourself as the Son of God? You cannot! There is no way to feed the multitudes out of your empty storehouse.


My promise is a bright one! Ask, and you will receive. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened. Having done these three things, you will, out of your fullness, be able to help your brother to do the same, and experience the fullness of his Being. And so, the question is "Where do I go to knock?" And, of course, the answer is. "Within yourself, into that quiet sanctuary of your Being." It is there, even if you have overlooked and ignored it for years. It is that place where you can set aside your educated thoughts about yourself and be completely hid with the Reality of your Being; safe, secure, and ready to perceive and experience your divinity and the Wisdom, which is yours by Birthright.


Do not look outside yourselves to me for the answers. Rather, look within your Self, to your own Being. There you will find answers, which are not self-seeking, selfish, manipulative, competitive and unloving. From there you will be able to see your brother as yourself, and be able to provide him with the atmosphere in which to discover his divinity, his completeness, even if he is insisting on his lack.


You are an integral part of the Body of Christ, which is constituted of the Brotherhood of Man. When you are willing to go within to that secret place of the Most High, and knock at the door of your very own Being, the Father answers, and the Son is enlightened. Your birthright becomes clear, and you find that it is the Reality of your very own Being, your Christ-hood, which is your Savior.


You cause me to appear to be the only Christ by choosing not to be like me, and in your choice you cause yourself to feel separated from your good. This sense of separation is what you experience in practical terms as lack, whether it be food, money, housing, clothing, or any good thing which meets your need.


To the degree that you are willing to set aside your educated opinions and theories, based upon an organismic materialistic conception of life, wherein you see yourself as a separate, minute entity in the midst of a potentially hostile environment, eking out its existence against unfavorable odds, and are willing, rather, to go quietly within and abide as the Door through which the divine Actualities of Life may flow, you will discover the nature of the Brotherhood of Man as the Body of Christ, the Son of God. Fulfillment will be yours no matter what form it is needed in, and the Second Coming will have begun.



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