JUNE 1985
Vol. 2, No. 6


QUESTION: With the vibratory changes that are occurring in this particular time, and all the things that are coming to pass, I wish to clarify for myself what my next step would be, that I might be very effective in what I came to do. I want some real clarity for myself on

RAJ: It is important to understand that the only "place" there is, is Consciousness, and that three-dimensional space is an experience of Consciousness, rather than a place in which consciousnesses are wandering around. Therefore, the change you are referring to in the
vibratory rate is a change in Consciousness, and is therefore individual in every instance. It is not a change happening to you from an external source.

You can best contribute to this change by honoring it wherever you find it in your conscious experience. It is your clearer experience of the Reality of your Being, which is emerging. Since all that you see is embraced within you as a conscious experience, this individual inner shift, which you are going through will be visible to you and tangible
to you in the world that you see.

Be very attentive to your clearer perceptions of Reality, and be willing to flow with the accompanying Wisdom. Stop seeing the shift as happening "in the world." You are the world you walk through. You (and this is true of every individuality) are the focal point. As much as you are able to experience of the Reality of your Individuality—to that degree
you will see the visible and tangible evidence "in" your world. I am stressing this point because you are wanting to know how your Path can contribute to the change in the world "out there," and I am saying that the distinction is artificial. There is no world "out there" to save!  There IS an inner misperception that needs to be replaced with the very
clarification you were asking about. And, that clarification is already in the process of occurring, and prompting you to ask the question.

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to [your world]." You will be the Truth for your world—but not to enlighten them. You will be the Truth. You will consciously experience the INTEGRITY of your Being as the essential Reality of It. Truth is the Nature of You, and as you are consciously being, rather than unconsciously being the Truth, the Reality, your world and everything "in" it will begin to reflect it back to you.

This does not mean to go sit in your bedroom and "be the Truth," and not
apparently interact with your world. But, if you don't know where "the
battleground" is, you may miss the victory. The battle is not "out
there," and the victory will not be "out there." But, the EVIDENCE of
the victory will be perceived everywhere!

It is essential for your attention to be given to your own process of Awakening. If you are attending to that, you will find yourself being very busy in your world, and, without any conscious direction or manipulation being provided, you will find a form or structure
developing in your activity that others will be able to very specifically identify. Yet, you will realize that none of it happened by design from the level of your ego. You will be very effective, and yet not be able to take credit for it. This will come to identify for you real Satisfaction, because it FEELS GOOD to be on track, ESPECIALLY when you aren't responsible for it.

QUESTION: I'd like to know what it is that we can all learn about the starvation and deprivation that seems to be going on right now in the world, particularly where it concerns little children. I'd like to know, what is it that we are to learn from that, and what can we do to raise the energy around them?

RAJ: Earlier, I said, "You are the world you walk through." The bottom line lesson is the realization that "We ARE the world; we ARE the children." They are not "out there," separate and different. Therefore, each one has the responsibility to embrace every other one, consciously, in Love; and every step possible should be taken to alleviate the lack—and I can assure you that every step possible WILL BE SUFFICIENT! The Brotherhood of Man is ONE Brotherhood, without division.

You have no idea of the benefit that follows prayer. The Guides, and Those of the Brotherhood of Man Who are totally Awakened Christ-conscious individualities, are simply waiting for the desire to be expressed for help. Mankind's divinity cannot be inflicted on him!  Every individuality who insists on being a "little ego," with his own
will and his own rights cannot be overridden by what he divinely Is. He must arrive at a point where HE desires to set aside his free will, and desires to know who he is; and, as he discovers it, to own it.

Those who are apparently starving are not aware of their divine Wholeness. They do not know that they can really ask and get answers.  And, I mean answers in terms of needs met. But, everyone in this room can, when they go to bed tonight, desire with their heart to have the healing Presence of the Christ-consciousness move on their behalf, and on the behalf of everyone in this world who doesn't know he can ask.

Although They [those of the Brotherhood who are Awake] cannot override free will, a response CAN be made that will enhance the environment of consciousness so that a conscious shift can occur. Do not think, "There's nothing I can do." BE the Place where the universal Love can flow through and into your world, and love the world enough to make that Place a fit channel for the universal Love to be extended to your fellow man.

The Oneness of the Brotherhood of Man must be a conscious Oneness, not a theoretical one. The unity of mankind must become a reality at the level of experience. But, this will only be the result of people like yourselves acting as though it were a fact and consciously embracing everyone with that divine Love, which transforms the human condition back into its divine status.

Are you your brother's keeper? No. You are your brother! You are one—Siamese twins, if you will—inseparable, and yet always individual. Extend that Love, and do whatever you can, no matter how small, to encourage the conscious obliteration of this problem.

It is really a matter of learning how to love.

QUESTION: When we are able to let go of our ego, or let go of that part of us, or realize that that's an illusion, is that the end of all suffering?

RAJ: It is, yes. It is the ego, which constitutes the suffering,
because it is a partial experience of your Totality, treated as though
it were the whole of you.

QUESTION: What about the pain that I feel as I see children starving in
Africa, and what about their real suffering? Is that because of where
they individually are in their own evolution that they are starving to
death right now?

RAJ: Absolutely.

QUESTION: So, it's all okay, even though it isn't? I mean, I really have a hard time dealing with that. I haven't really gotten it all worked out. I mean, should I be sending money there, or is that a needless rescue? Would I better spend my money to take a trip?

RAJ: It is essential that those with greater vision express that vision, because that is what will inspire the acceptance of that vision on the part of the one who is so limited in his or her outlook. Your gift expresses a confidence in the Wholeness of Life that they have not
grasped, and do not have the courage to express on their own. You cannot look at this problem and say it is okay because it is a simple expression of their ignorance. You can understand that it is self-inflicted and that they are not innocent victims of external
forces, but...

QUESTION: They are not innocent victims?

RAJ: That's right...But that does not mean that it is appropriate to leave them in their ignorance without extending your clarity, your confidence in what they do not have confidence in. You cannot force them to change, but you can provide the atmosphere in which a change can more easily be made. What I am describing is the simple extension of love.

QUESTION: I wonder where to place the pain that I feel when I see those people starving to death? When I see that suffering, is that just a projection of my own pain?

RAJ: The pain is blocked anger, and the anger at the circumstances is blocked love. You are frustrating yourself by believing that there is nothing you can do. It involves an assumption that in order for you to feel comfortable, you must be able to do something to resolve the whole situation, so that you are not confronted with the scene.

Notice that this is the normal pattern of the ego. It distracts you from the essential need. The essential need is for you to not block the extension of your love, your clearer perception of Reality. You have a number of ways in which you can let that love move into expression. One is supporting financially the movement of food into that area. Another
is the simple expression of your prayer, or desire, for whatever is blocking their perception of their Wholeness to dissolve.

Your desire, when it is in harmony with Reality, always has power. It is not your responsibility to effect the whole physical change. It IS your responsibility not to block your vision, not to block your understanding that the problem is illegitimate, not valid. This is what the ego would sidetrack you from. It would cause you, thereby, to block the love "because it won't do any good." This then creates the anger, which you block because there is no practical way to express it that will benefit the situation, and this blocking of the anger HURTS.

To simplify what I have said, pain is always the result of blocking the essential Nature of your Being, which is Love, and which is always healing and transforming when It is allowed expression, even in the form of desire, or prayer. You are not at a loss here to help.

QUESTION: I seem to be going through this period where everything turns to shit and I need basically to get on track. It's sort of like going through the motions, but things just don't happen—like I don't have the "razor's edge."

RAJ: Literally, you are in a vestibule, a transition place, where you are neither, where you were, or where you are going. At this point, you are finding yourself unable to exercise control from the old [prior] ego standpoint. And you are in the process of opening up to the conscious experience of the inherent Orderliness of your Being, in which Control has already been exercised before you become aware of It.

You will find, as you move out of this vestibule, that you will simply be confronted with the Harmony of Being, the Harmony of Your Being, your Life. You will only need to flow with that Harmony, rather than needing to create it. There will be nothing dull or monotonous about it, and there will be a greatly increased experience of Joy at being alive!

The ego may whimper occasionally because it cannot take credit for being "on the razor's edge," as you put it. But, you will nevertheless find the precision of the Orderliness of your Being manifesting Itself, rather than "you" doing something to manifest it. The sense of labor will be gone, and, if anything, you will find yourself hard put to keep up with the fulfillment of your Being that will be occurring without any personal effort on your part. In other words, if there is any apparent stress, it will not be from "getting the show on the road," but from KEEPING UP WITH IT, and allowing the fulfillment without resistance.

It is important for you not to react to everything turning to shit at this point. It is simply part of the movement or shift from an old vantage point to a clearer, new vantage point. If you attempt to get control again, it will turn to shit, nevertheless, AND SMELL EVEN WORSE!  So, do not labor unnecessarily in that direction. Rather, keep your gaze toward the innate, underlying Orderliness of your Being, which is in the process of coming to view CONSCIOUSLY in your experience.

Be interested in seeing how the Universe, or how your Being is going to manifest Its/Your fulfillment without your being in charge, without your having control. It is a difficult shift to make because it feels like you are letting go into "nothing." But, as you find the harmony unfolding where it appeared there would be nothing, your level of trust will increase. And, as you recognize that it is unfolding out of your very Being, rather than from any external source, the experience of the fullness will begin to constitute an awareness of the integrity of your Being, and Its trustworthiness. You will gain your sense of security and stability from It, rather than from what you—from a personal level—do.

You are moving through this fairly smoothly, and this is excellent. Dare to follow it through all the way.

Again, what is crumbling is the old ego control. It is not your world, which is crumbling! The loss of control is being projected on your world because that is what the ego does. It always projects. But, as you move from the ego place to the Place of your Being, that projection or overlay on your world will fade, and the Harmony and Perfection, the
Orderliness and Joy that have always been there will become consciously apparent to you. Keep up the good work, and do not be dismayed by appearances.

QUESTION: Where I'm at right now is, I'm sitting here, I owe the I.R.S. money. I have some notes due at the bank. So, I'm wondering if I should go down and borrow $100,000 and pay off those bills and consolidate my notes. But, that's sort of back to the old "control" thing. Right?

RAJ: The amount you need is sitting right there in your Presence, as Your presence. In other words, it is not something external to your Wholeness which you must "get." It is present because All of What You Are is present. What you do not know is HOW that Presence is going to manifest Itself, and this is where the inclination to exercise control
comes in, and this is where you can get off the track.

You must first be willing to acknowledge that you are a Totality, you are a Completeness or Wholeness, which is forever identifying Itself perfectly. On the basis of that fundamental Fact, you must then be alert and open and receptive to being consciously aware of Its presence in form, without any attempt to coerce it into form, based upon your
judgments. It is a matter of listening, rather than a matter of thinking and reasoning and figuring out how to make things work to your best advantage, or even to the best advantage of your creditors.

The Wholeness of your Being is always functioning in harmony with the Wholeness of everyone and everything else, including your creditors.  Therefore, your Being, in the process of fulfilling Itself, is always also fulfilling every other aspect of your world.

Now, do not hook into any sense of pressure. It is artificial, and it is manufactured by your limited ego sense. Relax, and be willing to listen with the assurance that because it is the Intent of your Being to fulfill Itself perfectly, then included in that intent is YOUR BEING
CONSCIOUSLY AWARE OF THAT FULFILLMENT in appropriate, tangible form.
Therefore, you are not listening into an emptiness, you are listening into the Answer that is already prepared for you because of the fact that at every instant your Being is successfully identifying Its Wholeness.

Do not toss this idea of consolidation out of the window offhandedly on the basis of what I have just said. But, before acting on it, be willing to become quiet, and listen to hear  whether, in fact, it is the appropriate step to take. Be alert to see whether your answer is arising out of your fear, or whether it is arising out of a quiet, peaceful Place of confidence, even though you cannot justify the confidence rationally. If it is coming out of that  peaceful Place, by all means act upon it.

I could tell you. But it is important for you, at this point, to listen with conscious intent to hear what your Being is unfolding, so that you may begin to have more confidence in It, and more confidence in Its ever-presence and availability to you at the level of your conscious awareness. This is also an issue, which is not a life or death matter, and therefore you have sufficient time to listen for the answer without being put up against your fear to a point where it would be difficult to hear. If that were the case, I would respond more specifically.

QUESTION: Just go with the flow and see what turns out.

RAJ: Exactly. Because the flow you are going with is the flow of your Self, which is already fulfilling Itself without having to go through a single thought process. Flowing with your Self is the apparent process of becoming Whole CONSCIOUSLY. Eventually, it will not be a matter of "you" apparently flowing with "your Being," as though you were split in two, and the sense of flowing will yield to simply BEING what You Are.

In the meantime, be willing to experience it as though there is a split, and as though you are having to "cooperate" with your Self. It is the only way the shift can occur, because, of course, the ego sense of self is inherently a "separated" sense of self, and initially the separated sense of yourself must learn to "flow with" your Self, so that the sense of separation may dissolve.