Vol. 2, No. 2
February 1985


QUESTION: I want to ask about my health. There's a sense about the way I'm caring for my body and my whole relationship to my body that seems to be out of kilter.

RAJ: Your low energy stems from your locking yourself into a ritual or pattern of living, and in the process you are squelching your innovativeness, your own expansiveness. You are not nourishing your own creativity in significant, life-affirming ways; and I am speaking specifically in regard to activities that relate to your world.

You are most certainly open to inner growth and your spiritual path, but you are not making wide channels for your interest and energy in terms of your daily life. As long as you squelch your energy, you will seem to lack it. I encourage you to take time to find out where your energy is in terms of actions or activities that nourish your sense of your own development in very real and tangible ways IN YOUR WORLD, as well as the inner expansion, which you are nourishing with gusto.

Do not demean your world and the activities occurring in it in any way. This is where your spiritual progress is to be manifest. This is where it is to be rendered visible. This is where you should anticipate seeing evidence of the inner growth.

QUESTION: I would have to say that all of my accomplishments have taken place on the inside, and that confronting the physical world and producing has always been a hard thing for me.

RAJ: Experiencing success! Look at it that way, as opposed to being some sort of manufacturer (producer). You will experience fulfillment in tangible terms, and that fulfillment must be seen as the visible evidence of your Being, as opposed to some mortal or human part of you managing to seem to create in a worldly way, separate and apart from what you are within and spiritually. Productive should simply mean the fulfillment of a task, which is appropriate to you, to your Being. Make a conscious effort to embrace your world within the realm of your spirituality, rather than isolating it as though it were separate and less than your inner Path.

You do not have to live in this world on the same terms everyone else is. You can see it all from the vantage point of your inner enlightenment. Be careful not to buy into the idea that your enlightenment will remove you further and further from the world. It will bring you closer and closer to its Reality, and you could say further and further away from the false sense of it, which most humans indulge in. There is a Wholeness here, which embraces the inner and the outer, the spiritual and the MANIFESTATION of that which is Real. Therefore, your productiveness will always just be the manifestation of the success of your Being in the process of fulfilling Itself, which is Its fundamental Intent.

QUESTION: I think I have known that. And yet somehow, I think that to live in the world and do it in a way that is consistent with my spirituality, so that what I create and produce is a representation or manifestation of my being, means sacrifice of material comforts and things like that.

RAJ: You are finding, however, that you are having to sacrifice your experience of your energy. You are not in touch with your vital sense of aliveness in your daily life. You are deprived of observing the Harmony, the Unity of your Self AND YOUR WORLD, which exists because of what they divinely Are.

The ego would just love for you to go on an inner spiritual trip and never discover the Oneness of That Which Is AND Its manifestation, because in this way you will never escape from the ego sense of life. It will always present to you that the spiritual life will be had at great loss, and it completely denies you the opportunity of seeing that as long as you are viewing things with partial vision (seeing through the ego's eyes), you ARE experiencing loss!

There cannot be any such thing as God or a Universal Life-Principle that is unmanifest. Without anything to identify It, It would be nonexistent. Without any object of perception, Mind would be unconscious. Therefore, there will always be the infinite manifestation of the Universal Life- Principle, or God. To attempt to separate the visibility from its Source by calling it material will bind you in conflict and the absence of your experience of the fullness of Being. Be willing to tackle THIS with gusto, and open yourself up to the potential of observing the Harmony of the Wholeness of Being, of the Source AND Its manifestation, in your experience.

The simple fact is that you are the direct expression of the Life-Principle. You are the Life-Principle in action. Therefore, that of which you are aware (meaning the world) cannot be separate from that which is aware of it (meaning your mind). Its Oneness and the Harmony of that Oneness can only be obscured by the adoption of a belief structure which demeans the world OR, on the contrary, demeans spirituality and honors the world on the world's terms. Either one is equally myopic and deprives one of experiencing the Reality, which is going on at all times, regardless of the belief structures indulged in.

QUESTION: There is a sense of foreboding about the earth that I get mostly from school, from reading other people who are researching world history. Since I'm in school, I'm inundated with that. It's very, very difficult to come out of that with any kind of good feeling about the future of mankind, or about what mankind is capable of.

I feel that a lot of dreams or optimistic visions of humankind have been erased. I'm starting to believe the theory that there's going to be some great cataclysm, a cleansing. That does not set well with me because it means that there is nothing you can do. I know absolutely that this is false. What I don't know is how to get myself beyond it so I can then start working with the things that I know to do.

RAJ: The information you are being inundated with is the result of the myopic vision, which I mentioned earlier. The problem is that the belief structure they are bound by does not allow for the existence of a Life-Principle, a Source beyond matter, and from this standpoint, the only conclusion that can be arrived at is one of death or destruction.

Now, there is a principle involved here. The death and destruction seen are due to the belief structure, rather than that which is being observed. It is like attempting to open a combination lock with the wrong combination, and then saying, "The lock is faulty." From their standpoint, they are coming to the only conclusions they can come to. The conclusions are faulty because they are based upon partial information. And yet, the problem is observed and dealt with in such a way that it is seen as something inherent in the world, rather than the perspective being used to perceive it.

You are only suffering from your willingness to adopt their frame of reference because you cannot justify another. You will find that the ego always pulls your attention out to externals, and the result is that you miss the fact that you are always only suffering from the point of view YOU have chosen to take.

You ARE capable of adopting a totally contrary view! And, you will be able to justify it after the fact, by virtue of the degree of enhancement, which has occurred within yourself in relation to your experience of your integrity, your experience of the spontaneous flow of your energy, the presence of a perspective with which you can see how to resolve the problems seen by these others, and the returning joy of life. I suggest to you that the very opposite feelings, which you are experiencing, are due entirely to the point of view. Because the point of view is partial, it causes you to dishonor your own mind and honor others' interpretations.

I am not suggesting that your choice of an alternate position is simply one of taking another point of view. I am suggesting that when you embrace in your interpretation of your world the existence of a Source of Life that is not embraced in any way within the confines of present materialistic theories, and you begin to approach your world on that basis, you will experience the results which I just shared. You cannot make up your own different vantage point, because you would simply be working with another set of partial views.

Again, I want to emphasize that you have relinquished a vantage point, which involved a greater confidence in the positive nature of Existence, Itself. As a result of relinquishing that vantage point, you have found yourself depressed. However, you have the option not to buy into the current theories and their depressing prognostications. It is you who holds the key as to how you are going to see your world, and how you are going to experience your Being.

Obviously, if you connect with that which allows the joy of Being to flow through you experientially, if you are able to connect with that vantage point within your Self that brings clear and transforming perspective to the level of your conscious awareness, then no matter how contradictory or idiotic it may seem to be in light of these educated theories, it is worth adopting.

QUESTION: You know, I really hear an encouragement to have the courage to take a stand and not bow down to the voice of educated people who are going to tell me about the way it is.

That is absolutely correct. If you give up your courage and your optimism, you give it up! But, it doesn't change the Reality. It simply distorts your experience of it, and your inappropriate responses, because of it, will seem to verify to you that your doubts are valid.

QUESTION: What do I need to be doing right now? I feel that I am hearing an encouragement to be out in the world manifesting spirituality, rather than retreating into the confines of my apartment and reading my books and having my spiritual thoughts. Do I need to be out doing things that are creative in a very worldly sense, like woodworking? What are some directions for me?

RAJ: Understand that the expression of Art (woodworking) is the expression of Harmony, and Harmony is the structure of Love, which is absolutely divine.

Develop the ability to relate the divinity of your Being to your world in the way I have just done it. Woodworking is not really worldly" in the sense that you perceive that term. The issue here is your need to do some inner listening regarding what you would enjoy DOING. It is inappropriate for you to obediently do whatever I might indicate you ought to do, because the necessity is for you to once again become connected with where YOUR desires are and where those desires lead you in terms of activity.

The point is that at some time, you stopped paying attention to what you would enjoy in terms of worldly activity, and now you need to once again get in touch with it. Understand that the natural, normal flow is from desire to idea to manifestation in form, (which means in the world). Therefore, the need is for you to begin to pay attention, once again, to the existence of the energy of your Being, long enough to be able to tell what direction it is moving in. And then flow with it, with the understanding that it will, indeed, flow into manifestation--some form.

QUESTION: I'm interested in increasing my financial prosperity, and I'm wondering what suggestions you would have for me in that area?

RAJ: First of all, I encourage you not to view your prosperity as something external to you to be demonstrated or manifest or brought into your experience. There is no external world, separate and different from You. The world, the universe, is the visibility and tangibility of the Life-Principle, or God. Since you are the direct expression of that Life-Principle, the world and universe constitute some aspect of the infinitude of your Being. Therefore, any sense of separateness, any sense of being an object, yourself, existing IN the world and universe, is an illusion. It is literally all You in manifestation.

How, then, can you GET what at the bottom line is already yours by virtue of being the visibility and tangibility of your Individuality? The reason there is difficulty around finances, generally speaking, is because money is treated as an object in space, which must be captured or obtained. The process of obtaining it, being developed on the basis that it exists IN space, always involves a three-dimensional process of getting it THROUGH space; space which is nothing more than a conscious experience, rather than a physical actuality.

You want to increase your financial prosperity. Since it does not exist to be achieved or attained in a three-dimensional sense, there must then be some other means of experiencing what actually constitutes the Wholeness of your Being.

ALL of what you Are is always present, and ALL of what you Are is always available. Obviously, since it is all You, the means by which you can consciously experience it must have to be as the result of being centered within your Self, centered within that Oneness which constitutes the underlying Reality of everything you see and experience.

Being on track, being on your Path, is not something that takes place in three-dimensional space. You are not moving forward in time, nor are you moving forward in terms of career, nor are you moving forward in terms of achievement. Being on track means not jumping outside your Self to try to manipulate your world so that it will behave in a way that constitutes prosperity for you. It means simply, willingly, allowingly being centered within your Self, being in that Place where you can access what your Being is unfolding, so that you may flow with it.

Because you are emerging from a three-dimensional sense of yourself as a physical object or organism into an awareness of yourself as Consciousness or Mind IN WHICH all conscious experience of a physical universe is taking place (because you are in the process of shifting from an ego orientation to the level of your Being), it will initially seem as though YOU are having to cooperate with YOUR BEING, as though they were two separate things. This is unavoidable. The first step is cooperation, and trust in your deeper levels of Knowing.

As you engage your trust, and as you lean into your inner guidance, you will find yourself beginning to recognize that the guidance is actually coming from your greater capacity to be aware as the direct expression of the Life-Principle, or God; the Son of God. You will begin to be able to shift your identification from the reasoning, figuring level, to your inherent capacity to Know, and the apparent duality will fade. You will no longer flow with and cooperate with your Being. You will simply BE What You Are.

What I am sharing is not abstract in the least. It is actually, simply, the most direct route to your financial prosperity. Your conditioned thinking will tell you that it is idiotic to let go of the conscious control of events. And yet as long as you are working from that level, you make it impossible for yourself to be sensitive to what your Being is evolving for Its fulfillment, which means, what your Being is unfolding as YOUR fulfillment.

Your world, since it is the visibility and tangibility of your Being, has no other intent than to identify the Reality of your Being. It is, therefore, present to SERVE you, because it is present for the purpose of serving the Life-Principle by rendering It visible and tangible. As you begin to treat the world as though it is your ally rather than a potential enemy to be brought under control, you will be allowing yourself into a frame of mind in which you will no longer behave as an opponent, where you will no longer introduce the dynamics of war or protective manipulation into your environment, and the natural harmony, which is there will begin to become more consciously obvious to you.

It is the intent of your Being to fulfill Itself perfectly, and It has infinite capacities with which to do so. The world of visibility and tangibility exists for the sole purpose of rendering that fulfillment tangible and visible. On this basis, then, it becomes obvious why the most direct route to your financial success is constituted of being centered. It also makes it obvious why any attempt to achieve or obtain success, financial or otherwise, on the basis of it not fundamentally being YOURS until you have captured it, is never totally satisfying and is never permanently achieved.

QUESTION: An individual in my experience is making public statements challenging my motives and my work. This is very upsetting to me, and I need to know what to do.

RAJ: It is imperative for you to understand that neither your peace nor your frustration arises from external events, people, or circumstances. It arises solely from where you are choosing to observe them. If you are viewing them from the vantage point of the ego, no matter what you are looking at will be distorted and will arouse your defensiveness. On the other hand, if you insist upon not leaving your centered vantage point, that Place within you where you are aligned with your Self, or the Holy Spirit, you will not ever be moved, positively or negatively, by objective circumstances, people, or things, and you will have the added advantage of being able to enjoy the quiet perspective, which will allow you to be able to be appropriate in a healing, transforming way.

You see, the ego will always distract you from those two simple choices, by complex circumstances and details. If you take care of seeing to it that you get into that centered Place where you have available to you your natural clarity, where your Oneness is not divided up into conflicting feelings, you will find your world reflecting back to you that same Oneness.

It is absolutely unnecessary for you to engage in any way with this woman, or those who might have been influenced by her. You stay at Home. You stay in your centered Place, and your world will reflect the Oneness back to you. You will never be able to successfully manipulate your world into Oneness by dealing with apparent egos out-there, and yet this is exactly what the ego would have you attempt. Not only and, thus it would ensure its continued existence.