Volume 1 - Number 2

December, 1983


QUESTION: As I understand from what I’ve read, after the flood there was a covenant between God and man with the rainbow that the earth wouldn’t be destroyed by flood any more. I’ve also heard that the next destruction of the earth will be by fire. Could you comment on the validity of this?

ANSWER: Man’s relationship to God is permanent and omnipresent. Covenants are Man’s glimpses of this ongoing, ever present Fact. Technically speaking, the covenant between God and Man is constituted of the inseparability of God and Man. It is a permanent state of Being, but Mankind is not consciously aware of this permanent, ever-present state of Being.

In effect, a covenant was not made between God and Man regarding the rainbow. But, the rainbow is the manner in which Mankind has conceptualized its glimpse of the Oneness of Being, and it was in language that had meaning for Man, that Man felt. It stated what is in actuality an ongoing, ever-present Fact.

Regarding destruction of the earth by fire: This certainly does not express a covenant and it once again illustrates Man’s imagination, coupled with, this time, a glimpse of his greatest fear, and expressed in language or terms that are truly horrifying.

Being, Existence, is progressive. The only destruction there truly is, is the destruction of ignorance in the human mind. It is the tearing down of conceptual thought structures which blind man to the infinite Nature of his Being. And, when Man resists expansion, when Man holds onto his precious treasure trove of well-worked-out theories in the face of being pressured to open up and expand and to begin to enjoy a broader experience of his infinite Nature, then he experiences discomfort, a discomfort from being boxed into finite concepts, and this discomfort will always present itself in language which gets him where he can’t avoid it, where he can’t ignore it.

So, even what man terms "problems," as though they were created by an evil force, are truly not the actual presence of an evil force or negative power, but are constituted entirely of his own self-resistance. Nevertheless, the manner in which this resistance is brought to his attention is always in a fashion that gets his attention and one way or another moves him to the point of Awakening; so that problems always serve the Ultimate Purpose of Awakening to his true Nature.

We are, indeed, coming to a new threshold of experience, call it what you will, the Second Coming, the Age of Aquarius - whatever. These are all concepts, which Man has devised to explain an intuitive awareness that he has of the fact that a major change in consciousness and in one’s conscious experience of life is imminent.

In this radical blossoming and release of mental blocks, conceptual prisons, Man will begin to perceive the earth more accurately, will begin to see it more as it Truly IS. And much in the same way that a change of consciousness is many times experienced as physical healing, this larger change of consciousness will be experienced as a change in the perception of the physical body of the earth. But, it will not be destruction by fire or holocaust. That interpretation has been based upon Man’s ignorance of the truly divine Nature of the whole Universe, including the earth and it has simply been fleshed out to the point where it was to some degree effective in keeping people on their toes. But, it nevertheless amounts to the immature and ignorant imagination of Man.

QUESTION: I would like to ask about Raj, personally. When I hear a speaker, I like to know something about him. I cannot see or visualize Raj, and I wondered if you would tell us when you walked on this earth, what you were, and possibly if that has to do with your wanting to come back to give us instruction now?

ANSWER: I have been out of the birth-death cycle for a very long time, and there is no particular value in my relating what my earth experience did involve.

I will share with you that I am speaking now first of all, because Paul is willing to allow it, and feels that it fulfills his purpose for being here. Secondly, because my particular work, where I am, is involved in the return of Maitreya, which actually involves the whole process of this Change of Ages, of this change line that, the earth is crossing over. And, it is necessary for Mankind, everywhere, to begin to have, if nothing more, at least an imagination that the future is bright, and is not one of nuclear holocaust in terms of Plan. And, that he plays an integral part in how smoothly this Change will occur, or how roughly.

This change will he very demanding, because, in spite of the fact that it is a matter of Man Awakening to his infinite divinity, Man views it as the End of The World and is reluctant, when reluctance is not necessary!

I am not the only one "channeling," as you say, these messages, because this truly is a world-wide Awakening, and there truly are many levels of thought and belief. And yet, this message of the divine Actuality of Awakening is able to be perceived at all levels.

So, you will hear this message appearing in many different languages of expression, some of which may even be offensive to your sensibilities. But, it is irrelevant how the languages set with you because the point is that the message must get through, much like the early Pony Express.

QUESTION: Thank you. You are very encouraging.

ANSWER: There is no need, truly, to be discouraged, because the Nature of the Universe is entirely Life affirming, and has actually no element of destruction in it. There should be great expectation and great hope and great joy sitting in the wings if you can’t manage to let it out on stage right now. There should be this feeling because the Universe is One, and the Universe is single in its Purpose, not dual.

QUESTION: Can you give us some idea of what the Second Coming means? Does it mean the return of Jesus Christ, or does it mean the blossoming and growth of the Christ Spirit in a lot of humanity that is on earth, or both?

ANSWER: It will be both.

The Second Coming began with the First Coming and has been continuing since then, dawning in the Individual thought and experience of Mankind. And, it has, in the last 120 years roughly, begun to blossom and take on more substance in individual thought, to the point where many, many individuals throughout the world, individuals of many cultures and religions, whether the word "Christ" is a part of their religion or not, have truly begun to recognize that the Christ is their true Nature. And, further, to begin to realize the necessity of living this Christ-hood out into their experience in terms of improved physical health, improved wealth and an improved humanity.

There are, however, a great many individuals who see the Christ spirit as being tied up, invested, in the man, Jesus, which, of course is a mistake. And, they are therefore waiting for His reappearance. They are the modern-day doubting Thomases who want the physical evidence and who will not allow themselves to conceive of the Presence of the Christ in any other form than that of a physical being. So, there will be the appearing of a man.

However, to their surprise, they will find that this man, Who will embody most fully that Christ-consciousness, will not allow those who are looking to Him to give away their Christ-hood, as they are expecting, and will not allow them to revere Him, to become the focal point of their lives.

They will be surprised to find that He will be shifting the attention back on them, awakening in them the fact that the Christ which they are looking for is their divine Nature. Instead of being a Worker of Miracles, He will be a facilitator, facilitating those who cannot conceive of their own divinity, and to begin to exercise it, and to begin to fulfill their divine Nature as a part of a whole group of Man—Mankind—beginning truly to bring forth the aspect of brotherly love, of truly caring, and of caring with that inner Vision which truly manifests or brings forth a new state of Conscious Being for Mankind.

QUESTION: Do you know if that man is on earth now?


QUESTION: Is He in England?

ANSWER: He is.

QUESTION: Is He the one mentioned in Benjamin Creme’s book?


I will say that the time is very close for His discovery, but it will have to be a discovery! The Christ cannot come on His own. I am speaking both of the man and of the Christ spirit. Not one of us has come to a point of Enlightenment, a point of spiritual Awakening, while sitting on our duffs. There has always had to be a desire, a willingness of some sort to open up, to listen, to hear. So, the people must want Him. The people must want what He stands for in their lives. And they must be willing to reach out for it.

So, He will be found, or He will become known publicly when Mankind finds Him. The search is going on at this moment, and the only variable factors involved regarding the time of His appearing lay in the degree to which the searchers are willing to apply themselves.

QUESTION: How accurate is Mr. Creme’s book? How much of it is really a reflection of Maitreya and the Universe as it really is, and how much of it is a reflection of Mr. Creme and his studying and his conceptions or misconceptions?

ANSWER: It cannot be quantified exactly in percentages, but it is important to know that it should not be taken in toto as fact. The book addresses as many levels of thought as possible, although the majority of it is weighted heavily towards theosophical concepts. The Hierarchy, which is the predominant conceptual structure used in the book, is an inarticulate three-dimensional expression of what amounts to Fourth-dimensional Harmony.

Fourth-dimensionally speaking, no one works in relationship to "another" one, nor is there a chain of command from superior to inferior. Three-dimensionally speaking, the Oneness can be construed in that fashion, but in Actuality that is not what is going on.

You must be willing to read the book intuitively and not assume that it conveys facts where it is expressing interpretations of facts. The simple truth is that if the actual Facts were expressed articulately, it would not connect with or reach the majority of the population of earth, and so it would serve no purpose.

It is not necessary for you to know word by word or line by line what is accurate or inaccurate. It is only necessary for you to connect with it where you connect with it and allow it to move you the way it moves you. You can recognize inconsistencies even within the covers of the book, but the essential fact is that the various parts are connecting with inconsistent approaches or theories held by mankind. The result is that the message gets through, and this was the intent of this book.

QUESTION: From all the writing that has been done about Maitreya by Mr. Creme, it seems like the unfoldment here is behind schedule. Are we actually behind, or what’s going on?

ANSWER: It is only from the three-dimensional frame of reference that the concept of behind, on target, or ahead of schedule could come up, and the shift we are talking about is a matter of waking up out of the "time" sense altogether. We are not talking about moving into a new future, which will be far different from the past. We are talking about getting off the timeline entirely!

We are talking about waking up to what we already Are. We are not talking about becoming something that we are not. Therefore, you can see that the sense of a goal, of developing into something new, which has never been before, is an illusory conceptualization of what is actually happening.

The Totality of your Self is functioning fully at this very moment. How can there be a deadline to it? How can there be a schedule? How can you possibly be "behind," if you already Are what you are in the process of waking up to?

The sense of "time" distances you from your conscious experience of your Self, and can blind you to its TOTAL PRESENCE at this instant. It is time to give up the timeline theory of progress, which will culminate in the reappearance of the Christ, to be followed by 1,000 years more of time.

The Awakening to that Christ-consciousness that You Are constitutes the annihilation of the sense of time; and, indeed, the Bible refers to this event, "and there will be time no more."

The idea of there being time before the Second Coming and time after the Second Coming deprives you of being able to easily recognize that right now you are the Son of God, the full representation of Mind.

The most significant aspect of what could be construed as a "delay" in the Second Appearing is the positing of the event "out there" and "in time." Space and Time are the two concepts, which stand in the way of your Awakening to your divinity, to your conscious experience of the Totality of your Being.

Just because there will be an appearing of an individuality who will, by virtue of his three-dimensional appearance, satisfy the requirements of three-dimensional thinkers, does not mean that you need to bind yourself to such space/time limitations. If you have never left the Kingdom of Heaven, how can there be a deadline or time of return? It is essential to understand this point.


The star heralding the birth of Jesus rose over a state of unenlightened thought, leading that thought to the place where the Christ child lay in human experience. You can see that conceptually speaking it was not possible for the people of that time or that land to perceive the dawning within their consciousness of the existence of the Christ-consciousness in any other than the smallest way—something brand new, but something small. And the appearing of the Christ-consciousness took a very literal form for them. They could not conceive that it was themselves, so it had to be someone else, someone else new and small. And so, the baby, Jesus, was a very literal manifestation of the only way in which they could conceive of the appearance of the Christ in their world.

In the present day, the awareness of the Christ-consciousness is no longer new, and, indeed, there is a large part of the population—Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, et cetera—who are quite at the point of recognizing that the Christ-consciousness resides within them and that this is where it will come to pass that the reappearing of the Christ will occur.

It is obvious that the literal manifestation of the level of development of Mankind today would not he a brand new baby, and would, instead, appear as an adult facilitator of that inner Self-discovery which will actually constitute the reappearance of the Christ.

You must realize that the majority of Mankind is not at this conscious point of Self-realization, but nevertheless, are at the point of recognizing their Divinity. It is for this reason that an adult, who will meet the requirements, which will allow them to pay attention and give credence to, will appear.

Maitreya will apparently come with great transforming powers and ability, but it must be understood that the energy behind those powers are literally being supplied by the very individualities who are about to be apparently changed.

Remember, when the student is ready, the Teacher appears. This tells you that the Teacher does not appear due to powers of his own, but due to the inherent readiness of the student.

The Christ cannot reappear out of his own fantastic power, because he has none like that. He can only appear because Mankind is, indeed, ready for the growth and change. It is their readiness, whether consciously recognized or not, which causes the Way to be clear for the Teacher to appear.

Mr. Creme’s book implies that Christ, together with the Masters of Wisdom are appearing based on a decision they made. This had to be put this way in the book, but the fact is that they could not have decided to reappear in the year 1551, in the year 1901, or in the year 1970, because the Harmonies of Being, itself, would not allow it. It would not have been a harmonious event. The students were not ready.

The Teacher is reappearing by virtue of the readiness of the students, and not because of any great power of His own to act on His Own.

You must realize that there are all states and stages of individual inner development represented by Mankind as a whole, and that each will see his Christ-hood according to whatever level of enlightenment or belief he finds himself at. But, notwithstanding the levels of enlightenment or belief, the graduation of Mankind will occur.

Depending on what degree of enlightenment or belief each one is at will govern the degree to which Maitreya has followers or co-workers. Those who are enlightened will continue to pursue their own inner unfolding Self-discovery, and as that growth takes place, will become co-facilitators in one form or another, working shoulder to shoulder with Maitreya. They will not be blinded by what He is, because they will recognize that He is what They Are, and that They Are what He is to some degree.

The only appearance of the Christ that is worth a hill of beans for you is that dawning in your own experience of your perception of Reality, which comes as the result of being the Door. And, it literally doesn’t matter one way or the other whether Maitreya returns or not.

Let the world have its own development in whatever way it most clearly can experience its growth. But, remember that this world that is experiencing its growth in the apparent drama of the reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom is the infinitude of your Self. And, one way or another you are going to have to come to terms with that fact without selling your Self short.

As Shakespeare said, "To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou cans’t not then be false to any man." The only way that you can serve Maitreya is by being true to your Self, as He is being true to Himself. This must be very clear.

Let this time be a remembrance not of a child in a manger born almost 2,000 years ago, but rather let it be a "remembering" that YOU, right now, living in the ignominious surroundings of your three-dimensional, finite beliefs, nestled in the straw of materialism and surrounded by the "animals" of Darwin’s theory, who are really Brothers, lie in your pristine purity as the Christ, untouched.

Rise up from this humble setting into the full stature of Who You Are. Be not afraid to publicly live your divinity. Dare to live it daily. You are He whose time it is to come!