QUESTION: What is the matter with "Marriage" today?

RAJ: The problem is that the conceptual framework upon which it is based is no longer able to support the dynamics of the emerging individuality of its participants. The conceptual framework is based upon the idea that Woman is incomplete without Man and that Man is incomplete without Woman, and that it is through their union, and through the ongoing nature of that union that the fullness of Being is approximated, and, at the same time provides the kind of nurturing environment for children to develop in. 

This was fine, so long as the partners did not attempt to assert much independent completeness, but as we approach this shift of consciousness, this paradigm shift, "individuality" is coming into fuller expression. This is presently emphasized on the part of the women, because they are no longer able to subject themselves, squelch themselves, for the sake of an ongoing relationship.

As this pressure of the Wholeness or completeness of each individuality is emerging, it is not being clearly perceived that the individuality goes deeper than an organismic level and therefore a great deal of ego is being exercised, thereby causing the dynamics of the marriage relationship, generally speaking, to founder. It is going to have to become clear that the process, which is being evidenced as the weakening of the marriage relationship does not have the destruction of the marriage relationship as its goal, but rather the transformation of the fundamental, underlying concepts.

As the experience of individuality deepens, and as Mankind begins to approach his relationship to his fellow man out from his conscious experience of his or her Wholeness, all relationships will begin to take on a more truly loving character. They will be healthier because neither member of the relationship will be demanding of another that the other fulfill him or her, and each will be able to engage in sharing out of his or her fullness or Wholeness.

This will obviate the employment of guilt and the techniques for inducing guilt, which are generally used for the purpose of exercising control over another in any kind of social relationship.

Relationships will become permanently fulfilling because the underlying concept of individual Wholeness will substantiate and support and encourage the same self-attitude in the other member or members in the relationship. Thus, all relationships will become self-substantiating and self-perpetuating.

It must also be understood that the difficulties that are being encountered at present in the marriage relationship are a constituent part of the reconfiguration that I have been describing, and therefore it should not be considered as a totally destructive process. It is the flip side of reconfiguration. 

QUESTION: Can you summarize, then, what the roles of the male and female should be?

RAJ: If "role" is understood to mean function, then the role is for all to be the active expression of Love. Each will be capable, then, of acting appropriately, even though what is appropriate may not always fit any standardized concept about what is appropriate. The result will always be fulfillment.

As the transition moves forward, husbands and wives will appear to be more successful, no matter what particular conceptual role they might appear to be playing. In most cases it will continue to appear to be traditional, but the dynamics and the atmosphere of such a relationship will be experienced as being almost totally different from the way those traditional roles were lived prior to Conscious Awakening.

Everything about all relationships, including the marriage relationship, will be subsumed by Love, and will arise at all times out of the deepest wisdom. As the shift progresses, all relationships will become closer and closer approximations of this ultimate of relationships. Therefore, the focal point will become how well we are being able to come out of a whole and centered place in all of our dealings with our fellow man, rather than the particular conceptual role that might be fulfilled.

QUESTION: So, then, marriage remains a basic relationship next to the primary relationship to God?

RAJ: Ultimately, all relationships will take on the depth, breadth, and fullness of the marriage relationship by virtue of the purity of Love, which will underlie all relationships.

This should not he construed to mean that everybody will go to bed with everybody. There will still remain orderliness, and since Love in its fulfillment will be the nature of every social interaction, there will not be any tendency or ego need to engage with anyone else on the basis of a sense of incompleteness, but will flow in harmony with the Universal Order; or, if you will, God's Will. It will be impossible to be inappropriate (sin).

QUESTION: I would like to ask about the power of words, spoken or written. What is the energy from a kind word or a harsh word? What is generated by words?

RAJ: Words well chosen and arising out of a centered connectedness with the universal nature of one's Being have the effect of bypassing the ego and connecting directly with the universal nature of the one being addressed, thus allowing that individual to be able to more easily access his divinity. 

QUESTION: The speaker, or the recipient?

RAJ: The recipient.

The words, which arise out of the ego, always have as their goal the promotion of conflict and reaction, and directly engage the ego in the recipient. 

A kind word which originates from the ego engages the ego of the listener just as surely as a harsh word (which can only arise from the ego) causes a response from the ego of the listener, and neither can serve to enlighten. This is another way of describing the "smooth-tongued serpent."

Only words, which are arising out of Being, can address and be received by or acknowledged by Being. So, it is not the words, but the place, from which the words come, which is the crucial factor. The power is in the source of the words, rather than the words themselves, because as words arise out of the Wisdom of one's Being they are absolutely perfect for eliciting a response which is in perfect harmony with the Universal Plan.

QUESTION: What about prayer?

RAJ: Prayer is the point of entry for the expression of the divine Will. If one has any other intent, it is not prayer and is powerless. Prayer is an attitude or stance that is embodied in the Words "thy will he done," and it is also well described as any desire that His will be done.

QUESTION: What are the characteristics of leadership?

RAJ: Humility, humility, and humility.

QUESTION: Have I been chosen for leadership?

RAJ: All who are willing to allow the ego to he humiliated into humility are leaders, and you are the only one who can choose to let go of your ego.

QUESTION: Is God angry?

RAJ: Never! It must he understood that it is only from the partial view of the ego that the conscious experience of Being can be divided up into opposites. Opposites are not going on as a fact, but only as a delusionary aspect of the ego's point of view.

God is omnipotent, without an opposite, and God constitutes unchanging equilibrium. For God to be angry would postulate the actual existence of something unlike Him, which is an absurd impossibility that only the ego could consider as being valid.  

Now, it is a fact that since God is omnipotent and the ego's partial view is deluded, that it is the nature of the Reality of Being to constantly put the ego in a position of having to give up its delusions and as a result the ego says, "God is a wrathful and an angry God." But, all that is actually happening is that the partial view is being forced to expand and become less and less partial, more and more whole, and this is why the ego appears to go through a process of humiliation and being rendered invalid.

The ultimate fact is that God is of purer eyes than to behold evil because there is none other than Himself, and that Self is what constitutes your Being and the Being of every other being that exists. 

QUESTION: What is the resurrection?

RAJ: Literally it is the dawning in one's own consciousness of one's own divinity as a present and eternal fact. It is a rising up from the non-Life of the ego concept to the awareness of what one truly is at the level of his Being. It is an intuitive realization that still does not have the experiential fullness that is symbolized by the Ascension and constitutes Total Awakening.

QUESTION: Will people who have experienced this resurrection or this awakening experience physical death?

RAJ: No.

QUESTION: Will you comment; what is sin?

RAJ: Sin is constituted of all actions, which are based upon the partial view of the ego as though it constituted the whole of Life, or Being. It is a constant missing of the mark.

QUESTION: Will God judge the world, or each person according to his sins at the end of time as we have been talking about it?

RAJ: Absolutely not in the sense that that idea has been conceived. The only judgment that God makes on any of his Sons is the benediction; "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." The judgment will be a judgment based upon the eternal facts, which not even the ego's partial view, can succeed in changing.

QUESTION: What are these facts?

RAJ: That not one of God's children have ever been any less than His perfect Son, no matter how partial a view was indulged in at any time by any one of them. 

QUESTION: How old a soul am I?

RAJ: Age is a three-dimensional concept, and if you want to know the actual fact, which is a Fourth dimensional fact, you are ageless. How much time you have spent experiencing "time" from a three-dimensional frame of reference will tell you nothing valid about yourself.

QUESTION: I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about who you are Raj?

RAJ: I am specifically Paul's guide, but since my work involves the coming shift in consciousness, which is variously called the Paradigm Shift, the Age of Aquarius, and the Second Coming, and since it is part of Paul's Path to cooperate with or contribute to that shift, the two of us are working together primarily by means of conversations such as this to facilitate that shift.

QUESTION: Tell me what level of consciousness your experience is coming from.

RAJ: Levels are three-dimensional concepts, which do not accurately relate to what would be better called, "degrees of Awakening." I can best express my "level" as being totally awakened. 

QUESTION: My question is—I'm  a little embarrassed to admit it, because it is overwhelmingly selfish. My father died two years ago. I loved him very much. He was, to me, a phenomenal person. I will say that I think he came to me in a dream about a year ago to assure me that he would always be with me, that he is with me.

RAJ: That is correct. It was not a dream in the sense of it being a fantasy.

QUESTION: But, the three-dimensional "me," the part of me that is afraid that this is all there is, so to speak, is desirous of experiencing him again, seeing him again or—like I say, I hate admitting that. Will I experience him again?

RAJ: Let me say, first of all, that your feeling is very natural and you should not demean it in any way by considering it as being selfish. He holds a place in your experience, which is unique, and that will never be changed.

It is perfectly appropriate for you to desire that. You must realize, however, that he can only approach you when it is appropriate in the sense that he cannot do it if it would hinder your development, your pursuit of your Path.

The simple fact is that he is available to you more than you might think, and you can most certainly leave the "Welcome" mat out and be willing to allow the contact to occur when it is appropriate without indulging in inner temper tantrums when it doesn't happen on your terms. But, do not close the door or block the opportunity for communication by thinking poorly of yourself for loving him and for not wanting the communication to be interrupted in a final sense.

QUESTION: What about after I die, physically, what about experiencing him?

RAJ: I would like to set you on a different tract. I would like to suggest to you that he is simply functioning somewhere in the 98% of your Self that is not available to you consciously, and that there is no necessity of thinking in terms of your dying in order to have him once again included within the boundary of your conscious experience.

I would prefer for you to be curious about what it would be like to experience him while you are still alive. This would be much more positive and constructive. Your question also serves to illustrate the way we bind ourselves by concepts and spontaneously close ourselves off to our Self, our infinitude, by assuming that we must also pass on before such and such can be experienced.

QUESTION: I was praying, I guess you could call it, one night and all of a sudden I just sort of had imparted to me a sort of instant knowledge of the existence of this "all that is." I felt so high that it was just unbelievable. It had a really beautiful sense of—paradoxical feeling of the meaninglessness and also the meaning of all this I see physically. It was one of the most important experiences in my life, and I was wondering if you had any comments about that. 

RAJ: Only that the Meaning of Life can only come to you in terms that are experiential, first-hand.

You exist! That is an unalterable fact. And, your existence is Conscious Existence, rather than physical existence. If you think about it, you will have to admit that what you call "physical existence" is something, which is going on as a perception of Consciousness, and therefore what you call "physical existence" is, in actuality, a conscious or mental experience.

The attitude of prayer that you were in when you had that experience is the attitude of willingness to look beyond what your eyes can see and your physical senses sense. If you will think about it for a moment, you will realize that along with that experience was an unequivocal presence of Love. There was no insecurity to it, other than that it was a surprise.

The process of broadening your borders that I was describing has as its intent your immediate conscious experience of the Value and Meaning of Life AS YOURS! And, this will satisfy your desire for an answer about God, and it will also reveal to you a clearer understanding of who and what your fellow man is, because your experience of what you are, in spite of what you have thought you are will become clear, and the way it all fits together, the unity and harmony of it, will become clear as well. 

QUESTION: I have this incredible affection and love for the beingness of the planet, this place. But, I have always felt that I'm not a native. If we were to be very much on a physical level, I would perceive myself as coming from a physical planet very far away, though that is a crude way to put it, and not the way I perceive it. That's the best I can do.

RAJ: That is a three-dimensional projection which the ego can only conceive of in terms of distance or space, but which is actually the inner perception of the fact that this planet and, indeed, the universe, is the visibility and tangibility of the Conscious Being (as opposed to physical being) that you are. It constitutes various aspects of what you are as Conscious Being. The Oneness or relatedness of you and your world is a fact, which is only dimly perceived at the moment, and in the dimness it appears to be distance instead of dimness.

QUESTION: So you mean that I'm from here as much as any place else?

RAJ: I mean that you are the "here" in which every place exists. We are now speaking in more absolute terms, which are more difficult to grasp experientially, but I am only asking you to stand "a little bit" taller, than you feel like you are.

The point is for the absolute, to become the experiential, and not theoretical. But, it is important to realize that there is a Oneness, a harmony, an indivisibility that constitutes you and your world, and it is in the awareness that this indivisibility is the fact that you can begin to relinquish some of the fixed ego concepts which cause you to feel that you are a small part of a huge universe in which you may or may not be safe; and it is important for you to know that you are safe because you are not in the middle of it at all, but, indeed, as Consciousness, the universe is embraced within you as a conscious experience. Even your perception of it being tangible or physical is a conscious experience, meaning that Consciousness, itself, is the Ground against which all forms of consciousness are experienced—meaning rocks, planets, trees, people, and so on. It is not matter, which is the Ground of Being, but Consciousness.  

QUESTION: There is one other thing that Raj could do for me to set this, and that is: I would like you to relate what you have said about my beingness, or the beingness of the universe as you applied it to me, and I would like you to apply it to yourself and explain that to me.

RAJ: It applies equally to me. In fact, I am some part of the infinitude of your Being, just as you are some part of the infinitude of my Being, and in the final analysis Being is God.

There is no difference between you and me, except that my eyes are open all the way, and you, presently are frightened, whether you realize it or not, to open yours eyes any further than they are at the moment. But, that does not change the fact that we are equals.



RAJ is an Ascended Master working with Mankind to the end of facilitating the major shift in the evolution of Consciousness which Mankind is entering into. He is not the only one doing so, but he is specifically working in conjunction with Mr. Tuttle.

PAUL TUTTLE is not a spiritualist, medium, or psychic; nor is Raj, a "spirit" speaking through him. Together they are exploring, and are encouraging others to explore the universal scope of Consciousness and the redefinition of Self which results.

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