Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii

Paul Norman Tuttle
Executive Director
P.O. Box 870
Hanalei, HI 96714-0870


gift (gift), n. 1. Self, expressed. 2. the unpremeditated presence and expression of Knowing. 3. the acknowledgement of that which is Real in each and every thing. 4. gratitude.


Dear friends,

A gift cannot exist in isolation. It cannot occur when one is alone, but only in the act of joining—communion. The common purpose of individuals for the benefit of the whole expresses "God with us," whether God is conceived to be part of it or not. But when God is understood to be the Context in which that common purpose is occurring, the purpose becomes empowered with clarity and penetrates the human condition transformationally, causing the benefit to extend beyond the reasonable effect of the sum total of those joined together by their mutual intent.

I have indicated that the private Conversations with Raj and public Workshops are to be provided at no charge because "it is my gift." This necessarily means that it has to be Paul's gift also, and that he is helpless to generate an income from his activities. There are few of you who would dare to stand in the position Paul has since May of this year, with no secure, guaranteed income other than that which the Foundation is able to pay out of contributions made to it. Nor would many of you persist in the making of the gift that Paul makes in the absence of a salary, as he has during the past two months.

It has been truly said, (capital "L") Love is reflected in love (small "L"). In other words, the divine is reflected in the human. The Gift is received when it is given—passed on. The Course says, "To have, give all to all." To do this, and stand in the devotion to doing it, means forsaking the mortal basis of belief and uniting with the one Mind -- God.

I am going to be very frank, here. This work that Paul and I are doing is not just a gift from me to you through Paul. For the Gift to be realized in your life, you must pass it on—share it!—in one grand brotherhood. You must realize the part you play in it; not as a responsibility, but as the natural effect of abandoning the private, separated sense of existence and actively embracing your brother—joining.

I have shared with Paul, and am now sharing with you, that this work that he and I are engaged in is a Fourth-dimensional Movement. It is not a movement in the world. It is a Fourth-dimensional Movement occurring in the Fourth-dimension which is undermining the very definite but false sense of a separate three-dimensional frame of reference which excludes everything beyond it.

Paul is learning, as you must, that Existence/Being is giving! As you receive by giving, you begin to embody the nature of Existence/Being. You begin to leave the mortal basis of belief and unite with the one Mind. What is the mortal basis of belief? The ego frame of reference, the realm of illusion/delusion. It's motto is, "Get, get, get. Take, take, take. Accumulate, accumulate, accumulate."

Do not look upon the Northwest Foundation for A Course In Miracles as another non-profit corporation in the world of "religious" business. It does not have a purpose in the world's terms. Its presence serves my Purpose, which is not of this world, but is to uncover the Kingdom of Heaven right where this world seems to be, and you as the Christ right where you appear to be a mortal.

It might appear from both A Course In Miracles and what has come to be called The Raj Material, that I am giving a "teaching" to humans to make human existence more tolerable, even heavenly. But I am not! Every word, every connection you experience with me—whether through the Course, through Paul, through the Foundation, directly, or any other means—is a Fourth-dimensional Movement, a divine Movement, illuminating your divinity and moving you out of your perception of yourself in the world as a human being. Thus, you cannot relate to me on the basis of outworn concepts of divine intervention in human affairs, or religious organization and dogma, but rather as Brother-to-Brother and Brother-to-Sister—Sons and Daughters of God—undoing the illusions of greater and lesser, of mortal and immortal, of Heaven and the world.

Part of the Gift of us that Paul and I are making is Paul's learning not to act on his own behalf in protection of his well-being, but rather remaining with me in conscious union—joined! Therefore, he does not do what we are not doing together. In this way my Gift is received by him by his extending It to his brothers. This is the lesson of Unity and the means of Awakening. And the only sacrifice it involves is the relinquishment of the seeming choice to be able to act at odds with the Father's Will.

Since May of this year, Paul's ego has wanted to scream, "Help!" But, he has remained with me and has succeeded in not validating his ego's dire sense of disaster. It is out from his Peace that we are now able to appropriately address the common purpose all of us have, so that we may act in harmony with the divine Movement and uncover the benefit that surpasses the simple sum total of all of us who are joined together.

All of us are "the leaven that leavens the whole lump." Our joining in the acknowledgement of Truth and extending It to our brothers and sisters is what activates the leaven. Who can do it but those who are seeing It? Your support of this work through contributions to the Northwest Foundation for A Course In Miracles is one of the means of extending It and is essential to the work continuing in its present form. Your contributions need not be structured in the form of pledges on a monthly or quarterly basis, although for some that is convenient.

The Foundation is presently delinquent on two months' salary to Paul and one of the telephone lines has been disconnected for lack of funds to pay it. The other will be disconnected shortly. Your ongoing support supports you by providing the means for your having the materials that are available.

By my instruction, we will not resume charging for private conversations or Workshops, nor reinstate a profit margin in the cost of books, tapes, or Newsletters, because that does not promote the embodying of the meaning of the word "gift." And Gift is now the name of the game.

Princeville, Hawaii
September 18, 1991