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May 27,1991

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce a number of developments, which will help facilitate the outreach of Raj's work with all of us and enhance our apparent process of Awakening.

First and foremost is a new book entitled, Graduation: The End of Illusions.

Like You Are the Answer, this book is a series of conversations between Raj and myself, except that in this instance the conversations were initially at Raj's direction, on a topic of his choosing, rather than a result of my curiosity. As with You Are the Answer, this book will be of interest to all students of the spiritual path, but it will have particular impact for students of A Course In Miracles.

Graduation: The End of Illusions will be published by the Northwest Foundation for A Course In Miracles, as will the Conversations with Raj Newsletter and all future publications of the Raj Material, including the audio recordings of all of the Workshops.

In accordance with Raj's guidance, these materials will be provided at cost, with no profit margin built in, thus making the materials available at the lowest possible price. In addition, all future Workshops, as well as all private conversations with Raj, will occur at no charge. When we asked him why, he said, "It is my gift." A new list of the Raj Material, reflecting the new prices, will be made available shortly, and the Newsletter should resume on a monthly basis in July.

Last, but not least, a three-day Workshop is scheduled for August 16-18,1991 at the Princeville Hotel on the island of Kauai. Although the Workshop will be at no charge, it will still be necessary to register with the attached registration form so that sufficient meeting room space can be secured to accommodate those attending. We look forward to seeing you.


Paul Norman Tuttle

P.S. Please read the enclosed letter from the Northwest Foundation for A Course In Miracles relative to these developments.

S E A T T L E, W A S H I N G T 0 N

May 27,1991

Dear friends,

The Northwest Foundation for A Course In Miracles was incorporated on December 28th, 1982 as a Washington state non-profit corporation and was subsequently, granted tax-exempt status. For several years it served the Pacific Northwest in presenting and promoting A Course In Miracles.

When the Raj Material came to the attention of the Foundation in 1984 it was recognized to be a continuation of the same material revealed in the Course, and the Foundation embraced it as an adjunct to the Course, including selections of the Raj Material in its monthly Newsletter.

During the years 1986-1989 internal changes in the Foundation occurred and it became inactive, finally sitting dormant for the past two years.

At this time, the Board of Directors is renewing the activities of the Foundation to promote a fuller and more practical understanding of the teachings of the Course, specifically as it is amplified through the Raj Material. Indeed, it does not question Raj's statement that he is the author of the Course.

The Board has asked Paul to become the Executive Director of the Foundation and continue his work under the aegis of the Foundation, for which he will be paid a salary. In addition, the Foundation will become the sole publisher and distributor of the Raj Material, making it available at cost, and will sponsor free public Workshops, as a gift, in accordance with Raj's wish. Paul will receive no additional income for his participation in the Workshops or for private conversations with RajŚfor which there will be no charge.

The publication of Graduation: The End of Illusions will be our first project, and it is hoped that we will be able to start filling orders by the end of June. The book is finished, typeset, and ready for printing.

Our second project is resumption of publication of the Newsletter on a monthly basis in July.

Our third project is the Workshop in August.

Since the Foundation has been inactive, we are, at Raj's direction, inviting your financial support, since these projects, together with Paul's salary, will be paid for solely by means of tax-deductible contributions, beginning June I st.

We understand that contributions can create a dilemmaŚwondering whether one's contribution will be adequate or inadequate. For perspective, here, our minimum budget for the next fiscal year, starting in June 1991, will be $100,000. If each person on our active mailing list makes a minimum contribution of $100.00 during the next twelve months, that budget will be met. Paid on a quarterly basis, this amounts to $25.00 per quarter. That's all!

We are pleased to stand in support of this ongoing provision of insight, illumination, and revelation.

Northwest Foundation for A Course In Miracles