March 2002

Messages from Rajpur





“Angels are God’s thoughts, passing to man
 spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect.”

                           —Mary Baker Eddy—


Dear friends,

A bumper sticker:  “Reality is not what you think.”

The Bible:  “The bridegroom cometh when ye think not.”

Book title:  “Beyond Thought”

The Bible:  “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”  And: “When thou prayest, go into thy closet and pray unto thy Father, which is in secret.”

What is that “secret place”?  Silence.

It may be your “right,” to think, and it may be an “inalienable expression of freedom” to think, but it is also your right and inalienable freedom to be still.  It may be your right to speak, but it is also your right to listen.  It may be your right to be hostage to the ego, but it is also your right to be host to God.

Do not be intimidated into underestimating and forgetting the value of attentive silence, else you will lose consciousness of the ever-present communication from God to man, the experience of God being You—Communion.

March 2, 2002






Dear friends,

You’re not a potter’s handiwork—thrown, fired, sold, and placed upon a shelf, a table in a living room, or on a patio in someone else’s home.  Creation is God’s Self expressed, and therefore still God’s Self expressing that which He is being now!  And now!  And now!

If you conceive yourself to be God’s child, apart from God and given independent will, you will use words describing that conception to define yourself, and you will exercise the “will” you think you have in order to defend that definition.  By your words, you will build walls which separate you from the rest of You.

You must release yourself from bondage self-imposed, by letting go self-will, releasing self-determination.  You must let His will, by His determination, be established in you through your willingness to forfeit “rights” you thought you had, which introduced illusions where they could not really be.

To do this, you must know the power of the words you authorize is absolute but false!  And that the will you use to back them up preoccupies you so completely—absolutely—that you cannot see, you cannot be, the truth of That which God is being now, and now, and now right where You are.  You must discover that the veil between you and the Truth of You is only words believed, committed to, defended . . . nothing else.

When you truly pray for healing, you are asking that God’s Will be done—which never was undone—and for the words which contradict the definition you have made.  This is the way you reach beyond what you have taught yourself, beyond this self you think you are, to Him Who formed You and informs You still, where you may say, “Thy will, not mine be done.”

March 11, 2002





“Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.”
                       —A Course In Miracles—



Dear friends,

Never labor under the idea that God has given you a problem, whether for your learning, for your growth, or for your punishment.  Being indivisibly One, He is incapable of conflict.  This means that Creation, the infinite extension of what He is, must be the embodiment of what He is—indivisible and undivided. 

That which is not the embodiment of God does not exist, leaving all else to be recognized and acknowledged for what It is—the flawless presence of God expressed, indivisible and undivided.  Failure to see this is not proof that God uses contrasts, opposites, to give definition to Himself or His Creation.  It simply means that you have neglected to challenge and invalidate your perception of what must necessarily be perfect and unflawed.

Forgiveness is the withdrawal of your investment in your perceptions.  It is your willingness to recognize that which is Real in each and every thing.  It is your willingness to look with eyes of innocence, with Vision undistorted by conclusions you have drawn while being inattentive to Reality—perfect, indivisible and undivided.

Faith is the focus you bring to your attentiveness to God and His perfection right where the opposite has been introduced by inattention to Reality—the only thing there is to see.

In light of this, there is no justification, no explanation, no excuse for sin, disease and death.  There is no blessing they can confer on you.  They do not exist, because they do not embody God.

You do embody God, and therefore where you are, they cannot be!

March 13, 2002






“Religion is a defense against
having a religious experience.”
             —Joseph Campbell—



Dear friends,

There is a place of Excellence in you, so excellent that you have built a wall around It to protect It from dishonor, disrespect and threat of any kind.  So strong is this defense that you have built, and so laborious its maintenance, it has become the veil that hides It from the world, indeed, but covers It from you as well.  “Defender of Its sanctity” is what you have become, instead of Its transparency.  And now you are the hostage of your role instead of Host to God.

The Excellence in You needs no defense.  It is immutable, omnipotent, because It is the absence of an opposite.  Defending It has been a waste of time . . . or shall I say it has “created” time and cast it like a great projection on eternity, on timelessness.  And while you watch the clock and use its measurements defending the defenseless, well . . . the Excellence in You continues to be Excellent.

The Excellence in You, unchanged by everything you are not doing but believe you are, awaits your rediscovery, your willingness to be Its host, and thus Your own as God expressed.  But you must dare to quit your role, abandon it completely, even though it means that you will have to face your fear of Excellence . . . of being Excellent.

To dream of excellence is wise if Excellence, Itself, will make of you a target.  And to strive for excellence without achieving it is sensible if Excellence achieved will be the cause of jealousy and hate.  And so you find that your defense of It was not on Its behalf, but yours, and this is why you kept It from your sight.

You are afraid of Excellence, of being Excellence, because you have forgotten that It is Invincibility, Itself.  It is the peace of Mind in which no conflict can arise because there is no claim to presence other than the Presence God is Being there as You.

There is no risk for you in forfeiting your role.  It is “risk-free.”  But you will not discover this until you do it!  And, to make it easier, remember that:

The Excellence in You, unchanged by everything you are not doing
but believe you are, awaits your rediscovery, your willingness
to be Its host, and thus Your own as God expressed.

March 15, 2002





Dear friends,

The purpose of “wonder”
To open the mind is
To that which it is not expecting.
But do not get stuck there
Don’t wander in wonder
Without letting wonder deliver.

The Void is the venue
The Silence in which all
Your wonder transforms into wonder!
Where what was not awesome
Is now more than awesome
Because you let go definitions.

Don’t try to use wonder
To force a conclusion.
That is not its function—no wonder!
It’s got to be open
No limits upon it
In order to have transformation.

Reality sits here
It is what confronts you
There is nothing else to be cognized,
But all you will see here
Will not look like Heaven
If you find no reason to wonder.

March 16, 2002




“Brotherhood is the context of Integrity. Autonomy is the context of disintegration.”



Dear friends,

If you are smack dab in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven, then Awakening is going to mean discovering how to be, right where you are, on a new basis!  The answer to prayer is going to reveal how to be appropriate, how to be in harmony with everything on the basis of what everything Really is!

Don’t be surprised that Guidance is practical.  Don’t be surprised that Guidance is relevant.  Don’t come to the conclusion that you must be making it up because it isn’t transcendent—other-worldly.  It is in partnership with your Guide, or the Holy Spirit that you are given new vision and perspective, which allows your behavior, here and now, to transcend “habit,” become truly responsive to need in a manner that transforms it into need met, and at the same time increases your reliance upon relationship rather than autonomy.

Those who speak authoritatively about expressing free will, as though it is a “divine right,” even an obligation of an adult creation of God, cannot invalidate the truth that “The only right use of will is to choose not to use it.”  And only those who choose not to use it, and yield instead to the Father’s Will, can know the sublime and transcendental truth of it.

March 21, 2002