Seattle, Washington


Paul Norman Tuttle

Executive Director

P.O. Box 1362

Hanalei, Hi 96714





July 8, 1991


Dear friends,


We are happy to provide the enclosed updated catalogue of the Raj Material reflecting the new prices, in keeping with Raj's desire that the materials be provided at cost. It also includes the six most recent Weekends and Evenings with Raj which took place in November of 1990, and the new book, Graduation: The End of Illusions, which is now available.


Response to the recent letter announcing the alliance between Raj and the Foundation has been gratifying. Calls and letters of appreciation have been received almost daily since the letter went out. Contributions and pledges have also been received which are helping offset the startup costs and allowing us to begin printing the new book. Your support, especially during this initial period, is greatly appreciated.


PLEASE NOTE. At Raj's direction, there will be a temporary suspension of all private Conversations until the end of August. This means that all currently scheduled Conversations with Raj are hereby cancelled. We will, however, keep all scheduled appointments for call-backs on healing sessions. During this period, we will be establishing the Foundation in the state of Hawaii, resuming publication of the Newsletter, and completing a third book, which Raj is dictating. He has indicated that these items have the highest priority at this time. You are invited to call at any time after August 22nd to schedule a private conversation in September or thereafter.


Enjoy the material!




Paul Norman Tuttle