Dear friends,

The innovativeness of revelation is never met by widespread acceptance, although it is received genuinely by a few earnest seekers for truth—those daring to explore at their leading edge. The work that Paul and I are doing is no exception. Large masses of people are not flocking to hear my words, and we are not encouraging it. This is called the law of conservation of energy. One does what works, and "the working of it" is the leaven that leavens the whole lump.

Over the past eight years, Paul and Susan have given of themselves unstintingly, but in a self-effacing manner. I mean by that that they have given of their time, energy, and willingness without expecting a fair return. They have simply loved the truth and have dared to put their lives on the line for it.

The simple fact is that as the activities of our work have increased, as those finding it of value in their Awakening process have increased, Paul and Susan have borne more and more of the expense themselves, pinning themselves further and further in the corner rather than increasing the costs for the activities.

This past year was a monumental year expense-wise, with travel expenses alone exceeding $12,000. They accomplished this through loans, and dedication to their belief that the few who are interested are worth the expenditure, with faith that the needs would be met.

For Paul and Susan to have arrived at a standstill, where they cannot further support the activities for lack of funds is untenable. It is not their responsibility. It is time for the few to support the few "in one grand brotherhood." The word is brotherhood, not "organization."

In order for the activities to resume, and in order for the materials to continue to be made available at a reasonable cost, financial support is needed—an  act of faith in the few, by the few, activating the leaven that leavens the whole lump.

It is not appropriate for either Susan or Paul to bear the burden of generating income to support our activities, nor is it appropriate for there to be an organization to do so and thus deprive the few, who are genuinely engaged in their process of Awakening, of engaging in an act of brotherly love and mutual support.

You are not being asked to put yourself at a financial disadvantage by virtue of your support any more than Paul and Susan are asked to be at a financial disadvantage by virtue of their support of this work. There are those of you who are capable of a gift of more than $1,000.00, and others of lesser amounts. Do not assume that what you can give is not needed or will not count.

Understand that it is my intent, in communicating with you in this way, to relieve Paul and Susan not of their labor of love, but of the concerns as to how they are going to fill orders for Workshop tapes and the other materials when there is not enough money to order supplies, or travel to a location where there are only a few earnest seekers. Understand also that your gift will not be tax-deductible. It is a gift from brother to brother to brother, and sister to sister to sister.

The need is now. I have instructed Paul to borrow money for the mailing of this letter—a  cost of approximately $450.00. This, too, will have to be paid back.

Paul and Susan have walked up to this point of impasse relatively fearlessly without real complaint. Paul has quietly asked, "What is the next step?" In answer, I am dictating this letter and instructing him to step even further into the impasse and send it.

Hanalei, Hawaii
January 25, 1990

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