“Love is the willingness to recognize
that which is Real in each and every thing.”



Dear friends,

If today is the day to make resolutions to be in a new way, then let it be a resolution to forgive—your world, your friends, yourself!
      Let it be a sober resolve, grounded in the awareness that it requires an actual replacement of your perceptions of them with the direct experience of what is Real about them.
      Let it be made with the clear realization that you do not have the direct experience of what is Real about them, else you would see no evidence of sin, disease and death.  
      Let your commitment uncover the fact that you are the Savior of the world you see, because you are the one holding your perceptions of it between yourself and the Kingdom of Heaven, like a cross between you and a vampire, and thus you deny the Kingdom of Heaven entrance into your awareness.
      There is no world, no sinner, no lost soul of the sort that you perceive.  Forgiveness means releasing them from your convictions that they do exist as what you think they are, and doing it by letting God replace your misperceptions with the Truth.

Kingston, Washington
January 1, 2002









 “It is easier to be jealous than to grow.”



Dear friends,

     ~~ You are jealous only of what you lack.
~~ You lack only what you refuse to embrace.
~~ You refuse only to embrace that of which you feel unworthy.


     ~~ You only feel unworthy of what you have determined you are not equal to.
~~ You make all determinations for self-serving reasons.

Therefore, jealousy of what another has is:

     ~~ A charade.
~~ A means of hiding from yourself your unwillingness to make a new determination which would make you whole.
~~ A form of arrogance to compensate for littleness committed to and pleasured in, negating any need for change and any opportunity to grow, embrace, be equal to . . . and have.

Kingston, Washington
January 4, 2002





“Bad behavior can be forgiven, but the
behavior must change, else bad behavior
becomes acceptable, undermining all that forms the foundation for civilization and social harmony, not to mention improved
interpersonal relationships.”


Dear friends,

It has been said that, “Order is heaven’s first law.”  You should have no patience with vague or nonexistent structures in relationships.  Everyone “just being themselves” is chaotic, insensitive, and lacks the elements of cooperation and mutual understanding which are essential to the very meaning of the word “relationships.”

Independence—the absence of willing obligation, one to another—does not constitute the new wave of progress in evolution.  So, don't let it creep into your relationships unchallenged, or judge those who have enough courage to refuse to be abused by it.

Kingston, Washington
January 10, 2002






“To be or not to be is not the question.”


 Dear friends,

There is a difference between equilibrium and neutrality.  Equilibrium is not a defense against opposing forces, while neutrality is.  Equilibrium is effortless, while neutrality is a constant state of tension, wherein neither of two opposites is yielded to.  Equilibrium is not defined by polarities, while neutrality is.  In the absence of polarities, neutrality ceases to exist, but equilibrium does not.

Practicing neutrality is not the means of resolving conflict, but the attempt to avoid being affected by it, even though the avoidance demonstrates complete domination.  To be neutral about a terminal illness and let it kill you, to be neutral about abuse and be its victim, or to be neutral about life and not embrace it, is to be immobilized, an absence of Presence—an unavoidably uncomfortable active denial of what you Are.  And to believe that this is a spiritually advanced practice is foolishness.  Neutrality is, itself, defense against polarities, and therefore is not neutral at all.

Do not wish to have, and do not be a neutral friend.  Neutrality renders you both incapable of being the Presence that heals, even though you believe otherwise.  Equilibrium, on the other hand—perfect equipoise—is a state of fluid, graceful Presence, which moves in harmony and peace, uncovering what is Real where conflict seemed to be.  It rides the waves of the movement of God without distraction—in other words, with commitment but not force—as bold as God is omnipotent, as gentle as His Love, as sweet as Truth.

Equilibrium is your Birthright, inherent in your Being.  Choose to have and be a friend who embodies it, expresses it in the world—not on a quest to overcome or avoid opposites, but by being their nonexistence, by speaking only Truth, being only Love, expressing only Principle right where its opposites are claiming to be.

Kingston, Washington
January 11, 2002






“The patient pursuit of Vision
—by letting it in—
results in persistence of Vision.”


Dear friends,

What is the first sign of a seeker of Truth, of one on the “spiritual path”?  It is humility.  It is the inner recognition of helplessness—usually in the middle of crisis—and the abandonment of all further attempts to proactively govern what happens.  It is the abandonment of control and the asking for help from whatever Resource lies beyond one’s own personal capacity.  It is the release of all that one thought he could embrace and the yielding into That which embraces him.

It is not the rehearsal of spiritual ideas, but the humble desire to know what is spiritually True.  It is not asking God for this or that, but asking God what is needed . . . and Listening.  It is not a glib tongue, but a tongue which is tied, unable to find the words, and not trying to—abiding in apparent ignorance until Vision is given which gives rise to the words of Realization.

It is the pleasant/unpleasant experience of yielding into the meaning of the words, “Not my will, but thine be done” and abiding there as full open consciousness.

The first sign of a seeker of Truth is experienced as unparalleled distress because it requires a level of trust never before allowed—one so total as to imply that there is real danger, else one could handle the situation himself.

This “danger” is an illusion occasioned only by one’s unfamiliarity with the act of trust, and it passes.  But until the illusion does pass, it can seem to justify one's abandonment of trust and create an impasse, as a result of one's abandoning control but not asking for help.

Have you taken the first step?

Kingston, Washington
January 12, 2002






“I of myself can do nothing.”


Dear friends,

Never abandon your common sense until a new common sense has replaced it.  Likewise, never override your innate integrity—no matter how ignorantly it might be presently defined by you—until the definition has been regenerated, redeemed, through revelation.

What this means is that you must simultaneously honor your common sense and your integrity fully—being willing to stand upon them firmly, resolutely, unapologetically—while dishonoring them enough to allow regeneration to occur.

I will put it another way:  To become an accomplished pianist, you must practice.  This means that you must engage in playing the piano—firmly, resolutely and unapologetically, with whatever degree of skill you currently have—while being attentive to playing better.

On your way Home, honor yourself every step of the way, without indulging in self-satisfaction.  Where you are in your journey is valid, but since it is not the destination, you must be willing to abandon it in order to move forward.

This is the meaning of, “I of myself can do nothing,” and “Thy will, not mine be done.”  Rather than dishonoring, insulting or invalidating you, these statements, embodied, give you practice at yielding to regeneration, redemption—Awakening.

Kingston, Washington
January 13, 2002





“Take off the thing you need the least!”



Dear friends,

When I speak about your being “genuinely” you, it is important to understand exactly what I mean, else you can ignorantly decide that you are to speak your truth, when doing so will further estrange you in those instances when you feel called upon to be “honest.”

All of you, without exception, are wearing a costume, custom-designed by your acquired and ever-changing beliefs about who you are.  Your behaviors, your styles of speech, your subtle body language, your so-called spontaneous knee-jerk reactions, even your apparently uncontrollable behavior under stress . . . everything about you . . . embodies/expresses this costume.

If you are unaware that you are in a costume, you will interpret “being honestly yourself,” “being genuinely you,” as being perfectly, exquisitely expressive of yourself as you currently perceive yourself to be—the character your costume portrays,—shooting from the hip and letting the chips fall where they may.  This is not what I mean.

It is only when you either voluntarily abandon your costume, or fail so completely at fulfilling the role of your costume and discard it, that you begin to be genuine.  It is only then that your self-expression is uncalculating, uncontrolling and honest, because expressive of your costume-less being.  It is only here that everything you do will be without defense.  It is only here that you will find your every word, act and thought being utterly consistent with and expressive of the divine one that you Are.

To know “what” the truth is, you must set aside what you believe the Truth to be—even momentarily— and desire to have Truth, Itself, established in you, so that then you will have the words, speech, body language and apparently spontaneous behavior with which to embody it.

Truth is not a possession!  It is never “your” truth.  It is never that which gives you personal (costumed) power or presence.  It is That which needs no defense and That which cannot be used as defense against anything else . . . and it perfectly expresses the You that you Really Are—innocent and benign.

Kingston, Washington
January 14, 2002




“Lead us not into temptation.”



Dear friends,

Temptation is whatever causes you to act unconsciously, without a grounded reference point.  It is, as well, whatever you find useful in avoiding honesty, responsibility and Self-respect.

One you use, the other uses you.

Temptation is not evil.  It is carelessness.  Indulged in, it obscures the truth from you.  It keeps you in the dark . . . or equally, keeps You from being seen.

Temptation is a game of insincerity which two must play quite consciously, a win/win game wherein the tempter and the tempted both become unconscious—self-absorbed and Self-ignored.  This is the purpose of the game.

Unconsciousness of Self might well be called attack on Self, and therefore “evil.”  But that elevates the “simple carelessness”—which prompted self-absorption—artificially and makes it seem as though there might just be a war of grand dimensions . . . one between Illusion and Reality.  And thus a quest to win the war takes precedence, distracting those involved from simple common sense—addressing carelessness!

The simple fact, if you acknowledged it, that you are always doing just exactly what you choose to do, would put temptation in its place.  It would be seen as an excuse for irresponsibility, dishonesty and lack of Self-respect.  And such acknowledgment would halt the game, uncover You to you, and You to all the world.

Kingston, Washington
January 15, 2002





“The ego must get your ear,
in order to get your voice,
in order to seem to exist.”



Dear friends,

Temptation is.

Temptation is bait.

Temptation is bait, dangled in front of you.

Temptation is bait, dangled in front of you, which you have the choice to bite . . . and thereby discover the hook embedded in.

Temptation is bait, dangled in front of you, which you have the choice to bite, and thereby discover the hook embedded in, or . . .

just let dangle there . . . forever!

Remember:  The only thing the ego cannot defend itself against is disregard, and this is why “in your defenselessness your safety lies.”  In your defenselessness is your Peace.  In your Peace is your Sanity.  In your Sanity is your conscious union with God, your direct experience of invulnerability, and the inability to see temptation as anything other than a call for love.  And that you can respond to with healing.

Kingston, Washington
January 17, 2002




“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they
shall be called the children of God.”



Dear friends,

What if being grounded in your peace was essential to your survival?  Would you not question or challenge every invitation to be reactive and upset?  Would you not be alert to and examine every knee-jerk response which bypassed your commitment to your peace?

If, indeed, you experienced simultaneous pain whenever you abandoned your peace, you would never be fooled into justifying the reasons for being out of your peace, nor would the promise of “justice,” which those reasons held out to you, secure your commitment to your reactions.

Peace is indivisible.  It is your invulnerability, your innocence, and your incapacity to be conflicted because it is indivisible, and therefore undivided.  When you abandon it for the “pleasure” and “satisfaction” of reaction—and the delicious “promise” of extracting justice from the unjust situations you will see everywhere,—you lose the fully-realized conscious experience of being the divine One that you Are, and this lost experience is called “the human condition.”

Indeed, being grounded in your peace is essential to your survival.  Coming from that Place of Excellence within you, which is the essential You, is the only way the divine One that you Are can be fully realized and experienced consciously—actualized.  It is neither a state of euphoria nor of mental passivity.  It is more than insulation against pain and suffering.  It is your Sanity regained.


Kingston, Washington
January 20, 2002




“Be ye transformed
by the renewing of your mind.”



Dear friends,

It is a simple truth:  What you see is what you get.

It is a profound truth:  What you See is what you get.

If you look with your eyes, you are bound by what they are capable of seeing.  But if you look with Vision, your eyes are given something new to see.

Vision is the result of casting your attention beyond the seen, into the Unknown, the Void—when you lean into the meaning of, “Thy will, not mine be done.”  When you are actually willing to abandon your present sense of things and lean into the infinite, when you actually desire to know Truth beyond your present sense of truth, revelation occurs, and what is revealed forever changes what your eyes see.

This is called transformation.  This is called redemption.  This is called healing.  Do not want to sidestep these by taking one grand step into enlightenment.  After all, if your current misperceptions of the Kingdom of Heaven are not transformed, redeemed, healed, the Kingdom of Heaven will still be hidden from your eyes.

Everything you are experiencing must undergo this redemption.  Everything must be loved back into its spiritual original.  And only love for that which is Real in each and every thing can trigger the “divine alchemy” of Spirit in your mind.

Nothing is too inconsequential to embrace in your desire to know the truth.  God is omnipresent—right there in the smallest or the greatest, the ugliest or the most beautiful, the meanest or the most loving things you might observe.

Be willing to abandon what your eyes see in favor of what Vision, desired and leaned into, brings forth

Kingston, Washington
January 22, 2002




“Heal the sick, raise the dead,
cast out demons.”



Dear friends,

Where is the practical evidence of your faith?

Do not let any spiritual/metaphysical theory or thought system delude you into abandoning the requirement for practical proof of its value here and now!  Indeed, disease, death, and “demons” are illusions, but the one suffering from them is not.  And to acknowledge that they are not real, but continue to suffer from them is not only spiritual barrenness, it is pure insanity.

Awakening may be the result of casting your faith and attention into the Unknown, but what will become known will be evidenced by healing, resurrection, and being dispossessed of the ignorance which blinds you to Reality—the Kingdom of Heaven.

“Well, the cancer is still there, but I know I am healed.”  “My child is anti-social, in and out of trouble with the law, but I know (s)he is  the perfect expression of God, and that’s all that matters.”  No!  That is not healing, and that is not all that matters.  Healing is the absence of observable disease, and what “matters” is the evidence of behavior which identifies the perfect expression of God!

Are healing, resurrection and being dispossessed reasonable expectations?  I will tell you, yes!  But you will not have evidence of the truth of my words until you, yourself, make commitment to them instead of carelessly saying, “The world isn’t real, therefore it doesn’t need redeeming,” or “If it’s all illusion, I’m only reinforcing it by trying to improve it.”

Such logic is not only flawed, it is cruel—the opposite of Love.  Yet, “God has not given you the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  Embrace your Birthright and embody it in the world.

Kingston, Washington
January 23, 2002





“Ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall set you free.”



Dear friends,

Truth is absolute, unimpeachable, inviolable and eternal.  It is the absolute unimpeachability, inviolability and eternality of every aspect of Creation.  It is the “bottom line” of every thing—the irreducible, essential “it” of what God is being . . . there, there, there, everywhere!  Truth is the direct experience of God—that which is revealed when you “go into thy closet and pray to thy Father, which is in secret” . . . meaning: “which is in the silence.”

On the other hand, Truth is relative, impeachable, vulnerable to influence and ever-changing.  It is the absence of a “bottom line” to everything, wherein there is no essential, unchangeable “it” to anything, anywhere!  It is the indirect experience of God, caused by standing apart from Him, and is as variable as the vantage points you choose to take at any given time.

Truth is . . . and only Truth is.  The way in which It is experienced—as absolute or relative—is governed by your choice between “Thy will be done,” or “my will be done.”  When the latter is chosen, “your” truth will be in error, mistaken.  Your actions will be incongruent with Truth, Itself, and you will experience the dissonance of being “at odds” with life.  Further, you will likely come to the conclusion that life is at odds with you, requiring an ongoing defense against it!

Your apparent “right” to see everything uniquely, together with your defense of that “right,” makes it impossible to “fit in,” because you are unavailable to participate in the movement of God . . . as the  movement of God that You Are.

The answer to this dilemma is prayer.  And prayer is:  Yielding to the Father’s Will.  It is the giving of yourself to Him, rather than getting something from Him.  In so doing, Truth is revealed.  And what everything Truly is, is added unto you, as your conscious experience of being . . . Whole.

Kingston, Washington
January 25, 2002





“Don’t delay your healing!”



Dear friends,

Time plays no part in healing because healing is the discovery that what needs healing is a misperception of something Real, Which never for an instant became less than perfect.

Creation—the visibility and tangibility of God—is not matter, but Spirit.  Spirit is not dense and is not governed by physics.  Therefore, the evidence of disease, disappearing as the result of healing, waits not on the “laws of matter,” which would require time.  Healing is as instantaneous as your ability to release the misperception that was blocking your experience of perfection.

Do not argue that it will take time for the bone to mend, or the swelling to go down, or the blood clots to dissolve.  Argue against the ingrained belief that it will!  Declare that you are neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing toward it.  The fact is that because God and his Self-expression are changeless, you are at the point of perfection, and it is not arrogant or preposterous to declare that this fact supercedes the necessity of time in order for you to experience it.

These declarations will not make Reality real.  They will not constitute an exercise of authority.  But they will constitute a use of your mind that neglects to reinforce the misperception, and this will release you from delay—from turning healing, which is instantaneous, into a healing process that takes time.  It is not “diseased matter” which needs to be changed, but a misperception of Spirit—the visibility and tangibility of God—which needs to be released.

Healing is Reality revealed where misperception had covered It from your eyes.

Kingston, Washington
 January 27, 2002





“Blessed are the meek:
for they shall inherit the earth.”



Dear friends,

Meekness may be hard to understand, but its meaning is easy to experience.  It happens when you pray.  It happens when you say “Yes” to God, “Thy will be done.”  Meekness characterizes humility.

Humility is not just acknowledging that you, of yourself, can do nothing, nor is it a matter of your just abandoning willfulness, self-assertion or aggression and sitting like a blob in the Void.  No, it is doing these things in the context of an invitation extended, of a desire to Know beyond your best private concepts, beyond your own righteous judgments, beyond all of the best conclusions you have arrived at while believing you were given a mind of your own with which to figure everything out.

When you go into the Silence and Listen for God, when you go into the Silence allowing only for that which expresses the Christ-consciousness, you are embodying and actualizing meekness.  It is in the absence of self-assertion, of arrogantly attempting to authorize anything, and inviting Truth, that the in-filling of revelation can occur.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you” is an almost exact translation of: “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

Why are the meek blessed?  Because the revelation of Truth returns one to his fundamental Sanity.  All is seen as it Truly is, no longer distorted by what “he had figured out with a so-called mind of his own.”

No one has a mind.  Each one is Mind.  Each one is Consciousness.  And the function of Mind is not thinking; it is to see Reality, be conscious of God, and to glorify Him by acknowledging nothing else!  Your Birthright, your inheritance, is returned to you in your abandonment of an ill-conceived “right” to think for yourself, and exercising that “right” in place of your real function as the observing of Creation . . . with God.

Kingston, Washington
January 30, 2002