Dear friends,

Error is unrecognized Truth.

Enemies are unrecognized allies.

Evil is unrecognized Good.

Matter is unrecognized Spirit.

Fear is unrecognized Love.

Death is unrecognized Life.

Care enough to look again!

Kingston, Washington
February 1, 2002





“Humility is the willingness to
release the stimulating dynamic
of conflict, chaos, and the
surmounting of it.”



Dear friends,

Reaction is the epitome of arrogance.  Unlike response, it is the care-less expression of lovelessness, which always arises out of conditioning.  What makes it loveless is the fact that it has nothing to do with the one to whom the arrogance is directed.  It honors only the internal processes of the one being arrogant, disallowing for an actual connection between him and the one standing in receipt of his reaction.

Unfortunately, reactions tend to trigger reactions and dialogue apparently ensues, even though communication is not happening—rather like endless automatic e-mail receipt messages, which are almost impossible to interrupt.

Response, on the other hand, is the epitome of humility.  Unlike reaction, it is care-full.  It is an expression of love, because the one responding takes time to listen and hear, thus honoring the one being responded to, no matter how that one is presenting himself/herself.

Response does not honor any internal processes or conditionings present in the one responding, but arises out of an actual connection with the one being responded to.  And even though this may trigger reactions in the one being responded to, it more often than not results in communication occurring, where both are able to be together innocently—minus pre-existing baggage.

Humility, when it comes into play, quickly starves conflict of its automatic refueling.  Reaction begets reaction, whereas response begets communication and communication begets mutuality.

Kingston, Washington
February 3, 2002




“This is the day the Lord hath made.
Be glad, give thanks, rejoice!”



 Dear friends,

 Joy is less than a choice.  It is a decisionless decision!  It comes before having anything to be joyful about.  It is the predisposition to find God everywhere.  It is a gift—not a response—of willingness to be delighted for no reason.

 Like Peace, Joy resides in your Being, beneath the intellectual dynamics of thoughts, of reasoning, of drawing conclusions and reacting to them.  Like Peace, it is experienced when one abandons or disregards all thought—as in meditation, or a moment of distraction—and one finds oneself in the Silence.

 Joy fills you, and then spills out into the world.  And it looks like you standing in awe of previously unnoticed perfection, order, harmony, without anything having changed!

 You may think “things” make you happy, but Joy works in reverse.  It makes all things beautiful to behold, because they are bathed in—gifted by—the illumination coming from you.

 Today, what will it be?  The gift of Peace and Joy, no matter what?  Or happiness, stolen from your world by making it conform to you?

Kingston, Washington
February 4, 2002




“The only way to win the game,
is not to play the game at all.”



Dear friends,

Egotism is never a solitary activity.  It is always juxtaposed against someone or something else.  One cannot imagine himself to be superior to, or gain superiority over nothing.

Egotism is a dance consciously engaged in between two would-be “superiors,” even though one may genuinely adopt the position of “inferior” to more effectively best the other.

Egotism is a contest in which only the contestants find value.

Egotism is not inevitable, natural, healthy or real.  It borrows its “existence” from the tension of the contest and the process of apparently moving from good to better, to best, to bested!

Do you seem to be the innocent victim of an egotist?  Then you haven’t brought maximal skill to your role as the “inferior” one.  In fact, you have probably forgotten that you are an egotist of equal skill, and have thus lost the “cutting edge.”

Victims and victimizers, both, are cruel; harshly utilizing whatever will best the other—even the claim of innocence and foul play.

The answer to egotism lies in the realization that there is a world beyond the obsession of the contest—one in which none of the elements of the contest matter to anyone—and abandoning it.

Kingston, Washington
February 5, 2002




“It is the Father’s good pleasure
to give you the Kingdom.”



Dear friends,

We are not going to experience our pre-ordained, already-existing Oneness until both of us can become defenseless with each other.  Trust will have to replace fear, and peace will have to replace the chattering of your mind which obscures our Brotherhood from your sight.  You are going to have to want to know me more than you want to assert yourself.

When I said, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,” it was not just a kindness I was expressing.  It was the way Home, spelled out  most clearly to you.

If you come unto me, we will then walk together.  I will lead you, and you will learn of your Birthright and embrace It.  You will discover your divinity and willingly embody it instead of denying it by assertions of a self-hood existing only in your imagination.  And you will find rest in the absence of the effort it has taken to uphold an image of yourself—a personality, an ego.

In the absence of efforting to maintain a fabulous image, you will find yourself being.  And the movement of being which you will discover you Are will give evidence to God . . . will glorify God.

Not only will you not mind being the effect of God, rather than an independent originator, yourself, you will let it be.  You will let God be all there is to you.  You will say, “Thy will be done,” and God will take the final step for you, because you let Him in.  He will reveal to you that He was all there ever was to you, and that your trek of independence, a fantasy that never really happened, never really happened!

It all begins with you and me, in the withinness of you, engaging in mutual trust—in Brotherhood—and then extending it to everyone and everything.

Let it begin today.

Kingston, Washington
February 6, 2002



“If you don’t want to step in
the chicken poop,
don’t walk around in
the chicken coop!”



“And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was
very . . .”

“Wait a minute,” He said to His secretary, who was carefully transcribing His account of Creation.  “What in Heaven’s name is going on down there?”  She glanced over, taking in the broad view afforded her by being in His presence, and was amazed at the sight.  “Why, I can’t imagine,” she said.  “It’s preposterous!”

Indeed, as they watched, they saw eagles, flocked together on the ground, walking around like cats in the snow—hesitantly moving from one foot to the other, and then shaking something off of the foot that had just left the ground.  “What has gotten into them?” God said.  “Don’t they realize that if they remain grounded together they will simply become more deeply mired in their own poop?”

“You are excused,” He told her.  “We will continue later.”

Shifting his perspective, He was immediately in the middle of one of the flocks, as one of the eagles, and occupied Himself by observing and listening.

It didn’t take long to ascertain that the eagles were in misery, preoccupied with solving the rather nasty problem of everything in their life turning to . . . well, you know.  But, to His surprise, when he asked them why they didn’t just fly out of there, He was told, “Fly?  We can’t fly.  We’re chickens.  God didn’t make chickens to fly.”

“But, you are eagles, not chickens,” He told them.  “Yeah, and I suppose you think you’re an eagle, too,” one of them yelled.  And they laughed him to scorn. 

“I am more than an eagle, as are you.  But if you think you are chickens, you will fight against your plight, instead of taking flight.  Now, stretch those wings and fly!  Watch me!”  And with that, He lifted off of the ground and soared with the most incredible grace, finally coming to rest in the top of a tree about a quarter of a mile away.  “Come on!”

The others, no longer occupied with the condition of their feet, were in awe.  No chicken could do that!

“He is a very special chicken,” they murmured, in sudden spontaneous agreement.  “No more special than you,” He said to them.

“I will tell you something:  If you have seen me, you have seen God.  But if you do not see yourself in me, you haven’t seen me.  Now stretch those wings and fly.  Then you will see yourself in me, and you will know what you Are.”

No one had ever talked to them like this before. And as their minds began to tumble into a new paradigm, He lifted off into the air and rose higher and higher into the sky, until He disappeared from view.

Are you going to stretch your wings today?

February 7, 2002




“Stupidity is the continued attempt
to do that which doesn’t work.”



Dear friends,

How well prepared are you for anything unexpected?  Do you even allow for the unexpected, or are you one who finds preparation unnecessary because you consciously invite it?  Are you one who feels threatened by it or invigorated at the prospect of it?  Do you have a five-year plan which you are executing as a defense against it, even though you say it is to responsibly provide direction to your life?  Are your attempts to be orderly and structured more appropriate than your ability to be fluid and spontaneously balanced in your every action?

What do the words, “Thy will, not mine be done,” mean?  Are they the epitome of irresponsibility?  Is meditation a form of escapism?  Does a mind, clear of assumptions, preconceptions and absolutes, stand on the threshold of transformation, insight and discovery?  Or is it in a state of stupid rest?

Only you can find the answers to these questions.  And the only way that will occur is if you explore the only two choices you have available to you:  Attempting to be in control, yourself, or yielding to That which is in control.  One requires arrogant self-confidence.  The other requires humble trust.

History is the extensive record of the exploration of the former, and I lovingly suggest that it is intelligent to conscientiously begin the exploration of the latter.

February 8, 2002




“Thy will be done.”



Dear friends,

It cannot be said too often that Reality, the Kingdom of Heaven, is the only thing confronting you, no matter how you are perceiving It.

What is the specific trigger to misperception?  A single mad idea:  “I have a mind of my own, independent of the Mind of God.”  Which generates a single thought:  “I'd rather see it my way.”  Which generates a single inevitable, unexpected experience:  “I am alone and vulnerable.”  Which generates a single unavoidable conclusion:  “Life is polarized, and my function is defense.”

Thus is formed a purely imaginary sense of self, called “ego”—the function of which is to survive and overcome the polarities it is projecting upon Reality, while remaining unconscious of the fact that they are the self-induced illusions of a nonexistent mind.

Awakening is the simple reversal of the one original mad idea.

February 11, 2002




“Think to be heard of God,
Speak to be heard of men.”



Dear friends,

It is time for the sentiment expressed in the above quotation to be replaced with:

“Listen to hear God,
Express what you hear.”

The former describes two kinds of relationships and two means of relating, which can, unfortunately, be utterly exclusive—inconsistent and divisive.  The latter is not sentimental, but practical—consistent and uniting.

Divine Sanity lies in Oneness restored:  “Thy will be done through me, as me, to all that You are in everything I see.”

The only Function anything has is to glorify its Source, knowing it has no existence separate from It.  To live this is apparently difficult, because all are conditioned to believe that God is separate, as are one's brothers and sisters.  Existence on the basis of these beliefs is conflicted, and the conflict is incapable of being resolved.

However, Love is the uniting Event which fills all of Creation when “thinking to be heard of God” (negotiating) and “speaking to be heard of men” (manipulating) are abandoned in favor of yielding to God and glorifying Him by introducing nothing other than God into the experience of being.

February 15, 2002




Inscription under a sundial
”I record only the sunny hours.”



Dear friends,

Only what you do with Love
endures eternally.
Only what you see with Love
reveals fraternity.
Only what you say with Love
inspires equality.
Only what you feel with Love
undoes duality.
Only what you touch with Love
redeems humanity.

But . . .

Only what Love does with you
reveals Reality.

February 18, 2002





Dear friends,

It is easy to become entranced, mesmerized by, the awfulness of the ego in its worst forms, but the choice to do otherwise is ever present.  If you will but remember that you are in charge of where you give your attention, you will never be subject to influence.  Again:  If you will but remember that you are in charge of where you give your attention, you will never be subject to influence!

You must realize that the modus operandi of the ego is mesmeric, causing you to be inattentive—momentarily unconscious—by means of insinuation, innuendo and suggestion.  In that lapse of conscious attention, you become subject to its intent to take advantage of you, to your detriment, and you are hooked.  Then it is almost impossible to tear your eyes away from the lies, which it has suggested are the truth, and which it embellishes with ever increasing awfulness.  And all the while, your salvation from this malicious possession of your attention lies in something as simple as a blink—a momentary interruption of your vision.

When you are immobilized by the awfulness of the ego, remember to blink.  Or better yet, simply close your eyes.  Take a moment to go within and find your peace . . . and seek the truth from there.

The ego would have you believe that the awful truths it has revealed to you put you in danger, and your salvation lies in your uninterrupted alertness to them.  Its seductive and deceptive “friendliness” would keep you from discovering that it has stolen from you, your Birthright of peace and joy and that you are lost in an ego-spun web of deceit—illusions.

Do not be alert for awful “dangers,” but rather be alert to loss of mobility, to loss of joy, to loss of peace.  They cannot truly be taken from you.  And if they seem to be gone, you have stopped paying attention to them.

Remember to blink!

February 21, 2002




Dear friends,

The degree to which you are certain about anything is the degree to which you are bound by that certainty.  Certainty is a commitment which you are unwilling to break.  It is an act of will which governs your experience absolutely.

If you are certain that you are not in the Kingdom of Heaven, your certainty will blind you to It, even though it will not change the fact that you are smack dab in the middle of It.  And because the Kingdom of Heaven does not operate according to the “rules” established by your certainty, you will stub your toe against It, trip over It, bump into It, and generally bumble your way through It—concluding that you are in a hostile environment.


Problems are not the evidence of karma or upbringing, but of current clumsiness occasioned by ignorance you are holding to with commitment.  Likewise, healing of problems occurs not by overcoming your past, but by abandoning faulty certainties in the present, to which you are passionately holding on.

Awakening begins when uncertainty creeps into the picture and the strength of your certainty begins to weaken.  This weakening feels disastrous, increasing your sense of vulnerability, since you have used certainty as a defense against the perceived unpredictability of the Kingdom of Heaven caused by Its complete disregard of the “rules” your certainty has set in place.

Uncertainty, embraced, allows you to genuinely “look again” with the eyes of innocence.  Uncertainty, embraced, is an act of Love.  Uncertainty, embraced, is not an act of will, but of willingness to recognize that which is Real in each and every thing.  It is the antidote for certainty.


Kingston, Washington
February 27, 2002





“You are neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing toward it. You are at that point and must understand yourself therefrom.”


Dear friends,

Communion, the inner experience of Guidance, is not spiritualism.  It is not “speaking with the dead” and it is not a matter of “penetrating the veil.”  Communion is not communication.  Communion is the direct experience of your inseparability from God and His creation.  It is the demonstration of no veil to penetrate.

This experience of unity appears to be a homing beacon to one who is convinced of his independence—a means for him to abandon his independence safely, a path for him to consciously choose.  It is experienced as a formless invitation, a felt attraction toward new meaning, like a plant toward the light.  But it does not mean movement is actually occurring, nor that there is distance between him and where the “homing beacon” would take him.

The journey from insanity to Sanity, from self-created isolation to full-membered Brotherhood occurs right in the middle of eternal, unalterable Sanity and Brotherhood, which, for a moment, you chose to ignore.

That those of us who are Awake stand ready to facilitate your return should be no surprise.  We are part of the indivisible Brotherhood, as are you.  And to become reacquainted with us (your Wholeness) is inevitable, even though the process is a temporary illusion.  That which never ceased to be the Whole of You cannot be re-joined, but your abandonment of your conviction that God gave you a private mind and will to exercise will make it seem like that.

We speak to you from Home.  But what you do not realize is that you are Here with us, and never left.  You merely squeezed us out of your awareness and pretended you were somewhere else.  We know your “journey” back and “rediscovery” of us seems real to you.  It is all right for it to seem that way.  We know you’re coming Home.

February 28, 2002