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Update Letter #1


Dear friends,


Since the letter of March 18th describing the need to purchase land and build a facility to carry on the work of the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles there has been a lot of chemicalization. This is because it is a divine movement penetrating "the human condition." Not even Paul and Susan have been free of the call to see beyond their present sense of "sight." As always, revelation requires giving up a concept of fulfillment for Fulfillment, Itself.


As I stated in that letter, Susan and Paul learned of this next step as I was dictating it, and were no more forewarned than you were. Indeed, one of Paul's first ego-thoughts was, "If I were to receive this letter, I don't know that I would want to help someone get a house that would be fully paid for by the end of the year, when I can't even think about buying one and paying for it over a period of thirty years, with a high monthly payment, to boot!" However, the thrust of that response missed the point of the letter and led to further conversations with me.


Since "shift of perception" is what everything is about, this first Update Letter will include my conversations with Paul and Susan, together with a letter received in response to the announcement. Remember, as you read, that the steps I gave were not the result of management meetings and the development of business plans, but Guidance given relative to the "making of the Gift" which Paul, Susan, and I have been engaged in for ten years. As I said some time ago, "Gift" is the name of the game now!



For perspective, we will begin with a conversation on January 16,1993 when I was asked what the year 1993 was about.


ANSWER: For those who are willing to embrace their good with commitment, it will be a year of manifestation—fulfillment, if you will. Not just Peace. Not just being at rest. Not just arriving at clarity, but having the accompanying manifestations in their experience. Much will seem to be accomplished without effort.


Now, you might say that manifestation is always what happens when there is a willingness to embrace and make the commitment to one's good, but this has never been, shall I say, the primary characteristic of a year. Breakthrough will occur, releases of the past will occur, even though no new element will have been brought into play. There is in this year what has been called a "fullness of time," a time of birth—pregnancy over. Do not look to the past to justify "what will be." Originality not authored by you, not authored by anyone, will be the norm. Do not be conscientiously unprepared for it by using yesterday as the measuring stick for tomorrow.


The year of manifestation could be called the Year of Fruition—the Year of the Bearing of Fruit. Year of Fruitage. But! Be careful. It is not that everything you have worked for will suddenly bear fruit. That would be fruits of the past, when what I am talking about are the fruits of the originality of the Movement of Being, not bound by what has been. What I am talking about is the manifestation of Birthright, rather than the manifestation of what you have created in the belief that you have no birthright.



Then, on February 11th…


QUESTION: Are there changes coming?


ANSWER: It is not appropriate to consider any changes or to sit in anticipation of them. It is very important to let yourself be fully present without the distraction of thoughts about the future. If you do not let go into the support that is provided in the moment, you will not do it in the future, either. You must embrace the Now with commitment to it! This is where the Peace is. This is where the Whole of fulfillment awaits you. You cannot let the energy of Now be siphoned off by the future. Transformation is the result of commitment to Now.



And on February 12th…


Susan, when a river goes over a ledge and becomes a waterfall, it does not ask what will come next, but abandons itself to "the way things work." That is the only way it can be in the flow of what it is as a river. There is an order of things underlying everything.


Now, there is something important for you to know: Paul is ready to leave the island and is not resistant to any indication I give as to its appropriateness. Therefore, you need not doubt what you hear regarding this issue.


I understand your uneasiness. I also understand your desire to be where you are supposed to be, even if it doesn't match your concepts. You are asking for a straight answer, and the answer is that you are exactly where you need to be, where we need you to be—"we" being the Whole. You are not misplaced, and you are also not placed where you cannot BE. We have not presented you with a situation that doesn't work. It does not fulfill purpose for you to be where Purpose cannot be fulfilled.


I cannot state strongly enough that it fulfills Purpose for you to be right where you are. You are not where Peace is unavailable to you. It is not impossible to be at Peace. The meeting of your needs and the manifestation of order exceeding that which you experienced before the hurricane is not a last accommodation, like a cigarette before your execution, but rather a manifestation of being on the beam. The continuity of your lack of need has been so substantial that you have been embarrassed by it, and yet the ego says, "Look how black it has to be in order for your star to be so bright." The star is bright because it is Real, not because it has a contrast.


It is not the island, nor is it the weather, that challenges your Peace, but rather, a doubt about God—His existence and His nature. The movement called a hurricane did not create the doubt, but rather a suggestion introduced in a moment of distraction—a thought!


These words are not "thoughts" introduced by Paul, nor are they thoughts introduced by the ego. They express real Meanings, the Truth. You must understand that when the Truth is expressed, It does not embody or engender fear—discomfort—even if the Guidance is to leave the island.


QUESTION: When would you suggest that we ask you again?


ANSWER: It is not a question you need to ask. There is no instability to your being here to necessitate frequent checking. Hurricanes are not heat-seeking missiles, nor is their movement governed by chance, and I have told you that it does not fulfill purpose for this island to be in the path of another one. You must begin to trust.



Then, on March 18th, I dictated the letter announcing the need for land and building. A friend with whom the letter was shared remarked, "Well, there's no innocence in that," having found the letter distressing. The next day we had this conversation…


QUESTION: I am not feeling comfortable (physically).


ANSWER: Then we must step back to square one. Your body does not get its impulse to be from circumstances or your perceptions, but from the Father's Will for your Presence to be identified perfectly. For your body, there are no circumstances to respond to. It reflects rather than reacts. Therefore nothing originates from it. Anything else you might see is not happening.


The body identifies what God is expressing. It therefore identifies that which is innocent—you. There is, therefore, no justification for any other experience of Body—no foundation for any other experience to be based upon. That is the simple healing Truth. You cannot find out where that which doesn't exist came from. The only way the Healing Team can uncover your comfort is to know of your innocence.


QUESTION: Was there a suggestion of guilt?


ANSWER: Always the means of denying the Presence of the Christ is to claim the presence of an ego, a personality, that which is not God-derived. The Christ cannot be accused of not embodying the Will of the Father. Thus the suggestion that you are self-seeking or that you are off the beam insinuates the presence of a personality, and engages you in a state of confusion which was not characteristic of the clarity which seemed to elicit the accusation. Defense becomes the activity—the task to be accomplished—rather than defenselessly sitting with the clarity. Be very clear here: You cannot prove Truth!


The letter is utterly clear and expresses no human will.


...and I let them know that on Monday, March 22nd, it would be appropriate to contact a Realtor and start looking at property. As it happened, the "crew" finished folding, stuffing, stamping and sealing the envelopes for the mailing of the announcement about 3:30 that afternoon, and, without inquiring of me, Paul and Susan decided to wait until the next day to call a Realtor. Susan sat down with her cookbook to find a recipe for dinner, and while she was so occupied, I distracted her by shifting her attention to a location about 10 miles away—an area neither she nor Paul had been to before.


She took the hint and asked Paul to check with me to see if they were to go out before the sun set to see if there were anything there. I told them, yes! As either of them will be delighted to tell you, they found property for sale right where I had led Susan in her mind's eye. I told them they need look no further, because this was the piece of property for the Foundation to build upon.


Now, why am I taking you through all of these steps? Because no one's ego is original, and although circumstances and details vary, the learnings are the same. Trusting into Guidance is not all peaches and cream. As long as one is not Awake there will be ego suggestions attempting to undermine, in the name of logic and reason, the Guidance that is received.



For example, our next conversation on March 23rd...


QUESTION: Why is there reluctance to accept one's good?


ANSWER: Because the event is looked at through the context of unworthiness. It makes it impossible to engage in the one "essential" step of earning one's good, which exonerates one of his unworthiness. One does not abandon the demonstration of worth easily.


Once you realize that you don't have to earn your Birthright, you can receive the gift.



The next day, I was asked whether or not it might be a good idea to call a Realtor and see more property, in case this piece was sold before the means to purchase it was available.


ANSWER: We are not practicing take-offs and landings. This is a movement of duration. You see, those who would quibble with the steps I have outlined, see them as independent from anything else, rather than a small integral part of a larger movement. Thus, perspective is lost. Stay with me and you will not lose your perspective.



And again, the idea was put forth that perhaps someone should be called to help with the down-payment, and that perhaps there might be a group of people who would want to buy the property and lease it to the Foundation. This line of thought led to the following conclusion.


QUESTION: I am afraid the means of this manifestation (property and home) will be disempowering.


ANSWER: Only an accomplisher would scheme. Only an accomplisher would be afraid of and willing to sell his soul.


You have been given nothing to accomplish. You have no need except to observe, because you have not been given a task to accomplish apart from God. If God gave you something divine to do all by yourself, you would turn to the devil for help—you would turn to a special relationship to accomplish it. There are no other options. One either copes with life alone by means of special relationships or one neglects to misinterpret the Movement of God as a transfer of power (responsibility) and lets God do it, while joined with Him in mutual observation of the Movement.


QUESTION: This feels like temptation.


ANSWER: And the ego is making the glue on your fly-paper stickier! The fear arises out of a sense of responsibility and simultaneous lack, but God does it clean—no hooks, no loose ends—nothing less than sovereignty. And that necessarily means for everyone! Those with hooks are as bound as those with loops (like Velcro). I said that this unfolding purpose would be free of debt, so do not be afraid of debt.


Don't be afraid of relationships. Just be in them with me. I will never support encumbrances. What I want you to understand is that your fears do not relate to what is unfolding, but only to a temporary sense of tininess. Therefore, they could be ignored and fulfillment of Purpose would be unaffected, as would your conscious experience of Joy. Your fears are not part of the package. They are not part of what you must "work through" in order to receive your good. Do not elevate them to a status of "essential to cope with." You may do that, but it will always be irrelevant to what is going on.



The next day, March 25th, I was asked:


OIJESTION: What is the meaning of my life now?


ANSWER: It is a time of relaxing into the equality of your Being, wherein you are no longer unequal to It. Stability generally means "not changeable." As a result, adjustment must come into play as the inevitable movement called Life upsets the status-quo. But stability is really the ability to keep one's balance while on the move.


When you refer to things "making a left turn," you mean that unexpected movement is occurring. Don't look for things to be unmoving, and don't define stability as lack of movement. This is a period of adjustment. If you are wise, you will not coerce it into settling down so as to demonstrate stability. So, feel free to adjust, for adjust you must!


QUESTION: Adjust to what?


ANSWER: To being in the flow of your Being with wonder and joy rather than apology and guilt—reluctance to embrace the apparent outrageousness of Creation.


Now, you are doing well, and no comment from me was appropriate. I am sharing this because you asked, thinking something might be wrong. But everything is all right and my answer is not to be construed as the statement of a problem that you need to deal with. If you forgot that you asked and how I responded, it would make no difference, because everything is fine.



Another doubt on March 26th.


QUESTION: Should we look for another house to rent month-to-month in case the new place is not ready before the owners of this house want to return?


ANSWER: Indeed, you will be here for some time. The truth of it is that there will be no intermediate steps between here and there [the present house and the new facility). I really want you to believe that what God unfolds cares for (embraces) your every need. You do not have to have backup plans to cover for His neglect.



And on March 30th:


QUESTION: What is going on?


ANSWER: Just an opportunity to stay on track with me. If you think you are doing this for others, you will become ungrounded when others evaluate you. That really is the simplicity of it.


QUESTION: So, what is going on?


ANSWER: Your need being met, and that which identifies an ongoing movement of fulfillment of purpose of the work being done that means a place to do it and the means of doing it.


What you must understand is that we do not have an ace up our sleeve: "If this doesn't work out, we will go to the mainland or Australia." "If the seed doesn't grow here, we'll try rock or hard ground." This is it! I meant it when I said, "Either everyone will rally around the project or everyone will rally around the project." Stop practicing doubt. It is not a viable alternative to yielding to Knowing and the inseparable manifestation of fulfillment that accompanies it.



By March 30th two obscene phone calls had been received at the Foundation, prompting this exchange.


QUESTION: This has seemed to be a tough day.


ANSWER: But it is not your tough experience. You have already done your nut-chewing and arrived at your commitment for your reasons. Do not deny others the privilege. If you don't think we're going to rock the boat, then read my lips: We are going to rock the boat! We are not going to be a meaningless presence giving lip service to the status quo. The Christ is transformational.


This is "caring" about what other people think to the extent that you do not want to hear it. Any response is an indicator of a greater degree of consciousness. One cannot desire to go back to sleep if one is not more awake. Reaction is never reaction to nothing! It means that stirring is occurring, rousing the dormant understanding of Truth.


Now, you cannot sit on both sides of the fence and be simultaneously meaningful and meaningless. Therefore, put your money where your mouth is (which you do) and don't feign lisping. In other words, don't be like Peter and deny what you are committed to.



On April 4th, disappointed somewhat by the response to the letter, Susan asked:


QUESTION: What's going on?


ANSWER: What is happening today? Movement. Specific movement. Shifting of consciousness relative to the work, relative to the letter, relative to who both of you are perceived to be relative to me.


When your friend said, "This is not innocent," he was correct, but not in the sense that he meant it at the time. None of this is happening without design, without intent. To be a vagabond miracle worker seems innocent and safe, even magical—other-worldly, divine. Likewise, to be an unwitting Christ seems innocent and safe, but it necessarily means that this one knows not who he is. Innocence is not spontaneous magic but divine realism and nothing else. It knows whereof it comes, and that its Presence is unalterable divine Will—nothing more and nothing less, nothing other than the Movement of the Father. There is, therefore, absolute intent, conscious Self-clarity, immovably anchored in infinity.


The Christ is not a "will-of-the-wisp nerd" who looks with astonishment at the miracles that happen around his "ignorant self," nor does the safety of everyone else's spiritual path lie in their attentiveness to the most unlikely mouthpiece for Truth, wherein they never have to acknowledge the Christ and thus avoid the obligation and fulfillment of acknowledging and owning It as themselves.


This letter we sent out regarding the need to buy land and build a facility is not just a response to the logic of events. It is a call for commitment to the presence of the Christ where everyone thought there was "just" Paul, and therefore the necessity of the very real recognition that what is true of Paul is true of them. Indeed, that they must put their life where their espoused faith is.


You see, innocence is not vague and magical, but the clear, direct, conscious expression of the Father's Will—not by something other than the Father, but by the Father, Himself. It is therefore not innocent of Purpose consciously Known. If anyone is having a problem with the letter, it is because things are getting a little too concrete—a little less vague and magical—thus calling for less magic in their spiritual path. The Will of the Father is innocent of guile, but not of Purpose.



Finally, on April 8th, the following letter was received. I share it because it expresses the genuine concerns everyone experiences around giving, receiving, and Guidance.


4 - 3 - 93


Dear Paul and Sue,


I got really reactivated by your recent fund-raising letter.


I have been through an extremely difficult winter financially, having to borrow from friends, get on food stamps for the first time in my life and have missed rent and utility payments. It has been extremely uncomfortable and scary and humbling, but simultaneously it has moved me to deeper levels of trust and safety. There have been many miracles this winter around money and there have been many moments of terror. It's not a place I want to be in for long, but the experience has reinforced my intuition, strengthened my connection with (my Guide], and forced me to stay in the present regardless of how many fear thoughts insinuate themselves.


I do not understand why, when the two of you need money, you don't ask for it. Why do you have Raj ask for it? He doesn't need money. You do! Sometimes I feel I lose Paul and Susan and who they really are because they don't let themselves come out from under Raj's wing!


I was very happy to hear that you are ready to buy/build and find a more permanent situation. I was surprised you felt guided to do it on the "No Longer" Garden Isle. But, I must admit, I was shocked when I got to the end of your letter and saw that you were requesting a half million dollars to do it.


I am aware that Hawaii's cost of living is much higher than here on the mainland. I have judgments around your needing that much money to build a house and conference room/area to carry on the work that you have been doing for the last twelve years or so on a shoestring. Not that I want you to continue on a shoestring. That's no fun!


I guess my reaction comes from my own approach to the awakening, and apparently I am invested in you two doing it the same way I am. But, I just can't accept that in order to do the work that you have done so enthusiastically and thoroughly in the past, you need a half-million dollar facility in which to do it. At this time I don't feel that I can contribute to Raj's fundraising request.


I do send you lots of support in following your guidance and staying true to yourselves no matter what kind of reactions or responses you get from me or others.



Naturally, it promoted another conversation.


QUESTION: Things still feel unclear and dim. It feels very uncomfortable. Can you help? The Father's point of view is filled with light.


ANSWER: You must remember, Susan, that you are embraced in Love. The Light of It has not diminished. Your ego doubts, together with those of others, suggest that you, separate from that Love, are a person of some stature who is responsible for the plans set forth and the letter that was sent. Your need for specifics regarding what I have said represents a defense—a way of disproving that suggestion—whether coming from your ego or the egos of others.


Do you know what abundance is? It is "need" met at the time of the need, without fail. Abundance is not surplus waiting for a need to meet. Abundance is relevant fulfillment. The steps I have outlined are relevant to a need—not a personal, private need of yours or Paul's, since you are not living a personal or private life, but a need for the penetration of Truth in the dream, in the human experience.


This is going to look like something. This has looked like something. It looks like paper and ink, audio tapes and newsletters, workshops and conversations, copy machines, computers and people to operate them. And all of this because someone has asked, "What is the Truth here?" For ten years the answers have been shared and others have been invited to ask the same question so that the experience of Providence, of provision, has been had. And those who have experienced It, have been moved to a new level of the awareness that they are not alone, that they are loved without judgment, and to one degree or another that they are divine. The shift has been so gentle that many have forgotten that they were ever weighed down with so heavy a belief to the contrary.


Because the clearest expression of Truth to date—A Course in Miracles—is being treated as a document, a system of thought to be understood by the intellect rather than a dynamic series of triggers of Truth promoting shifts of consciousness irrelevant to the intellect, and because this is coming forth from those organizations associated with the introduction of the Course into the world, it has been necessary for another resource to become available which gives permission for and promotes freedom from the tyranny of dogma and habit. The function of the Course—or, to put it more clearly, the function of the clearest expression of Truth to date—is to promote the experience of Reality, not an understanding of It.


As a result, this work has taken on the form of a non-profit corporation, the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles, not as a platform from which Truth can be taught, but as a platform from which loving permission and encouragement can be given to all to abandon dogma, habit, and interpretations or explanations of Truth in favor of the direct experience of It—a platform from which the gift of Love is made rather than a "spiritual understanding" of what Love is. The experience of what Love is illuminates what It is, while a spiritual understanding of Love keeps It at arm's length.


There is a great desire worldwide, a great hunger for the experience of Truth, for the experience of Love which bypasses the intellect and its dogmatic means of cloaking the Truth. The steps I have outlined for a debt-free facility, which is permanent and stable, is in response to this need and not, as has been suggested, to your personal needs. This has always been the case ever since our first conversations eleven years ago, but it is important for you to be reminded of it, and for everyone to understand the nature of the project they have been invited to participate in so that it cannot be degraded and negated by the insinuation that personalities, for limited ego reasons, are putting it forth. In this way, you will not be moved to defend yourselves and others will not likely be moved to judgment.



Let it be known that the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles does not stand in opposition to the Foundation for Inner Peace (the publishers of A Course in Miracles) or the Foundation for "A Course in Miracles" (in Roscoe, New York), but stands in relation to them, just as public television stands in relation to government-owned television in Canada—a presence which disallows for the emergence of a "position of authority" by virtue of no other point of view being expressed.


Let it also be known that the "Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles" is just a name...a name that identifies an activity which was occurring before any name was needed to identify it. The activity was the extension of the Father's love, with Paul and I standing as the Doors through which that extension occurred. That continues to be the activity, even though it is identified in state and federal records by the words, "Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles."


It is the experience of Love—which illuminates Its own Meaning, as I said earlier—that triggers each one's remembrance of Who They Are. This activity is non-denominational, without textbook or dogma, teaching or membership. It is called Brotherhood/Sisterhood.


I am here for everyone, no matter how or what each one conceives himself to be, and it is not my Purpose to change anyone from one concept into another, but to help him wake up out of concepts. That is my Purpose, and that is the purpose set forth for the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles. To be a student of the Course is no better than being a student of Christian Science, or being a Catholic, or an American, and misses the point!


Love/Brotherhood dissolves those limits.


I love you all.



Easter Sunday 1993

Princeville, Hawaii







We are happy to share that Raj led us directly to a piece of property that we subsequently found out had only been on the market for three or four days. It is three and a quarter acres of cleared ground with three fairly good-sized trees. It sits high and has a view of the ocean, the mountains, and the property line in the back adjoins about 150 acres of rolling foothills that won't be developed for quite a long time. Zoning regulations allow for large gatherings and the size of the property puts adjoining houses at a great enough distance that no one should be disturbed by our activities. The asking price is $300,000, and Raj has said to offer $260,000.




David and Jenny O'Dwyer of D & J O'Dwyer Builders Pty. Ltd. in Robina Park, Queensland, Australia are providing, as their contribution, the architectural plans and specifications for the new facility as soon as Raj provides the layout. Thank you, David and Jenny.




We have so far received contributions to the Building Fund in the total amount of $3,380.50

Thank you to everyone who has contributed!