Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii


Paul Norman Tuttle

Executive Director

P.O. Box 870

Hanalei, HI 96714-0870




August 25, 1992


Dear friends,


Paul and Susan have just returned home from a ten-week trip to the East Coast and Europe. During this period, seven wonderful Gatherings occurred. I will be bold enough to say that inertia in everyone's spiritual growth, worldwide, was dissolved with dramatic results. Those who are embracing their spiritual Path are more able to give permission to experience their divinity, whether or not their focus is A Course in Miracles.


The first question and answer in this Newsletter occurred in the Gathering in Dublin, Ireland, but the release associated with it was not limited to that Gathering. The burden diminished for everyone, and laid the groundwork for major breakthrough everywhere. Resistance to Truth, although aggravated by personal, religious, and national differences, has its root in the misperception of Who I Am and the misperception of Who You Are. In every single Gathering on this trip, these misperceptions were addressed, thus lessening the collective resistance to Truth, Itself, and increasing the willingness to abandon concepts of Truth. I could not be more pleased.


Upon Paul's and Susan's return, and at my instruction, a new team member became part of the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles—Christina Verdi. She will be relieving Paul of many office details, including transcribing the materials and thus facilitating their getting into print. In light of this, you will notice appropriate price increases in the catalogue, except for the two books, You Are the Answer, and Graduation: The End of Illusions. These increases still reflect the intent to make the materials available at cost, with no profit margin built in.


As I have said before, Paul's salary and the expenses of the Gatherings, together with the expansion of the work, are not built into the cost of the materials made available, but are covered by gifts/contributions to the Foundation, which are tax-deductible. In response to inquiries about the status of things, I will share that at this time the Foundation is three months in arrears on paying Paul's salary, and we have also had to cancel the Australian and the West Coast Gatherings, as there are no funds to implement them. In addition, the computer, which the Foundation has been renting, will no longer be available after September lst. A new one will need to be obtained to continue the work.


The essence of the movement of this work must be conscious love, or there is no work -- no manifestations called the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles, the Raj Material, or free public Gatherings/workshops. These are all a gift! And part of the life of the gift is the mutual sharing of conscious appreciation for it. It is not that the gift is free, but that it is not encumbered by "getting."


Your contributions are invited at this time so that the Gift may continue to be given. It will never be charged for.


Since my last letter to all of you, it has not been possible for the staff to respond with individual thanks to each one who has wonderfully supported the work, except in the joy of actually engaging in it—filling orders, doing the Gatherings, taking phone calls and answering questions—and the newly expanded team looks forward to continuing to do just that!


Thank you.



Princeville, Hawaii

August 25, 1992


P.S. The five-day Gathering in Vermont will not be changed, and there are still fifteen openings! Everyone will be informed as a new Schedule is set in place.