Dear friends,


Enclosed is the schedule of Gatherings for the remainder of 1992. I look forward to being with you.


I must at this time reiterate that we will make no charge for these Gatherings, nor will we provide the materials generated therefrom at anything more than cost. I understand that it is not easy to shift from a basis of purchasing to a basis of giving, but it is an essential part of this work. I understand that it would be easier to pay what it cost and know that a mark-up to cover all related expenses and expansion has been included, but this does not cause one to be conscious as an equal participant in the sharing. It does not generate or promote the conscious experience of giving.


It is not enough to receive because you have given. It is necessary to know that everyone has received because you have given, else you simply exist in an isolated cocoon of "self-completeness" that does not involve conscious brotherly love.


These Gatherings constitute an outreach which responds to the "reaching out" that is occurring around your globeónot a reaching out to me, but a reaching out to That which is not embraced in the conditions being experienced. They identify fulfillment of Purpose.


Do not be surprised that I speak of finances or invite your financial support. But do understand that I am really addressing the need for each of you to consciously embrace and add to your repertoire of experience the fact that you and your brothers, your fellow man, are family! I am simply asking you to be willing to consciously give to them and thereby remember that you are not alone, and neither are they. This is the way unity consciousness is nurtured and more fully embodied as a tangible reality in human experience.


The air travel costs for the first trip, starting with St. Davids, Pennsylvania and ending with Bromley England, have been paid for. Hotel accommodations, ground transportation, food, meeting room costs and the ongoing Foundation expenses back home during this two-month period, are not yet able to be paid, and yet they must be covered before the trip begins. I would ask those of you who are able to contribute now, to do so, rather than waiting until later in the year, while at the same time thanking everyone for the support given, no matter how small you think it may have been.



April 2, 1992

Princeville, Hawaii