Message From Raj in April 2002


Dear friends,

What are the ways in which you are alike?  What are the things you have in common?  Is it not here that you can build relationships and cement good will into a foundation for peace and harmony?  Is it not where differences do not hold sway that brotherhood can emerge, that love can be restored, that mutual respect can begin to melt down prior grievances?  Of course!

Ancient hatreds lie at the base of even the newest of grievances.  In fact, it is impossible to have new grievances.  What was not resolved in the past incarnates again and again as ongoing bad behavior.  Why?  Because love forgotten, unexpressed and subsequently justified, is the pattern set in place which replicates itself and nothing else wherever one’s attention rests.

For something new to happen, something old must be released.  The pattern must be broken.  Love must be remembered and a new intent must be expressed—a “pattern infinite”—in one’s attentiveness to all he sees.  What one dislikes about another must yield to common ground and common need, to sameness and humaneness, if one would find redemption.

Be willing to abandon your “advanced position” or your “greater skill,” or even more, your greater righteousness, in order to commingle with each other in humility and brotherhood.  And dare to care about each other’s very human needs, because together you will find that at the base of every human need there is a Birthright to be found—one which an ancient hatred covered from your sight.

You need each other for the resurrection of the Truth of you because you cannot love alone.  And without love, you can’t replace “the love forgotten, unexpressed and subsequently justified,” which thereby breaks the pattern which has held you hostage to an unforgiving ignorance of Who you are and Who your brother is.

April 5, 2002




Dear friends,

Do you know that you are a more efficacious voice for transformation in the world than any book, teaching, philosophy or religion?  In fact, you are the only dynamic point of transformation that exists!

Teachings and thought systems have not the capacity to embody Love, and only Love embodied is transformational.  How to be the presence of Love cannot be taught.  Therefore, all that any religious or spiritual teaching worth its salt can do is point you in the direction of that inner point of honest struggle and decision, wherein you yield to God—where you do more than say, “Thy will be done,” and actually set aside your own in favor of His.

Do not ask any book or teaching to reveal God to you.  It is impossible.  To revere a document or a set of words will only distract you from the reverence due the altar in your heart where We await you, and your freedom from illusion, too.  It is so easy, but preoccupation with external props can make it difficult if they are used improperly.  Do not make gods of them and bow to them.  Do not revolve your life around their words, but let the words inspire you to go within.  From there release the words that helped you to that inner place, and open up to Him in all simplicity, humility.  Don’t hold Him to the words that brought you to the point of feeling His sweet love for you, just as you would not hold Him to the suffering it sometimes takes to bring you to your knees and open up your heart.

Whatever brings you to that place within where all the bullshit stops, be grateful for.  But do not idolize the means by which your honesty came into play and opened up the door to your Inheritance.  Once opened, you will be the Love that can’t be taught, and transformation will occur, for you will be about your Father’s business, hopelessly original in everything you say and do and be.

April 11, 2002





“Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.”
—A Course in Miracles—


Dear friends,

How much . . . or little . . . does it take to justify abandoning your joy, your peace, and indulging in anger?  Just what does it take for another to cause you to forget that your Function is Love and abandon It in favor of ego reaction?  How ready are you to sacrifice your Integrity in favor of mucking around in contentious attack and defense, thereby establishing and reinforcing temporary amnesia regarding Who you Are?  And how unconscious are you of the point where that shift occurs?

How much do you value being “on the beam”?  How committed have you become to the fact that Clarity is what allows you to be a divinely transformational presence, and that indulging in ego reactions renders you impotent?

Ego dynamics constitute an opaqueness through which Truth cannot reach you, rendering you incapable of being the transparency for Truth.  And the solution always lies in your withdrawal from the attempt to establish justice in the place of injustice and replacing it with you being in your right mind!

Being is not responsive.  It is a gift, rather than a transaction.  It extends Itself, flowing from the impulse of Self expressing.  Unlike a pearl, Creation is never a beautiful reaction to an irritant, healing is never a beneficial response to disease, and 4 is never the result of an angry protest against 2+2=5.  Therefore, the answer lies in backing up to a point prior to the perception of conflict which apparently called for and justified abandoning one’s peace—where Creation is unpolarized, Wholeness [health] is immutable, and 2+2=4 simply is what it has always been.

Again:  You are neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing toward it.  You are at that point, and must understand yourself therefrom.  From this vantage point, anger, reaction and conflict can find no foothold, their use is meaningless, and Clarity begets clarification [transformation] without conflict, where the invitation to anger seemed to be.

April 23, 2002



“You don’t have to have a good reason
to reach for the brass ring!”


Dear friends,

What are you waiting for?  Are you like the lame man waiting by the pool of Bethesda for the angel of the Lord to disturb the waters so that you might then be dipped into it and be healed?  Are you waiting for the “logic of events” to make it unmistakably clear that it is time to do what you’ve known you should do all along?  Are you waiting until circumstances are so dire that survival will override the need for courage and you will finally do it—whatever “it” is?

You cannot be reminded too often that “it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”  But you must be willing to stand in receipt of It.  You must let It in. 

“Let the reign of divine Truth, Life and Love
be established in me, . . ”

must be your prayer, as well as the means of its accomplishment.  Not that God must “let” it happen, but that you must.  And the key lies in your understanding and accepting, beforehand,  the inevitable result of “letting” it happen:

“. . . and rule out of me all self-will.”

You can’t have it both ways—God’s Will and your will.  But yielding to His, doesn’t have to be a struggle.  You can play with it.  You can be curious as to the experience.  You can say, “yes” to God and reserve the right to change your mind at a later time.  “Now are we the Sons of God,” John said, “and it doth not yet appear what we shall be.”  Now are you the inheritor of the Kingdom, and you are saying, “no.”  If you say “yes,” you will receive It, and if you then say, “no,” the Kingdom will once again look like “the world.”  You see?

The Son of God can say “no” or “yes,” and “no” again.  So, don’t be so severe in your approach to saying yes.  Be light about it.  Knowing that you can reassert self-will at any time, reach for the brass ring!  Let healing occur without lifetimes of refining your soul, or complicated steps of becoming worthy of it.  It’s as easy to come Home as changing your mind for no good reason.

April 24, 2002