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Dear friends,


In the beginning of my relationship with Paul, I told him to keep his feet on the ground and his head not too far away. I meant to convey that one's spirituality should never be far from one's humanity, and most certainly should never become disconnected from it. Why? Because the Father's love always meets you where you are—where your feet are planted—and not where your imagination places you.


In keeping with this grounded spirituality, I must clarify again a few key points, beginning with the fact that the Northwest Foundation for "A Course in Miracles" is not a business organization, but an act of love. This act of love is embodied in the one you know as Paul Norman Tuttle and is constantly extended to everyone. It lies in his commitment to listen to the Voice for Truth and utter It in the world.


This gift of love has taken many forms—from public gatherings to audio tapes, the printed word, and now the Internet. And it has been met, without requirement, by gratitude from everyone in the form of financial support for the cost of materials, venues, travel and sustenance.


Well, the laws of the land require an accounting for the movement of money, and since business is the language of commerce (the movement of money) and there is none for the act of love or gratitude, the activity of love had to clothe itself in a name, register itself, receive a tax I.D. number, and file necessary state and federal forms as though it were a commercial enterprise.


At my direction, this “rendering unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's” is identified as the Northwest Foundation for "A Course in Miracles,” a non-profit religious/educational organization, because that most closely reflects the act of love which Paul is being.


An interesting phenomenon, however, has emerged. The "clothing" for the act of love, which was meant for Caesar's eyes only, has been easily construed to be real by everyone else, even though Paul knows he has no clothes on. It is the reverse of The Emperor's New Clothes. It is difficult, for example, to look at the letterhead above and not see an image of a company doing business—one where the dollar has to be the bottom line, not love. And yet you must, if you would not be as deluded as the Emperor who thought there were clothes when there were not.


Business is transactional. It guarantees equity—this for that, or no deal. It is employed in the absence of trust and love, and it lacks the conscious involvement inherent in them.


As the expression of gratitude in the form of financial support has diminished during the past year, the methods of "business" have tempted Paul, as well as some of you. "You're sitting on a gold mine!" "People would be willing to pay for these materials." "You've got to get them out in the mainstream and market them!"


This only sounds reasonable because it is familiar. But notice how it shifts attention from the function of love to the form! And then remember your common sense: When you reduce love to form and market it, it’s called prostitution, and it is no longer love.


No. Instead of being tempted to believe he is wearing clothing which the experience of being love proves he is not, Paul continues to extend love without making you or anyone else responsible for guaranteeing equity. When requests for materials can be filled, they are filled. When gatherings can be held, they are. The website on the Internet has been more fully developed and now includes CD-quality audio recordings of the newest gatherings which anyone, anywhere in the world can listen to. And the gift goes on! The simple fact is that we will not trade the function of Love for the clothing of business.


Remember: Form follows function. Creation follows Being. The infinite manifestation of God follows God-being-God. And we have what we give.



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October 25, 1999


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