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Update: A New Home for Gatherings and Retreats



Dear friends,


It has been five weeks since I apprised everyone of the intent to purchase a new home for the Foundation, and during this time there has been an incredible outpouring of love, appreciation and financial support for the endeavor. I wish to thank everyone who has chosen to be part of the movement.


When Love inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way, obstacles dissolve, fears subside, and the purpose of Being unfolds. As each one has Listened to know what Love would do, it has "looked like" many things:


·        The purchase Fund has increased to $61,600.00.

·        Financing has been secured in the most ideal form.

·        Normal non-lending practices with regard to non-profit organizations have not stood in the way.

·        Before it was even known that they would be needed, two individuals offered to stand as guarantors of the loan without being asked.

·        The State inspector found absolutely nothing wrong with the house, and the appraiser found it to be worth more than the sale price and was moved to comment on the excellence of the workmanship in its construction.

·        Paul and Susan are learning that fear is the handmaiden of faithlessness and that when they choose Love as their guide instead of faithlessness, the purpose of Being is not experienced as laborious or exhausting.


I am aware that many are waiting until just prior to the closing of escrow to add their support in order to make up any deficiency existing at that point—which is where we are now. This was wisdom, because the lending institution is requiring a larger down payment than originally estimated by the loan officer.


As a result, the Purchase Fund must grow another $37,400 by June 24th—an  amount that could be met by a one-time contribution of $18.70 from each person on the mailing list. Once again, however, I am inviting those of substantial means to contribute up to $10,000 or more—not only to reduce the amount of the loan and thereby the mortgage payments, but to help cover the costs of moving, setting up the office, and making necessary modifications to accommodate the temporarily handicapped.


This move is about meeting the need, not acquiring assets. It is about having a place where orders can be filled, where Gatherings can be held regularly, and the activities of the Foundation can be engaged in without being subject to the terms of a lease or a landlord's intent regarding his property which might be at variance with my intent for the work we are engaged in. Your support—your generous support at this time—will help us continue to make the gift with the greater ease and stability that a permanent home base allows. It's that simple.


My love embraces everyone, and I want to assure those outside the United States that we will continue to hold Gatherings in other countries as well as in our new home.



Kingston, Washington

May 28, 2000



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