P.O. Box 1490, Kingston, WA 98346-1490 \ USA


Dear Friends,


I want to thank everyone who responded with financial support to my last communication. And I know that added to my thanks are the thanks of all those who discovered their orders in their mailboxes after waiting for them for six or eight months.


However, there is still a great deal to do. Orders received since last June remain partially or totally unfilled, awaiting the means to purchase supplies, postage, and pay reasonable salaries to those who do the work.


The practical fact is that it does cost something to carry on our activities at no charge. Monthly expenses amount to $10,000 just to stay abreast of incoming orders and a regularly published newsletter. Gatherings cost approximately $5,000 each. Even the Foundation's website on the Internet, where many of the materials are available at the click of a mouse, costs the Foundation $600 a month, and it is increasing.


If these numbers cause you to feel helpless, I want you to consider Paul and Susan. They have committed their lives to this activity—one in which they can exercise no control and constantly sit on the edge of charity. And yet, they would have it no other way. They trust the nature of Gift.


You are well aware that the world does not operate on the basis of Gift. It does not yet see the practical truth of the statement: "To have, give all to all." It does not see that "transactional love" is not love at all! And yet it does generally acknowledge that the ultimate answer to all problems is Love.


In down-to-earth terms, Love can be described as: What you are when you care enough to give the very best. And it is characterized by the absence of any need for reciprocity—no strings. Like the sun, shining, it just gives, and gives, and gives itself away.


This is what Paul and I are being…together. And because of Paul's commitment, it is what we will continue being…together. In the truest sense, Love is charitable. It is the natural expression of caring. And this is why there will never be a charge for anything associated with what we are being…together.


I am inviting you to join us in making this Gift to everyone who is reaching out for it. In very down-to-earth terms, I am asking you to dig into your wallets and actualize your caring…and to do it every month!


It's very simple. Paul and Susan and I cannot do it alone.


Paul is extremely uncomfortable whenever I dictate one of these letters. To him, it feels like begging. But it is not. What we are doing is standing as intercessors on behalf of those (including you) who desire to have these materials—materials, which can only be received if someone makes a gift of them. To you, this may feel like an awkward and unnatural way to do things, even though you do it every day, in other ways, for those you love.


Lest you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of what I am inviting you to do, let me share this: If everyone on the mailing list contributed just $5 per month, it would equal almost exactly $10,000—the basic monthly expenses. Imagine what could be done with an additional $5 and you will see how much a small expression of caring would bless those seeking the blessing (including you).


I want you to know that Paul and Susan will be relieved and blissfully happy to see orders filled promptly, Foundation bills paid promptly, newsletters coming out regularly, and to be able to resume traveling to do gatherings.


I love you.



Kingston, Washington

February 25, 2000