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Thank You!


Dear friends,


It is with much gratitude and joy that I write to you—gratitude for the love so many have expressed in terms of financial support for the purchase of the new home, for the prayers and pleasure you have expressed relative to the move, and joy because each gift given, whether large or small, was given from the heart. I recognize the love of Truth embodied in each one.


Now that the Foundation has moved into its new home, everything is being done to prepare for the first Gatherings as well as beginning to fill the requests for materials which have been on hold while the purchase and move occurred. The preparations include building shelving for the offices [already completed], readying the bathrooms for the “handicapped,” replacing the carpet in the bathrooms with tile, and building a new driveway and ramp to make the home accessible to wheelchairs.


It is not my intent for Paul and Susan to be personally responsible for meeting the expense of these preparations. Indeed, they have no means to do so. Nevertheless, Paul did begin to try, and in his frustration, he brought his dilemma to me. My answer to him expresses once again the nature of the work he and I are involved in, as well as the way the Foundation works, and I would like to share it with you:



RAJ: You have inquired about the “need” to start making a charge for the tapes, books and Newsletters created in the office while making them all available at no charge on the Internet. This is untenable. And there is a reason for this. I have said it before, but I will remind you that what we are doing/being is a gift of Love, and there can be no place in the expression of that Love where It can appropriately be transformed into a transaction and remain Love. The gift would be lost by the slightest subversion of what It is.


It would only seem wise (practical) to do so because “this for that” is a historical, traditional form of guaranteeing stability—and that really means solvency. It seems easier because it involves control and relieves one of the need for trust. Yet trust is inseparable from “Thy will be done”—reliance on God in the minutiae of daily life.


God being all—the movement of Creation—is the pure and ultimate meaning of “Gift.” Therefore, it is the function of Being, and is the nonexistence of transaction. Awakening is the shift from cause and effect to the ever-transformational action of Wholeness, of indivisibility. Not as an idea, but as your conscious experience of Be-ing.


What you refer to as “practical needs” met in a “practical way” would simply continue the ignorance of practical Wholeness—indivisibility—obscuring the trust [and the fulfillment which is inseparable from it] which is essential to the indivisible experience of Wholeness.


So, you must be strict here, in your mind, keeping the Gift from being subtly subverted and ultimately lost, as though a spiritual principle can be translated into language of the human condition and thus meet a need (or lack) that doesn’t divinely exist.


Divine Love, the Father’s Love, meets the human need because It shifts the one experiencing the need into the spontaneous act of extension—sharing without recompense—like Joy bubbling forth. And in this unselfconscious act [in which self-protection is literally inconceivable], the indivisible Wholeness of Be-ing becomes the actual experience of no need left to be met.


It is now, when expansion is manifest, that habit rears its head and says, “Look at how much more you have to be responsible for.” It would distract you from the clarity that What extended the “more” is inseparable from the indivisible Wholeness of the “more” and that the Gift, not self-preservation, must go on.


This is a time for great joy. Literally! Feel for it, rather than a conscientious effort to engage control to “steady the boat” and ultimately lose the Movement.


I encourage both of you to recognize the utter practicality of being the place where God shines through and thereby provide no place for fear to suggest that perceived lack can be successfully dealt with through cause and effect—control. Especially spiritually based controls.


Relax, and be the Gift.



Susan will not be pleased to find that yet another contribution form is being included with this [snail mail] letter. It is not meant to disturb, but to provide an avenue for extension on behalf of everyone attending Gatherings at the Foundation’s new home—and especially those who cannot presently perform the simple act of climbing a flight of stairs.


Everyone here looks forward to sending out a Schedule of Gatherings very shortly, and the resumption of regularly published Newsletters. I know that all of you who attend a Gathering in the Foundation’s new home will immediately appreciate the gifts, the love, that made its purchase and the modifications possible…and everyone will enjoy the increase of “The Raj Materials” which will result.



August 18, 2000

Kingston, Washington


P.S. Please note the Foundation’s new phone numbers below:


PHONE: 360-638-0530

24-HOUR FAX: 360-638-0531