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A New Home for Gatherings and Retreats



Dear Friend,


As you know from my last letter, interest in the materials and activities of the Foundation has been increasing, and yet the means to satisfy that interest had been inadequate. The fact is that everyone's warm, enthusiastic and immediate response to that letter in support of our work is resolving the problem and movement has resumed.


However, as is always true, the willingness to let in and share the movement of love brings with it more fulfillment than one expects. Indeed, the Foundation is not only functional, it has, in addition, been given the opportunity to purchase a home, which is uniquely congruent with its activities. At my direction the Foundation acted promptly, made an offer on April 15th which was accepted, and the new home is now in escrow with closing set for June 15th, 2000.


The four-year old home is beautifully situated on half an acre of land overlooking Hood Canal and the Olympic Mountains, which are capped with snow virtually year round. And having 4,850 square feet of living space, including a "great room" which can easily accommodate 60 to 100 people, it provides an intimate, ever present venue for holding two or three-day Gatherings as well as residential retreats for smaller groups. Included is approximately 1300 square feet of space for the office on a separate floor.


The grounds, having already had $68,000 worth of landscaping done, will provide those attending the Gatherings plenty of room to spread out and relax during breaks and enjoy the magnificent view and peaceful surroundings.


As I said, I instructed the Foundation to secure this home to hold Gatherings in and carry on the work, and it has done so on trust, since it does not have the funds for the down payment. But, I have done this knowing that the financial support needed, and the willingness to provide it for this major step, is available from those on the Foundation's mailing list.


The price of the home is $372,100 and the down payment is $72,000—of which the Foundation has already paid $3,000. The balance of $69,000 could be met by a one-time contribution of $34.50 from each person on the mailing list and, indeed, everyone is invited to participate. However, I am specifically inviting those of substantial means to contribute as much as $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or more, knowing that it will not only insure the meeting of the June 15th date of closing, it will also reduce the principle, the mortgage payments and, most importantly, create a permanent home where Paul and I can make the Gift easily and everyone can look forward to coming.


A fund has been established specifically and only for the purchase of this new Foundation retreat center, into which your contribution will be placed. And if, for any reason, the sale is not consummated, your contribution will be returned to you no later than July 15th, 2000. If you would like any further information, don't hesitate to call Paul at the Foundation phone number: 360-297-4877.


We look forward to resuming an active schedule of Gatherings/Retreats in the Foundation's new home by the end of summer and, most of all, seeing you there!



April 24, 2000

Kingston, Washington



PHONE: 360-297-4877

24-HOUR FAX: 360-297-7222