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Dear friends,


To everyone who contributed toward the new tape-copying equipment, a belated but wholehearted thank you! It has been purchased and the great number of requests for audio tapes is beginning to be filled. The capacity to easily meet the increasing requests for tapes with this equipment is a great source of relief and joy in the office. Again, thank you!


There is, however, still a great need—notfor a one-time increase of financial support, but for a broader ongoing, consistent expression of giving. And when I say "broader," I mean the fuller participation of everyone on the mailing list—not just a few.


Let me be perfectly clear: I am not addressing those experiencing an inability to contribute, but those who can and are not; those who want to but, not realizing how much it is needed, neglect to follow through; or those who think the Gift can be made with no visible means of support—without giving.


Paul and his wife, together with Judy, constantly "live on the edge," as it were, not always knowing whether they will receive a salary in full, in part, or at all. And still, with and without my encouragement, they persist in making the gift—filling requests for materials and holding Gatherings with willingness and joy.


Contributions have diminished over the past year to the point where expenses exceed them. Long distance service on one phone line has been suspended. There are overdue bills. There was a great delay in sharing the good news with everyone about the purchase of the tape-copying equipment (for lack of postage), and a loan had to be made this past week to cover the rent and payroll taxes. I cannot allow Paul, Susan and Judy to willingly continue without speaking up.


You see, it is not up to Paul to figure out how to give more for less. He has assumed that it is his lack of clarity, which accounts for the inequity. At times, he has even questioned my intelligence in insisting that everything we do together be done as a gift, because "obviously it doesn't work!" But, I will reaffirm: There is a vast difference between "paying to get" and "paying to give." The experience of the difference is my gift to you by refusing to employ the former. And the transfer value of the learning involved, here, will be transformational.


I will give you a little exercise to practice: Every time you buy something, consider the fact that you are making a gift instead of a purchase. Then contemplate just who the receiver of the gift is (and there will usually be many). And then consider the meaning your gift has for the recipients. Last, but not least, notice how you're feeling!


It's not the business firm that benefits—the grocery store, the gas station, the department store. It's the people—the clerks, the managers, the woman or man who owns the building the business is in, the people in the accounting firm who handle the business' books, all of their families, and on and on. How many real people—as opposed to "Shell Oil" or "Safeway" or "Macy's"—are directly affected by even a measly fifty-cent purchase made by you? In the presence and employment of this attitude of Gift, it will be difficult to feel alone and useless. More than that, it will be difficult not to feel Whole!


Someone recently sent in a $4 contribution toward the tape-copying equipment. She asked, “Could you tell me what the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles is?” Well, it's three real people who, to the best of their ability, listen for the Voice for Truth and extend It—each in his or her own way. And it's you, the real person who finds the gift valuable in support of your Awakening to the Voice within you. And it's everyone, together, not becoming so ungrounded that they forget that in the absence of having to "pay to get" they cannot forget to "pay to give." And that this is divine economics!


There are some who, hearing of this letter, will say, "Did you hear? The Foundation is having difficulty." Well, there ain't no such critter as "the Foundation" to have difficulty. But there is you and everyone else on the mailing list having difficulty receiving tapes, update letters, acknowledgments of contributions, more frequent newsletters and, perhaps, a Gathering in your area. And there is Paul, Susan and Judy who are having difficulty doing what they love, which everyone is waiting for and wanting them to do.


I am going to ask everyone who is able, but has not been standing in active support of the gifts extended to them, to make a commitment of $20 a month—a pledge to everyone on the mailing list. Such a pledge, if received from everyone, would far exceed what is needed. And if, indeed, an excess is received, I will be the first to inform everyone that less is needed.


This is how radical idealism is translated into practical realism!



Kingston, Washington

May 18, 1997