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Paul Norman Tuttle

Executive Director

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Dear friend,


The gift of that which triggers the remembrance of Home is not inconsequential, and I am sure you will agree that it is much needed at this time. The enclosed issue of Conversations with Raj addresses the call for Awakening in most relevant ways without distracting one from the here and now where Vision will reveal the Kingdom of Heaven, which has always been at hand. That these triggers, these reminders of Reality, remain visible and available, both to those who are seeking and haven't found as well as those who have, is important to the graceful and unretarded shift of consciousness called Awakening.


At the present, you are one of a minority who have become aware of the Raj Material and/or A Course in Miracles, and having done so, you stand in a position of facilitating the ease with which others can likewise become aware of that which triggers the discovery of what they are seeking. To this end, you are needed, like a member of a bucket brigade passing the "water of Life" from one set of hands to the next, extending the Father's love in an ongoing gift which seeks nothing in return, but in having given, has received.


I am inviting you to join in extending these materials wherever there is an inquiring mind by remembering that you are free to copy them and pass them on—both the printed materials and the audio tapes. I am inviting you, as well, to replace the transactional element of business dealings—“What do I get out of it?"—with the joy of knowing what another will get out of it. It is in this way that you join the brigade of love, establishing "the attitude of Heaven" on earth—an essential element of Awakening, and an essential element of this work which is identified by the words, "Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles."


Since those on the Foundation's mailing list are the only ones who know the value of the Raj Materials and are therefore the only ones who can extend them, I am specifically inviting you to remember your significance in that extension and ask you to make a commitment to the financial support of the Foundation as well.


I am aware that some do not like my decision to make all of the Foundation's activities available at no charge, operating instead on the basis of Gift. I am also aware that although others don't understand what I'm doing, they are curious, watching to see what happens. Some have assumed that if it doesn't work, I will once again set a charge. But while everyone is holding their breath to see what will happen, nothing is happening. What the Father is extending is not being extended and the meaning of Gift is lost to the ones watching and waiting as well as to those whom the "watchers" would bless by their participation in the extension.


And so, I need to be very clear on two points:


·        First, we will not reestablish any form of pricing for the Raj Materials or Gatherings. They will always remain a gift.


·        Second, the Foundation is severely in arrears.


There is a simple remedy, however: You are one of 1,019 who have asked to be on our mailing list, and if you and everyone else make a gift of $20 a month for the next three months the Foundation's monthly expenses will be met and back payments will be able to be brought current. After that if everyone were to make a simple contribution of $10 a month, it would keep the Foundation operational and provide the freedom to then plan and hold much-wanted and requested Gatherings which it is presently financially unable to do.


In closing, I extend gratitude to all who have felt inspired to support this work over the years. Gifts, both large and small, have contributed globally to more hope-filled lives. I receive the thanks almost daily in letters of appreciation, but it has been everyone's gifts in this "brigade of love" which have carried the inspiration in a network of Brotherhood to those who have expressed their thanks to me. And so, I pass their gratitude on to you.



Kingston, Washington

July 25, 1995