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Paul Norman Tuttle

Executive Director

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Kingston, WA 98346-1490



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Dear friends,


Our extension of Love is being received by everyone in an ever-increasing fashion and, as a result, the days are busier than ever, filling more and more requests for materials.


This increase, however, has exceeded the capacity of the tape-duplicating equipment we have been using, and this has resulted in a growing backlog of requests—almost 500 sets of audio tapes awaiting duplication! This backlog will be further magnified with the availability of the new tapes from the Scotland, England, and Asilomar Gatherings announced in the enclosed newsletter and catalogue.


The solution lies in the purchase of new tape-duplicating equipment which will quadruple the output, provide greater ease for the two individuals who do all the work in the office, and allow for all tape requests to be filled quickly.


The cost of this new equipment will be $8,000.00, and I am inviting everyone on the mailing list to join in a one-time "special" contribution of $4.00 (four dollars) to cover the purchase—a gift which will help us give more abundantly than the current equipment will allow. In the meantime, all requests for audio tapes will be happily, although slowly, filled.


Many of you, from time to time, have asked how you can help...expressing a financial powerlessness because you "have so little to give." And yet, for perspective, a gift of only $10 a month from everyone who has requested to be on the mailing list would double the contributions presently being received from a relative few. Such abundance from "so little" would provide an ongoing practical ease in doing the work, as well as opening the door for the reprinting of You Are The Answer, making the Gatherings available in print, having the materials available on the Internet, and increasing the extension.


I cannot define what Gift means or amounts to, and that is not my purpose here. My purpose is to convey to you that the "little" you think you have to give is truly significant, truly meaningful. And most of all, it is truly appreciated every time someone opens a mail box to discover a newsletter, book, or set of tapes, which your "little" expression of love helped put there!


Indeed, what a delight it is to open your mail box and find a newsletter, or the announcement of new tapes which are available…or new tapes, themselves! And what a delight it is for me to see this happen as a matter of Gift rather than transaction—matter of Love reflected in love!


You may not be aware of it, but tomorrow, Paul and I begin our 16th year of being together in the context of Love—where survival is neither calculated nor instinctively forced from a level of fear, and Be-ing is allowed to replace it in the constant flow of caring, where fear is nonexistent.


This is what Truth is about…the truth that "sets you free" when you know it.


I am grateful when I watch you grappling with this idea of Gift, and that you are willing, even hesitantly, to relate to the Foundation without the established guidelines of barter and trade—transactional business. Indeed, I am doing whatever I can to promote your arriving at a point of personal helplessness, where mutual agreements as to "how things work" and "what things mean" no longer apply, and you have to dig deeply to discover what Love is and let It guide you.


I am not here to nurture and promote abstract Truth, but living Truth, living Love, directly from the experience of It—something which mutual agreements as to what Truth and Love are, keep you from. Why am I so unreasonable? Because it is your Birthright not to be experiencing fear, lack, and the insane domination of a so-called survival instinct.” That is what is unreasonable.


The dictionary says that a beneficiary is "one who receives benefits, profits, or advantages." Sounds like a Son of God to me! Can you see that operating on the basis of Gift makes everyone a beneficiary, and that "having" becomes the unpremeditated and uncalculated state of Being?


"But in this world, will it work?" you ask. "Is it working?" I respond. Look at the accompanying newsletter. Did you receive it by virtue of a contract, an obligating business agreement between you and us which was sealed by the exchanging of cash? Look at the catalog, and what's available inside. Request something and see if you get it! Literally, you are the beneficiary of Love, of caring expressed and extended to you by many like you, and nothing else! Everyone is the beneficiary of each other's caring. It is working...and has been working for the past 15 years—as long as Paul has dug deeply to find out what Love is and has extended It with me. And many of you have joined, even without understanding fully what it means.


Some of you still grapple, and this is fine. Such grappling is the precursor of discovery. Others of you reason that the idea of Gift creates unnecessary limitations—that selling the materials and placing them in the bookstores will reach so many more people and "get the Word out" where it's needed. But, as someone beautifully said, "We don't have to get the Word out, we have to let the Word in!”


You know, the Word may be Love, but Love is not a word! And Love isn't something you do, It's something you let! You entrust It to Its divine intent to find the receptive heart, letting the Father's Hand guide It there unerringly.


Again: You have to dig deeply to discover what Love is and let It guide you! Never try to market Love, and know that whatever you can market is not Love. It is Love, not fear, which is the Gift that keeps on giving, and unlike pyramid schemes, the last ones to receive It are not short-changed.


This has been my opportunity to acknowledge you in your receipt and extension of Love together with your willingness to discover what Love is, and I am grateful.



Kingston, Washington

February 6, 1997