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Dear friends,


This past Wednesday, February 14th, a debt of $12,068.00 was called due by the Internal Revenue Service. It was accomplished by the levying of $8,741.00 in the Foundation's bank account. This left $3,327.00 of the debt still immediately due as well as insufficient funds to cover approximately $6,000 worth of checks, which had already been written. These included rent, phone and utilities. Needless to say, no salaries were paid to Judy or Paul this past Friday.


At this point, according to the Foundation's accountant, the legitimacy of the debt is irrelevant. It must be paid in order for the Foundation to continue functioning, and what is legitimate or illegitimate must be determined later.


With a new issue of the Newsletter almost completed and orders ready to be filled, everyone here is intent upon continuing the Foundation's activities. In one form or another the work will continue—the gift will continue to be made—but in order for it to continue in the form of the Foundation your immediate help is invited and needed!


Paul, Susan and Judy will be happy to receive your calls if you should have any questions or concerns, and I encourage you to remember that your gift, no matter how small, makes a difference.


We will send an update letter to let everyone know what is happening.



Kingston, Washington

February 17,1996