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Dear friends,


It is with a great deal of joy that this Newsletter is sent out. I trust that you will enjoy it. The Foundation has relocated, unpacked, and begins to function once again, and it feels good.


There is much that everyone wants us to do, including the publication of the Newsletter with regularity, once again holding Gatherings, and making the Gatherings available in print for the first time—to name just a few. However, having sent this issue on its way, we are unable to proceed. And so, I would like to take a moment to share again the unusual means by which the Foundation functions, since I am aware that there is some misunderstanding.


I have shared before that all audio tapes, newsletters, and books available through the Foundation have been provided "at cost," meaning that the minimal amount charged for them covered only the cost of materials and postage. In spite of this, many have assumed that the words "at cost" meant that all normal business expenses necessary to making the materials available were included—with no additional profit built in. This was incorrect.


The Foundation has, in the past, met all of its operating expenses solely from the generosity and love expressed through contributions—love reflected in love. And, at my direction, it has taken no steps to secure an independent financial base from which to operate—no grants have been sought and no investments have been made—nor will any steps of this sort be taken in the future. To its discredit, it has been suggested that the Foundation does not conduct itself in a business-like manner. But, to its credit, I confirm that it does not, because it is not a business.


Although it is true that non-profit corporations are allowed by law to generate nontaxable profit and even become megalithic structures capable of providing financial endowments themselves, from first to last the Foundation embodies only the gift of brotherly love, and if it could be done without any structure, it would. Indeed, the simple fact is that the non-profit corporate structure under which the Foundation operates is a "suffer it to be so now," a "rendering unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's," since the law requires an accounting of the movement of money. And the structure is utilized because it allows the expression of love received in the form of contributions to remain wholly available to the Foundation's activities, undepleted by income taxes.


In light of current maximal contributions from a decreasing number of contributors, normal business practices would call for the instituting of controls for survival—establishing charges for what in the past it freely gave, increasing charges for what it provided at cost, and forbidding the duplication and sharing of the materials provided by the Foundation to insure maximum income. That is not consistent with my Purpose.


And so, to make everything utterly and unmistakably clear, I would like to share that from now on, all activities of the Foundation and all materials it makes available, including the Newsletter, will be provided without charge of any kind. In addition, during this next year the printed materials will be made available on the Internet, freely accessible around the globe, together with permission to copy and share them without restriction.


In order to do these things, the Foundation will rely solely upon the voluntary contributions and ongoing support of those who wish to participate in making the Raj Materials available wherever there is an inquiring mind. You are invited to join with those whose financial participation will make possible this global networking and sharing by sending your tax-deductible contributions to:



P.O. Box 1490

Kingston, WA 98346



You see, rather than embodying its existence as a business entity, together with the supposed "need to survive," the Foundation embodies the nature of my Purpose, which is the extension of love—brotherly love. Its goal is inclusion, embrace. Therefore, in all respects, it expresses the meaning of Gift. And so, instead of instituting controls for survival, we make it all a Gift, and start out 1995 not only in a new home, but on a clear basis.


Joined in Brotherhood that only "looks like" business, we will continue to walk together in the Gift of Love, however that might look.



Kingston, Washington

March 9, 1995