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Dear friends,


Thank you for your patience during this extended period of silence. Much has happened and there is much to share. This letter, however, will be brief and I will leave the details of what has transpired to the forthcoming Newsletter.


I wish to thank everyone for their loving support in attempting to secure the residence in Kauai from foreclosure. The funds needed to bring the two mortgages current were received and the two companies were informed of our readiness to do so. What followed was double-talk, vagueness, and a reluctance to consummate the agreement on the part of the holder of the 2nd mortgage, and finally, in mid-October, their attorneys advised the Foundation's attorney that in spite of the agreement, they would begin foreclosure proceedings in 5 days, which they did.


At this point, I advised Paul and Susan that we would abandon the property and take immediate steps to relocate in the vicinity of Seattle, Washington. And when Paul informed the attorney of this decision, the attorney confirmed that from a business standpoint this was a sound decision—that any further legal steps would involve a minimum cost of $25,000 for legal fees and court costs, with no guarantee of success. The move was made swiftly, and at this moment there are only 5 boxes left to unpack before normal activities can resume.


The need from the beginning of this venture has been for a stable home base, and the Foundation has secured a most adequate brand new residence, with a 5-year lease, in which the work can continue. We are ready now to resume a schedule of Gatherings, the publication of the Newsletter and the filling of orders, and I am happy to say that Judy Hilton moved with us also, and will continue to work in our office and answer your calls.


The Foundation's new address is:



P.O. Box 1490

Kingston, WA 98346-1490


As of January 15th the new phone number will be:




And as of January 20th the new Fax number will be:




It is with a great deal of joy that everyone looks forward to engaging in the normal activities of the Foundation, minus the preoccupation of securing a stable home base. Please feel free to call us regarding unfilled orders placed during this time of transition, or if you have questions, or even if you just want to touch base with us.


Needless to say, the move was expensive, but everyone's contributions, which were not accepted by the mortgage company, made the move and the leasing of the new residence possible, covering most of the costs. As we resume activities from our new home base, we again need to invite your financial support to "replenish the coffers" which the move depleted, and although the need is real and immediate, it is not monumental.



Kingston, Washington

January 10, 1995