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Dear friends,


Without support, the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles cannot continue to perform its function of making the Raj Materials available and thereby actively promoting or facilitating the shift of consciousness which mankind is entering into. Orders received daily for the materials, together with letters of appreciation from corners of the globe where no mailings have ever been sent, indicate the value placed upon the materials and their spontaneous outreach.


Nevertheless, in spite of the repeated explanations that the materials are provided at cost (meaning within five cents of what the materials and postage cost the Foundation), that no profit or salaries are built in, and that the Foundation operates solely on the basis of contributions/gifts, there has been an almost total absence of contributions for the past four months.


Notwithstanding the continued dedicated and appreciated support of a handful of contributors, we are at an apparent standstill.


1. We have orders to fill, but are unable to buy blank tapes, binders, or the postage to ship them.


2. We have a 36-page special issue of Conversations with Raj, which was to be sent to the whole mailing list as a gift. Three hundred seventy-five of them, destined for Europe and the Pacific Rim, still sit in our office, unmailed. The postage for these alone will be over $850.00.


3. A significant 3-day Gathering was held two weeks ago in Kauai, yet the recording cannot be mastered and made available until a new tape recorder is purchased. And, as usual, this Gathering was provided at no charge.


4. A five-day residential Gathering scheduled for April 16-22 in Vermont WILL NOT BE CANCELED although travel arrangements cannot yet be secured for Paul and Susan.


5. A new $21,000 photocopier has replaced a slower, older model, increasing monthly expenses, but capable of handling the volume of orders for printed materials which continuously arrive in the mail.


In other words, at my direction, the Foundation continues to operate as though the "standstill" is apparent but not actual. The intent and willingness to hold Gatherings on the East Coast, West Coast, Europe, Australia, and yet another in Hawaii during the remainder of this year—all of them at no charge—remain in place.


I recently told Paul and Susan, "I have not set this up so that it won't work. I have set it up so that it won't work without mutual support!" We will not turn the movement of God into a business where Love can be purchased and treated as a commodity.


I also told them, "We could charge for everything and include in the costs all expenses, as well as profit to allow for growth, and no one would be called upon to find a means of expressing gratitude. Everyone feels gratitude, but it must then be extended—expressed."


"The two of you cannot afford to think that it's all up to you, nor can you afford to listen to others when they say, in effect, 'You should handle your business in such a manner that we don't have to go out of our way to express gratitude, having to be conscious that we are doing it.’”


Awakening is about removing the blocks to Love.


This work that we are engaged in is about removing the blocks to Love—not thinking about it, not discussing the pro's and con's, but actually functioning in a manner that removes the blocks!


Again, the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles is not a business, and if everyone who is enjoying the materials and finding them valuable will consciously express their gratitude in perfect harmony with their means or lack of means, there will be enough abundance to provide all of the materials free! That is how much this is not a business, but an extension of Love.


Someone may say, "Either way, you have to pay." My answer is, "No. Either way, you have to love!” The ego's way is to love unconsciously—which is not love—and yet you pay. Love's way is to feel love, which cannot be truly felt without being extended relevantly, meaningfully—and although one "pays," it is not experienced as cost or loss. A relationship in which love is felt, but not expressed as affection, withers and dies. If it is to thrive, those in the relationship cannot have the luxury of the choice to leave their love unexpressed. It is that simple, and it is that basic.


The only substance the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles has is the Gift of love, which Paul makes by Listening to the Voice for Truth and sharing It by conducting himself on no other basis. But, that is not all, since that does not require the existence of a non-profit organization. The "other half" of the substance of the Foundation is the receipt of the Gift and Its extension—gratitude expressed relevantly—what one normally calls affection in a relationship. Love is not a commodity to be paid for without involvement, but that is what business would make of it.


There are two obvious steps, which can be taken. The first is with regard to the mailing list. It has grown through the years and now includes those who are no longer interested in the materials. Rather than ask those who are no longer interested in being on the mailing list to put forth the energy to let us know, I will invite everyone who is interested to simply fill out and return the enclosed form. Whoever wishes to stay abreast of the Foundation's activities is invited and welcomed to be on the mailing list.


The second step is to reduce the indebtedness of the Foundation. At the moment, it has only two debts: A remaining $300,000 mortgage, and the $21,000 balance on the photocopier. As I said at the beginning of the building project, it is appropriate for the Foundation's home base to be free and clear of debt. The clearing of these two debts would reduce the monthly expenses by $3,300.00, thus freeing up contributions for the actual charitable purposes for which the Foundation exists.


The ongoing Gift that we are making awaits, simply and patiently, the relevant means of extending it relevantly as a mutual expression of Love and Brotherhood.



Princeville, Hawaii

February 21, 1994


PS. Since writing the above, the question has been asked, "If this is God's Will, why isn't money just there? Why doesn't it just materialize?" The underlying meaning of the question was: "If this is a movement of God, why must everyone receive requests to support its fulfillment?"


The answer is: Because the learning has to do with Listening to the Voice for Truth without telling It what God's Will ought to be. One Listens to know what God's Will is so that one may fit in with It, whether It agrees with his prior concepts or not. It is also because the learning has to do with breaking down the isolation, the independent self-sufficiency, which is characteristic of the ego frame of reference.


Gleaning truth from the Voice for Truth does not help one become more independent from his fellow man, having less need of him, but rather discovering unity, togetherness, love...and, as has been said, “finding one's own in another's good.”


I could say, "If you are the Christ, why doesn't your Christ-hood just appear? Why must I teach you Who you Are? In addition, why must I teach you in the most oblique and subtle ways in order not to engage your complex ego responses, using parables and figures of speech?" The answer is that you don't know Who you Are, whether you ought to or not, and I must teach you in whatever way works, because...I love you!


The question is: "Do you love each other?" And do you think God is going to "make a miracle" which will relieve you of having to consciously love each other when that is the learning? No.


Someone else also asked today, "How can I feel inspired to love my fellow man?" And the answer is: By asking yourself what alternative you have that allows you to feel the Joy of being alive.