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August 22, 1994


Dear friends,


As many of you know, in August of last year the Foundation purchased a residence suitable for carrying on its activities, as well as providing living accommodations for Paul and Susan. This was accomplished by means of contributions from those on the mailing list, and it has been fulfilling its purpose beautifully. However, the Foundation was recently informed that the Seller of the house, from whom it was purchased under an Agreement of Sale, is declaring bankruptcy, and that foreclosure proceedings have already been initiated against the property by the holder of the 2nd mortgage.


The Foundation's attorney was promptly notified, and he began taking the steps necessary to secure the house against foreclosure. As a result, the mortgage holders have both agreed that if the Foundation will immediately bring the two mortgages current—paying all late fees, legal fees and arrearages which have been occasioned by the Seller—they will delay foreclosure, and allow the Foundation the time necessary to make new arrangements. The immediate need, then, is for $10,767.04, the amount necessary to cover these late fees, legal fees and arrearages. Once this need is met, the next step will be to refinance or pay off the mortgages, which amount to $323,262.28.


At the present time the Foundation's financial status—which includes a current bank balance of $1,724.22—is not equal to this call for sovereignty, and I once again extend an invitation to everyone to stand in active support of this work at this time and over the next few months until the need is met. Your participation will contribute to the Foundation's ability to continue to perform its function of making all of the materials available at cost, and to hold public Gatherings without charge—two criteria which I have irrevocably established as its method of operation.


For those who may be new on our mailing list, the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles publishes and distributes what has come to be called "The Raj Material," including two books, "You Are The Answer" and "Graduation: The End of Illusions"; a newsletter, "Conversations with Raj," and audio tapes of over 50 workshops held over the past nine years. It provides them all at cost—meaning, the price covers only the cost of materials and postage. In addition, everyone is invited to copy and share these materials with friends.


The provision of these materials has never been designed to generate income to cover the Foundation's operating expenses, salaries for its two full-time employees, the purchase and maintenance of equipment, mortgage payments, or the travel and other costs associated with holding public Gatherings. These expenses are met entirely through tax-deductible contributions. And the reason for this is that the work Paul and I are engaged in is nothing less than an expression of love—a gift! As such, it is an extension—a sharing, not a means of "getting"—and does not fall in the category of "business" or "business practices." Love is not and cannot be a commodity.


This expression of love will continue, no matter what happens to the "form" associated with its expression.


Now, because I know someone will ask for perspective, I will share the following:


There are currently 896 people on the Foundation's mailing list. A quick calculation will show that if each one were to contribute $373.00 it would totally cover the debt and the Foundation would be able to purchase the house, outright. At the other end of the spectrum, if each one were to contribute $13.00, it would clear the late fees, legal fees and arrearages, and the mortgage holders would give the Foundation time to secure new financing—making even the least contribution significantly meaningful. Anything between those two ends of the spectrum would have the beneficial effect of lowering the amount of financing needed and thereby reduce the Foundation's ongoing, expenses.


Since this situation draws upon all of the Foundation's resources, I look forward to its resolution so that we may proceed with the scheduling of Gatherings, the resumption of the Newsletter, and everything else we love to do.



August 25, 1994

Princeville, Hawaii