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NWFFACIM Building Project

Update Letter #2


Dear friends,


As many of you know, we are engaged in a building project. For those of you who are new to our mailing list, the residence in which the activities of the Foundation occur and Paul and Susan live will not be available after August 1st, and I have indicated that it is time for concrete steps to be taken to establish a home base for both the Foundation's activities and Paul and Susan, which will be permanent and free of debt.


Since the first letter announcing these steps on March 18th there has been a wonderful show of support and love. At this time a total amount of $33,221.60 has been contributed to the Building Fund, and on April 28th a $5,000 down-payment was made on a three-and-a-quarter-acre piece of land to which I led Susan and Paul. The asking price was $300,000.


I instructed Paul to offer $260,000 and the owner countered at the appropriate price of $270,000. At my direction this was a cash offer, due and payable in full on June 28th of this year. Your continuing support is requested.


We have had many offers from those willing to participate in the construction of the facility: contractors, painters, carpenters, electricians, drywallers—some as gifts, some for compensation. Joining in mutual intent is occurring in many ways.


I have shared with Paul and Susan that we will not have multiple buildings, but one building with three specific areas: 1. An office area capable of handling increasing activity, together with a library of The Raj Material—both published and unpublished—and a "quiet room" for the use of visitors to listen to and read the materials. 2. An open-air pavilion with movable walls to accommodate up to 200 people at future Gatherings. 3. A living area, including kitchen and bathroom facilities able to reasonably accommodate that many people during such Gatherings, which will also provide Paul and Susan with private quarters.


The land is wonderfully situated, allowing for Gatherings and the Foundation's publishing and distribution activities in a manner that will not be obnoxious to neighbors, while providing an environment in which both visitors and participants in Gatherings may enjoy the reemerging natural beauty of Kauai.


Our next Gathering will be in the new facility! And that is likely to be in February of 1994. It will be a 5-day Gathering, free of charge, and steps will be taken to arrange for reasonable accommodations for participants. During the succeeding twelve months we will again hold Gatherings on the West Coast, East Coast, Europe and Australia. Our conscious Brotherhood is continuing to expand.


In conclusion, I would like to share a conversation I had with Paul and Susan this morning relative to the Foundation and the building project:


"What we are doing has never been done before. The coincidence of the divine and human is being lived. Not as benefactor and beneficiary, but as inseparable Oneness. The facility will not be “our prayer in stone"—a limited extension from poor humanity to God, but rather the penetration of the divine into the human experience that demonstrates the human experience to be the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not the meeting of a human need, but a divine Act of union undoing the sense of separation. The ongoing Act of union is the event, and it looks like this facility, and it looks like support for this facility, but the facility itself is not the point.”


"We are all Brothers and Sisters, even though unconsciously, and the presence known as the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles and its home base is simply the focal point for the conscious experience of our Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Whether people hear from me directly, or in letters from the Foundation, or in Gatherings, I am more real to them as alive today, present and available to everyone, than at any time since the Ascension. That makes God more real, and confirms the Realness of every individual who is so aware. This is what this movement is about. This is the context of this building project."


It is important for everyone to know this.


In addition, I will share with you the following from A Course in Miracles, which epitomizes the meaning and function of this facility, of every Gathering, of every communication. It does not matter that it is from the Course. It is the meaning of the words that counts.


"Love, too, would set a feast before you, on a table covered with a spotless cloth, set in a quiet garden where no sound but singing and a softly joyous whispering is ever heard. This is a feast that honors your holy relationship, and at which everyone is welcomed as an honored guest. And in a holy instant grace is said by everyone together, as they join in gentleness before the table of communion. And I will join you there, as long ago I promised and promise still. For in your new relationship am I made welcome. And where I am made welcome, there I am."



May 19,1993

Princeville, Hawaii





I again want to thank Jenny and David O'Dwyer for the gift of the architectural plans and specifications for the facility, and I want to equally acknowledge the one-dollar bill given by a woman temporarily on welfare and every other gift that has been received. Every gift counts!


-- Raj --





We now have what we will call “The CompuServe Connection,” and you will find our CompuServe ID number in the letterhead. For those of you who are not familiar with CompuServe, it is an international computer information network accessible by modem from your personal computer for a minimal monthly rate. Each new issue of Conversations with Raj will be uploaded on the date of publication, making it immediately available around the world to all CompuServe members at no charge. E-Mail and messages for the Foundation will be easier and less expensive than a FAX and there are Forums in which two-way dialogues on just about any subject can be engaged in, including A Course in Miracles and The Raj Material. This is a wonderful extension—a broadening of the activity with less process.


Please leave a message for us so that we can add you to our CompuServe Address Book.





Conversations with Raj will increase in size, frequency of publication, and price (since it is provided at cost). It will become the primary means of communication, including all future Building Project Updates and announcements of activities.


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-- Raj --