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Paul Norman Tuttle

Executive Director

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Hanalei, HI 96714-0870


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Dear friends,

The Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles and Paul and Susan will soon be without a home. The owners of the property currently being leased wish to take possession of it at the end of August. This signals the need for bold steps to be taken to secure a permanent home for the Foundation's activities and for Paul and Susan as well. The nature and volume of the Foundation's growing activities make it impossible to move from location to location. It is time to settle down.

I am instructing Paul and Susan to begin locating suitable property to build upon. Since hurricane Iniki, there has been insufficient housing for the residents of Kauai, and there are no suitable structures available. Nevertheless, Kauai is where this work is to be based. It is my intent for the Foundation to establish a facility, which will include a residential area, an office area, and an open-air pavilion for Gatherings held on the island. It will not indefinitely be appropriate for Paul and Susan to travel extensively around the globe, and these facilities will provide the means for conducting the work and having ongoing Gatherings with ease.

More and more people are discovering and reaching for A Course in Miracles and what has come to be called The Raj Material, and facilities are needed to respond to the desire in a stable and grounded manner. These are not the first stages of the organization of a new church, nor of a Center, but rather of a simple accommodation of the needs relative to this work. It must be clear that Awakening is individual, and that the place to do it is where each one is in the world, and that one's unity is with his fellow man and not with members of a group.

This facility will cost slightly in excess of $500,000ónot excessive by any means considering the nature of the work being done. It will require immediate substantial financial support in order for the project to be completed before the end of the year, free of debt. The Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles, being a non-profit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation based in the state of Washington and registered to operate in the state of Hawaii, all contributions are therefore tax-free.

You are invited to share in the very practical steps set forth in this letter. Your willingness to support this endeavor, and even commitment to its successful completion, will be greatly appreciated, and all will be kept abreast of the progress.



Princeville, Hawaii

March 18,1993