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Dear friends,


Early on in our communion/relationship, I told Paul to keep his feet on the ground and his head not too far away. A metaphysically or spiritually valuable path is never irrelevant to the ground one is walking on, no matter how deluded his perception of it.


The grounded fact which called for the "bold steps" I referred to in my letter of March 18th was that on August 1st, less than nine weeks from now, the Foundation and its activities and Paul and Susan would be homeless. At no point has this fact been vague or unclearly stated, and it is obvious that without a place to operate from, there is no activity—no Newsletters, no tapes, no books, no Gatherings.


In many cases, my letters have been allowed to elicit a wide spectrum of ego reactions, from excitement about the new facility to doubts, fears and imaginative opinions about what it is all for, without an accompanying grounding question being asked: "Do I want these materials and public Gatherings to continue to be available to me?" Even more, "Do I want them to continue to be available at cost, or free, since that is the only condition under which they will be made available?


Less than 7% of those on the active mailing list have responded with financial support, bold or otherwise. This is indicative of heads too far away from the feet—minds caught up in spiritual and intellectual abstractions that have little to do with anything. A 7% response does not reflect the percentage of those who do value and have valued this work. It reflects confusion.


Groundedness reduces confusion.


August 1st = end of lease. End of lease = no place to carry on the work and live. Post-hurricane conditions = no rentals available on Kauai. No operation of the Foundation = no tapes, books, or Newsletters in your mailbox (even if they are delayed in arriving) and no free Gatherings to attend.


Again: Groundedness reduces confusion.


On May 23rd, I had the following grounding conversation with Paul and Susan:


RAJ: Deadlines and structures, conceptual specifics and orderliness are not what this is all about. This is a movement that is in the flow of life. It will be part of the local community and the world community. In other words, it will be relevant—not a cathedral or a stepping-stone to escape from the world. The facility will not imply, as the churches do, a means to get to the Kingdom of Heaven, but will be an example of being in the Kingdom of Heaven right here. This means that the unfolding of the facility is not a special event separate from the natural flow of life. It is not an interference, by virtue of being spiritual, to that which is utterly normal. It is divinity unfolding here. You might say it is being here in a new way that gives greater meaning to "being here."


The ego says, "there's nothing radical about that," suggesting that because it doesn't involve a radical departure from the norm, it can't really be spiritual, since the nature of Spirit is other-worldly—divine. That is the way the ego has always obscured Heaven an earth.


All that is happening now is that you are being here from your center rather than from your circumference. You are, gathering the facts from your Being rather than externals. Relax into the naturalness, the relevant naturalness, of this movement, rather than obscuring it by seeing it as special. This is where the flower is blossoming.


What I mean to convey here is a feeling of belonging. If you do not feel that you belong where you are, you will not allow the meaning of the Kingdom of Heaven to register with you.


PAUL: Raj, there has not been much indication financially that we belong here.


RAJ: You will not get your indication of "belonging” from a bank account balance. You will get it from Listening.


I will say this also: it is amazing that contributions amounting to $33,000 have been made in the short period of 60 days without big business techniques having been employed. You cannot constantly undermine the miracle by ignoring its miracle nature, nor can you give permission for the rest of the miracle.


The contributions are the manifestation of love, not business procedures, because someone has dared to be the presence of the Christ. This is not normal! Do not be mechanical or materialistically jaded in your assessment of what is happening.


Do you think everyone is supporting the construction of a building? No. They are expressing their love/desire for the ongoing presence of the Christ—the unobscured presence of the Father's Love. This is not normal! It is amazing. It is a miracle.


Do you notice that we are looking at the donut instead of the hole?


You tend to believe your intellectual ramblings, and that is disastrous. Thinking in absolute terms does not make your thinking absolute. It does tend to make it absolutely flawed!


It is not appropriate for you to continue further in a context of renters carrying on the work from place to place, as necessity requires. That has been the context for ten years. Now the stated context is: Permanence, free of debt. Everything is now happening in that context. You need to understand this. In this context, you will simply do whatever works, and you will not assume that "whatever works" may be something inconsistent with this context. That is clarity.


I understand that you think you are going to be homeless and in a state of struggle, but you are not. I will say again and again and again: This is where you belong ... truly belong.



Then, on May 30th, I redirected Paul's attention to a house for sale, which has ample space for the Foundation's activities to continue without interruption and accommodates both he and Susan. I directed him to make an offer, and the offer was accepted.


I have instructed him to withdraw the offer on the land mentioned in the prior letters—which will not involve the loss of the deposit. That land remains the appropriate permanent location for the Foundation's activities, and it will still be there when the funds are finally available to purchase it. In the meantime, relevancy has been maintained.



Later that same day, I shared the following with Paul and Susan:


You are indeed having to be real while at the same time not abandoning the ideal that must penetrate the real. Both the work and you must be anchored. The context has not changed.


Again: The context has not changed!


Again: We do what works in that context here on this island—not what works somewhere else. And you are not to live in substandard conditions.


The stability you feel is necessary is not a "personal want" but a comprehension of the truth. You must abide with it fearlessly. It is Knowing. We will withdraw the offer on the land, but not the intent to build the facility.


There must be a point of penetration in the dream, and it must be stable in order to register. An intermittent "beep" from here and there provides no focal point for the dreamer to shift his attention to. I cannot change the fact that Kauai is one such world focal point in the form of this work. There is no alternative.


Indeed, it is not appropriate for you to be coping with homelessness. That learning is well behind you. You must stay with me on the beam and share it! Only in this way will others have a focal point of duration in the dream, illuminating where the beam is—the avenue out of the dream.


For now, we will secure the means (the stable home base) for the teaching/work to continue.



More grounding clarity: If you want these activities to continue, you must support them. That is not a command or threat, but the simple truth—the way it works. These activities are not available on any other basis because any other basis would constitute "business practices" and Love is not a business!


I will not give you a "free" book, hot off the presses, for every $100 contribution. I will not set up a "fund-raising tour" of Gatherings to whet your appetite for a "fix" of Truth and loosen your purse-strings. I will only be Real with you as I/we have been for the past ten years. To have a home base from which to be Real with you is utter common sense, relevant—feet on the ground with the head not too far away.


The balance of the down-payment on the house—$110,000—will be required at the closing of escrow on or before August 1st. There are 2,038 people on our mailing list, which means that if everyone were able to pay an equal share, it would come to $53.98 per person. Not everyone can or will, but the information helps you to know that the approximate equivalent of dinner for two at a nice restaurant is all it takes. It is not outrageous!



Princeville, Hawaii

June 1, 1993