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Dear friends,


My letter of June 1st has created a lot of movement amongst those who received it—some pleasant, some unpleasant. The Christ does that, you know? It unsettles the ego and confirms the calm of the Self. No one should be surprised. Mostly, no one should be surprised at the necessity of having to reassess his concepts of the Christ. As someone wrote:


"After reading the last letter from Raj, I feel as though I have been praying to a dead horse for abundance when Jesus is requesting money from me! I need help to change my perceptions for sure!"


It is no longer appropriate to conceive of me as mystically separated from you, unable to respond to you with pertinent guidance relative to your specific situations and their nitty-gritty details and therefore dependent only on miracles of a magical nature. Never stop asking me for help relative to your human needs, but realize that the communication of practical steps in your human experience is not beyond the scope of my help.


There is, of course, something more at hand here than lack being replaced by abundance, and it revolves around the real meaning of Joining and Gift. Wholeness cannot possibly be experienced in isolation. One cannot be privately Whole. And contrary to belief, one cannot be Whole by just letting in everything else—letting down one’s defenses. One must “let in” and “make the Gift of Oneself.” It is a defenselessness in two directions!


There are no private actions because there really is no private "actor." What one gives or withholds from oneself is given to or withheld from all and what is given to or withheld from all is necessarily given to or withheld from the "giver"—not by God, but by the one giving or withholding. In the experience of waking up one discovers a new social responsibility, which is inseparable from spiritual maturity. That social responsibility is not a new level of obligation to others, but an unavoidable necessity to relinquish the belief in and right to privacy!


A friend from Ireland wrote:


"I will be honest in saying that I avoided opening your letter until last week only because I knew there was a request for financial help. When I read it, I realized how I was stopping the flow for myself in finding my ideal home at the right price and in the right location, by holding onto thoughts around lack and scarcity with money in a universe which is infinitely abundant. So now I direct this money to you from my higher self and once again see the lesson I am being given to learn around trusting myself and my divineness, and also seeing that divinity in others."


On June 25th a registered letter was received from a law firm on the U.S. Mainland. The opening paragraph said:


"On behalf of two of our clients who wish to remain anonymous, enclosed is a Cashier's Check in the sum of $33,000 payable to the order of NWFFACIM. This check is made as a charitable contribution and is intended to match funds which our clients understand you have collected to date for the purchase of a residence for your charitable endeavors."


The letter continued, in part:


"In order to further assist in your fundraising efforts, our clients have indicated that they will be willing to match funds...up to a maximum of $75,000 (including the enclosed $33,000 check)...Our clients' thinking is that NWFFACIM should at some appropriate point in time publicize this offer to match contributions as a means of encouraging fundraising. It is our clients' hope that in this way it will be easier for your contributors to give in LOVE knowing that NWFFACIM will receive $2.00 for every dollar they contribute."


This was an act of joining as well as a gift—not an act of privacy. Everyone was included. As of May 19th contributions to the Foundation's new home amounted to $33,221—the amount matched in the anonymous contribution. Since then additional contributions have amounted to $48,022 separate and apart from the anonymous gift. Thus, even without the "encouragement" of your knowing that the gifts would be matched and therefore doubled, more than $75,000 was contributed by everyone, and I now have the pleasure of informing you, after the fact, that as you embraced, you were embraced and your gifts were multiplied one-hundred-fold.


Escrow will close on July 28th with the full down-payment at hand and some to spare. My advice is: Don't be afraid to ask Jesus for help, and don't be surprised at how I answer your prayer.


On June 18th, Susan and I had the following conversation:


RAJ: The Gift is given whether you want it or not. And you can accept it whether you have wanted it or not. So, there's nothing to “get.” The act of wanting can seem to be a part of getting and one can get satisfaction from wanting "correctly," but it is all meaningless. In addition, one can feel guilty for wanting and, as you often do, attempt to create balance by having an alternative want in mind or no state of want at all. All of this is meaningless, tinkling brass. Again, the Gift is given whether you want it or not.


SUSAN: Does that mean that receiving it is up to us?


RAJ: Of course.


SUSAN: It's inevitable that we must receive it because if it is given by God, it must be received, right?


RAJ: Absolutely. All gifts are received, whether acknowledged or not.


SUSAN: I am not sure of anything, and so it feels like the only thing or event that I can truly receive is God. In other words, things are shifting so quickly that my attention can't rest on any one thing like a house, or…I could go on and on. Not that I'm not grateful, but it leads me to be disconcerted as to what to be really grateful for.


RAJ: My heart goes out to you. To be left only with God is, indeed, a dilemma. We love you in your loss of control. To be left only with Good is difficult to take. We understand.


The saying is, "With God, all things are possible." The belief is that it means, "Alone with God, all things are possible." This feeds into the ego's belief that all things are possible while still separate from the Whole. It promotes an ongoing "spiritual immaturity” and delays the new social responsibility that I spoke of earlier. I want you to replace the word "God" with the word "Love" for a moment. With Love all things are possible. In this truer meaning of God, it becomes impossible to think it means "Alone with Love, all things are possible." One cannot love and be alone and one cannot be alone and feel loved. Love is inclusive, never exclusive.


Everyone has been invited to participate in sharing what they love with everyone else—this Gift that Paul and I are making. Everyone has been invited to be consciously inclusive by engaging in giving and receiving at one and the same time. As I said to Paul and Susan, this has been the largest Gathering we have ever held, with over 2,000 participating. That is inclusion! True inclusion never creates a sense of "groupness," but rather an experience of Brotherhood, without lines of separation. It would be a shame if this whole experience were reduced to the level of a "fund-raising project." It is about being conscious! It is about being consciously Whole!


The miracle does not lie in what Paul and Susan have done, but in the evidence of the specific meeting of the needs manifested by everyone's behavior—those who contributed, the anonymous donors who matched the contributions, the seller of the house, the details of the sale, the perfect congruence, even when "what worked" shifted. Everything fits! That is the way Wholeness is!


Nevertheless, there is a perpetrator of the miracle! It has happened because a Gift was made. The Gift was made by Paul and Susan...but they are not the perpetrators of the miracle. That which initiates the miracle is the Gift itself, and the Gift is the presence and Movement of the Father which always stands where no objection obscures it—Thy will, not mine, be done.


"Thy will be done no matter how I may appear to others." "Thy will be done no matter what kind of curves my own or another's ego throws at me." "Thy will be done no matter what!"


Most of you will not be required to so publicly listen for and act upon Guidance, but by virtue of Paul's and Susan's willingness to do so, you are blessed. In the greater quietness of your lives, you can find greater courage and strength to trust because of them


In closing, I will share a note from another friend:


"I believe you and Susan need and deserve a house. I believe a center for distribution of the Raj Material is appropriate. But, I don't feel right in supporting a center where people have to come to Hawaii to get the Raj workshops. I don't like to think this donation will stop your travels to distribute the Raj information."


Rest assured that we will continue to travel. I only said that it will not indefinitely be appropriate for Paul and Susan to travel extensively around the globe. Before the end of the year you will receive a schedule of Gatherings for 1994 which will include Gatherings on the U.S. Mainland, Europe, Australia and Hawaii. If there is interest in having a Gathering in your area, please let us know as soon as possible.


Your continuing support is still invited. The Foundation's new home is not yet debt free, but it is secured, and it can be paid off at any time without any prepayment penalty.


Let us all rejoice together!



Princeville, Hawaii

July 19, 1993