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December 31,1993


Dear friends,


What a year! And what wonderful support and love everyone showed as we obtained and moved into new permanent facilities. The Foundation purchased an interim residence, which allows for the work to continue with a secure home base until the funds are available for the land to build the center on, and we have settled in. Judy Hilton, a new staff member, has joined us and Fakhry Khayat has left us. And on this last day of 1993 we are current with all orders, having only those received in the past few days yet to fill. The office is humming and everyone looks forward to the coming year. The enclosed Newsletter is a special issue, which is being sent to everyone on our mailing list as a big thank you!


As you will notice, we have two new Gatherings scheduled—athree-day February Gathering in Kauai and our second five-day Gathering in Vermont at the Lake Morey Inn in April. We are also in the first stages of arranging Gatherings in Holland, England and Ireland in May. Everyone will be notified when the arrangements are confirmed.


We are also beginning to put together a beautiful book of photographs and accompanying "sayings" drawn from the Raj Material which will make a wonderful gift or complement anyone's coffee table.


As you will notice from the enclosed Newsletter, Raj has begun to participate in dialogues on CompuServe, an interactive computer-based communications network where, in addition to such dialogues, all future issues of the Newsletter will be available anywhere in the world where there are interested CompuServe members. Omnipresence is becoming more of a fact of life! This avenue of communication also allows for instantaneous inquiries to us, here at the Foundation, via electronic mail—or E-Mail, as it is called. Our CompuServe I.D. number is in the letterhead of this letter.


Raj has indicated that during 1994 we will also make trips to the East Coast, West Coast, and Australia—this time going as far as Perth—as well as another Gathering in Hawaii. It promises to be a full and wonderful year. As always, our ongoing commitment is to be ready and willing to go wherever Raj indicates is appropriate and do whatever fulfills Purpose, and it is everyone's ongoing support of these activities which makes it possible for them to be provided as gifts.


We have a current specific need for funds to purchase a new photocopier, since we are far exceeding the capabilities of the one we have and Raj says it is time to upgrade. Your renewed and continuing support as we enter into this busy new year will facilitate the increase of the gift Raj is making through the Foundation.


Before closing, we would ask you to let us know if you have ordered any materials during the past six or eight months, which you have not received. With all of the changes here, it is possible that we may have inadvertently overlooked something or lost an order in the shuffle.


Finally, we wish to let you know that your love of Raj and what he has to share has embraced us as well, and we are enjoying our new home and the friendship we share with all of you.


Our warmest regards to you and yours, and a very heartfelt wish for a Happy New Year!




Paul & Susan Tuttle