The following was shared in January of this year, and since this is the first Newsletter to be published this year, there was no way to share it with everyone sooner. Indeed, late is better than never, so this is included with love.




I have said before that this is a year of blossoming—manifest fulfillment. A year in which resistance or denial will be extremely uncomfortable. It is one thing to resist an idea; it is another thing to resist an idea whose time has come. It is going to be an unavoidable requirement for everyone to refrain from arguing against their good and justifying its absence.


I will call it the Year of the Miracle.


It will therefore be a year of great pain for those who refuse the miraculous—thatover which they have no authority or control. As always, pain is not inherent in the miracle or any aspect of Awakening, only in the refusal to embrace it.


Now, if time is an illusion, having nothing to do with that which is Real, why would this have anything to do with 1994? The reason is two-fold. The beginning of a year is a time when people give permission for something new—turnover a new leaf. And, there is a global tiredness, a global frustration with suffering. It's "characterization" seems quite popular if one listens to the news, the entertainment programming on television, and the trend in video games, but do not misunderstand the signs of the times. The glut of gross realism and the fascination with the horror of it will precipitate a swift shift to the deep valuing of human integrity and the embodiment of humanity toward man rather than a downward spiral into chaos and a post-Armageddon type of existence.


Enough permission has been given by mankind to allow for an irreversible surge of the realization of That which truly Means something. And in spite of what you see in all of the media, this year is going to be one of great positive transformation, whether one resists it or not!


It will be my task during this year to make this fact known and to encourage everyone not to define it as impossible or unbelievable and thus, as a so-called act of sanity or reason, consciously resist it by denying it and thereby refraining from embodying it!


The saying is "be careful what you ask, for you shall surely get it." Whether everyone likes it or not, enough have asked (given permission from their heart) and everyone will get it. It is not a year to be frightened of, but no one will be able to stand on the sidelines and be an impartial observer.


Great is the Power of the Movement of this year, and great is the Joy of its Promise.